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Hoka One One Tor Ultra Hi WP Review Facts

Finding running shoes with ankle support can be very difficult. The reason for this is running requires a lot of movement of the foot and the ankle and sometimes proper ankle support can hinder this free movement. Ankle support is handy for those who are just learning to run (weaker ankles) and for those with existing ankle injuries. It is, however, a very specific design choice to have a high ankle running shoe. With high ankle runners, the collar is higher than the ankle bone and the laces will usually lace right up to the collar allowing for additional support around the ankle and front of the foot.

Our website offers reviews of various product types including hunting, camping and fitness gear. This article is a single product review of the Hoka One One Tor Ultra Hi WP,  a high top boot that looks more like a running shoe. We looked at what consumers liked and disliked about it. We also reviewed the materials used and looked at how it was constructed in order to offer an unbiased review on it. This is our comprehensive review of the Hoka One One Tor Ultra Hi WP, we hope that this article helps you out with your next boot purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Stylish design

Impressive impact reduction

Comfortable design

Roomy toe-box


Some durability concerns

Heavy by design


The outsole of the Hoka One One Tor Ultra Hi WP offers a Vibram Megagrip. Vibram is commonly used in hiking products because it offers high levels of traction, especially when compared to alternative material on the market. Unfortunately, Vibram can be a little heavier which isn't ideal for runners, especially everyday ones. The Megagrip feature means high-traction with 5 mm lugs according to the manufacturer's website.

Reviewers did appreciate the traction associated with them, however, there were some durability concerns around the outsole. This is discussed in the durability section of this article. For those who appreciated the outsole, they found the outsole to provide grip on surfaces that are wet and dry.


The midsoles offer a full-length EVA molded design meaning that they contour the bottom of the foot in order to offer both comfort and support. The benefit of a full-length midsole is that the entire bottom of the foot gets the support needed rather than just the arch. EVA is also a great material because it is both lightweight and durable which is ideal for the underfoot as it usually encounters more rugged terrain like sharp rocks and debris.

Reviewers were very impressed by both the comfort, as well as the support provided. They liked that right away they felt supported and cushioned when trying them on. In addition to this, the cushioning offers a nice level of impact reduction which helped with any potential shin splints.

Overall, the midsoles are impressive and reliable which is what buyers want.


The uppers are constructed with a durable full-grain leather material which is connected by a flexible nylon material. The advantage of using a more natural material like leather means that they can break in nicely without fear of a breakdown of the material or a loss of its structural integrity. Nylon, though not as strong on its own, offers a nice flexibility to the top of the shoe with the added strength of the integrated leather.

Reviewers, for the most part, were impressed by the construction. Though they had some issues with the durability, they felt that they were constructed well and fit like high quality (higher priced) runners should. The upper also offers a level of breathability via its nylon integration which helps keep feet cool and dry, another positive feature of this product.


These runners weigh in at about 2 pounds and 2 ounces which is actually quite heavy. There are hiking boots with full rock plates that are less heavy. It looks like this is due to its solid construction. Though the midsoles offer EVA which is actually quite lightweight, Vibram isn't always the lightest of materials especially if the outsoles are particularly thick. They also have a thicker midsole which offers higher levels of support which means more materials.

Those who bought these runners really took issue with the sheer weight of these shoes. On average running shoes and hiking boots are typically around the 1 to 1.5-pound mark in weight. These runners are nearly a full pound heavier. That said, they seem to be made of quality materials and offer the support required for long-term wear.


The Hoka One One Tor Ultra Hi WP has both a mesh integration throughout the upper as well as a mesh lining in order to offer even more ventilation throughout. The benefit of mesh is that it pushes hot air out of the shoe while stepping down and encouraging cool, fresh air in. This helps keep feet cool and dry rather than overheated. This helps with both comfort and safety.

Reviewers found the Hoka One One Tor Ultra Hi WP to offer adequate levels of ventilation. Though sweat did not build up there were some issues with keeping feet dry but this isn't due to sweat build up. We'll discuss this more below.


There are several features that help with the comfort. This includes leather uppers which stretch and contour the foot. This also helps with a more comfortable break-in. It also includes a molded upper collar which helps with the comfort of the ankle and offers even further flexibility to the foot.

These have flex grooves through the forefoot with extra room in the toe-box for a comfortable ball of the foot. The midsole, again, offers a full-length EVA contoured fit in order to properly adjust to the grooves of the foot for better comfort and support.

These are really comfortable and cushioned right out of the box. Reviewers appreciated the extra room in the toe-box especially those with wider set feet.


A major highlight of the Hoka One One Tor Ultra Hi WP is its style. These offer a unique design in that they are fashionable while also being industrial. They have bright colors across their outsoles, lacing system, and their eyelets. T

The thinner tongue and lace provide a more refined look even with the bright highlights. They are also offered in numerous color options for more customization and for those looking for something different to suit their style. They are definitely a step up for those looking for something a little stronger but with some style.

