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Garmin eTrex 20x Review Facts

When looking for a great GPS path tracker for your fitness routine, the first company many people turn to is Garmin. They simply seem to know what they are doing and make products that, more often than not, fit right into what you need for hiking, travel, fitness, and communication. So, when we came across the Garmin eTrex 20x we were not surprised to find that many people wanted a good look to know whether or not it was the right mapping tool for what they need with their next trip into the outdoors. As with any single product review, we took an in-depth look into each of its main qualities so that we could be fair and honest to our readers. We want to assure you that the products you look at on our pages are not just getting our vote because they are there, but because they honestly deserve it. With the eTrex 20x, it has upsides and downsides - so what we have here for you is the rundown of exactly what it can do and what you want to look at when considering this product. It will be perfect for some of our readers, and maybe, even if not perfect, it might come closer than anything else out there for other readers. If you want something that is ready to go out of the box then you are likely to be disappointed, but if you don’t mind free and easy downloads to get your hiking track started you’re going to be ready to grab this one right away! Though it lacks the traditional WiFi of today’s devices, it still comes standard with the equipment to get it set up just the way you need it before heading out. So, sit back, read and enjoy as we give you what you need to know before grabbing your next map/GPS tracker!

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Base maps pre-installed (not hiking maps)
  • Easy to download free hiking track maps
  • Simple to use
  • Tracks how close you are to your basecamp and signals you if you go too far or are getting close
  • Solid GPS signal
  • Waterproof
  • Customizable data fields
  • Easy to press buttons even with gloved hands
  • Cheaper
  • Uses AA batteries (not a rechargeable lithium battery)
  • No WiFi (USB set up)
  • Garmin maps not free
  • Not the best resolution


This one’s base features are decent for what it is built to do. It comes with preloaded maps, and it does automatically track your location. Unfortunately, the maps that it comes with are rather vague, and it requires a little extra legwork to use as a map tracker for anything but where you are in location to the nearest roads and highways. This one also does not have a rechargeable battery, nor is it set up to do anything other than be a GPS tracking device. That does not mean you can’t work with it to create plans for your next trip, and since it only requires 2 AA batteries to work, keeping it going is not complicated. Thankfully it does have the ability to be set up and get working with the use of a basecamp app and USB cord set up. While you can’t use WiFi to download anything fancy, it is one of the best at keeping track of your journey and location.


Here is where the main features that will get you truly excited about the eTrex 20x begin. For an advanced feature, you can download free maps and tracking on this wonderful device via its USB cord. With its built-in chime system, once you have it all programmed and up to date with your hiking maps, you can set it up much as you would for a driving GPS - only for walking! It will chime to let you know when you are getting close to your goals and set off an alarm when you stray too far. It can also connect to your device via USB to download mapping programs, trail markers and keep track of where you are going so that you can use its chime and alarm systems when out on the trail itself. It does not have WiFi, but that means it can focus more on the GPS tracking without worrying about draining the battery to search for a connection while you are out in the more remote areas, and its signal in that area is nearly flawless. For what it is built to do, this little item is cheap but extremely effective.


When what you want is a reliable GPS tracker, you need not look any farther for the perfect tool than this one. Unlike many of the newer and more intricately designed tools offered today, the eTrex is not made to be used for anything but a reliable GPS tracking device. Rather than tack on a bunch of often unneeded extra’s this tool was made to help get you from point A to point B and keep you on track the entire way. So, when you need to know exactly where you are, whether it is so you can keep going, or so someone else can find you, there is no better tool available out there. Its signal remains strong and you will rarely find a location where it can’t locate you on your map.


This is one of the eTrex’s most praise-worthy attributes. While it may not be fancy, its tracking is nigh flawless because its connection to GPS satellites remains strong and true even in some of the most remote areas where other devices may fail to hold a signal. Since it does not waste power on attempting to stay connected to WiFi signals, it will also hold a signal longer and stronger to keep track of where you are. Where your phone might fail you by draining itself looking for a tower, this little tracker will only look to connect to satellites to tell you your location and the nearest points where you can find help or just simply reach your destination the quickest.


