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Brooks Launch 5 Review Facts

Running shoes are often gauged by their comfort level and appearance, however, there are many different aspects to a running shoe. There are different areas of the shoe that are specifically designed for a different purpose. The midsole of a running shoe is the area under the insole and above the outsole. The purpose of the midsole is to add comfort, stability and impact reduction to the runner's foot and body. The midsole of a running shoe is usually made of an EVA material which is a closed-cell foam. This foam is light and condensed in order to keep the running shoe light (to help delay leg fatigue and to enhance a runner's performance) and to add a level of impact reduction. The EVA is typically contoured to the bottom of the foot, this keeps the molding closer to the foot in order to avoid slipping as well as to support the different areas of the foot. The foot is not simply a flat surface, there are curves between the heel, arch, and ball of the foot, and the EVA is usually designed to properly surround those areas in order to provide support without causing pain to those areas. EVA is usually the primary material used in the midsole of a running shoe but some companies will add their own cushioning system that is typically made of air, gel or foam. This adds an even higher level of cushioning, usually around the heel and the ball of the foot because these are the areas that typically land first on the pavement during runs and therefore require a little more cushioning and impact reduction.

This is a single product review. This article focuses on the Brooks Launch 5, a very popular product from the brand Brooks. We did some research on this running shoe as it is highly rated and reviewed. We looked at consumer reviews in order to put together a comprehensive single product review. We wanted to know the good and the bad of this product. We also looked at the materials used in order to make this product to find out the products breathability, waterproofing abilities, and flexibility. We finally looked at the construction of the product in order to determine its durability and cost justification. This is our in-depth review of the Brooks Launch 5. We hope that this review assists you with your next running shoe purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Attractive design 
  • Little to no break-in period 
  • Lightweight design 
  • Quite comfortable 
  • Not true-to-size
  • Issues with how narrow the product is 
  • High arch support


This product offers a lightweight Air Mesh upper which offers both a lightweight design as well as superior breathability. Mesh is a common material used in uppers due to its superior ventilation. Mesh material offers small holes throughout that allow cool air to flow through the inside of the shoe and pushed hot air out as the runner moves. The more mesh throughout the upper the better the ventilation and airflow. One issue with mesh is that it tends to have a poor level of structural integrity as a result of it. This product offers a mesh material all throughout the shoes upper. This includes throughout the sides and heel. Those who wore this product found it to be quite breathable. They said that their feet stayed cool and dry throughout their run, even without waterproof socks. They also felt that the mesh offered a lightweight design to the shoe. The Air Mesh also adds to the overall attractiveness of this product. This is discussed in more detail below under the style section. Overall, those who wore this product appreciated it's lightweight and breezy design. This was reflected in our rating of this product.


This product offers a neutral support which is fairly common in running shoes. The arch support of this product is medium to high. Those who wore this product did seem to have some issues with the support system of this product throughout the arch of their feet. They found that the arch support was a little higher than neutral which cause some pain throughout the arch of their foot which is an issue, especially for those with low arches. The cushioning system for this product is the Brooks own BioMoGo DNA midsole system. The BioMoGo DNA midsole adds both cushioning, as well as bounce back which helps with energy return (discussed more in the midsole area). Those who wore this product appreciated the BioMoGo DNA midsole. Those who did not have issues with the high arch support liked the lightweight design and said that wearing this product is like 'walking on clouds' which is positive. Another issue with this product is that the shoe is quite narrow and therefore may require sizing up. There were several reviewers that had an issue with the narrowness of the shoe but did say that despite how narrow the product was that there is still a lot of room in the toe area of the shoe which is positive. Overall, this product should be worn by those with higher arches and more narrow feet. Those with low arches will most likely end up with sore arches and those with wider feet may need to size up. This was all considered when calculating our rating.


There isn't much information on the manufacturer's website about any added features or key materials used for the purpose of durability. Those who wore this product said that they could go long distances without issues however there were some issues with the breakdown of material across the upper. As mentioned earlier, mesh is not a strong material. It usually has to be reinforced with overlays and the lacing system in order to add some structure to the product. This product does seem to have some issues with the mesh breaking down. Runners found that the mesh broke down relatively easily. Brooks is a good company, though, with an excellent customer service team but even after having their runners replaced the same issue seemed to have happened (break down of mesh). They also found that other versions of this shoe were more durable than this pair. This should be kept in mind before purchasing this product.


