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Adidas X PLR Review Facts

Forge a path with Adidas  X-PLR casual shoes. They are a model with breathable and light uppers, a durable rubber outsole, and a classic look. The shoes make for the ideal companion on an adventure. Lacing entails a secure speed system with a toggle.

The uppers are breathable, engineered knit that has a sporty low-profile silhouette. Linings are both breathable and comfortable. At the lateral sides is the 3-stripe Adidas logo in reflective material. Added cushioning is provided by the lightweight molded EVA midsole. Feet are kept odor-free and dry with the breathable and cooling antimicrobial Ortholite sock liner.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Good quality
  • Versatile
  • Well-crafted
  • The toe protection is subject to easy wear
  • Some complaints about the lacing system


Thanks to experiments conducted by Charles Goodyear who invented the process of mixing sulfur with heated natural rubber, we now have rubber sole shoes today. The right combination of curing agents, heat, and mixing transforms natural rubber into colorful and tough rubber soles.

Rubber soles are flexible from the first time they are worn. Minimal break-in time is required. Shoes made with rubber soles do not feel stiff. The rubber sole of Adidas X_PLR is quite sturdy. It is naturally more shock absorbent than a leather sole. The hardness of the pavement is not felt as much. Rubber soles do not mold to feel like leather.


The midsole provides shock absorption and cushioning. Adidas X_PLR have EVA midsoles that are firmer than orthotics topcovers. It is a closed cell foam that creates stability as well as a cushioning effect. EVA is a popular choice for midsole, especially in running shoes. It consists of thousands of bubbles joined together and encapsulated with air. Besides shock attenuation, the primary advantage is that it is light.

EVA midsoles have a low density. Over time, the cushioning may start to lose air and compress. EVA is an obvious choice for lightweight shoes to maximize performance. If longevity is a concern or weight is not a factor, there is a better option.


The upper is engineered knit that elevates the look and provides durable, flexible support throughout the day. It has a soft texture. The speed lacing system offers convenience and a secure fit. The toggle lace-up system is a feature that critics like.

Laces are not the typical shoelaces. The laces are made of sturdy elastic. It is a drawstring system that can be loosened or tightened based on the wearer’s preference. There are no problems with them breaking. The cage on the side makes the shoe sturdy and gives it structure. It is stiff and firm. The laces are attached to the cage.


The shoes are very lightweight. They are made up of lightweight components. They do not feel big and clunky on the feet. Each shoe weighs between 9.1 and ten ounces depending on the size. The shoe is an everyday shoe. By nature, it does not need a lot of supportive features and structure that could weigh down the shoe. The shoes are comfortable to wear and do not impact natural movement.

The midsoles are made of lightweight molded EVA. Other lightweight features of the shoe include some breathable mesh in the upper and a minimalist speed-lacing system. The knit fabric of the top is another lightweight component. The shoe has an Ortholite sock liner that provides lightweight cushioning.


Mesh is a very breathable material found in the upper of the Adidas X_PLR. The OrthoLite sockliner is responsible for much of the shoe’s breathability. It is foam cushioning that ensures a healthy climate in the shoes.

Along with providing long-term cushioning and keeping the feet comfy, it has a high-level of breathability and moisture management. The OrthoLite sockliner keeps feet cool and dry. Many shoe engineers and designer specify using OrthoLite sockliner for the excellent compression set it offers, its resiliency, and its antimicrobial properties. Fusion insoles like the OrthoLite keep feet dry and fresh by wicking away moisture. They allow air to circulate the feet.


The level of comfort is the feature that receives the most raves. The EVA midsoles reduce the impact of motion. The sock liner maintains the shape of the shoe and keeps the foot dry for hours. The textile upper is a go-to model for people who are on their feet for extended periods.

The shoes are incredibly comfortable. They have enough cushioning t ward off back, leg, and foot pain. It is difficult to recommend how true to size the shoes are. Buyers have stated they ran small, fit true to size, and ran big. The shoes go on smoothly. They have a tab in the back that makes putting them on easy.


The Adidas Original X_PLR is an inspired by smooth running designed shoe. There are a minimalist speed-lacing system and a breathable mesh upper. The shoes are cushioned for all-day wear with a molded EVA midsole and a plush sock liner.

For a flashy finish, the shoes are detailed with a heel tab and a reflective 3-stripe Adidas logo. They are considered a sporty, casual shoe. The shoes can be worn with any outfit. They are available in black, gray, red, white, and khaki green. The shoe is an Adidas entry-level runner. It is more of a lifestyle sneaker


Although the shoe lacks some advancements available in other shoes, the X_PLR has proven to be durable over time. The EVA midsole and rubber outsole hold up after months of wear during jobs that require standing for hours.

The rubber outsole provides durable traction. Its OrthoLite sockliner maintains it structure perfectly. The shoes can be machine washed multiple times. The shoe was not designed for durability. It is more of a fashion accessory.

