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Saucony Jazz Low Pro Review Facts

A proper running shoe can make all the difference when starting out. They offer different features in order to offer support, comfort, stability, and protection when running. The outer most layer is called the outsole. This is the area that provides traction and ultimately determines what type of terrain it can be used on. It also requires durability in order to protect the runner's feet from smaller, sharper obstacles along the way. The outsole connects to the upper which is the top. The upper offers overlays for stability, a lacing system for closure and some sort of material for ventilation to keep feet cool and dry when working out.

Finding a quality pair can be tough, especially when considering all the options on the market. This is why it's important to do your research. Our website helps narrow down choices for you in order to help you buy your next purchase, whether its running shoes, camping gear or outerwear, we've got you covered. This article specifically is a single product review on the Saucony Jazz Low Pro. Saucony is a popular manufacturer in outerwear. We looked at consumer reviews and the construction of the shoe in order to determine if it's worth buying. We hope this article serves you in your next runner purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Attractive design

Well priced

Comfortable option

No break-in period required


Durability concerns among users

Lack of support offered by this shoe


The outsole is low profile meaning that it is a little tighter to the ground and thus offers a nice, sleek design. Those who bought this product appreciated this feature but did find that there was excess glue sometimes present from the connection between the outsole and the upper. This affected the overall aesthetic and bothered some reviewers. The outsole is made of Saucony's XT-600(TM) triangular-lug rubber material. The triangular-lug design is commonly used in running shoe due to its ability to give a 'sticky' feel when making contact with the ground.

Another advantage of XT-600(TM) rubber material is its durability. Though there were some issues with the aesthetic (glue drips and seeps between upper and outsole) of the shoe, the outsole seems to offer some resistance to external elements that consumers appreciated. Overall, the outsole offers traction and durability but maybe on the quality and attention to details that consumers appreciate in footwear.


The Saucony Jazz Low Pro offers a shock-absorbing EVA midsole as well which is supposed to not only provide cushioning to the foot but also offer some impact resistance. Impact resistance is very important in this type of product as this is what will protect the body from the wear and tear that is often caused when participating in such sports as running, jumping and jogging.

Those who purchased the Jazz Low Pro found that it did not offer the amount of arch support they would have preferred throughout the midsole and insole. They felt that their feet hurt as a result of the lack of support and they didn't feel that they could truly rely on these as a running companion. Overall, the midsole may not be quite what consumers were looking for when buying this type of product.


The upper is offered in a slim-fit nylon and suede combination. The nylon is a softer material that offers some comfort to the wearer. It also helps with breathability and ventilation. Suede is a stronger, leather material that offers some water protection material that offers some water protection as well as durability. The upper of this product is what really helps with its stylish nature and many reviewers appreciated the look and flexibility of the upper which is positive.


There is nothing on the manufacturer's website about the actual weight. Though that is the case reviewers did talk a bit about the weight of these which helped us with a better description and observation of it.

Those who purchased this found it to be quite lightweight which in turn did not weigh the foot down after extended periods of time. Some reviewers had bought earlier versions of this shoe and found that this model was even lighter than earlier versions which they appreciated. This was a major highlight for a lot of reviewers who found they could wear these all day, even at work.


There is little mentioned about the breathability which isn't necessarily a bad thing. The nylon helps offer breathability which in turn helps with the ventilation of it. Suede can get a little hot due to its lack of breathability features, however, if constructed correctly a combination of suede and nylon can be positive.


Those who bought these had some issues, as earlier noted, with the actual support offered. As a result, this impacted the actual comfort. Those who bought these also took issue with the cushioning offered noting that there seems to be very little of it which not only impacted the comfort but also the impact reduction typically required when running.

Those who appreciated this found it quite comfortable to wear for extended periods of time when they could look past the lack of support. They also felt that it was true to size and required no breaking in period which is positive.


Another major highlight of the Saucony Jazz Low Pro is the design. Though there are some issues with the initial purchase those who bought these bought them for their design. In addition to this, many reviewers bought them in multiple colors because they appreciated the look so much. The low profile design seriously helps the style and aesthetic of these and the suede looks high quality which is really positive.

Though reviewers did feel that the Saucony Jazz Low Pro offer an attractive design and admitted that they were drawn to these runners as a result of the design, there were several design flaws that they found with these. The primary issues with the Jazz Low Pro are how they show up. There were a few reviewers that noted they showed up with several imperfections like stray glue streaks, miscolored suede and smudge marks.