Reviewers found them really visually appealing. The appreciated that they are narrow but still offer a roomy toe-box. They liked that they looked fashionable and found that they could wear them in different situations, not just on the trails.


The durability is an area of concern. First of all, the manufacturer made these with a durable full-grain leather upper and ultra-thick Vibram outsoles. They also have 5 mm lugs and EVA through the midsole which in itself is a very durable material. They are a little weighted as a result of all its support systems but there were still some durability concerns for reviewers.

Oddly, many reviewers felt that they were "constructed well" but just wore down quickly. The primary area of concern is the outsole. Because the outsole is composed of two different parts it seems that there were some glue reliability issues across the outsole which impact reviewers view of the price point of these boots.


In regards to protection, the toe area offers a thick toe bumper. This is a valuable and common feature in this type of product as there are often several bumps along more rigorous terrain and this helps protect both the hiker's toes and the boot itself. In addition to the toe bumper, they feature a thicker outsole in order to protect the bottom of the foot from sharp rocks and debris encountered on trails. And they also have a higher ankle and collar to protect the ankle from rolls.

Reviewers found the traction to be the most valuable protection feature. The reason for this is that it sticks well to different types of surfaces which made them feel secure and safe.


The lacing system is a lace-to-toe system with forefoot flex grooves. The purpose of this system is to help with the flexibility of the shoe which ultimately translates to the responsiveness of it. The outsole of the shoe is thick which does impact its responsiveness, however, due to the outsoles sticky tread, it definitely helps with it.

Reviewers felt incredibly secure in these boots. They appreciated how easily and effectively they stick to several different surface types.


The full-length EVA midsole works with the engineered RMAT in order to offer a higher level of support to the wearer. The bottom curves to the bottom of the foot in order to offer support to all areas including the ball, arch, and heel.

The lacing system works with the midsole in order to offer 360-degree support for all areas of the foot and ankle. The stability and support were areas of praise for this boot. It helps those with existing ankle issues and those prone to shin splints.


They were designed to be worn on trails and roads, which is supposed to make them a little more versatile. They are regularly regarded as offering very good traction on dry surfaces just as well as wet ones, making them ideal for roads and trails.

That said, a few took issue with the outsole. It performed very well up to a certain extent when it began to break down relatively quickly. Because of this issue, many found them better for less aggressive terrains.


The price is an area of concern for some consumers. They are quite expensive. When considering their high-quality materials and high-level construction, the price makes sense.

But when you look at the often-mentioned lack of durability across the outsole, it is a little harder to stomach. The cost value comparison is a little off when looking at these factors, however, it does help that they are attractive in design. This makes them a little more versatile which helps justify the price.


The outsoles offer Vibram which is commonly used in hiking products for its superior traction and these don't let that reputation down. The most common note about the Hoka One One Tor Ultra Hi WP is their impressive traction. Both reliable on wet and dry surfaces, reviewers really appreciate the "stickiness" offered by the outsole and its 5 mm lugs. They are great from both hiking and road running, though as mentioned their durability isn't the most reliable throughout the outsole.


Flexibility is offered through the forefoot flex grooves which allows for more movement through the ball of the foot. A highlight of these boots is the forefoot room which is quite wide and allows for more movement of the toes when walking.

In addition to this, these have a moulded upper collar which provides more free movement throughout the ankle. This helps those running and hiking as both activities require more angled movement of the legs.


The high collar on this boot seriously helps the stability found throughout the ankle. The high laces tight enough to protect the ankle from any rolls on uneven surfaces. In addition to this, the midsole was designed to offer both stability and support. This is through their engineered RMAT design.

A highlight of the Hoka One One Tor Ultra Hi WP is its stability. Because it's a blend between a hiking boot and a running shoe, it provides the stability of a hiking boot but the performance of a running shoe. Consumers raved about their support and this helped our overall rating.


There is nothing mentioned online about the drop of this footwear. It should be noted that the outsole is especially thick which may not be appealing to all consumers.


- Full-grain leather and nylon upper
- Breathable membrane for comfort
- Molded collar for flexibility
- Attractive design offered in numerous color options
- Thick rubber toe cap for protection
- Full frame stability
- RMAT midsole for additional support
- Vibram outsoles for superior traction


The Hoka One One Tor Ultra Hi WP is an interesting cross between a running shoe and a hiking boot. This means that it offers the support and impact reduction of a running shoe but with the durability of a hiking boot. They are regularly regarded as being comfortable, supportive and attractive in design.

It is also noted as being expensive, heavy and lacking durability across its outsole. Though this is the case, they may be more ideal for a daily boot. Something that can be worn around town or for running. It is great for those looking for something with extra ankle support and for those who like flashy colors.