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GoPro Hero4 Review Facts

Some people think that action cameras are useless because, after all, they could technically use their phones. However, action cameras are known for being small and practical, so they’re useful in situations that you would never choose to take your smartphone in; for example, would you be willing to whip out your smartphone while you’re hiking a dangerous trail or going surfing? Most people opt to strap an action camera to their helmets so they can get a good picture of what they’re doing. If you’re someone who is into a lot of action, then you’ve probably considered getting an action camera to document your experiences. If you’re on the market for an action camera, you’ve likely heard of the brand GoPro. This is because many people accept GoPro as being the king of action cameras. A lot of people even simply refer to such cameras a GoPros due to the fact that they are great-quality cameras that allow you to shoot lots of footage. According to many, the competing action cameras on the market aren’t even worth considering in comparison to GoPros.

So now, you’re probably wondering which GoPro you should purchase. The GoPro Hero4 is an action camera that has been lauded by many people. It provides you with good quality images and you’ll be able to control the images better when the camera is connected to your phone. You also will be able to connect it to WiFi in order to ensure a strong and fast connection, according to many. And finally, since it’s made by such a reliable and popular brand, you’re probably more likely to lean towards the Hero4 than towards most other action cameras available.

Here are some of the reasons why people think you should or should not purchase the GoPro Hero4 action camera.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • People believe that the camera provides great image quality, especially considering the fact that it is meant to be an action camera
  • The camera is made by one of the best brands on the market for action cameras
  • You will be able to get high quality and control over your images with the ProTune mode on the camera
  • The connection to your WiFi is incredibly fast, according to many people
  • The black version of the camera does not have a screen that will allow you to see what you took pictures of, so you will need to have a smartphone
  • The camera does not have the option to zoom in
  • People who reviewed this said that it does not have a good battery life and they had to charge it very frequently


Something that many people like about GoPro’s cameras is that they come with a lot of accessories. And even if you want something other than the accessories that their products themselves come with, the brand offers thousands of different accessories that are compatible with many of their different devices. Plus, the GoPro Hero4 camera is a similar size to the other cameras provided by the brand, especially its older models, so if you have accessories that were compatible with those devices, they will likely fit the Hero4 as well.

When you purchase the GoPro Hero4, it will come with the following: the camera itself in the color that you chose, housing, a backdoor, a battery that you can recharge, two different mounts (a curved adhesive and a flat adhesive mount), buckles that you can quickly release, a pivot arm that can move in three ways, and a USB cable. So as you can see, you will be getting a lot with this camera, plus there are tons of compatible accessories that are available separately that you can choose from according to your needs and what you’re looking for in a camera.


The main design point of this camera is that it looks like the older versions of the GoPro action cameras, which means that, if you had older versions or if you are having trouble finding accessories that will suit your camera, the Hero4 will fit with a lot of the housings and mounts that the older versions of the camera used. This camera also has a touchscreen (the Silver), and it means that the batteries are now located on the bottom instead of the back of the camera. Some people were disappointed because this meant that they had a little bit of difficulty when trying to access the camera on its housing, but the company needed to compensate somehow when they added the touchscreen. There are also three buttons on the camera which will allow you to adjust the settings, so this means that the camera is extremely easy to use and you won’t have to work as hard to change some settings as you had to in the past.

It seems that the camera is available in black and silver, and each of the colors comes with different features.


More and more cameras lately have been offering WiFi connection as a part of their features, which was definitely not used a lot in the past. If you are looking for a camera that is both compatible with an app and that will provide you with one of the best connections out there, then this is a good option for you.

An interesting feature of this camera is that you have the ability to connect it to your smart devices. And it doesn’t matter what kind of smart device you have; the camera is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. The camera also has a compatible app. When you intend on connecting your phone to the GoPro camera, all you have to do is go to your regular WiFi settings (where you normally go to choose a WiFi connection), and you simply click on the GoPro. Then, make sure that you have the compatible app so that you will be able to control your GoPro effectively. You’ll also be able to view the live feed and see what other GoPro users are doing with their cameras on the app. A lot of people were pleased with the app and said that it was a lot better than the apps that are compatible with other action cameras. Most importantly, people were pleased with the speed of the WiFi connection offered by this camera and did not feel as though they were losing out on any opportunities. And, you’ll be able to navigate the app easily and choose what you what to do quickly. The playback footage thanks to the fast WiFi connection is extremely smooth and high quality in comparison to that available on the apps of many competitors. Overall, the connectivity of this camera is not something that many other companies were able to live up to.

