Best Tree Tents Reviewed & Rated for Quality

There are a lot of things to consider when planning an overnight trek into the wilderness. A shelter is one of the most important. The type of shelter that you choose should be based on what type of environment you will be spending time in. Whats the weather like? Will it rain? Whats the ground like?  Is it soft and covered in vegetation? Is flooding possible? And maybe most importantly, what types of creatures are also going to be out there with you?

A tent has become the most common shelter when hiking or camping. Traditional tents are portable and easy to assemble. Most are waterproof and offer a variety of sizes, shapes and other options. However,  traditional tents can have their drawbacks.  A traditional tent is staked onto the ground. Being on the ground in some environments can leave you vulnerable. Not only can flooding be a serious problem for traditional tents but there are also countless species of insects and other creatures that may crawl into your tent and become unwanted guests while you sleep. The solution: Tree Tents (also see the best standard hammocks here).

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We regularly update our buying guide to share more information with our readers and to ensure the products listed are still accurate. In today’s update, we replaced one of the tree tents that no longer meet the criteria with one that does. We also answered some more commonly asked questions from consumers, such as yourself, and added some useful tips as well to make the decision process much simpler.

Featured Recommendations

isYoung Tree Tent
  • isYoung Tree Tent
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Multifunctional and Portable
  • Price: See Here
Everest Double Hanging Tent
  • Everest Double Hanging Tent
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Diamond Weave Nylon
  • Price: See Here
Out Topper Hanging Tent
  • Out Topper Hanging Tent
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Strong Parachute Fabric
  • Price: See Here

Why buy a tree tent? Well if you needed other reasons besides flooding and pests, how about hypothermia? One of the fastest ways an individual loses heat while outside is through conduction. When a warm object comes in contact with a colder object,  heat energy will transfer from the warm one into the cooler object until both are the same temperature. So what happens when a warm object  (you) lays down on a cooler much larger object (the ground)? All of the warmth your body creates to survive will constantly be drained out of you. If you sleep suspended or elevated, like many of our ancestors did, you will conserve body heat and not burn as many needed calories.


10 Best Tree Tents


1. isYoung Hanging Tent

1. isYoung Hanging Tent
First on the list of suspended tent options is the isYoung Hammock Tent. This is a multifunctional hammock tent that can also be used as a sleeping bag or a swing. This tree tent comes with everything you need to hang the tent. It also has a carrying bag that it folds into that also doubles as a gear pouch. This saves you from having to leave the comfort of your bed to reach for objects you might leave on the ground. The included mosquito net cover keeps you protected from the flying pests that may try to visit you during your trip.
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Room for Two

The isYoung Hammock Tent is rated for operational use at 440 pounds. This makes the tree tent suitable for two people and allows extra bedding to be added for even more comfort. The nylon parachute fabric is rip resistant and antibacterial. Therefore, it is easy to clean and keeps you healthy.


Included with the tent are two carabiners and two 118 inch nylon ropes. The tent, ropes, and carabiners all fit nicely inside the attached bag. When you are done with the Hammock Tent, just flatten fold and tuck it inside the bag. The ropes and carabiners can then be stuffed along with it giving you a compact and portable shelter.

Cost and Value

Being ranked number one, you would think that this tree tent would be on the expensive side. However, this tent is very affordable and was almost ranked best value on the list.
  • Suitable for two people
  • Antibacterial nylon fabric
  • Carabiners and ropes included
  • Attached carry bag
  • Nylon may rip if tools or gear catch it

2. Everest Double Hanging Tent

2. Everest Double Hanging Tent
From Everest Active Gear comes the Everest Double Hammock Tent. This jumbo-sized tree tent measures at 10 feet long and is rated for operational use at 400 lbs. It doubles as a tent or a hammock. With a quick flip, it transforms from tree tent to hammock. As a result, you can go from having a shelter to relaxing in seconds.
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Internal Gear Pouches

The Everest Double Hammock Tent features internal and external gear pouches as well as hanging loops. Internal pouches allow you to store items within reach while the loops make it possible to hang things like lights or fans. The attached carry bag also serves as an external pouch for objects you want to keep close by.

