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Mosquitos are a highly troublesome insect. The land on us, drink our blood and then leave behind nasty itchy bites. Many unpleasant and sometimes even deadly diseases are spread by mosquitoes. Worse yet, repelling mosquitoes can be an incredible challenge. We often have to turn to toxic and harmful chemicals that are often found in bug repellent sprays. If we choose not to use repellent sprays then we are turning to candles which release fumes for us to breath. Both solutions are less than ideal.

We can turn another solution that will help us reduce bites from mosquitoes. Mosquito nets are thin mesh nets that we can wear over our bodies. They are extremely helpful in reducing our exposure to mosquitoes. We can purchase mosquito nets for our bodies or we can purchase mosquito nets that surround our beds. They reduce our exposure to mosquitoes by creating a barrier between them and us. This helps protect our health because we are less likely to get bitten in the first place.

Featured Recommendations

Even Naturals Head Net
  • Even Naturals Head Net
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Breathable
  • Price: See Here
Even Naturals Bed Net
  • Even Naturals Bed Net
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Stretch Fabric
  • Price: See Here
Coleman Mosquito Head Net
  • Coleman Mosquito Head Net
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Gnat Protection
  • Price: See Here

The mosquito nets that we wear on our bodies are lightweight and comfortable. They allow for air circulation so that we don’t feel hot and sweaty while we wear mosquito nets on our body. Many of these nets feel soft and are strong. They are scentless and do not use chemicals to keep mosquitoes off our bodies. These nets are an excellent choice if you are going to be sitting outdoors and enjoying the weather.

The mosquito nets that we wrap around our beds are great for sleeping at night. They protect us from mosquitoes and other bugs while resting. We can sleep much better because we aren’t getting woken up by bug bites. These nets are perfect to use when sleeping outdoors or when you live in an area that is known for mosquitoes. No matter what, you will be protected from nasty bug bites and diseases.


10 Best Mosquito Nets


1. Even Naturals Head Net

1. Even Naturals Head Net
This mosquito net is the perfect solution for when you need a mosquito net that covers your head. It is a durable and high-quality mosquito net that offers you a natural way to protect your head, next, and shoulders from mosquito bites. This mosquito net comes with a satisfaction guarantee and is long lasting. The net is highly breathable and extra soft so its comfortable to wear.
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This mosquito net is designed to circulate air so that you don't end up feeling hot and sweaty while you wear it. A mosquito net that doesn't breath very well will end up being extremely uncomfortable so this net address that concern.


This mosquito net has a drawstring so that you can tighten it around your shoulders and your body. The tight feel makes sure that the bugs do not crawl up underneath the mosquito net and bypass the protection the net has to offer.

Cost and Value

This net has a low cost that is well below the average price for mosquito nets. It is made out of a high-quality fabric but it costs less because it only covers your head to your shoulders.
  • The company offers a one hundred percent money back guarantee so you get a refund if you aren't satisfied.
  • The material is both soft and stretches so that you can get the perfect fit while wearing this mosquito net.
  • The net is made out of an extra fine mesh material that only has 300 holes per square inch.
  • It is also highly breathable so that you don't end feeling hot and sweaty while wearing it.
  • There is an elastic drawstring that allows you to pull the net tightly around you.
  • Although this net does keep mosquitoes out, it fails to repel smaller insects such as gnats.
  • Other reviewers have said that the net is too small for men.

2. Even Naturals Bed Net

2. Even Naturals Bed Net
This mosquito net is designed to be draped over your bed. This net is made out of 100 percent polyester fabric. The net is lightweight so that you can take it with you if you travel to a hotel or out of the country. The net is the perfect solution for you to get a good night's sleep naturally without having to turn to chemicals or bug repelling candles.
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Strectch Fabric

This net is made out of fabric that stretches so that it can be tightly wrapped to your bed and tucked under your bed sheets. This will help ensure that mosquitoes do not crawl into your bed while you sleep.

Free Hanging Kit

The mosquito net is sold with a free hanging kit and an ebook that provides you with all of the instructions that you will need to successfully hang this mosquito net over your bed at night.

Cost and Value

This mosquito net has an average price which makes it a great value. The net is lightweight and is made out of polyester fabric which makes it really easy to hang. This net is an excellent value for its price.
  • This net only has 300 holes per square inch which help keep mosquitos out while you sleep.
  • The material stretches so that you can tuck this net tightly into your bed.
  • There are no harmful chemicals applied to this net so that you can sleep chemical free.
  • It comes with a free eBook that provides you with all of the directions you'll need to use the net.
  • There is also a free hanging kit that is included in the net.
  • Some reviewers have said that the nets are too small to cover their beds.
  • Other reviewers have mentioned that the net fails to keep small bugs out.

