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Ahnu Sugarpine Review Facts

There are a ton of benefits associated with hiking. Outside of the benefits associated with physical activity and cardiovascular workouts, hiking offers some unique benefits. In early years human being served as either hunter or gathers. This meant that the average human walked an average of 6-16 KM per day. Unlike today, where there are nicely paved streets and even, concrete surfaces for us to walk on, then the terrain was a little rougher and uneven. Walking on even surfaces creates a continual repetition of movement and therefore wear on the same areas of the body over time. This not only causes higher levels of wear and tear on those areas specifically but also starts to decrease our range of motion. Though it would take continual repetition of walking on uneven surfaces in order to really fix this problem, regular hiking can help a little. Hiking offers uneven ground in order to allow the hiker to push past their everyday repetitive movement and allows the hiker's body to start spreading out the wear and tear associated with walking and running a little more thinly throughout the body. This helps keep the hiker's body in better condition longer and helps with pain associated in the areas that experience more regular wear and tear. One crucial piece of equipment is needed in order to assist with this which is the mountain boot. Mountain boots not only offer better alignment of the foot and therefore the body, but also help support the ankle, reduce impact and offer a stickier tread in order to propel the hiker forward with less energy requirement.

This article focuses on the Ahnu Sugarpine hiking boot. We wanted to put together a comprehensive review of this boot due to its popularity. We looked at consumer reviews in order to find out what those who wore this product liked and didn't like about it. We also looked at the materials used and the shoe's construction in order to determine the boot's durability, flexibility, sustainability, and overall quality. This is our in-depth review of the Ahnu Sugarpine. We hope that this article serves you in your next hiking boot purchase!

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Requires little to no breaking in
  • Offers extremely good waterproofing abilities 
  • Fit well on wider feet 
  • Attractive design 
  • Some hikers found that the top of the shoe fits a little too snug to the top of their foot 
  • Some hikers also found that the tongue is a little weird, folds in and causes some hot spots 


This shoe offers leather upper which tends to cause a little bit of heat to build up within the shoe. This product does not offer any mesh which is good for waterproofing, less so for breathability. The sock liner of this product is made of a nylon material and helps wick moisture away from the foot. This helps keep the hiker's foot dry during the course of their hike. The waterproof membrane of this product, according to the companies website, protects the hiker's feet while in motion and also offers a superior level of breathability in order to keep feel cool as well as dry. Those who reviewed this product said that the breathability of this boot is surprisingly good considering the products superior waterproofing. There was one reviewer that accidentally caused water to enter the boot through the boots opening and though their feet did get wet, they dried really quickly. This means the Ahnu Sugarpine offers proper ventilation and breathability which is positive.


This product offers a leather upper which wraps around the top of the foot better. The leather wears down to be more elastic than synthetics and therefore offers a better fit over time. The leather is also very resistant to environmental damage that often causes issues with synthetic materials. The upper of this product with assistance from the lacing system hugs the product closer to the top of the foot in order to offer a more natural step to the hiker. The EVA midsoles contour to the foot as well which helps keep the lower part of foot closer to also offer a more natural step. EVA is a strong rubber material that not only stays supportive under pressure but also does not cause discomfort throughout the lower half of the foot (especially in the arch area). EVA is supportive and stable which helps the hiker, especially when in stickier situations like rock slides and loose branches. This product is also waterproof which helps keep the feet cool and dry during their hike. Those who wore this product found that they took very little time to break in. They also found that they were both comfortable and lightweight. One issue some reviewers found is that the tongue of this product folds in on the hiker's ankle and causes some pressure on the sides of their leg which in turn cause hot spots in those areas. This caused some irritation and discomfort during their hikes.


This product offers a waterproof leather material across its upper in order to provide a more durable and abrasion resistant product. The leather material also offers better flexibility to the boot in order to hug tighter to the top of the foot. The rubber toe caps help protect the upper of this product as well in order to also help protect the toes from any bumps and scrapes along the trail. The EVA midsoles are dual-density and offer not only a strong but lightweight design to this product. The nylon lining of this product helps wick moisture away in order to keep the inside of the boot staying fresher longer without fear of breakdown due to mold and mildew within the boot. This also keeps the boot smelling better longer so the hiker won't need to replace the boot more frequently. The outsole of this product is made of Vibram rubber which offers long-lasting and dependable resistance to sharp objects like rocks and debris along the trails. Those who wore this product did find that they were quite durable and weather resistant. Reviewers regularly state that they have owed their boots for a long time and are still using them regularly which is positive.


