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Nike Zoom Vomero 14 Review Facts

One of the worst things runners can do to their body is run without proper support. Without proper support to the foot, the entire body can suffer for it. Arch support is crucial especially when it comes to stepping down with an increased force which is typically experienced when running. The curvature of the insole and midsole is important as well because proper support to the bottom of the foot and can help with the posture of the body when running. Proper alignment helps avoid injury and will help with performance as well. When buying runners it is important to consider these aspects of the shoe in order to get the proper shoe for your needs. It is also important to consider any ailments or injuries you have in order to determine if certain specifications may be required. This will ultimately help with the overall running experience.

Gear Hunt is a website that offers unbiased reviews on popular products. This article is focused on the Nike Zoom Vomero 14, a popular running shoe offered by Nike. We looked at consumer reviews in order to find out what buyers thought of this shoe and what they didn't like about it. We also looked at the structure of the shoe and its overall quality. This is our comprehensive review of the Nike Zoom Vomero 14. We hope that this article helps you with your next running shoe purchase. Enjoy!

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Comfortable
  • Exceptional cushioning
  • Versatile¬†
  • Rather supportive
  • Front of shoe may not be as supportive
  • Might be narrow for some users


The outsole of this shoe offers a pressure-mapped rubber outsole which is supposed to offer superior traction for long and performance-required runs. The advantage of having what runners now call a "sticky" outsole, is that it helps with the runner's performance as well as their safety when running. There is nothing more terrifying than moving at a quick pace just to have your feet come out under you due to a slippery surface and a proper outsole can help avoid this.

Reviewers found that this shoe worked well for numerous activities, making the shoe a lot more versatile. They found that this shoe offered the right amount of "stickiness" to get a proper grip on the ground which is positive.


The midsole of this shoe offers Nike's full-length Zoom Air feature that is supposed to provide proper cushioning along the entire length of the foot. Though this is partially the case, reviewers did find that the cushioning wasn't enough at the forefoot of the shoe. This is particularly frustrating for those who run up steep hills or those who use the forefront of their feet more frequently when they run. This can also cause shin splits in new runners.

The midsole of a shoe should be contoured to the bottom of the foot in order to provide comfort, stability, and support to the foot. The midsole sound also provides some cushioning which helps with protection for the knee and joints, impact reduction and comfort as well. Though these shoe's sort of let some runners down in the forefoot, the midsole is quite cushioned elsewhere and is contoured for better support which is positive.


The upper of these runners offers mesh for the purpose of ventilation. Mesh has proven to be the most effective material for breathability as the mesh allows the hot air to exit the shoe and cool air to enter the shoe when stepping down. Those who bought this product found that their feet stayed cooler longer when running and found that the upper is built well. They also appreciated the stylish design of the upper which is positive.


The weight specification of these runners on the manufacturer's website but reviewers were happy with their lightweight nature and found that even after long runs these runners did not cause any additional fatigue that some other, heavier options have caused which is positive.


As mentioned earlier, the upper of these runners offer proper ventilation to the foot due to its mesh upper. Breathability is important because this helps keep the feet from overheating. It also helps keep sweat down and keep feet dry. Sweat build-up can cause slipping which can lead to injury. Luckily these runners don't cause this issue which is positive.


Air technology is unique to Nike. Typically shoes use some type of foam or gel in order to provide cushioning and impact resistance. Nike Air offers air throughout the midsole in order to offer cushioning and performance enhancement. The technology is usually criticized by consumers due to some faulty seals on Air products. This hasn't stopped Nike from producing shoes in the Air line. They have improved the Air technology and these shoes have proven that. There were far fewer complaints about the Air bubble popping but rather the actual cushioning provided through the ball of the foot.

Consumers did find these shoes to be very comfortable, however, the did feel that the cushioning wasn't enough throughout the forefoot. They also noted that the forefoot of the shoe is a little narrow which didn't leave enough room for even average sized feet which is a bit of an issue. Though this is noted by a few reviewers for the most part reviewers said that these runners fit true to size which is positive.


Probably the highlight of these shoes is their style. They are quite minimal in design, offering a more modern quilted upper and thick back foot outsoles. The forefoot of the shoe, though, is quite thin. As previously mentioned, this does mean less cushioning throughout the forefoot but does make the shoe look more aesthetically pleasing.

They are also offered in multiple color options which can help suit individual style preferences. They have a flat lace lacing system and they also are easy to clean making them look nicer longer. Reviewers were very pleased with the appearance of these runners.