Built to Last

The mosquito net is made from a heavy grade polyester. Every square inch of the netting has 2100 holes no not only mosquitos but also smaller insects will be kept out. The YKK zippers are high quality and perform flawlessly time after time while the rip stop nylon material will give you a durable place to relax.

Cost and Value

The Everest Double Hammock lies in the middle of the high-end tree tents and the more budget-friendly varieties. This makes for a high quality piece of equipment that is also affordable.
  • Available in four color variations
  • Water repellent rain fly available
  • Yosemite pack includes straps and carabiners
  • Internal gear hanging loops
  • Carry bag is on the smaller side

4. Out Topper Iqammocking

4. Out Topper Iqammocking
Earning its way onto the top three choices for best value is the Out Topper Hammock Tent. This tree tent offers a mosquito net that is supported by paracord above the bed portion of the tent. This keeps you safe from insects and keeps you from getting that closed in, claustrophobic feeling that you may experience in other tree tents.
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Simple and Smart

The Out Topper Hammock Tent has a simple design that brings us back to the fundamentals of hammock sleeping. The tent has an attatched carrying bag that the tent can be folded into. This bag also doubles as an external gear pouch. This, along with an internal pocket, allows you to keep items within arms reach.

Everything You Need

Speaking of fundamentals, the Out Topper Hammock Tent includes two 118 inch nautical ropes, carabiners rated at 330 pounds, and paracord to support the net. Everything you need to start your adventure immediately.

Cost and Value

The Out Topper Iqammocking Hammock Tent is most affordable option on this list. That being said, it is also one of the smallest. Measuring at about 8 feet 6 inches, this tree tent may be more suited for shorter people as a taller person might find that their shoulders will be crowded by the points of contact. This can be helped by hanging one end of the tent slightly lowed thus reducing bunching at contact points.
  • Triple-stitched parachute fabric
  • Ropes, carabiners, and tote bag included
  • Rope supported mosquito netting
  • Most affordable
  • Smaller than other two person hammocks

3. Lawson Hanging Blue Ridge

3. Lawson Hanging Blue Ridge
From Lawson Hammocks, a well-known name in the hammock community, comes the Blue Ridge camping hammock. Compared to traditional hammock tents, the BLue Ridge is designed for a flat sleeping surface. Allowing the camper a bigger range of motion and the ability to sleep in other positions. Winner of the Gear of the Year Award, the Blue Ridge Camping Hammock includes a mosquito net and a rainfly to keep you safe from the elements. It can also be used as a traditional ground tent. This award-winning piece of equipment is worth considering when purchasing a tent.
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Not Your Grandpas Hammock

The unique design of the Blue Ridge allows for a flat, more bed like, sleeping surface. One of the hang-ups (pun intended) with some hammock tents is that cocooning effect when you lay in it. For some people, this may be uncomfortable. The Lawson Blue Ridge uses multiple connection points on the tent that lead down to a single strap. This supports the belly of the hammock and gives it a flatter surface.


Along with an attached mosquito net, the Blue Ridge also comes with a rain fly that can attach to the whole tree tent. This makes it more like a traditional tent. The included rain fly is waterproof and rip resistant.

Cost and Value

Given the unique design and material used to produce this tree tent, you would expect it to cost a little more. And you'd be right! But while the Blue Ridge Camping Hammock may run a little more than other varieties of tree tent, the sheer versatility of it makes up for the cost. As stated, it can perform as a tree tent or a ground tent and is compact and portable enough to be carried almost anywhere.
  • Unique design for flat sleeping
  • Can be used on the ground
  • Internal storage pockets
  • Rain fly included
  • Support straps sold separately 