The midsole of this product is made of a dual-density EVA material. This is beneficial as it supports the foot in different ways depending on the layer. The EVA material is strong and supportive, and the contoured nature of the material offers better comfort and stability to the bottom of the foot. In combination with the upper, this product hugs closer to the foot in order to stabilize the foot and offer a more secure fit. This also helps offer a more natural step to the hiker and allows them to focus more on the hike than the placement of their foot with every step. The EVA material is also lightweight which helps with foot and leg fatigue and helps the hiker go further for longer as a result. Traditional hiking boots are known for their bulk and their weight. Luckily, this product is a little more narrow in design and offers less weight which is beneficial. Those who wore this product found that the midsole of this product to be quite supportive to the bottom of the foot. Though there were some issues with the tightness of the uppers, the midsole did not cause hikers any distress.


The outsole of this product is made of a Vibram rubber material which is a highly resistant and strong alternative to traditional rubber outsoles. The Vibram material (which is a very popular material choice for hiking boots) also aids in the products waterproofing. The construction, according to the companies website, offers superior construction, offering a better seal between the upper and the outsole. The outsole of this product also offers a nice level of impact reduction which helps protect the hiker's body long term. Impact reduction is important in hiking boots especially if part of the appeal of hiking is wear and tear on less used areas of the body in order to even out the general wear and tear of the body, higher levels of impact will just cause more impact everywhere. Impact reduction helps protect the bones and joints of the body and also adds a level of comfort for the hiker. It works with the weight of the product to allow the wearer to go further longer which is beneficial. Those who wore this product found that the outsole of this product offers greater durability and resistance than competitive boots. They also found the traction to be reliable and sticky even in areas that were a little slicker. They also found the outsole to offer a good level of impact reduction which is positive feedback.


This product is mid-range in price, almost on the higher end. This product has numerous benefits including a high abrasion rubber outsole, a strong and contoured midsole and highly durable leather material across its upper. This product is in boot form as well which works with the lacing system as well as the leather material used for its upper to shape the foot better and keep the boot tighter. This helps with ankle rolling. Those who wore this product found that this product was definitely worth the price. Between the shoes higher level of durability as well as their attractive design, this product is worth the price.


This product is attractive in design but definitely looks like a hiking boot. It would not serve as both a hiking boot and an everyday shoe which decreases the shoes overall versatility. The boot comes in a couple different colors to suit individual styles and offers a very simple and clean design. The lacing system starts closer to the toes which allows the shoe to be laced up tighter if required. They are also a little more narrow in design which gives the boot a sleeker look as opposed to the classic bulky, heavy hiking boot design that is normally associated with this type of product. The product is also lightweight in design which also assists in taking away the heavy, bulky nature of this type of product.


As mentioned in the outsole area of this article, this product offers a Vibram rubber outsole which is supposed to help ensure that the traction of this product is long-lasting and dependable on the trails. Traction is very important in hiking boots not just for performance but for safety. Hiking can include areas where the items being stepped on (like rocks and fallen trees) aren't secure and may require quick action to move past them, this is where the weight and the traction of the boot come in to play. Traction also needs to adapt well on different surface levels, including slippery and wet ones. This is often encountered on the trails as the brush can hold water longer due to less light exposure in comparison to city streets. Those who wore this product were impressed by its traction as well. They said that they were able to not only grip properly to dry surfaces but also slippery, wet ones. This helps protect the hiker as well as assists them in their hikes.


This product offers a fully waterproof leather and synthetic upper according to the company website. It also offers a breathable membrane within the shoe that helps protect the foot from the elements but also offers moisture wicking in order to keep moisture away from the feet in order to keep them cool and dry. Those who wore this product found that they could nearly fully submerge these boots in water while on hikes and did not find any water seeping into their boots. They said that their feet stayed dry and well ventilated throughout their entire trip.


The bottom line is this product is a good one. It is reliable, supportive and comfortable. It is highly waterproof which is ideal for hikes with higher moisture levels. They are attractive in design and offer a good level of support through the ankle and across the lower part of the foot. Issues with this product are that some found that the tongue caused some hot spots around the ankle and shin, as well, the upper seems to be a bit tight. Luckily this product does offer a leather upper which will stretch out over time. This product offers a strong and supportive lacing system as well which helps protect the ankle. Though this boot is a little higher in price it seems that they are worth it due to all the positive and reliable features this product has. Overall, this is a good hiking boot and certainly worth a try!