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Ahnu Montara Review Facts

Hiking boots and shoes differ based on the height of the boot to the heel. A hiking boot offers a higher collar that reaches mid-calf as opposed to a hiking shoe that stops around the ankle.

The primary advantage of a boot is the protection it offers the ankle. By being able to tighten the boot around the ankle, this secures the foot and helps avoid rolls.

The primary advantage of hiking shoes is having less material than a boot. Not only are they lighter and cooler but they also help delay leg fatigue. It is entirely up to the wearer which they prefer.

This article is a product review on the Ahnu Montara. This is a hiking boot offered by Ahnu, a popular outdoors and mountain brand. We analyzed the construction of the boot along with the materials used in order to determine its quality. We also looked at what consumers thought of this product from a performance, comfort and durability perspective. We hope this review helps you with your next hiking boot purchase. Happy travels!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Extremely comfortable

Attractive design

No break-in period



Some durability concerns

Additional sizing issues


The sole composition is primarily made with a contoured dual-density EVA material. EVA is a commonly used material for its durability and yet lightweight features. When offering a contoured design, it hugs the bottom of the foot far better, offering support and comfort for the wearer. It also works with the lacing system and the overlays that are across the upper to offer stability and support to the foot.

Reviewers really appreciated their lightweight nature and yet stable design. They liked how Ahnu chose to use EVA and they felt that right out of the box, they were extremely comfortable.


The Ahnu Montara offers a Vibram rubber outsole. Vibram is also a common material used in hiking products due to its durability and traction. Vibram offers a "stickiness" that grips different surfaces including wet and dry ones. This is very important in hiking footwear as hiking can often encounter more dangerous scenarios that require stability and traction to get through safely. This is an attraction as far as this product goes as those who bought them found their traction is quite impressive.

These are meant for hiking serious trails. Though many thought based on their weight that they would be better for shorter, lighter hikes, the found that they actually held up for extended, more vigorous ones.


As mentioned above, the outsole of this product is made with a Vibram rubber material. Vibram is one of the first materials to offer lug soles which is a specific design meant to offer higher levels of traction and therefore a safer climb. The purpose of this design was to essentially resemble tires. Those who have used Vibram love it and appreciate its overall durability.

Reviewers really appreciated their traction. They felt safe and secure on the trails and didn't feel like they were unable to climb even steep areas. They also really appreciated the durability of the outsole. Though they are lightweight and offer a thinner outsole, hikers didn't find that they could feel the rocks beneath their feet.


The upper is made of a combination of oiled leather and suede material. Though leather is becoming less popular it is still a very reliable and impressive material for this type of product. The reason for this is because it's a natural material that stretches and moves without losing its strength and durability. Leather is also naturally weather-resistant which keeps them looking better longer.

Unfortunately, this was a small point of contention with some reviewers as they expected the uppers to be a little stronger than they actually are. It doesn't appear that the material itself is the issue though. It seems that the actual construction of the shoe let some reviewers down. Many found that the stitching started to break down relatively early in the life of them. This lead some reviewers to feel that they may not be made of quality materials, unfortunately.


A major highlight that reviewers mentioned is their weight. They weigh in at about 1 pound and 14 ounces. Many reviewers found that they thought due to their weight that the boots wouldn't be great for long term wear or longer hikes. This was not the case and many found that they became their "go-to" footwear right away.

The sizing, though, was debated a little online. Many found that they should have sized up with these. Though this was the case others found that the heel was a little too spacious causing them to wear thicker socks. This would be frustrating for those in warmer climates.

A benefit of them, though, is that they offer removable insoles meaning that they accommodate custom orthotics. It also means that if they are unreturnable at least a thicker outsole can accommodate too large of a boot. Though this isn't ideal at least there isn't money lost.


The oiled leather used is also waterproof which is really positive as there is often water encountered on trails. They also offer a feature called eVent which is supposed to be a waterproof, breathable membrane that protects the hiker's feet from the elements. The nylon lining is also supposed to offer moisture-wicking abilities to keep feet comfortable even when the weather improves and gets a little warm.

Those who bought these were really impressed with both their waterproofing and ventilation abilities. They not only survived a trip where every since one of the hiker's items ended up soaked (except her feet) but they also offer high levels of breathability. This helps protect against blisters and rubbing too. Overall, this area seems to be highly rated by consumers which is very important when considering hiking footwear.