3. Coghlan's Mosquito Net

3. Coghlan's Mosquito Net
This mosquito net is an excellent choice for when you are going camping in an area that is bound to have a lot of mosquitos. It is a six-sided rectangular shaped mosquito net that can anchor to the ground. It can be suspended from the ground by tieing ropes to all corners of the mosquito net. When you aren't using the mosquito net, you can pack it away in the provided bag.
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Six Sided Design

This mosquito net has six sides so that you are protected from bugs on all sides. It is completely enclosed so that mosquitos cannot crawl in through open spots in the net. This helps you stay protected while you are outside.

Metal Tie Tabs

This net has metal tie taps located on the sides and the corners. You can anchor this mosquitoes net to the ground so that it won't blow away in the wind. The sides can be held up by rope and tied to a tree.

Cost and Value

You can expect to be a low price for this mosquito net. It is an excellent value because it is large enough for you to fit two adult size cots in it. The net is also fully enclosed.
  • This net is fully enclosed so that you are completely protected from mosquitoes on all sides.
  • The fabric is a mesh polyester that only has 180 holes per square inch.
  • There are metal tabs located on the sides and corners so that you can tie it down.
  • You can store this net in the provided bag that resists mildew.
  • There are tie tabs on the bottom so that you can anchor this net to the ground.
  • Many reviewers have mentioned that the net isn't very durable and develops holes easily.
  • Other reviewers have mentioned that the net is bulky and is hard to carry.

4. Coghlan's Bug Jacket

4. Coghlan's Bug Jacket
Here is another bug jacket that is ideal for when you are walking around and need natural protection from mosquitos. It is a full bug jacket that has features such as cinch cuffs and a fully zippered cover over your head. The jacket is lightweight and breathable so that you can stay cool while you are wearing this jacket. Not only does this jacket keep you safe from mosquitoes but it also protects against ticks and other insects.
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Ultra Fine Mesh

This jacket is made out of a mesh material that has 1150 holes per square inch. The mesh is breathable but it also offers you protection against mosquitoes, wood ticks, and deer ticks. Even small bugs are unable to breach this net.

Zippered Head Cover

You can easily access your face while you are wearing this jacket because the head cover has a zipper. This allows you to easily open the head cover so that you can eat or take a drink when needed.

Cost and Value

This jacket has a price that is higher than average. It makes up it's higher price so that by offering a complete covering that is completely sealed from mosquitoes and other fine insects.
  • The cuffs on this jacket tighten so that you can minimize the risk of entry by bugs.
  • You can tighten this jacket around your waist to make sure that bugs don't enter.
  • You can unzip the head cover so that you easily take a drink or eat some food.
  • The mesh is extremely fine and has 1150 holes per square inch.
  • This jacket is lightweight and breathable to help you stay cool.
  • Some reviewers have mentioned that the jacket feels way to hot while they are wearing it.
  • Some reviewers have said that the jacket feels too small and doesn't fit very well.

5. Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro

5. Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro
If you plan on spending time in the wilderness and want a comfortable place to sleep off of the ground then this hammock might be for you. This is an adult hammock that you can tie up between the trees or poles. It has a bug net which will keep you fully protected from bugs and mosquitoes so that you can sleep comfortably and fully bug-free.
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Large Capacity

This hammock is made out of parachute grade nylon material. This allows it support up to four hundred pounds of weight so that even a large man can lay in this hammock.

Mosquito Net

One of the main features that are offered by this hammock is its large mosquito net. The mosquito net has a double-sided zipper so that you can easily get in and out of the hammock and seal bugs out.

Cost and Value

This hammock is sold at a price that is well above the average. It is an excellent value because you are getting both a hammock and a mosquito net which turns into a comfortable place to sleep that is bug-free.

6. SansBug Mosquito Net

6. SansBug Mosquito Net
If you are looking for a highly convenient way to sit outside while still be protected by mosquitos, then you should consider purchasing this popup tent. This structure is a pop-up style tent that is covered with a mosquito net. It has a tarp floor to protect you from insects that might be on the ground and it is large enough for a person to side inside of comfortably.
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Easy to Setup

This tent is super easy to setup because it just pops open on its own. This allows you to quickly deploy the tent when you arrive at your favorite spot outside rather than having to spend a bunch of time setting it up.