5. Hennessy Hanging Scout

5. Hennessy Hanging Scout
The Hennessey Hammock Scout series tree tent is a perfect tent for anyone looking to try a camping hammock for the first time. Its portable size and design make it easier to carry than a traditional tent. It also has two anchor points on the sides of the hammock in addition to the top and bottom to help spread out the hammock. Helping to eliminate that cocooning effect. This also keeps the tent sturdy and makes it easier to get into than other tree tents.
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Perfect for Boy Scouts and Young Campers

The Hennessy Hammock Scout is made for shorter individuals. With a suggested height limit of 5'8", kids and teens will find it perfectly suited for them. Hennessey Hammock also makes a larger hammock called the Expedition that suits taller individuals more.

Good Things Come in Small Packages

This great starter tree tent comes with a polyurethane coated, rip-resistant rain fly. It also includes ropes, straps and clips necessary to hang the hammock and rain fly.

Cost and Value

As one of the smaller tree tents on the list, it is a perfect beginner tent. The Scouts moderate price range will give you plenty of bang for your buck. Hennessey Hammock also has other accessories available such as rain catchers for camping.
  • Great first tree tent for young adventurers
  • Rain fly included
  • Highly durable nylon
  • Available with a zipper or classic velcro design
  • Height limit of 5' 8"

6. Tree Bliss Sky Bed

6. Tree Bliss Sky Bed
Hammock Bliss, a company known for producing quality hammock products, presents the Sky Bed. This hammock is designed with built-in suspension and an internal sleeve that allow you to slip bedding material into the belly of the Hammock. This tree tent has an asymetrical design that allows the hammock to lie flatter for a more comfortable experience.
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Floating Mattress

The sleeve that is built into the hammock belly allows for an inflatable mattress to be included in the suspended camping experience. This sleeve will accommodate any 20" x 72" sleeping pad or air mattress.

Innovative Design

The Hammock Bliss Sky Bed is made of ripstop nylon for increased durability and abrasion resistance. It also has a mosquito net that will keep out gnats and even sand flies. The built-in suspension system makes the hammock more stable and easier to get in and out of compared to other tree tents.

Cost and Value

The Sky Bed sits at a mid-range price. While it is not considered a "budget" tree tent, you will not have to sell a kidney to buy it. Increased comfort and stability means that you get plenty of value for the dollar.
  • Integrated sleeve for a sleeping pad
  • Suspension system
  • Attached Travel Bag
  • Machine Washable
  • Tree straps sold separately

7. Clark NX-270 Four-Season

7. Clark NX-270 Four-Season
Unlike some tree tents, the NX-270 Four-Season Camping Hammock has a weather shield layer that zips over the mosquito netting. Thus, allowing you to experience the advantages of suspended camping no matter what the weather is like. Combined with the included rain fly and mosquito netting, the NX-270 is one of your best bets when it comes to all season camping.
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All Weather Camping

The Clark Four Season Hammock Tent is true to its name. It is made from breathable nylon material to keep you cool in warmer months and has an insulating pocket system to keep you warm during cooler months.

Storage Spaces

The insulating pocket system doubles as storage space. While not being used for added insulation, the six pockets can be used to keep valuable items. Two pockets are internal to keep your phone or flashlight handy, while four external pockets can be used to store boots.

Cost and Value

This is one of those products where the value is in the eye of the beholder. It is priced as a high-end product because of the high-end materials and features that other tree tents may be lacking. But whether or not this higher price is worth it depends on what you are looking for in a tree tent.
  • Rain fly included
  • Great for hunting
  • No see um netting
  • Flexible tent poles for spacious interior
  • Not as portable as other tree tents.

G4Free Portable Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net

G4Free Portable Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net
The G4Free Portable Camping Hammock is an ideal choice for those backpackers, families, or anyone searching for ways to rest at a reasonable price. Lightweight, weighing in at only 28 ounces, making it very easy to take with you during long distances.
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Much Room
The length of this hammock tent is about 9.8 feet, with a width of about 4 feet, making it large for a comfortable night’s rest. There is also room to fit a sleeping bag and sleeping pad for added comfort.
Large Weight Limit
This hammock tent has a weight limit of up to 440lbs. Meaning, two average size children or a large size adult can be well-supported when assembled.
Cost and Value
The G4Free Portable Camping Hammock Tent is well worth the money at a very reasonable price. There is no reason not to try with their 100% money-back guarantee.