However, the X_PLR is more durable than many shoes. The lacing system did cause some complaints from buyers that said the system was less than sturdy. It broke on the first day of use or with a few uses. It is advised to check into the return policy before purchasing the shoe.


The shoe was designed primarily for everyday use. There are protective features built into the shoe. The OrthoLite sockliner and EVA midsole are two of the shoe’s protective features. They keep the feet cool and dry as well as provide cushioning and shock absorption.

Textile uppers are breathable enough to protect the feet from infections and rashes. The signature 3-stripes of Adidas and the Adidas logo on the back of the shoe are made of a reflective material that is a protection feature when people go for a stroll at night. The shoes do not provide protection against cold temperatures. They are best left in the closet during winter weather.


The X_PLR does not have some of the technological advances of more recent Adidas models. It is less responsive but does have notable responsiveness features. EVA midsoles are very sensitive to the movement of those who wear the shoe.

They absorb impact and transfer energy back with each step. Rubber outsoles are pliable and durable without impacting movement significantly. The elastic lacing and textile upper allow the best possible range of motion. Keep in mind the shoes are meant for everyday use and casual activities. There is less need for responsiveness. The shoes get consistently high scores from people who walk in them.


The ever-supportive EVA midsole of the Adidas X_PLR does the lion’s share of support. It upholds the foot as it provided suitable energy transfer with every step. The OrthoLite sockliner has very little give. It keeps the foot cushioned for extended periods.

The heel saddle of the shoe provides additional structure and support. It is attached to the lacing system. The heel saddle ensures a perfectly snug, comfortable fit. The support of the shoe is somewhat limited. Those who buy the shoes for jobs such as bartenders and waitresses are impressed with the cushion provided to the feet after standing for several hours. There is also cushioning at the ankle.


At one time, there was one shoe for tiddlywinks, jumping, skipping, walking, and running. Now there are shoes developed for specific purposes or terrains. The best fit for the X_PLR is using on everyday sidewalks and streets.

The everyday terrains and weather patterns face by runners are perfectly fine for average jogs or other exercise forms. More strenuous activities like rock climbing or hiking are not ideal for this shoe. The occasional lack of durability means this casual model will not hold up well on terrains needed for dedicated athletes.


Adidas shoes are known to be high-priced athletic wear. The shoes have many fine-tuned and custom-created features. Consumers are sometimes disappointed b the simplicity of this shoe. It is relatively less expensive and has basic durability that makes it a worthy option for others.

Amazon is a source for those looking for cheaper shoes. The advertised price ranges from $50 to $200. One source reports the average cost to be $80. Solid colored versions are said to sell for less. Women’s shoes are slightly less expensive than men's. Children’s models are cheaper still.


The simple rubber outsole of the Adidas X_PLR offers surprisingly good traction. A routine jog is easy regardless of the weather. A molded tread with a diamond pattern on the outsole that sticks out gives the shoes a bit of a grip.

The outsole can grip onto any surface it crosses. It can carry the wearer through light snow, muddy roads, cement, and concrete. The rubber soles do get slippery on ice. It is smart to put the shoes aside during wintery weather. There are shoes available that are more appropriate for snowstorms.


Along with being supportive and comfortable, the shoes are easy shoes in which to move. The sturdy rubber sole is pliable and not restrictive. An EVA midsole twists and bends easily without giving away as the wearer moves.

The same is true of the OrthoLite sockliner. The textile upper cradles and protects the foot without being stiff. Elastic lacing that secures the feet in place still allows for a comfortable and free stride. These features provide a fantastic natural range of motion all day long.


The material used in the making of Adidas X_PLR suggests the shoes are of average stability. EVA midsoles stabilize each step by absorbing shock and transferring energy. There is little compression in the OrthoLite sockliner. It does allow the shoe to retain its shape.

Minimal stability is offered by the elastic lace system and heel saddle that keep the heel in place and the shoe secure. The shoe does not have much to offer those with conditions similar or including pronated feet.


Affordable at an average price of $80
Breathable textile uppers
Elastic speed-lacing system
Heel tab
Injected EVA foam midsole
Multiple color options
OrthoLite sockliner for added comfort and support
Supportive molded heel cage
Reflective side stripes and heel logo
Rubber outsole

Bottom Line

The Adidas Original X_PLR is an overall comfortable runner that isn’t too flashy or crazy budget-wise. The only leather on the sneaker is a faux leather patch with the Adidas logo set above the lacing system.

The shoe lacks technologically advanced features. It will disappoint those looking for sturdy footwear meant for heavy athletics. Those who want a shoe for running errands, fundamental play, and work will find the shoe to be an ideal option.

The shoe can be paired with many different looks. The shoe is sturdy enough for a successful gym session or a long run. Consumers have found the affordable model to be a long-lasting staple worth the money.