Canon EOS Rebel SL2

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Canon EOS Rebel SL2 Review Facts

Are you someone who is tired of the heavy weight of more professional cameras and are looking for something that is much more compact? Then you need to look no further than the Canon EOS Rebel SL2. It is also known as the EOS 200D outside of the North American continent. It is especially great for those people who are just getting into photography and are not necessarily looking for something with too many bells and whistles.

It’s a great compact camera if you’re on a budget and can’t afford a professional camera that is over $1,000. A lot of people also agree that the camera is great if you plan on taking a professional camera with you for travel purposes. The camera connects with WiFi and Bluetooth, which makes it useful in many different situations. People say that this version of the Rebel camera is a lot more powerful than any of its predecessors.

The camera has a headphone jack as well, which is good for those who want to be able to monitor the quality of their audio. It’s overall a small, lightweight, and high-quality camera. And despite the fact that it is so lightweight, you won’t have to worry about the quality being compromised whatsoever. You can choose to get the camera in several different colors, and overall, the look of the camera is very sleek and pleasing.

Let’s talk about some of the features that the Canon EOS Rebel SL2 camera offers, as well as some of its pros and cons.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • The camera is very small and lightweight, meaning that it is very easy to carry around and comfortable enough for people who can’t handle heavy cameras

  • This camera is able to connect to both WiFi and Bluetooth

  • Plenty of people agree that this is an excellent option for beginning photographers and professionals alike

  • The camera is easy to use

  • The camera offers a screen that will allow you to see your images from various angles


  • The autofocus system of the camera is not the best that it could be

  • The camera’s viewfinder is fairly small



Like many of Canon’s cameras, the accessories that are compatible with the camera do not come with the camera itself; you need to buy them separately. However, since you can buy the camera for relatively cheap now, this should not be a huge problem. Also, Amazon offers a bundle in which you can purchase all the camera’s accessories and the camera itself for just $50 more.

Some of the accessories that are compatible with the SL2 camera include a zoom lens, a wider angle lens, an auxiliary lens that will give you twice as much as what you would get with a normal zoom lens, a battery charger, an extra battery pack, a neck strap, a 32GB and a 16GB memory card, a remote, a memory card reader, a filter kit, a close-up kit, a charger for the car that is also compatible worldwide, a flash, a tripod, a case that is water resistant, hoods for the lens, a hand grip strap, a cleaning kit with its accessories, and more. As you can see, there is plenty that comes with this camera that will make the experience of using it a lot more unique and productive. You can easily do a lot more with the camera should you choose to purchase all of its accessories.


One of the nicest settings that is both unusual and new for this series of cameras is that the camera has a mode for selfies. You can indeed take high-quality selfies with this camera. It also has the option for you to add controls to your image which will help to smooth out your skin or blur the background. If you want to be able to access more features with this camera, it is recommended that you use the manual controls. And if you want to be able to have even more control over the quality of what you produce with this camera, choose the program, shutter-speed priority, aperture priority, and manual modes (these are often referred to as PSAM modes).


One of the selling points of the Rebel SL2 is that it is the smallest DSLR camera on the market out of all the ones that offer a various angle screen. The camera is very small and compact, so if you are someone who can’t quite handle much heavier and larger cameras, this is absolutely perfect for you. The only thing that some people noticed is that it does not have as much room for people who have quite large hands to hold it. Due to the fact that the SL2 has a vari-angle display, it isn’t considered the smallest DSLR out of all, but it is the smallest that has the display. There is an area on the camera where you can get a nice grip and that is made out of a leatherette material. The camera only weighs 450 grams when everything is installed, so this is definitely a major plus for those who were looking for something nice and compact.

If you don’t want to have just a solid black camera, you’re in luck. Of course, the camera is available in the standard black color that most cameras come in. It has a nice and sleek design, so this is likely the camera that you would choose. However, it is nice to know that the camera also comes in silver/tan and white. One thing that some people did not like about the camera was that they felt it has a rather plasticky feel to it due to the fact that it is made out of carbon and glass fiber and polycarbonate resin. But that doesn’t mean it is poor quality.

The buttons for controlling the camera are on the top. On the back of the camera, you have the vari-angle display, which you can pull out thanks to a small indent on the back.