Tarp Floor

The tent has a fully tarp floor. One of the main benefits that the floor offers is that it protects you from any insects that may have been hiding in the grass or dirt. It also helps you stay clean.

Cost and Value

You should expect to pay a price that is slightly above the average for this mosquito net. It gets its value by being a fully enclosed popup tent that is easy to set up quickly.
  • This tent is ultra lightweight and only weighs two and a half pounds making it easy to carry.
  • The mosquito net is a fully polyester material that has 1,200 holes per square inch.
  • It sets up instantly thanks to its pop-up design that requires absolutely no assembly.
  • The tent is fully enclosed on all sides and has a tarp floor so that you are fully protected.
  • It has been used by both the United States and Canadian military to protect against mosquitos.
  • The manufacturer explicitly warns users that the tent has to be folder properly or the poles will splinter.
  • Other reviewers have also mentioned that the tarp isn't as durable as they would expect.

7. Coleman Mosquito Head Net

7. Coleman Mosquito Head Net
This is another solution which is offered by Coleman to protect your head and face against mosquito bits. The head net fully covers your head and then seals around the base of your neck. The result is that you head, ears, face, and your neck are fully protected against mosquito and other bug bites. This is a great item to have if you are spending time in high mosquito areas.
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Gnat Protection

The net is fine enough that you are protected against bugs that aren't mosquitoes. This includes annoying insects such as gnats, ticks, or other flying insects. You should not have to worry about insects swarming around your face while wearing this net.

Fits Over Hats

The mosquito head net is large enough to allow you to wear a hat underneath the net. Wearing the hat is ideal because it pushes the net away from your face so that the net is more comfortable.

Cost and Value

You will expect to see this mosquito net at a rock bottom price. The cost is kept down by it just being a very basic head mosquito net. It is low cost so it's easy to get one for a hike.
  • The mosquito net is fine enough that it will repel bugs such as gnats and ticks.
  • You can wear this mosquito net over almost any kind of headgear.
  • There is a drawstring that allows you to pull the net tightly around your neck.
  • The net is extremely lightweight so that it won't feel heavy on your body.
  • This product has an extremely low cost which makes it easy to throw out when its worn out.
  • Some reviewers have mentioned that the net does not protect them against fleas.
  • Other reviewers have noted that the net is too small for them to tuck into their shirts.

8. OctoRose Bed Canopy

8. OctoRose Bed Canopy
This bed canopy is large enough to fit full, queen, or king-sized beds. You can wash it in the washing machine and it can be suspended from the ceiling. The material is a decorative polyester material that looks great in your bedroom and it drapes like curtains over your bed. It fully protects your sleeping area from insects such as mosquitoes which allows you to get a blissful sleep.
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Machine Washable

Although the manufacturer recommends that you wash this net by hand, it can be washed in the washing machine in cold water. You should, however, line dries this mosquito net since it isn't rated for the dryer.


You can hang this mosquito net over your bed in a few different ways. For example, you can suspend it directly from the ceiling. You can also hang it from curtain rods and if you have a four post bed, you can hang it from the bedposts.

Cost and Value

The product is priced well below the average which makes it an excellent value to purchase for your bedroom. It is lightweight and easy to setup and it can fit over almost any sized bed.
  • You can purchase this net in different colors so that it matches your bedroom.
  • There are three different ways that you can hang this net.
  • You can wash the net in the washing machine on cold water if needed.
  • The net is fully capable of blocking mosquitoes or other pesty insects.
  • You can fit this net over the top of full, king, or queen-sized mattresses.
  • Some reviewers have noted that the edges aren't finished which takes away from the nets appearance.
  • Other reviewers have experienced the net stretching after it has been washed.

9. Housweety Canopy Netting

9. Housweety Canopy Netting
This is another hanging bed canopy that works as decoration and as an insect barrier in your bedroom. It looks great because you can purchase it in different colors so that you can find the one that looks best in your bedroom. The net is decorated with lace which helps improve how it looks. You can get a great night's sleep because you protected against mosquitoes, flies, and other insects.
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Hanging Ring

It is really easy to hang this net because it has a hanging ring in the center of the net. This allows you to pick the net up to the ceiling and then just drape it over your bed.


