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Badlands 2200 Review Facts

There is no shortage of hunting backpacks. Numerous have been recreated and placed on the market. They all have a typical appearance. The best on the market do not score high in aesthetics.

That statement was true until the Badlands 2200 was released. It is beautifully crafted and designed. The pack has an ergonomic shape with straps meant to embrace the shoulders. Having the proper hunting gear is useless unless the hunter has unobstructed and quick access to equipment when needed.

The Badlands 2200 is among the most versatile backpacks in the company’s lineup. It is packed full of features. The pack has much to offer regarding adaptability, comfort, and space. The bright orange meat shelf and fabric patterns help to stand out or blend in as required. The Badlands lifetime warranty is among the best perks of the pack.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Ample storage
  • Convenient system for transporting weapons
  • Durable
  • Easy access
  • Excellent weight distribution
  • Hydration compatible
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Meat hauler
  • Multi-purpose
  • Quiet
  • Hydration pack is a separate purchase
  • Pricey
  • No rain cover
  • Not waterproof

Basic Features

The array of features of the Badlands 2200 places it among the best hunting backpack on the market. Notable features include top quality craftsmanship, sufficient storage space, top-notch back support, and a meat shelf.

It is hydration bladder compatible, has multiple handy pockets, and rear entry suspension. There are rear straps for attaching a bow or rifle. Access to the main compartment via zippered baffling is a unique feature other packs do not offer.

A meat shelf in blaze orange is strategically placed on the bottom of the exterior. It is a zippered hand compartment that unfurls into a canvas material used to hold the meat after a successful hunt. The shelf allows the game to be securely safe from the hunting gear.

It attaches with two buckles that come over the top of the pack. There are two places to fasten the buckles close to the hydration system. The straps are cinched, and then compression straps are secured. The meat is kept away from the contents of the pack. The bright orange is visible as meat is carried away from the hunting sight.

There is an ingenious method to stay hydrated when hunting. The main compartment has a zippered mesh bag at the top the effortlessly holds a two-liter water bladder. The bladder is purchased separately. Only Badlands bladders can be used in the hydration system.

A tube and bite valve is snaked through one of two openings at the top of the pack towards the hunter’s head. The bladder compartment allows the tube to be inserted either to the left or the right. It provides a convenient method for drinking water. The backpack does not have to be removed from the shoulders.

The 2200 also has some excellent webbing on the shoulder straps and chest to conveniently hold the hydration pack hose. Winged pouches, designed explicitly for carrying additional hunting gear, are another feature.

One prominent feature of the Badlands 2200 is the Rear Entry Suspension system. It provides the user with quick access to the interior of the backpack without taking the pack off all the way. The feature is handy when a hunter is standing in mud or snow and needs something from the pack.

Unbuckle the sternum strap and swing the pack around and let it hang. The hip belt secures the pack while the user unzips the panel to gain access to the bottom and back of the pack. The hip straps do not have to be undone to access the back of the pack. The back entry allows easy access to the pack contents.

Zip it back and place it back on the shoulders again. It removes the time-consuming aspect required of strapping and removing the backpack. Another great feature is the ability to carry a rifle or bow with the stability and protection.

The waist strap of the 2200 will fit nearly any waist size. Extra webbing is provided for an adjustment to any size. A custom fit is attained by adjusting the sternum and shoulder straps and hip belt webbing. It is not recommended to bend the frame.

The pack weighs five pounds and 15 ounces. The dimensions are 19 inches X 17 inches X nine inches. There is an unconditional lifetime warranty to fix or replace if a problem develops, regardless of who is at fault or where the pack was purchased.


The Badlands 2200 backpack is made entirely from KXO-32. It is an exceptional fabric that is exceptionally durable. The revolutionary fabric has a Teflon membrane that is waterproof. The membrane keeps the backpack soft and remarkably silent.

The fabric used to make the 2200 is waterproof. However, the backpack is only water resistant. It is recommended to spray the seams of the pack with a waterproofing spray and used a rain cover that is purchased separately to cover the backpack. It is best to clean the 2200 by hand washing and letting it hang dry in the sun. Machine washing and drying are not recommended.


Along with the shoulder and lumbar straps, the back support provides comfort, especially during long hunting expeditions. Baffling in the back support is strategically molded to the rear end of the pack to permit some cooling of the backpack.

The pack molds to the shape of the back. The molded foam suspension has a channel pump that allows airflow when carrying heavy loads. There is not a large adjustment margin in the shoulders and hips to fit a hunter who is five feet six inches or shorter.


Anything with the Badlands logo will be fixed or replaced free of charge. The emblem of the red bull skull is a sign the product has quality, performance, technology, and a warranty. No specific weight limit is placed on the pack.

It can hold more than the average person can carry. The frame provides stability and support needed to carry heavy gear and meat. Badlands praises the KXO-32 fabric used in making the 2200 as the most waterproof, quietest, and most durable material for hunters.