Image Quality

A lot of people who tested out both the Black and Silver versions of the camera were pleased with its image quality and said that it looked better than the competitions’. You get much sharper images and you will be able to see the colors more vividly than ever before. Another great feature of the images’ quality is that you’ll be able to see someone’s face if there is a light behind them, which isn’t always the case with cameras. The camera works great in low-light conditions and it provides you with more modes than previous models.


Since GoPro is such a well-known brand, it should come to no surprise that its cameras will naturally come with a lot of interesting and innovative features.

One of the nicest features is that the camera is compatible with all smartphone devices- and the fact that it has compatibility with mobile devices at all. There is an app which you will use in connection with your camera that will allow you to view your footage and edit it accordingly. No matter whether you own an iPhone or an Android device, you will be able to use this camera with your device. And the app itself is unbelievably easy to navigate, so you shouldn’t have any problems on that end. Also, many people were pleased with the speed of the WiFi connection and said that this may be one of the selling points of the camera.

The camera also comes with waterproof housing, which means that if you’re someone who plans to take the camera out during activities in the water, including surfing, diving, and more, you will definitely be able to use it with no trouble. The housing’s waterproofing abilities go up to 131 feet deep into the water, so even if you are a diver, you won’t have issues. This is a lot deeper than the waterproof housings offered by other brands will go. And regardless of whether or not you have housing on your camera, you will be surprised by how unbelievably easy it is to use and how quickly you will be able to adjust the settings just with the push of a button.

The newer versions of the camera also feature better image quality and video recordings than a lot of their competitors do. A lot of people who reviewed this camera noticed the excellent difference in quality. You will also get more modes to choose from in terms of video with this camera than you will with most other action cameras.


This action camera is definitely a lot more expensive than some of the other ones available on the market. Its retail price is $500, however, you will be able to find it for a lot cheaper on sites such as Amazon, where the camera is currently available for approximately $350. The reason for this major price difference is because several more models of the Hero camera have been released since the Hero4. However, you definitely get what you pay for if you choose this camera; considering the fact that it is offered by one of the best brands on the market, there really is not much more you can ask for. And you definitely won’t be able to find many of the features that this camera has in ones that are available for a cheaper price.

Key Features

-This camera has waterproof housing which will allow you to record up to 131 feet deep in the water- which is a lot more than competing brands offer
-The camera offers more modes than many others, including SuperView and 2.7K video
-The touchscreen on the Silver version of the camera is clear
-The camera is compatible with all iOS and Android devices
-The WiFi connection provided by the camera is extremely fast

Bottom Line

Anyone who has been looking for a camera for a long time knows that GoPro is one of the best companies on the market. Its products are unmatched and you’ll definitely be able to find what you were looking for. You might look at the price tag of the cameras, including the GoPro Hero4, and feel discouraged. But you can rest assured that many of the cheaper options for action cameras won’t be offering you the same features that the GoPro cameras will and you won’t get as much bang for your buck. There are certainly areas where the Hero4 could have been improved, such as when it came to its battery life, but we think that this camera is definitely a good option for anyone who is looking for a good action camera.
For one, the camera has housing that is waterproof. Waterproof abilities are something that a lot of action enthusiasts are looking for because it will enable them to record a lot of their activities. Whether you’re a surfer, diver, scuba diver, or you participate in any other water activity, you’ll be able to use this camera- and you’ll be able to go a lot deeper with it than you would be able to go with some of its competitors.

People said that this camera’s image quality was clear and it was easy to tell the difference between this and a lot of competitors. You get more modes than other cameras offer and you’ll be able to use the camera with any smartphone device you have. We could list all the great features that this camera offers, but we’d be here all day. Overall, a lot of people recommended the GoPro Hero4 camera for action lovers.