Bug net included

Large dimensions

Money-back guarantee


Fragile fabric

Complex packaging

9. Tentsile Flite Plus

9. Tentsile Flite Plus
Making their second appearance on the list, Tentsile presents the Flite Plus tree tent. This two-person suspended tent is around 50% lighter than the previous Tentsile product listed. The lighter weight makes the Flite Plus perfect for backpacking and longer treks outdoors.

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Enhanced Design

Tentsile states that the Flite Plus is one of their most advanced tents. Featuring a micro mesh roof to keep the bugs away and an intelligently designed crossbar to give you extra space inside the tent. The Flite Plus was created for long hikes in mind so Tentsile made it lighter than its predecessors. One way they did this was by having one ratchet incorporated to the straps.

Multipurpose Rain Fly

Included with the tent is a waterproof polyester rain fly.This included rain fly is available in a variety of colors. The fly can also be folded and attached in a way that creates a windbreak.

Cost and Value

Tentsile is a company that produces products on the higher end of the tree tent spectrum. The Flite Plus is one of Tentsiles more affordable tents but it still has a bit of a higher price point. With the Flite Plus's unique designs and features, paying a little extra is worth it.
  • Rain fly included
  • Cross brace for more headroom
  • Lightweight
  • Two doors
  • Difficult set up

10. Tree Bliss Sky Bed 2

10. Tree Bliss Sky Bed 2
The Hammock Bliss Sky Tent 2 is a little different than other tree tents. Unlike others, this tent encompasses your hammock and keeps you protected from the elements. Designed for people who want to take hammocking to the next level, the Sky Tent 2 can turn any hammock into a tree tent.
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Hang Out

The Sky Tent 2 is large enough to encompass two hammocks and some double hammocks. This unique piece of equipment weighs just under three pounds and can be set up as a ground tent if you suddenly find yourself with no trees available for suspension.

Quality Materials

The floor of the Tree Tent 2 is made from ripstop nylon. This helps keep you insulated by conserving body heat and is also strong enough to have lightweight gear stored on it while its suspended. The V-shaped door has YKK zippers for easy and dependable zipping.

Cost and Value

The Hammock Bliss Sky Tent 2 is an all-encompassing piece of gear that converts any hammock into a tree tent. It's important to know that it does not come with a hammock. However, with the air or ground camping capabilities, this mid-range priced tent is well worth the purchase.
  • Room for two
  • Longer ropes for flexible set up
  • Waterproof attached carry bag
  • Insulated nylon base
  • Need your own hammock

Tree tent camping and hiking is a fast-growing hobby. It is truly a unique and memorable experience relaxing and sleeping suspended. Also, with mosquito net roofing that most of these tents have incorporated into their designs, the views will be equally memorable. There are also other huge advantages of tree tents compared to other forms of shelter. Much like a standard hammock, a tree tent is fastened to surrounding supports and is suspended from the ground. As a result, you are protected from pests, standing water, and if suspended high enough, some of the larger wildlife. Tree tents are also extremely portable as they do not have some of the rigid components such as poles. Qualities for a good tree tent include a rip-resistant fabric and reliable tie offs. Most are made from nylon or a parachute material.

This list was created to inform you of the best tree tents currently available. This will save you time researching products and give you more time enjoying the great outdoors!


Criteria Used To Evaluate The Best Tree Tent

We always strive to provide the best information. With that, we do so by developing a list of the best criteria needed to evaluate a specific item. We then spend hours and days doing extensive research finding the best brands that fit that specific guideline. With that said, we are eager to share with you how we came about the best tree tents.

