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Warbonnet Blackbird Review Facts

It’s a perfect escape into nature, whether it is on your back porch or out camping. What is it? A nice and spacious hammock with a bug net so you can enjoy the breeze and not get eaten alive even as the sun goes down. Many campers are beginning to prefer this method over the traditional camping tents, even to the point where there are now tents that are hammocks because, well, why not?

So what makes the Warbonnet Blackbird stand out, and what makes it questionable? That is what we are here to try and weed out for you. We dig through all the research and tests done and bring you back the good the bad and the ugly. Sometimes we can’t find anything that is negative, but usually, there is at least one downside and you deserve to be aware of it.

Without further hesitation, let us dig through the piles of information and find out where this hammock earns its ratings!

Editor's Pros & Cons




Bug protection


Weight capacity


Camp in most places w/out a tent

Inner ‘shelf’ area


Net cannot be fully removed

Suspension sold separately

Bulky to carry

Single-person only


One of the more interesting accessories for this product is the ‘hammock sock’ which basically turns it into a still breathable hammock/tent crossover. This was designed to allow your hammock to be able to be used in colder temperatures. A curiosity I was not entirely able to answer to a satisfactory level was if it could be used in the rain and would not allow the water inside.

Given that there is a tent-like canopy you can buy for this model as well, I would assume that the sock mainly is fashioned for temp change rather than to prevent water from getting inside. The canopy basically gives you a wide coverage area for a roof, but you will need to buy the stakes and other equipment to hold it strung above your hammock.

Since you also have to buy all the suspension gear for this one to be usable anyway, your looking at a skyrocket of price to have everything to make this camp worthy in all conditions which are a big drawback.

There are several other add-ons and extra’s you can buy for the products, everything from hooks to hammock repair kits. You can even buy hammock pillows from the company that fit perfectly inside to give you extra padding for your head if you need it. Of course, the two mentioned above are actually the main addons and are what you are likely to want to get beyond the necessary tools for hanging your hammock.

If you do want to assure you can set up anywhere, though, there is an actual stand sold by the company, but of course, this will only add onto the weight of your camping supplies. So, if you are looking to assure a lighter load, you may want to just get the carabiners, straps, buckles, and stakes and not load yourself down with yet another heavy item to the list- as well as to the price.


This particular model utilizes a new style of fabric which is put together so that, in combination with its weave, feels as soft as cotton but remains as strong as the typical materials used for hammocks. This was created to try and give a much more comfortable feeling without taking away the durability. This is done through ripstop weave combined with a diamond grid and from everything we have found, it is successful in both of the goals.

It also utilizes mosquito-repelling webbing to keep you safe from bug bites while you sleep and can be unzipped entirely on one side of the hammock and rolled up so you don’t have to leave it on when you don’t need it and can use it to sit. This allows for either a nightlong or hours long rest in your hammock easily and doesn’t keep you boxed in feeling.

The added customization is in whether or not you want to add the second layer quilting to the bottom of your hammock to give you, even more, padding and comfort. The fact that you can add extra’s into your design or simply tag on the extra available accessories easily to your set up gives this hammock flexibility to suit your tastes much better than most other available hammocks offer.

Despite how much softer and flexible it feels, though, it is made of high-grade nylon, so you still are getting the material that we have come to trust in its strength. The single layer and lightweight double-layer utilize a 40D nylon for the outer, the lightweight double also utilizes a 20D for the inner. The heavyweight double layer, however, utilizes a 70D Nylon for both inner and outer, which is why this one weighs more in packing.

Capacity & Length

Surprisingly strong and durable, this hammock can hold a great deal more weight than it seems it should be capable of holding. The hammock measures in at 10 feet long and 62 inches or just over five feet wide. Due to its near-unique diamond style build, this is built with the idea that you’ll likely be sleeping at a diagonal inside of it.

With the way the netting is built-in, you can raise it so that you can sleep right up against the edge of the zipper without the net ever touching your face, which is definitely a plus for taller users. It also incorporates a foot box so that you can sleep easily in any position stretched out or curled up. The maximum weight is even at a staggering 350 pounds for the single later and double layer lightweight versions and a whopping 400 pounds for the heavyweight double layer!

This is a great buy for those looking to have a dependable hammock for camping and who want to have that extra bit of room. The whole thing is made of nylon so you know the material will hold easily.

The carrying weight is only 15.75 ounces for the single layer without its suspension parts and extras, however, the double layers weigh a bit more than that. The lightweight double, again without its suspension parts, weighs in at 1lb and 5.75oz, and the heavyweight on its own weighs 1lb and 11.75oz.


We couldn’t find a lot to say negative on this aspect, since those who have discussed how this hammock feels only wanted to sing its praises! This hammock definitely delivers in the field of comfort. The weaves used were created by the company to give you a much softer feel from the material than you would expect, more like softer cotton than a nylon sensation.

Being suspended off the ground also means you are not dealing with the rocks, twigs and other debris you usually have to contend with when camping. However, the added extra comfort also comes in from the way you can take any position in this product without having it feel like it is trying to wrap around and suffocate you. This is a typical issue with other camping style hammocks which is slowly being weeded out utilizing all sorts of different techniques.

