Adidas Terrex Swift Solo

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Adidas Terrex Swift Solo Review Facts

If you plan to scale mountains, there are some things you should know about shoes to wear. You want something comfortable that connects to the hill. The Adidas Terrex Swift Sole is the ideal model for climbing. Its material and design make it an excellent shoe to do weightlifting in the gym also.

The shoe has features that make it ideal for hiking up mountains and gripping rocks while climbing the hill. Most climbing shoes use Vibram which is a type of rubber. Stealth is utilized in the Swift Solo. It is a bit more rigid. Some climbers find it to be the best material for various engaging outdoor activities. Regardless of where you wish to go, these shoes will get you there as safely and efficiently as possible.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Stealth soles are ideal for precise climbing and a little ‘sticky’ to aid in generating traction
  • No break-in time
  • Resilient materials
  • A breathable top sole that is still rigid and stiff
  • Thin sole promotes efficient climbing with a middle that offers shock absorption
  • Some people feel the shoe is a little too wide
  • Not much arch support
  • Sizes run a bit small


The traction of the shoe is what makes the shoe stand out from others. It is ideal for gripping surfaces. The Stealth material used in making the outsole is sticky and more precise than some of the competition. Stealth is a great rubber that represents a step up from TRAXION rubber used in earlier generations of Terrex Solo.

There is a climbing zone on the front of the outsole that has no tread and allows digging into tight spaces. This climbing zone and Stealth rubber toe cap maximize rock contact. This outsole is flexible and lightweight. It is heavily cushioned. There is a soft strike to the shoe that makes it comfortable even after hours of wear.


The midsole is located between the sticky rubber outsole and footbed. It helps determine the stiffness of the shoe. Due to its construction, the midsole of this model provides excellent shock absorption. Wearers rave about being able to wear the shoes for hours when climbing or out on trails and not feel a lot of joint strain. For a shoe that can dig a foot into a mountainside and designed for climbing, the midsole delivers superior shock absorption. Shock absorption is a characteristic not found in many climbing shoes.


The upper construction of the shoe is quite flexible. It has an upper crafted of breathable double mesh. The synthetic overlays provide added support. Lace-Up closure offers a proper fit. The Lace Bungee stows laces that avoid tangling.

There is a pull tab at the heel for easy on and off and a padded collar and tongue for added comfort. A synthetic heel cap and toe provide stability and protection. The cushioned insole can be removed for contoured comfort. Abrasion-resistant welding keeps feet protected and dry. The forefoot is propelled forward with the help of Adiprene+.


Excess weight from gear that weighs you down when climbing is not something you want. The Adidas Terrex Swift Solo weighs about one pound. A pound is considered a lightweight climbing shoe. The hardtop sole that keeps the foot protected while climbing is responsible for a little additional weight.

Weight is an essential consideration when choosing climbing shoes. If two shoes are of equal performance across the metrics but differ in weight, choose the lighter shoe. Weight is a concern when clipping the shoes to a harness or stowing them in a climbing pack on routes with multi-pitch.


Adidas has a reputation for designing breathable shoes that maintain their durability and fit securely. The design of the Adidas Terrex Swift Solo has excellent breathability. Even though the top is a bit more rigid than you might expect, the mesh fabric allows air to enter and leave the foot feeling dry and cool on hot days.

Light mesh material is positioned under breathable textile. The breathable upper mesh prevents swamp foot on hot days. It provides the maximum in breathability. The upper is a breathable sock-like construction that offers comfort and a snug fit. A perforated EVA collar/tongue is covered with mesh for comfort and breathability.


The shoes feel as though you are wearing nothing at all. The crafted interior is perforated EVA that feels comfortable and light against the foot. There is not a lot of extra padding. The shoe sits low to the ground. A pull loop at the back of the shoe is used to slip it on.

A bootie shape design forms to the foot. It is like putting on a sock. When choosing hiking shoes, support and comfort are two metrics that should be a priority when the shoes are expected to handle trail miles.


Durability is a metric to focus on when choosing a climbing shoe. The topsole may appear to be made of lightweight and flimsy material but is very rigid and stiff. Many past users have been pleased with the design that can hold up to numerous trips without quickly showing wear like other designs tend to do.

The high durability is partially due to the topsole construction made from a solid piece of mesh and EVA This configuration has fewer seam lines that can tear due to overuse. Leather is more durable, but breathability is sacrificed.


The top of the shoe is quite hard and presents no worry about the foot being exposed. The stickiness of the Stealth rubber guards against loss of footing. The climb zone on the toe gives a little added protection when shimmying into a tight space on a challenging climb.

With the braking feature on the heel, you can lean back on it to slow a slide. Sticky rubber is essential for safety and fun in the mountains. It can approach a cliff less of an ordeal. Rubber, linings, straps, and laces affect the shoe performance.