Quiet zippers and durable fabric add to hiking or hunting ease. There is a compartment on the front of the primary storage section to be used for items such as a phone, keys, radio, or anything that needs to be kept out of the elements. It is dustproof and waterproof.


The main compartment has 2300 cubic inches of space which is more than enough to carry typical hunting gear. The bulk of the storage is in the main compartment. A more shallow pocket can be accessed from the front.

There is storage on the hip and waist belt. The back entry panel has a mesh pocket on the inside of the flap that can be used for random, quick access items. On the exterior of each batwing, there is a large, single-compartment pocket that carries all kinds of things when the main compartment is loaded.

It gives quick access to anything a hiker or hunter might need. Besides the pistol holder, there is another pocket on the hip strap. It can be for things such as chapstick, calls, fire strikers, knives, a compass or other little items.


The 2200 can be used for carrying a bow or rifle. Secure a bow the three rear compression straps. A gun is secured with the straps and a drop out pouch used to hold the rifle butt. Use the left pouch of the bat wings to safely store a scope and the right bag to keep a small tripod securely.

An easy access pocket on the hip is for items that need to be retrieved quickly such as calls. On the belt, things such as a wind checker, rangefinder, or energy required snacks throughout the hunt can be stored.

To attach a bow, unclip the three cross straps on the pack. Find points on the riser and bow that will keep it stable. Typically, the middle strap is placed somewhere under the rest. When it is in a suitable spot, work from there. Then cinch the other straps tight for a stable system for transporting the bow.

For a rifle, use the drop-down pocket that is adjustable. Put the stock in the boot, then do the same as the bow. The 2200 can be used for an overnight hike. It allows overnight hiking gear to be strapped to the outside of the backpack with the use of the external straps.

The straps can be used to attach items such as a bedroll, webbing, tent, or sleeping bag. The slits found on the shoulder straps perform various functions which include strapping accessories to the backpack.

The pack was designed for overnight or day hunters, but it works well as a backpack for anyone working in the field such as a geologist or trail maintainer. The conservative backpacker may find the bag suitable for a rugged adventure.


The 2200 is available in two colors - Approach Camo and Lost Camo. One tester described the Approach Camo as amazing. The backpack has seven pockets and multiple compartments and straps to be used, so the user has an organized, compact space for supplies.

The batwing design is held together by three horizontal cross straps which give compression points and the ability to put things on the backpack and strap them securely. If the bat wings are popped open, there is a mesh pocket at the bottom of one side, and the other is a spotting scope pocket that holds a good-sized spotting scope. There is ample room for the scope.

It tucks into the pocket and zips up nicely. It can be buttoned to keep the scope fully protected — the meat shelf clips to the top of the backpack with its own clips. The crotch strap is threaded in place for a tight package for hauling gear and meat in and out after the hunt.


A natural frame suspension system made of T-6 aircraft aluminum is seamlessly designed to mold to the structure of the user’s back and circumvent the spine. It transfers the load weight to the hips. The internal aluminum aircraft frame gives stability for packing plenty of gear and hopefully a big load after hunting.

Advanced Features

The hunting backpack has a range of pockets used to stock gear necessary for hunting. It permits hitching trophy racks, and additional equipment opted to carry.

The lumbar straps each have a side pocket that allows access to various equipment the hunters wants to be within reach. The equipment could be a needed small firearm or other provisions.

The baffling piece is zippered. An opening inside the pack provides access to the main compartment. There are two zip pockets in the bottom. One is the rifle boot. The batwing design is an example of the compact organization provided.

Three horizontal straps open up two panels that allow for security, compression, and more storage. The batwing pockets are vertical. The pocket meant for a spotting scope secures with a button.

The side with the mesh pocket at the bottom has additional straps to be used to secure items such as a tripod. The side for the spotting scope is an excellent place to keep to keep high-end optics. The Rear Entry Suspension makes good use of the pack’s space. Both sides of the hip belt have a pistol holster.

Key Features

* 2250 cubic inch capacity
* Aluminum frame
* Built-in meat shelf
* Compression straps
* KXO-32 fabric
* Quiet zippers
* Rear entry suspension
* Rifle boot included
* Seven pockets
* Two-liter hydration capacity
* Unconditional warranty

Bottom Line

The product has distinct features that place it among the best backpacks available on the market. It safely and effortlessly allows the user to carry all the equipment needed for hunting. The Badlands 2200 backpack fits well and comes with a system that provides for stable and convenient transporting of a rifle or bow.

The hunter has quick access to the weapons. It is a breeze to be organized thanks to quick access pockets and compression straps. There is a rear entry suspension system that gives easy access to the contents of the pack without having to take the bag off completely. In addition to the other great features of the 2200, there is an unconditional lifetime warranty.