With this particular model, comfort comes from both the weave of the fabric and its diamond style design. Between the two, one can sleep in any fashion and find themselves comfortable and protected without the usual dilemmas. For a single person use, this is a great thing to get, and not easy to come by.


The waterproofing isn’t in the design of the hammock itself, with this model. It doesn’t offer an actual built-in roof-like canopy and is designed to not fully encompass you like a cocoon while you are in it- instead, it is designed for breathability and giving you room to lay as you please. That being said, there are a lot of extra’s you can dive into under accessories, including a canopy tarp which is highly waterproof and offers you not only protection when in the hammock itself, but also a slight roof-like canopy around it as well.

The material is easily cleaned, but you will want to get extra’s if you intend to be out in less peaceful weather and not end up caught in the rain or cold without protection. Of course, with each additional accessory, you will be adding weight to the overall carry and so this may not be the ideal hiking choice over a tent.


This has been covered in many ways throughout the article in the design of this particular product. Most built for camping have the traditional rectangular design and bunch at both ends, making several inches of the material not capable of being used. The diamond design not only allows you to get used of the full true length, but allows the netting to be canopied, and gives room for ‘shelf’ areas where smaller items to be in the hammock with you. Of course, this doesn’t cover the actual appearance of your chosen sleeping area, though, so that’s what we’ll discuss here.

Most hammocks we have covered only have one or two patterns and maybe a combination availability for about five or six overall ‘looks. This one has 25 color choices, seven suspension options, and two options for the actual makeup of the main hammock itself. You can either choose to have a single layer bottom or a double layer and even with this, there are two versions, a light, and a heavyweight version.

The versatility in options gave this product a lot of praises from those who bought it, and most of them seemed to be more than a little happy with what they got. The only real complaints seemed from price and weight, but even then, the latter was because the buyer went with the heavyweight and admitted they wanted less weight, but not at the expense of losing the extra stability, durability, and layer.


The materials used to make this specific model were high-grade nylon, and the difference between them being the count: 20D, 40D and 70D. This is a thickness measurement for Nylon threading and actually can denote just how strong fabric is with it. Of course, regardless of the thickness, the quality of the nylon itself also tells on just how much it can take.

At 40D the hammock is able to support up to 350 pounds, but it may have more stretch and may lose some of the comforts when pressed closer to or at the stated limit. Continued press to its limit will even cause it to stretch to where it doesn’t return to its tightest point in fabric. In order to avoid this, you should stick to the most comfortable support weight which is actually a max of a hundred pounds lighter.

The 70D nylon threading, however, not only has a max capacity of 400lbs but also shares the same max comfort weight! This means the higher the number, the more stretch durability the fabric has. The only downside is what you would expect- thicker thread, heavier weight.


While this is a great hammock, the protections it gives on its own are mild. You are protected from the harsher ground surfaces and debris, which is a given since you are hanging above it. Beyond the obvious, you also get the mosquito net protection which keeps bugs from getting to you as well.

If you want extra warmth protection, there is the choice of getting the double-layered bottom as well. However, if it’s weather protection you were hoping for, you will need to surf the accessories to get the extra.

Weather Resistance

As mentioned, the hammock on its own doesn’t offer much protection in the way of weather, in fact, its canopy is entirely mosquito netting and you have to buy the added overhead canopy fly separately. This is the major downside to this model, it simply does not come with many of the all-season build-ins of others in the same range. It also costs extra to get the pieces to hang it up properly, and when you go to buy the accessories it gets even pricier.

The canopy rain tarp is great, and it actually creates a small roof over your hammock as well as a sort of extended porch-like roof in the standing area around it. The continued downside is that even this accessory coms separately from the stakes and added suspension pieces needed to hang it up to the property as well. This means you have to pay more for the extra suspension parts and add even more weight to your pack to take it along.

To make this an all-season hammock (and simply to handle weather that isn’t as nice) you end up needing more and more items. This was the biggest con to those who bought it, even if they loved it once it was all together.


The initial price for this hammock isn’t bad until you realize just what you are getting and start having to add in the ‘extras’ that really should not be extras. While many companies do this and it doesn’t seem like such a bite, the fact that this model offers very little beyond the netting to explain the price makes a few consumers back down. This hammock is really good and will last you quite some time without the extras, beyond the suspensions needed to set it up.

The given price is about $155USD and is available through the company’s site at this price. There are upgraded models as well, but this is the original we covered here for you.

Key Features

- Durability
- Reliability
- Built-in bug net
- Customization
- A lot of accessories
- Comfort
- Size

Bottom Line

As long as you are willing and able to afford the tag of both the hammock and all its set-up gear, this is one of the most comfortable mild weather hammocks available. It is durable and roomy and will easily keep the bugs away from you- and the net out of your face- while you sleep.

If extra costs for every small or big thing, such as the gear to hang it all the way to the rain fly canopy is a major downfall for you, then this may not be the best choice, especially if you want an all year camping option.