Many looking for a good tracker may actually get stuck on this one little point of contingency. Most GPS devices now use rechargeable batteries.. Some use USB charging while others plug it right into the wall. While this is great while the charge holds, and the chargers still work, it can get difficult to replace once the battery gets worn out or the charger breaks. You have to replace these parts and it can often cost quite a bit to do so. Rather than give you this frustration, with such a simple design, the eTrex works on 2 AA batteries. This can seem detrimental because such things can eat through batteries rather quickly, however, you can use the rechargeable AA batteries and still get the same sort of reliability as those tools that have rechargeable lithium battery packs but not have to wonder if you can afford to replace them, or even find a replacement. If your rechargeable AA’s run out, you can easily get new ones - and it is simple enough to carry fully charged extras in your pocket along with the device itself. If the fact that the battery is not built in is your hinge point, you may want to keep in mind that many devices whose batteries are built in will have to be completely replaced if the battery stops working. In other words - you may have to spend more than a couple of dollars to replace a battery, whereas in others you would have to replace the entire unit. Part replacements are not something you would have to deal with here!


This is another one of the best attributes of this product. According to most users, you cannot get more accurate than what this device gives you. Since GPS tracking is its only real function, it has this particular feature down to an art! No matter where you are it is likely to not only be able to find you but with the right mapping app downloaded, it can tell you when you are getting too far off track and alert you quickly when you are getting close to a trail marker or your base camp. That makes this a definite must-have tool for both hikers and marathon runners. If it is your thing to go backpacking or cross-country traveling, this could prove to be your best back up tool or even your main guiding tool that you own. When knowing where you are in relation to your destination is a must, the eTrex 20x is most definitively one of the best ways to do it out on the market today and worth looking into.


This is one tough little tracker! When looking for something that will last you on the trails, you will find that the eTrex is one of the better suited for it. Small enough to fit in your pocket, this item is waterproof which means it will endure rain or an accidental slip into the water, and it can take quite a beating as well. While we would not recommend testing just how hard you can throw it, an accidental drop or fall typically will not shatter it into pieces, and small drops will not even crack the screen! For the outdoor lover, this is very important, since falls, drops, sudden storms and other natural surroundings can test the might of any and all devices that you take with you.


How much more simple can you make it to keep track of where you are and where you are going than this? Most hikers are not likely to want or need anything extra on their GPS trackers, after all, you have your phone for communication and other activities, and most also carry along a tablet, camera or other types of emergency tracking equipment when they head out. When what you need ends up being a question of where you are and where to go next, so you do not get lost - this is what you will find yourself wishing you had if you did not get it. Having it as a backup is a good idea as well. Since it does not have a lot to work on, being able to load up your map is as simple as taking it out and bringing it up and running.


Though not as large as some devices available on the market, and you may want to have some others for backup since it is lower in resolution, the screen is not impossibly small, and you can easily find your location and trail on it without having to squint. There is not a lot of extra flair to the way it looks, but it functions exactly the way it should and can get you back on track without having to second guess yourself. The display is simply designed so that you can tell where you are and where you need to go, and even offers a backlit feature so you can see it in more shaded regions. Of course, if you do use the screen light, you may want to do so infrequently, because as with any extra feature on an electronic, it will drain the battery faster. Still, overall, the display is decent and does exactly what it was designed to do.


This is another great bonus when shopping for a good GPS tracker. Due to its simplicity and lack of extra pizazz, the Garmin eTrax 20x is likely one of the cheapest you will find out there that does its job this well. Sitting at barely over $100, you will not have to break the bank to have that reliable backup tool, or to just have a great GPS device for any type of traveling done on foot or by bike. So, if what you want is to know you’ll be on track and stay on track, this is worth every penny without making you cringe while paying. Reliability at a great price!


-Built-in alarms
-Built-in map
-Backlit screen
-Great GPS signal
-Great durability
-Easy to use


If what you need is a reliable GPS tracker to help you stay on course without any added and unneeded extra’s, then this is worth it. Between the price and its accuracy, this little product will get you where you are going without any issues. However, if you are looking for an emergency calling device, or want something that can connect you to your streams on social media, this is not what you are looking for. The eTrax is exactly what it was meant to be, a way to keep you on your trail and not get lost. For the hardcore backpacker or cross-country traveler, this is not an item you really want to pass up, it is a perfect back up tool and does not require more than a pocket and a few extra AA batteries to become your best travel companion yet.