The responsiveness of a climbing shoe is not the same as a running shoe. Adidas designed the shoe with thin soles so the ground beneath the feet can be felt. The wearer has a good understanding of the terrain that will be scaled.

Shoes that are made of breathable lightweight and highly durable fabric expand with the feet and allow longer wear times. A quality climbing shoe needs to aid in pushing and pulling the feet while keeping them licked on the steep terrain. Excessively restrictive climbing shoes are not recommended for growing feet. They can cause foot injuries and deformities.


The shoes score low in support metrics. They are made to feel as though the user isn’t wearing anything at all as he or she engages in climbing and other activities that require maximum flexibility. Adding additional cushioning and padding would limit flexibility.

Foot support is more critical when carrying heavy loads than for climbing. More support would mean less fatigue when approaches become long, and packs get heavy. More supportive shoes will crack climb and edge better. A well-fitting shoe that keeps the user moving confidently over exposed terrain is of more importance than saving weight with a lighter shoe.


The grip of the Adidas Terrex Swift Solo makes it ideal for rocky and steep mountain trails. The sticky sole can execute a firm grip on slippery and wet surfaces. It performs as well as the toughest mountain boot.A low profile having a superior grip makes the shoe ideal for going to the gym to lift weights.

The climbing dictates the kind of shoe needed. Bouldering shoes should have a tight and aggressive fit. Sport climbing shoes should have a solid edging platform, tight heel cup having a slingshot-style rand, gentle to a serious downturn, laces or Velcro closure, and a stiff midsole.


Price is a factor to consider when choosing a climbing shoe. Buying climbing shoes is a challenging experience. The Adidas Terrex Swift Solo is a bit on the expensive side. There are higher end running shoes available on the market.

These shoes are not outlandish in price. The price is pretty reasonable when the effectiveness, durability, and comfort are taken into consideration. If you reach new heights, it is unlikely the price will be a factor. The shoes go from pricey to cost-effective. Comfort is of the utmost importance. If shoes are not comfortable, you will not wear them regardless of the price.


Tread that runs deep is not the only way to generate traction. Carefully place shallow treads provide traction where it is needed most. The design of the Stealth rubber sole grips surfaces much like Spiderman grips the sides of buildings.

Stealth is becoming the new standard in high friction rubber. The extra sticky rubber provides unbeatable hardness and fantastic friction for precise edging. It is highly abrasion resistant and meant to last two times longer than other rubber. The thin sole of the shoe is soft and sensitive and allows rocks underfoot to be felt.


The Adidas Terrex Swift Solo shines in the flexibility category. It does not have an extreme amount of padding. The lack of padding is intentional because the design is meant to allow movement. A pull loop on the back of the shoe is used to slip on the shoes.

Laces start at the toe base to ensure a secure and tight fit that allows the foot to have a full range of motion that is needed which rock climbing. A thin rubber sole is a handy feature to promote flexibility. It can move and bend with the foot.


These are not the shoes for those who need a shoe that offers added stability to address conditions such as overpronation. The shoes provide little sole support and less on the top. Feeling the earth beneath the feet is the primary goal of the Swift Solo.

Cushioning and padding reduce the ability to feel what is encountered on the trek. Shoes that have no restraints on mobility are the least likely to provide conditions for foot stability. Shoes meant for lighting rather than climbing give the most stability.


There is no drop to this shoe. It is the metric that helps the feeling of having no shoes on the feet. The heel and toe are flat. A flat shoe allows midfoot waking. When in a pair of zero drop shoes, the ball of the forefoot and heel are the same height above the ground. The entire foot touches the ground at the same time as the heel.

The foot and heel touching the ground at the same time is the most efficient stride. It also sends the least amount of shock traveling up the leg. The propensity for injury is reduced. The shoe feels exceptionally flat until the body adjusts to it.

Key Features

A thin shoe that offers excellent shock absorption that is easy on joints
Stealth rubber sole that is sticky and tacky making it grip the ground without thick tread
Outsole has a braking system on the heel of the shoe and a smooth climbing zone located on the toe tip
Glove-like fit that keeps the foot protected with a hard outer shell
Slip-on construction for comfortable and easy on and off
Open mesh upper for comfort and breathability
Collar/tongue has mesh covered perforated EVA for comfort and breathability

Bottom Line

The shoe was not designed to make the wearer feel as though walking on a cloud or offer additional heel support. It provides outdoor adventurers something that allows them to scale slippery surfaces while maintaining a solid grip that provides maximum flexibility.

The shoes are lightweight and can maneuver nearly any terrain without breaking a sweat. A Stealth rubber sole is known for its incredible durability. It is the ideal rubber for edging. The shoe is used for weightlifting, mountain biking, climbing, and hiking. If you can recover from sticker shock, it is likely there will be a second pair in your future.