The mosquito net is intended to have a decorative look so that it looks like it belongs in your room. The net comes in different colors and it has lace decorations on it. That way it blends in with the room.

Cost and Value

You will see this net sold at a low price which makes it a great bargain buy. The net does the job of keeping insects away from you while you sleep but it also makes for a great decoration in your room.
  • You can purchase this net in six different colors so that it matches your room.
  • The net is decorated with lace which improves the look of the net.
  • There is a ring in the center of the net that you use to hang the net.
  • This net is long enough to reach the floor of your bedroom offer excellent insect protection.
  • The product is also sold with mounting hardware so that you can install it easily.
  • Some reviewers have noted that the net has a strong smell that can be overpowering.
  • Other reviewers have experienced the net not being as durable as they expected.

10. OctoRose Round Hoop Canopy

10. OctoRose Round Hoop Canopy
Here is another round hoop canopy that is designed to fit over the top of just about any bed. It is sold in different colors so that you can pick the canopy that looks the best for your room. The canopy is really easy to hang because you just hang it from the top center. There is a round loop that helps the canopy drape over the top of your bed.
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Fits All Beds

The bottom of the canopy has a 472" circumference so the canopy is large enough to fit around any size bed. This includes king size beds all of the way down to baby cribs.

Foldable Top Ring

The top ring folds so that you can easily pack this net away and store it if you choose to do so. This makes it easy to move the net into a different bedroom or take it with for traveling.

Cost and Value

This mosquito net has a price that is below the average which makes it into an excellent purchase. You can easily purchase a net for each room in your household and the net is trivial to hang up.
  • The net is meant to provide decoration while protecting you against bugs and insects.
  • You can purchase this net in fourteen different colors allowing you to pick the right color for the room.
  • It has a hoop style ring in the top center which makes it really easy to hang the canopy.
  • The top ring folds so that you can easily pack this canopy away when it's not needed.
  • It is large enough to fit over the top of just about any size bed.
  • Some reviewers have reported that the net feels rough and abrasive.
  • There isn't an opening slot in this net which can make it hard to use.

Spending time outdoors is supposed to be enjoyable but sometimes flying insects can make that into a challenge. No one enjoys spending time outside if they are getting bit by mosquitos or having to swat flies and gnats away from their face. There are a number of ways to repel these insects but they can be less than ideal solutions.

Mosquito spray is the most common solution. However, wearing mosquito repellent means that you are exposing your skin to chemicals. Furthermore, the spray usually feels sticky and is uncomfortable. You almost always have to take a shower after putting mosquito repellent on and the spray doesn’t do anything to stop insects from flying around in your face or in your ears.

Mosquito nets are a non-chemical alternative that can be really helpful. These nets essentially form a barrier between you and annoying insects. You can purchase mosquito nets that you can sit in or you can purchase canopy style nets that allow you to sit inside of them. These nets have the benefit of repelling bugs without having to turn to repellent sprays. You can purchase mosquito nets in a wide range of styles and prices to best fit your budget.

Having a mosquito net is an excellent way to enjoy being outside. These nets allow you to create a barrier between you and the bugs. The result is a relaxing time outdoors or sleeping at night without getting bit by bugs. You can rest much easier knowing there is a way to repel mosquitoes without chemicals.

Criteria Used in Evaluation


Mosquito nets serve an incredibly great purpose. No matter where you are, you run into the possibility of being bugged, by bugs. Certain bugs can pose severe risks and a lot of these bugs carry severe diseases that will make you incredibly sick or worse, lead to death. With the help of a mosquito net, you can possibly prevent this from happening. While mosquito nets are only used to keep the bugs at bay while you sleep, they prevent these diseases from impacting your life at night. During the day, you have the ability to use different repellents, saving you from the attack of bugs. While the sole purpose of this product is to protect from bugs, you will often see it being used in foreign countries. Especially in those countries that have mosquitos that carry malaria.

Malaria is a disease that affects your red blood cells. This infection is usually carried by mosquitos that live in warmer or tropical climates. When you get infected by the protozoan, it attacks your red blood cells, causing fever, diarrhea and more. Once affected, it is incredibly important that you get to the doctor immediately so that you can get antibiotics and anti-parasite medications. While there are preventative medications you can take, prior to heading to these areas, they are not always effective and it is wise to invest in a mosquito net to take every precaution possible.