Another issue experienced by reviewers is the durability of these runners. Many found initial imperfections when they opened the box of these but on top of this, several reviewers experienced wear and tear very quickly after purchasing. They were disappointed with how quickly the aesthetic wore out as a result of minimal use and though the price tag is attractive, many reviewers felt that they weren't worth buying as a result.


These runners offer a badded collar and tongue in order to offer some protection to the heel and foot to offer some protection to the heel and footto offer some protection to the heel and foot. It also offers some protection from debris entering. The midsole also offers a level of impact protection to the runner in order to protect the body from wear and tear associated with running.


The low profile design not only gives the shoe a little more of a stylish design but also allows for better responsiveness when moving around in these shoes. The tighter fit to the ground allows for the runner to feel the ground that they are walking on better. Though there are complaints about the lack of cushioning throughout the midsole and insole, this doesn't necessarily mean an entirely negative thing. In fact, the thinness helps the runner with their overall responsiveness and can, in turn, offer better performance overall.


As mentioned earlier, there were some complaints about the support offered. Those who bought these found that they didn't offer enough support especially through the arch of the foot. In addition to this, there were some complaints about the sizing.

Those who left reviews noted that due to the narrow design, the shoe fit the foot a little more narrow which can sometimes equate to additional support due to the contoured nature. Instead of support, though, many reviewers just took issue with the lack of room in the toe box which caused discomfort.


These are definitely better suited as a gym companion than anything else. Though they wouldn't necessarily fail the runner on outdoor urban streets, the durability and reliability seem to be quite impacted by their design and construction. Those who bought these definitely benefited by wearing them indoors for work or as a gym companion. This should be noted before buying these runners.


The price point is a very attractive feature of them. The price point is quite reasonable if not even considered cheap among reviewers. They offer an attractive design and a low price point which is a really nice mix when considering the versatility. Though this is the case when considering the durability and the intermittent imperfections experienced right out of the box with these, it is really hard to get too excited about the price point.


The traction is offered through a triangular-lug design. The outsole is offered in an XT-600(TM) rubber material which offers some traction for those running. The design is commonly used in running shoes due to the 'stickiness' it can provide. Those who bought these didn't have an issue with the traction so much as the durability of them which is positive.


Again, the benefit of a low-profile outsole/midsole/insole is that it fits closer to the ground and offers some responsiveness. This can also translate into better flexibility. The upper also offer more flexible materials which allow for a gradual increase in flexibility over time. Those who bought these appreciated their flexibility and found that they could easily move around in these which is really positive, and again helps with performance.


Though these lack support, they do seem to offer some stability which is positive. These runners offer a secure fit due to the combination of the low profile outsole, the thin midsole and the materials used for the upper. With the thicker laced lacing system, the Jazz Low Pro offers enough stability to support the foot and void rolls which is positive.


There is very little noted about the drop, outside of the notes about the low-profile midsole and outsole. There were also little noted by reviewers.


- Attractive design, offered in numerous color options
- Easy to put on and remove
- Padded collar for comfort and stability
- Textile lining for additional comfort to the foot
- Cushioning throughout the midsole for impact reduction
- Shock-absorbing, low profile midsole for support
- XT-600 triangular-lug rubber for better traction
- Suede upper for durability and wear


These running shoes are a hard sell. The reason for this is because of all the negative criticism mentioned online. Those who liked these appreciated the design and their comfort. Though this was sometimes disputed by reviewers who noted that it fits very narrow, especially through the toe box. It also lacks the right amount of cushioning to provide the impact reduction that the website says they provide.

Other notes about these runners are their lack of support throughout the heel and the thinness of the outsole/midsole. On the positive side, the thinness of the insole/outsole/midsole means better responsiveness and flexibility for the runner. t also adds to the low-profile and stylish design. Those who bought the Jazz Low Pro bought it for the stylish design which is quite nice especially due to the suede/nylon mix represented across the upper.

Our biggest concern is the excess glue and the scuffs present right of the box. This, right away, seems like a lack of attention to detail and craftsmanship by the manufacturer. But at the end of the day, this is an inexpensive runner with a stylish design that will probably hold up quite well in an indoor environment. It is great for growing feet and for those on a budget.