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Nemo Hornet 2P Review Facts

Overnight trips when hiking is an incredible experience. There is something about being in nature in that capacity that gives the hiker a sense of calm but also a chance to be part of nature. These trips, however, can put the hiker at risk. It is important to consider the risks and plan for them before heading out on these types of adventures. The biggest risk associated with this type of activity is exposure. It is always important to look at the weather before heading out and planning accordingly. This means proper clothing, shelter, and blankets to ensure that the experience of a lifetime doesn't become something unexpected.

This article is a product review on the Nemo Hornet 2P. The Nemo Hornet 2P was specifically designed for those who are avid outdoorsmen and women, and for those looking for an easily transportable tent. It is a two-person tent, is ultra-lightweight and ideal of any scrambler or overnight hiker. Weighing in at just over 2 pounds, this tent is an interesting find for the outdoor adventurist. We looked at its construction, durability and overall quality in order to put together a comprehensive for consumers. We hope this article helps you with you next overnight camping adventure. Happy trails!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Extremely lightweight

Great waterproofing

Interesting design

Easy to set-up


Some durability concerns

Small capacity


Accessories outside of the physical tent itself are a fly cover which works in unison with the mesh canopy to offer both protection from the rain as well as some ventilation through the tent when days get a little hot or humid. It also comes with incredibly light DAC poles to keep it erect. It comes with 2 interior pockets to help keep the camper organized. It comes with a lightweight and compact repair kit just in case something happens to it when out on the trails. It also comes with two bags to store the tent, fly, poles, and stakes in when traveling and when storing.

Those who bought this appreciate its lightweight nature as well as its easy setup and takedown. They felt that the additional bag helped to make pack up easier and its lightweight materials make the tent easier to fold up. The storage pockets are also handy especially considering how small the tent is and how limited the capacity is as a result.


The Hornet is made of 10-denier nylon ripstop. The 10 represents the unit of density when looking at nylon fabric. The number of deniers impacts the strength and weight of a fabric. 10 is on the lower side as this tent is designed to be lightweight and for carrying long distances. The floor is coated with both silicone and polyurethane. Nemo has used a 15-denier nylon ripstop for the floor in order to help offer additional protection from rocks and twigs that can cut through the flooring as well. The poles are made of a DAC Feather lite NFL material.

The durability is discussed a little later on, but the materials used to construct this are extremely lightweight which reviewers really appreciated. They were able to easily carry it for extended distances with ease. The entire load of the tent is under 3 pounds with poles, stakes, and cords. This is extremely impressive considering it offers both a tent and a tent cover which is the hiker's shelter at that weight.


This was an area of debate online. The reason being that even though this is a two-man tent (which means it is quite small), many found it to be quite tight, even for two people. The floor-length is about 2.15 meters and the floor width is about 1.30 meters making this a very small square footage sleeping area (2.6 square meters of space to be exact). Though it isn't the classic prism shape (rather a more rounded version of a prism), the internal pockets offered for organization do seem to sort of tug on the sides of the tent limiting the capacity even further.

Those who purchased this did find that two-person seems like a little bit of a stretch. It is better suited for individuals plus potentially an animal. It probably isn't ideal for two people. In addition to this, because hikers also have their sleeping bags and backpacks, unless the backpacks are left outside the tent, this limits the space even further.

Overall, though it is classified as a two-person tent, it may be a little too cozy for more than one person and this should be considered before purchasing it.


In regards to waterproofing, Nemo taped the seams of this tent in order to protect against humidity and moisture. They also used silicone lining on the flooring plus polyurethane for its body. Polyurethane is naturally water-resistant. It is very commonly used in camping gear due to its waterproofing abilities as well as its durability and strength especially when faced with the elements. Water beads on top of it rather than soak into it causing the water to roll off the outside rather than getting into the tent. This helps keep the camper protected from any rain that may happen at night.

Those who bought this really appreciated its waterproofing features. They noted that any condensation that had built up on the fly stayed on there and didn't get into the tent. The water does not enter the tent, not even a drop and they stayed dry throughout their trips. This is really positive as there is nothing worse than waking up in a puddle of water. This helped our overall rating of this tent.