There isn't much mentioned about the durability of these shoes. This is positive as if there were issues that would be the first thing mentioned by reviewers. The uppers of these shoes are seamless which not only helps with the comfort of the shoes but also offers less wear and tear that is often experienced with seamed shoes (stitches breaking forming holes). They also have fairly thick outsoles which can withstand more impact. As mentioned earlier, Air technology isn't usually very reliable, however, this doesn't seem to be an issue with these runners which is really positive.


The foam pods inside the collar offer a more secure fit which helps protect the ankle. The entire midsole is supposed to be fully lined with the Air technology which would help protect against impact assuming it worked correctly. Though it doesn't quite offer that cushioning in the forefoot, the way consumers preferred, the shoe does offer decent impact reduction throughout the hindfoot and arch which ultimately does protect the feet and the knees when running.

Finally, these shoes offer a small toe bumper at the toes to protect the feet from obstacles in the walker's path. It also protects the shoes themselves from damage which reviewers found handy.


Because the forefoot on these shoes is so thin, this offers a decent level of flexibility. It also means that the foot is closer to the ground giving the runner a more responsive fit, similar to experienced in barefoot runners. Reviewers were happy with the responsiveness of these shoes and mentioned that they could wear these shoes for longer runs as well as for general use due to their stylish appearance.


The Dynamic Fit uses Flywire cables with laces in order to offer a closer, more contoured fit. It also means a more comfortable and personalized fit. The foam pods inside the collar hugs tight to the ankle as well which means better support to the foot and ankle when running. The tongue is also notched for a more stable fit to the foot.

Reviewers were happy with the level of support of these shoes considering their lightweight nature and how fashionable their design is. They hug the foot really well with their seamless design and their support seem to be highly praised by reviews which is really positive.


These runners offer a surprisingly sticky outsole which means they can be used on numerous surface types. Reviewers mentioned that these shoes are quite versatile in that they can be used on pavement and sidewalks without issue. They are not intended for trail running but do have enough traction to run outside and for extended periods of time which is positive.

And though they aren't intended for trail running and don't offer the protection required for trail running some runners preferred them when out on the trail due to their impressive outsole which is really positive. They would make excellent marathon shoes as well as a gym companion for anyone looking for something supportive, grippy and sleek.


As mentioned previously, these shoes are a little thicker at the heel while thinner at the forefoot which allows the shoes to bend a little easier. This also offers better responsiveness too. Reviewers were impressed with the level of flexibility offered by these runners which is positive.

One thing mentioned, though, is that the thinness of these shoes does make them quite flexible but that they felt that due to the thinness of these shoes the Zoom Air feature of these shoes can be felt when running which bothered the foot a bit. Other than that issue, the flexibility of these shoes is impressive.


The tongue of these shoes seems to offer stability both through the upper and the midsole. The midsoles are contoured to the bottom of the foot which helps stabilize the foot a little better and helps with the runner's posture. The upper also offers the notched tongue which helps stabilize the ankle. Reviewers appreciated the stability of these shoes and felt that their form was helped was as a result.


There is little listed about the drop of these shoes both on the manufacturer's website as well as with reviewers.


- Sleek mesh upper for proper ventilation and breathability
- Seamless upper for a more comfortable fit
- Dynamic Fit offering flywire cables with laces for more stability
- Foam pods inside collar for a more secure and stable fit
- Attractive design for better versatility
- Notched tongue for a closer fit to the foot
- Pressure-mapped rubber outsole for high levels of traction


These runners are quite highly rated with reviewers and it's easy to see why. They are quite trendy in design, offering the modern knit upper. They also offer a nice mesh lining which helps with the breathability of the shoe. They are quite durable as well especially with their seamless upper. They offer decent cushioning through the hindfoot and arch, unfortunately, less so through the forefoot. They also offer great impact reduction via the Air technology.

On the downside, these runners are on the expensive side and some found that the forefoot was a little tight. Another negative some found is that the Air feature digs into the foot a little which reviewers found to be quite uncomfortable.

Outside of these issues reviewers were quite pleased with their purchase and found that these shoes were both the most attractive and most durable pair of shoes they have ever owned which is super positive. They are great for both daily wear due to their attractive design as well as for running due to their support and cushioning. This ultimately justifies its price. We definitely recommend you giving them a try for your next running shoe purchase.