The Ahnu Montara offers a dual-density EVA midsole and thermoplastic urethane shanks for higher levels of comfort. This also helps with the stability offered and is discussed below. The benefit of the contoured, dual-density midsole is that not only is shoe curved to mimic the bottom of the foot but it also offers high levels of impact resistance.

Due to the areas that are being stepped on, it's important that hiking footwear offer high levels of impact resistance. This will protect the hiker from shin splints as well as long term wear and tear to the knees, joints, and bones.

Reviwers found, right away, that they were incredibly comfortable. They required no break-in time and are extremely lightweight so they didn't weigh down the foot at all. In addition to this, the toe box is reportedly quite spacious and allows for more wiggle room of the toes. They are great for all experience levels as well as foot sizes (including wider set feet).


Another advantage is the overall aesthetic. Many reviewers were really impressed with how nice these boots are. They are made of materials like oiled leather, suede, and Vibram, all of which make the shoes look like they are made of quality materials (even if after long term use, some reviewers debated this). They are also offered in different color options which reviewers appreciated. Many felt that they were able to really express their own style when wearing them.

The aesthetic also helps with the cost value comparison. Because they are attractive in design they are a little more versatile, making them wearable more often. Reviewers were excited to show off these boots and rated them highly as a result.


The longevity and overall quality is a little bit of a debate though. There were many reviewers that appreciated the use of high-quality materials like leather and EVA rubber. While others felt that the company "cheaped out". Vibram and EVA and both well-known rubber materials that have a reputation for being durable and long-lasting. It seems that some may have actually had an issue with the construction of the shoe more so than the actual materials used.

The primary issue that consumers found is that they seem to break down at the seams more than the material actually breaking down. The majority of buyers felt that they offered high levels of weather and water resistance over longer periods of time. It seems that there were more reviewers happy with the materials used and their overall quality than not. It should be kept in mind that there were still a fair few that didn't appreciate the stitching so knowing the stores return policy may be a good idea before fully investing in these.


The Ahnu Montara offers larger rubber toe caps in order to protect toes from bumps along the trail. They also offer weatherproofing and waterproofing to protect the feet from any wear and tear that can be caused by sun damage, water getting in the boot or sweat buildup.

The outsoles feel thin but don't actually have any issues with feeling rocks beneath the feet which is really impressive. The materials used, though debated by reviewers, do seem to hold up well and offer high levels of protection for the hiker. In addition to all this, the stability features (discussed in more depth below) are also impressive, protecting the heel and ankle from damage when out on more rigorous terrain.


Again, leather offers flexibility due to it being a natural material. Offering a thinner outsole is also impressive because this allows for more flexibility as well.

Reviewers appreciated the thin outsole as it allowed them to control their step a little better. They also appreciated how the flexibility of the boot worked with the stickiness of the outsole as this helped them feel safe and secure when on more questionable terrains.


The overlays are made of a leather material which means they are strong. The lacing system works with the overlays in order to tighten the upper to the outsole which means a much more stable step. The midsole is also made of a contoured EVA material which hugs the bottom of the foot and with their high levels of arch support, the overall support system is extremely impressive.

Reviewers liked the higher heel, noting that it helps with their balance and their stability. They also appreciated the support, noting that it was comfortable, required no breaking in and they could be worn for extended periods of time.


The lacing system offers a lock system that helps keep the laces tighter even when in movement. This helps keep the shoes offering stability long term. Flexibility comes with slight downfalls, that being stress on the lacing system. Due to their handy locking system, the lacing setup stays secure and strong which is really positive.


These boots are quite reasonably priced considering their high reviewers. Not only are they attractive in design but they offer high levels of stability, support, and comfort. They are also lightweight making them easy to wear for extended periods of time and reviewers really liked their design. The materials used to construct them are also very impressive, high-quality material. They are definitely a great buy for those looking for a long term, reliable hiking boot at a reasonable cost.


- Weatherproof and waterproofing features
- Rubber toe caps for protection and durability
- eVent membrane for protection from the elements
- Leather collar for comfort and protection
- High-quality materials and attractive aesthetic
- Vibram rubber outsole for traction and durability
- Dual-density midsole for support and impact reduction
- Attractive design and multiple color options for individual style


The Ahnu Montara are highly rated by consumers, are offered at a low price and are made of high-quality materials like Vibram and EVA. Reviewers liked their weight and comfort. They are great for those wanting something reliable for long terms at a low cost. We highly recommend them for your next hiking boot purchase.