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Puma Tazon 6 Review Facts

There are several different types of footwear available on the market depending on the activity being performed. There are sport-specific footwear (tennis shoes vs basketball shoes) and even different types of footwear depending on preference for a specific activity. For example, there is a difference between a cross-trainer (commonly referred to as a 'trainer') and a running shoe. Running shoes are better for jogs and walks as they are engineered for more of a heel-to-toe motion. This means that during slow movements like a walk the wearer will step down with their heel first and round through to their toe as they walk. Running shoes are better designed for the majority of the impact coming from the heel area of the foot rather than the toe. As opposed to a cross-trainer where this product is made more for aerobic activities that usually require the wearer to step down with their toe first, rolling to their heel after and repeating. In this situation, the impact would be more forceful in the toe and ball of the shoe rather than the heel. The cross-trainer would, therefore, be better padded and offer reinforced critical points at the toe of the shoe (a good one, anyway).

This article focuses on the Puma Tazon 6 which is a cross-trainer from the very popular shoe brand, Puma. Puma has been manufacturing sports equipment for 70 years and is a leader in both equipment and sports fashion. They originated in Germany and their company brought in over 1 billion in revenue in 2017, to give an idea of how truly big and successful this company has been. They are the maker of the classic white, narrow show that offers a more ergonomic design intended for both performance and fashion. We created a review based on consumer opinion. We looked at reviews of people who wore the shoe, how they wore it and what they liked and disliked about the product. We also looked at the materials used to make this product as well as its construction in order to determine its durability, flexibility and overall quality. This is our comprehensive review of the Puma Tazon 6. We hope that this review helps you in your next running shoe purchase!

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • No break-in time required 
  • Quite durable design 
  • Good value for the money 
  • Runs true to size
  • Cushioning a little stiff 
  • Some ventilation problems


This product offers a synthetic leather upper which some puncture holes on the top left and right side in order to provide some ventilation. It also offers a Breathable EcoOrthoLite sockliner that is supposed to offer optimum fit and comfort. Typically trainers offer a mesh upper that helps ventilate the shoe and keep feet cool and dry during physical activity. The reason this is important is that the heat contained within the shoe can cause sweating and discomfort. The foot is kept fairly tight within the shoe (if using a quality runner or trainer) and therefore heat build-up can happen between the bottom of the foot and the insole the shoe. This seems to be the issue with this product. Many reviewers found that this product seems to trap heat within the shoe. This could be because of the lack of mesh/punctures at the top of the shoes. It seems to be quite limited. Reviewers said that their feet got quite hot during workouts and runs. They found that the heat buildup made the workout slightly uncomfortable. They also mentioned that the ventilation seems to be lacking in this product. Overall, the breathability of this product seems to be limited despite the breathable sock liner.


Despite issues with the lack of breathability of the shoe, this product does seem to have a fair amount of positive reviews in regards to the shoe's comfort. Those who wore this product found that right out of the box this product is quite comfortable as well as true to size which is positive. This product has a synthetic leather upper that does seem to hold the top of the foot tight despite not being made of real leather. It offers a lacing system that assists with uppers' support and snugness. This product offers a midfoot saddle that is supposed to hold the bottom of the foot better by contouring to it. The heel pod of this product is made of an EVA rubber material that provides support, stability, and durability. This product also offers to cushion throughout the heel as well as shock absorption. The issue with the EVA cushioning is that because EVA is quite durable and supportive it also seems to be a bit stiff. Many reviewers did find that the heel of this product was a little stiff making it slightly less comfortable in comparison with competitors. Regardless of this issue, those who wore this product appreciated that it fit true to size and were quite comfortable right out of the box which is positive.


This product is regularly reviewed as being quite durable which is a large part when considering the price of this type of product. This product has a synthetic leather upper which isn't as durable as real leather (but better and kinder on the environment and eco-system). It also offers the EVA heel pod. EVA is an extremely durable material that is supportive and lightweight. The TPE shank offers a greater level of durability as well. The outsole of this product is made of a durable rubber material and the hold between the upper and outsole seems to be quality. Reviewers regularly stated that they were surprised by the durability of this product. EVA is a common material used in running shoes because of its durability and lightweight nature. Rubber is also commonly used in outsoles for its durability benefits. Those who wore this product found that it worked well for both inside and outside workouts. Outside workouts are more commonly subject to sharper objects like rocks. So that reviewers said that they regularly wore these trainers outside without durability issues is positive.