The midsole of this product is made of the BioMoGo DNA material. This product is supposed to offer both higher durability as well as cushion, impact reduction, and energy return. Some materials offer an energy return to the runner. This is a springy effect that is supposed to add to the run in order to decrease the amount of energy required by the leg when in motion. This feature helps the runner's performance overall. This product offers a decent level of energy return which is a nice feature. The midsole also helps reduce impact to the runner's legs, bones, and joints. Running is a great cardiovascular activity, however, it does tend to cause some damage to the joints and bones of the body. This can lead to invasive surgeries. This is why a runner with impact reduction is beneficial. Those who wore this product appreciated that this product felt lightweight and 'cloud-like'. They did find that the arch support in this product is a little high but the website does mention that this product offers medium to high arch support. Overall, the midsole offers a decent energy return, impact reduction and cushioning which is positive.


There isn't much information on the manufacturer's website in regards to the outsole or the traction of this product. Those who wore this product did find that they had a decent level of traction during their runs which is positive feedback. There were also consumer reviews about the outsoles durability, saying that this product does offer a highly durable outsole. Many runners wore this product outdoors. On city streets there tend to be sharper objects than in a gym like rocks. There didn't seem to be any issues with running on city roads and breakdown of the outsole which is positive. Overall, though, there weren't many comments about the outsole though.


This product is quite stylish in design but not quite versatile enough to double as a fashion accessory. It has a modern Air Mesh upper that is both lightweight and sleek. This product does fit a bit more narrowly which caused some discomfort issue for some wearers, however, the narrow design does add to the overall attractive aesthetic of this product. They are also lightweight in design which gives the shoes a sleeker look, rather than traditional runners which can look a little bulky in some cheaper models. This product is also offered in numerous color options, all of which are bright and fun in design. This helps suit individual styles. Though this product is quite attractive in design it isn't necessarily versatile in that it can be worn as an everyday shoe. This does impact the cost comparison advantage in that it would require more than one running shoe to do both activities. It is, however, not terribly priced which is positive. This is discussed in more detail below. Overall, this is an attractive and lightweight running shoe. Those who wore this product were impressed by its appearance and mostly agreed that it was like walking around on clouds which is positive.


This product is supposed to fit true to size however many individuals did not find that it did. It seems to fit a little smaller. It is also a little narrow in design which adds to the aesthetic of the shoe but does affect those with both normal and wider set feet. Those with normal feet did find that they could size up without any issues, however, those with wider feet really struggled. It may be wise to try this product on in person rather than ordering them online for this reason. This product is a neutral support which seems to be the case and the medium to high arch support seem to lean more towards high than medium. There were a few individuals that found that the arch support on this product pressed into their arches and caused some pain which could be a problem. One positive is that the toe box of this product seems to be quite roomy which is positive. Overall, this product probably needs to be sized up in order to be comfortable and should be used for those with medium to high arches as per the manufacturers website.


The bottom line is that this product is a pretty good one. There are some durability concerns throughout the upper of the shoe which is a common issue in running shoes because the mesh material typically used for running shoes tends to offer less structural integrity. The benefit of the mesh, however, is that it is quite breathable which keeps runner's feet cool and dry throughout their run. This also assists with keeping moisture levels down within the shoe and also helps with odor buildup. The mesh also adds to the attractive appearance of this product. This product is offered in numerous colors in order to suit individual styles. They are light in weight which not only adds to the look of the shoe but also assists with the runner's run, helping them move faster for longer periods of time. The midsole of this product offers bounce back as well which helps with energy during the run. This goes hand in hand with the lightweight nature of this product. There are also some concerns about the width of this product which seems to be a bit narrow in design and could potentially affect those with low to medium arches. The narrow design does help the shoe aesthetically though. The lightweight nature and the narrow design gives the shoe a sleek look. Overall, this product is worth a try!