To pick out the best tree tents we have to examine what the purpose of the tent is. Is it designed for moderate use? Is it compact? Is it freestanding or can it only be attached to a tent? With questions like these and many more, we are eager to share the first criteria we thought was of primary importance, the quality of the tree tent.

Quality of The Tree Tent

Why is the quality of a tree tent important? Well, first of all, a tree tent, if an individual is using it for camping purposes, becomes the individuals home for how many ever evenings they will be using the tree tent for. Therefore, the tree tent needs to be made from the best quality materials for many different purposes. It was clear to us as we began writing down criteria’s to look for that quality had to be the most important key.

The quality of a tent will not only supply perfect shelter for the evening, but it will be an individual’s place of safety when out in the wilderness. With all of this said, areas we had to focus on quality was the zipper of the tent, the mesh of the tent, the area an individual will be laying down in, the quality of the stitching and lining and many other aspects. Which leads us to another aspect, which only enhances the quality of a tent.


If an individual plans to sleeping 5+ hours on a tree tent, it better be comfortable right? Well, we took into consideration how important a person’s night sleep is. With that, we had to include comfort as part of the criteria because comfort reigns supreme. Now, tree tents are not known for being the most comfortable. However, the ones we have included include different design elements to ensure maximum comfort.

For example, a couple of them include a pad bottom design where the tree tent does not bend or contour as much. Another aspect of comfort is if the tent or not acts more as a hammock than a tent. With that, it was important for us to find out what makes a tent comfortable, especially if it is going to be wrapped around a tree. Now, some tents even allow for an inflatable mattress to be included, which is an added bonus. This and many more comfortable points we took into consideration.


The materials of a tent were crucial for us when developing this list. The reason being that the wrong materials can only lead to a dreadful experience and night sleep. Therefore, it was very important for us to include tents that were made from the best materials. Some of these materials include spandex, cotton, mesh, and many more. The right materials also ensure the longevity of the product.

With bad materials, a person that trusts the tent to hoist them up properly can suffer from accidents, aches, and pains. Therefore, we looked deeply into the best materials and concluded that the ones on this list were designed and made to hold the weight of an individual enough to stay sturdy and durable. Other than that, the materials are important to ensure an individual’s safety.

Compact Design

Another important element that we, and many users, look out for when it comes to a quality tent is the compact design of the tent. The reason being is that the compact design of a tent ensures that an individual will be able to easily carry the tent wherever they go. The last thing an individual wants is to haul around a really heavy tent or put it together.

Therefore, when looking at the compact design elements of many of these tents we had to take into consideration how well and compact the tent is, how much space it takes up and if the manufacturer included a carrying bag with the tent. With this in mind, users can expect that all of the tents we have included are compact and allow for an easy to carry experience.

For One or Two

One of the most important aspects, whether it is intended for two or for one, is the maximum weight of the tent. No individual wants to purchase a tent if it can barely handle any weight. Once a pillow is added, blankets and potentially a small dog, the total weight on the tent can increase by up to 30 or 50 pounds. Therefore, whether the tent is intended for two or for one, it is vital to take this into consideration.

Strong Against Weather Materials

One aspect of the perfect tree tent that is vital for camping success is the durability of the tent, specifically for weather materials. No individual wants a tree tent that they feel they cannot take on a rainy day or a snowy hike. It is important to keep the materials into consideration and if they are weather resistant.

With that, we had to look into the strings, cords, stitching, and other important design elements of the above tree tents to ensure that our readers were receiving the best tree tent. With that, it is always best to look out for design elements such as mesh cover, or if the tree tent has a water-resistant coating in the case of rain or moisture.

Cost And Value

As we have included in every product, this is one of the most important elements when it comes to picking out the right tree tent. Without taking cost and value into consideration, an individual may overpay for a tree tent that is not that good of quality. However, we did the research so you do not have to!