The construction is incredibly important when it comes down to creating a mosquito net. Being that mosquitos are so small, you will need to ensure that the net you are purchasing or using is at least a mesh size of 1.2mm. With a mesh size set at this size, you are sure to keep the mosquitos out and ensure that the net is still breathable enough to keep you cool during the evening hours. If the mesh has holes are any bigger, you pose the risk of letting the mosquitos, that carry the bacteria in, causing you to get ill. So, be sure that you are getting the right sizes of mesh.

Some of these products are made in different ways. There are nets that are designed to wrap around a square or rectangle frame and fit just right over a sleeping bag or bed. These nets are great for people that are camping in the jungle or for those that sleep on the floor. If this is not the right size to keep you protected, you can go the alternative route. The alternative route is a simple mesh sheet, that hangs from the ceiling. The sheet then drapes over the entire bed, keeping the mosquitos out. The biggest difference between these two items is that one has a frame and one doesn’t, regardless, they are both incredibly effective in protecting you from these bugs that carry bad diseases.

Treated Nets

Since the 1980s, there have been nets available on the market that are covered in insecticide, or also known as treated nets. These products are said to be more effective than your normal net, as the mosquitos will not be attracted to the chemicals used on the net. If the mosquitos decide to come in for a bite and run into the net, they will kill the mosquitos due to the insecticide being a permethrin or deltamethrin chemical. With these chemicals being so effective, there has to be a catch, right?

If you choose to double protect yourself and go with a treated or dipped net, there is one catch. Although they are incredibly effective, the chemicals do wear off at some point in time and need to be re-treated. By re-treating the net, you are simply taking the net and dipping it in the chemicals, causing them to soak it up in the material that they are made out of. Even though this is an extra step needed, to protect yourself, it is definitely worth it. The cost difference isn’t a huge deal. So why not double the effectiveness?


For non-treated nets, each net is said to protect 1-2 people. Even at protecting 1-2 people, these nets simply drape over the bed or around a frame and keep the mosquitos at bay. Although they do not protect as well as treated nets, they are still designed to keep the mosquitos out as they are constructed with a mesh netting that has small enough holes to keep the mosquitos out. The only risk that you have with these nets is if they get a hole in them, large enough for a mosquito to get in or if they come up on the side of the bed, while you are sleeping. Even though these are low risks, they are possible.

Treated nets have a far better chance of protecting you from these diseases as they can kill the bugs as soon as they land on the net. Mosquitos are incredibly small, but the pesticide effectiveness is enough to keep them away and keep you safe. With the nets being treated, you would think that they cost more, but the cost difference is a dollar or two, depending on the brand that you are looking at.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should mosquito nets be cleaned?

A: Whether you are camping in the jungle or simply using the mosquito net indoors, at some point you will need to clean your mosquito net. Being outside poses the risk of debris and dirt, while indoors you will gather dust on your net. With nets being used for up to 6 months, depending on the brand, it is wise to wash your product, keeping it clean at all times.

Q: How do I wash my mosquito net?

A: Depending on the type of net that you are using, will depend on how you clean it. No matter what style you choose, you have the ability to wash your net. Whether you have a net that stays in place, wraps around a frame, or one that drapes, all you have to do is hand wash with soapy water. Once the net is hand washed, you can rinse with a garden hose or a bucket of water and then hang out to dry.

Q: Will mosquito nets stop gnats and other bugs?

A: Most mosquito nets are made out of a mesh that has the ability to stop bugs from intruding. No matter what net you use, the treated nets with pesticides will protect more than a traditional net that is not treated. As long as the bugs cannot fit through the standard 1.2mm holes in the net, you should be protected. With a treated net, if the bug is small enough to fit, the pesticides will stop the bug before it has the chance to enter.

Q: When should you use a mosquito net?

A: While mosquito nets were designed more to prevent the malaria disease, it is wise to use mosquito nets in other places too. Mosquito nets are most used in tropical climates, where the malaria disease is common. But if you are out in the wilderness, there is a good chance you can still be swarmed by mosquitos or other bugs. Anytime that you are sleeping out in the open, it is wise to use a bug net, to prevent any mosquitos or other nuisances from getting to you while you are asleep.

Q: Are treated mosquito nets dangerous to humans?

A: Mosquito nets have proven to be incredibly effective against the malaria disease and have been well known to keep you safe and protected while killing off mosquitos and other bugs. Questions have risen in how safe these treated nets are and if they pose long-term effects to humans. While the long-term effects are incredibly low, the chances of having any side effects are slim to none.


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