The highlight is definitely its style. It is really nicely designed, offering a very sleek and ergonomically shaped body. It doesn't sIt very high from the ground (you can't stand in it) but this definitely helps with its general aesthetic. The fly also curves to the ground in a way that almost gives it a futuristic look. It is green in color and has some grey throughout as well. When set up the cords are well hidden, enough that they are neat and not a tripping hazard.

Those who bought it loved its design. Though there are some minor issues with the sides dipping a bit if the side pockets are used, its design and style are very impressive and many were eager for their friends to see it. The fly sits nicely on top, tight enough to not look awkward or bulky but also loose enough to offer some ventilation. Overall, this is a nice looking tent.


The durability is a little bit of an issue. The 1-denier ripstop material used is great for weight but not as great for durability and resistance to the elements. Though there is 15-denier ripstop used for the flooring, some products available are 40-denier for comparison. The silicone layer does help the overall durability of the floor which is great, however, the ripstop used for the fly and sides of the tent is quite thin and weak according to reviewers.

It should be noted that the materials used are quite thin and fine. They feel very slick and silk-like to the touch. One reviewer noted that as a result, it slips out of the hand very easily which can cause some wear and tear if the material lands near sharp objects. There were numerous reviewers that treated this product as a regular camping item and as a result rips happened quite quickly. It is important to handle this one with care.

There were also issues with the poles, which are also extremely lightweight but, again, less durable than other tents. If weight is a concern then less durability has to be considered, unfortunately.


Ripstop offers protection to the sides and bottom of the tent, though as mentioned above, its not incredibly resilient when facing sharp objects. The seams are sealed to protect against moisture and to keep the hikers cool and dry. It also offers a polyester mesh canopy in order to offer some ventilation and protection for those within it.

The thermoplastic film used to line the tent also help protect the hiker and the tent from wear and tear. This also helps retain some heat within the tent on particularly cool nights. There are stakes, like most tents, that attach the tent and the fly to the ground and the strings attached to the stakes are designed to stay close to the tent in order to avoid vulnerabilities to damage, for both them and for the camper (from tripping).

Though, yes, the sides of the tent are a little thin, if it is taken care of the waterproofing is reliable, the stakes and strings are strong, and the poles are resistant to the wind.


The taped seams also help with the weather resistance of this product. This is because it offers another degree of strength to it. In addition to its taped seams, the thermoplastic film also helps keep the tent intact and standing even in the wind. The poles are made of a very lightweight material which means that the string and the stakes are extremely important when setting this up. Luckily, the stakes keep the tent down well even when windy. The guyline points at the corners of this tent allow the camper to secure the tent down in windy conditions.

One reviewer did mention that the guyline points could be shaped a little wider in order to offer some more space for the campers (especially when considering the fact that any little weight inside the pockets does sort of collapse them). Some also said that setting this up in the wind is extremely hard due to its weight but that can really be said of most lightweight tents.


Admittedly, this product is a little high in price. Though it is extremely light and does offer a very unique ability to not weigh down the load by much, the durability just isn't there. Additionally, it would be really tight with two people inside it.

The materials used are probably the reason for the price point. The fact that they can get the entire system under 3 pounds is really incredible but it is hard to tell how long it will last the camper.

Reviewers really liked it and appreciated the materials used and its additional features (like the overhead light hook) but it's hard to justify the price when looking at its longevity. If the consumer is someone who really takes care of their things and someone who requires a very lightweight tent, this one is a great choice. For the rough and tumblers looking for something a little more durable, it's probably not worth the price.


- Ultra-lightweight design for easier transporting
- Taped seams for weather and water protection
- Side access entry to keep gear dry when it's raining
- Quick set up for convenience
- 2 interior pockets for organization
- Headlamp hook for easier light when dark
- Storm flaps for additional water protection
- Additional storage sacks for easier storage and carrying


Though it has obvious flaws, the Nemo Hornet 2P has a lot of really great features. Reviewers, for the most part, rated it quite high across the board. Though the materials are thin, they are also lightweight making them more than ideal for carrying in a backpack on longer hikes. In addition to this, there were very few complaints about the waterproofing failing and, in fact, many commented about how well it stayed dry inside.

The downfalls of it are probably its size, though it's listed as a 2 person tent it really does feel like a 1 person. In addition to this, though the side pockets are handy they cause some drag on the sides which even further limits the room of the tent.

That all said, for those looking for a quality tent that is extremely lightweight, easy to set up and will protect them from the rain, this might be the product for them.