We can ensure our readers that all of the tree tents that we have included are designed for the best bang for your buck.  Now, it is important to keep in mind that the price of a tree tent will go up depending on the materials the brand used and other factors. These factors include if the manufacturer included a water-resistant coating if it is designed with more comfortable materials and if it is designed larger to accommodate two people. These and other factors will cause the cost to fluctuate, it is up to the reader to determine the best choice.

Easy To Assemble

Lastly, one of the most important aspects of a tent that we had to take into consideration was the assembly process. Why is this crucial? Well, in regards to a tree tent, if the process is not easy the last thing an individual wants to do is spend hours setting up a tent. More so, setting up a tent with the intention of beating the sun from disappearing can be stressful if the assembly process is not easy.

Therefore, we had to take into consideration what many users were saying about the process of setting up their tree tent. With that said, many of these tents are easy to assemble because one, everything is in the same packaging, and two, they are designed for fast assembly of max, fifteen minutes. As the last criteria on the list, we thought it was important to include easy assembly. Especially if an individual has to do it in the evening with minimal lighting.

Useful Tips for Tree Tents

Do not hang your tree tent more than three feet off the ground. Also, avoid hanging it above chasms or water.

To prevent sliding to the middle of the tree tent, hang the foot-end about eight to ten inches higher end.

Try not to hang your tree tent too tightly between anchor points.

For added comfort and insulation, consider using a sleeping pad in your tree tent. Simply keep it in place by keeping it in your sleeping bag.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you pitch the tree tent on the ground?

A: Many different tree tents offer different ways of setting up the tent. Now, specific tree tents can only be attached to a tree or a post because the purpose is to be up from the ground. With that, certain tents do allow for individuals to easily be able to set it up without having to tie it to a tree. Now, this method, depending on the manufacturer requires an individual to purchase extra equipment. Therefore, it is crucial for individuals, if they are interested in using the tent as a freestanding tree tent to look at the different abilities of the tent and what they may need.

Q: Is it compact enough?

A: This is a common question that many different buyers ask. Compact and portability are at the forefront of many consumers mind because, as we know, when it comes to camping every bit of space is crucial, especially if you are hiking or taking a backpack. When looking at compact and portability, it is important an individuals look at different aspects of the tree tent. These aspects include the size of the tent when it is folded, the length and width of the tent, the weight of the tent when compact, and if it comes with a carrying bag.

Q: Does it include a sleeping pad?

A: This is a question that truly is determined by the manufacturer and what an individual is willing to pay. With that, a tree tent with a sleeping pad tends to be more comfortable and will raise the cost slightly. Therefore, it is important that individuals budget out their tree tent accordingly and look at the benefits of the tree tent and what they can expect as for as comfort.

Q: How much will the hammock hold?

A: This is a question that popped up mostly by every user. Now, this is not just important to know for the longevity of the hammock but for the safety of the individual using it. With that said, it is important to note that if the tent is meant for two people it will be able to hold more weight than for one person. Usually, this information is found in the description of the product or the guidelines of how to use the tree tent. In any case, if individuals still have questions then it is important to ask the manufacturer. As far as a double tree tent, individuals should compound their weight together and see if it meets the requirements of the tent.

Q: Is it weather resistant?

A: This is an incredibly important aspect of a tent. Many individuals wonder how resistant the tent is. The reality is that no individual knows when it might rain or when the weather may go a bit south. Therefore, it is important to look at the materials and durability of the tent. Many users ask this question and the answer can be primarily found in the area where the description of the tent is. Now, it is important to note that weather resistant is different than water-resistant or moisture resistant. Some coatings of weather resistant are more powerful and they will be labeled accordingly.

Q: Are tree tents safe?

A: Tree tents are safe as long as you properly secure it no more than a few feet off the ground. With that said, it is very important that you follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the tree tent.

Q: Can I use a tree tent if I experience motion sickness?

A: While most people find a little swaying comforting, if you are prone to motion sickness it is best to consider side tie-outs to reduce the swaying.


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  3. Vault Cargo: How Suspended Tree Tents Work
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