Overall, this camera has a pleasing design and is a good option for anyone just getting into photography or who simply wants a compact camera.


This camera allows you to use both WiFi with near-field communication as well as Bluetooth as a connection. However, these aren’t necessary for you to be able to operate the camera. There is an app that is compatible with the camera- the Canon Camera Connect app. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. However, a lot of people thought that it isn’t the greatest app available. It is a little bit slow, so you won’t be able to see whatever you’ve done on the camera in the app for about a second or so. The app does allow you to be able to transfer your photos and control your camera. If you were looking for something that would let you have a feature in which you could use your phone too, this camera is a nice option.


One of the biggest features- and perhaps the selling point- of this camera is how small it is. The camera only weighs 450 grams, so it offers a lot of versatility. Another great feature that a lot of people were pleased with is the fact that this camera is compatible with an app that can be used on many smartphone devices and that it offers Bluetooth and WiFi connection. People liked that they were able to upload their photos to social media right from the camera.

Battery Life

The battery life of this camera is about half of what the battery life for more high-end and expensive cameras is, which is pretty surprising. You always want to have good battery life for your camera because you want to be able to get as much use out of it as possible; you don’t want to have the camera die on you while you are in the middle of an important photoshoot or event. It is recommended that you always check how much charge the camera has a few hours before you’re set to leave for your event so that you can charge it up right away. This camera has a better battery life than many of its competitors, and even better than some of the other cameras that are more expensive. You will be able to take 650 shots in between every charge, which is definitely great if you’re not someone who has gotten very far in professional photography yet. But if you want to use the Live View mode while you are taking pictures, it is important to note that the battery life will decrease this way; you’ll only get about 260 shots in between charges with this mode.


Some people thought that the Rebel SL2 was a bit expensive for a compact camera. If you are someone who is just starting or are on a budget, you likely don’t have the thousands of dollars to spend to purchase a much more professional and high-quality camera. However, that does not mean that this camera is made out of poor quality materials or that it can’t do a lot of what a much more expensive camera could do. So, we do think that this is a good deal, despite the fact that some people say that you could easily get a camera that would offer a lot of the same features (besides being as small) for a cheaper price.

Now that the brand has released newer models of the camera, you can easily find it for a lot less than the retail price. The retail price is $700, but many websites offer the camera for as low as $550. And, should you decide to purchase all of its accessories too, you’re looking at spending around $600. This is a price that is to be expected for a smaller version of a top-quality camera.

Key Features

-This is the smallest DSLR camera on the market that has a vari-angle display
-The camera is lightweight and compact, only weighing 450 grams even with its accessories
-This camera has the DIGIC 7 image processor, meaning that it can handle more information
-You can use a WiFi or Bluetooth connection with this camera, as well as the compatible app
-The video quality comes in at 1080 pixels
-The camera is perfect for those just getting into photography due to its size and ease of use

Bottom Line

Ultimately, how effective this camera is depends on you and what you want in a camera. But if you were looking for something small and compact, you aren’t going to be able to find something much smaller than the world’s smallest DSLR camera that has a vari-angle display. It’s extremely lightweight, so if you needed something that would be helpful if you wish to travel or go to an event, the camera is a nice option for you. And despite the fact that the Canon EOS Rebel SL2 camera is lightweight, and the fact that some people think that the material it is made out of feels rather plasticky, you aren’t getting something that is bad quality. It should be expected that this isn’t going to be the same experience as a professional camera worth thousands of dollars, but you are going to get top-quality and smooth images and videos with this camera. It is extremely easy to use for those who do not understand much about how to use a camera with all the bells and whistles. This camera processes more information than its predecessors and its images and videos come at a higher resolution. And, if you’re someone who is tech-savvy, you’ll be pleased to know that this camera works with both WiFi and Bluetooth, and it also has a compatible app for Androids and iOS devices, so you will be able to easily upload your photos to social media and you will be able to transfer photos from your camera to your mobile device.

We think that this camera has a lot of good things to offer and it isn’t something that will break the bank. If you were looking for a high-quality, compact camera with lots of features, it is worth considering the Rebel SL2.