The heel of this product was discussed a little earlier. It is made of an EVA material, as previously mentioned, which is extremely durable and supportive. EVA is a lightweight alternative to rubber. The heel pod of this product holds the heel in place in order to offer better stability as well as hold. Those who wore this product found that their feet stayed in place during their runs, they also did not seem to have any heel issues, even for those with existing ones. A proper hold in the heel area will assist in stability of the feet and a controlled, more natural step. As discussed in the opening of this article, trainers tend to offer more support and cushioning in the toe of the shoe so offering stability in the heel is a nice addition. The primary issue those who wore this product found is that the material used to cushion and reduce impact is quite stiff and some found that their heels hurt a little after wearing these shoes for longer periods or during times of high impact activity. This product did, however, offer a high level of impact reduction which is positive, especially for those who require higher levels of impact reduction and protection on the joints and bones.


The midsole of this product offers a saddle for better fit and comfort. The midsole of a shoe needs to contour to the foot in order to keep the shoe closer to the foot. If it is not kept close (without being uncomfortable or too tight) it will slip around in the shoe and won't have proper stability, support or protection from the hazards of running. A proper midsole will hug the foot and contour to all aspects of the lower foot including the ball, arch, and heel of the foot. This assists with the step of the runner. If the foot is properly surrounded at its base then the runner will experience a more natural and supported step. This allows the runner to focus more on other aspects of the run and not just the placement of the foot. Reviewers stated that this product properly supported the bottom of their foot and they felt stable when they ran which is positive.


The outsole of this product is made of a high-abrasion rubber material. There seemed to be very few complaints about the durability or the construction of the outsole of this product. The rubber also offers a decent level of 'grip' to the pavement which is positive. Those who wore this product found that they could run inside and outside without issues. They are easily transferable between both environments. Overall those who wore this product found that they gripped well during runs, whether on a treadmill or out on the pavement, they found that the outsoles are quite durable and also offer a good level of impact reduction, all of which is positive feedback about the outsole of this product and should be considered when buying this product.


This product is on the inexpensive side in price. They are surprisingly inexpensive considering the shoe's durability. There were some complaints that the insole of this product wore out relatively easily and there were also complaints about the breathability of this product which is partially due to the lack of ventilation but also because of the insole (as this seemed to be where the majority of the heat was building up for wearers). Other than the insole issues, there seemed to be very few complaints about the shoe's durability. This would mean that this product would look newer longer as well as last longer in general. This product is ideal for those on a budget that are looking for a solid running shoe with good longevity. They are also attractive in design. Puma is known for their fashion-forward footwear and though these are a little on the sporty side they could double as a daily running shoe (for errands or out on the town). Overall, this product is worth a look at based on its durability and cost alone. The fashionable design of this product is just a perk when considering the cost of this shoe.


Those who wore this product found that the shoe fit true to size. Some did find that they needed to size up by half a size but for the most part this product fits true to size.


This product is fashionable in a sporty sense. It is definitely a running shoe but they are clean in appearance, they are offered in a couple different colors and are quite modern in design. Overall, this product is attractive and could easily be worn to the gym or out about running errands which is positive.


Overall, this product is highly rated by reviewers, are an inexpensive option, are fashionable in design and are quite durable. The primary issues with this product is that the shoe isn't well ventilated which is a problem when it comes to running as running is quite vigorous and this may also impact the runner's performance. They also seem to have cheaper insoles which wear down easily. The heel of this product is also a little stiff which may impact how long the runners can be worn, however, many reviewers said that they wore them all day at their jobs where they are on their feet a lot without any issues. This product is made of quality materials and looks attractive which is surprising considering their price. The outsole of this product in combination with the midsole of this product offers a decent level of impact reduction as well which is ideal for those looking for a little extra protection during their workouts. Overall, this is a quality product and worth a try. And because they fit true to size, ordering them online won't be an issue.