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Vortex Diamondback 8×42 Review Facts

Binoculars are interesting pieces of equipment that help us enhance something without having to move closer to the object. This is necessary, especially in nature, because this will help avoid disturbing the animal being observed but also keep the observer out of danger. Binoculars are handy for other means as well including for safety and survival but also for everyday use. Police officers use them in order to help prevent crime and journalists use them in order to get the next scoop on a case. Regardless of their use, binoculars are fun pieces of equipment. Proper binoculars offer features that cheap binoculars do not have including a clearer image and brighter colors. It's also important to consider what they are being used for. If being used for an extensive period of time a mounting option may be desirable. This allows those using the binocular to mount them onto a tripod in order to rest them securely. This is also beneficial for those who want a less shaky image or for those with naturally shaky hands. Another item to consider when buying binoculars is the zoom at which the binocular offers. Some binoculars can zoom further in than others. If the zoom is not substantial enough then the individual will need to move closer to the object or buy a better set in order to achieve their purpose.

The binoculars we review in this article are 8 X 42. The binoculars themselves are the Vortex Diamondback line. Vortex is a company that specializes specifically in optics. This particular model is quite popular with consumers and we wanted to know why. We wanted to know the pros and cons of the model as well in order to put together a comprehensive review. We looked at how they were made and out of what materials as well in order to determine the lines water resistance capabilities, general durability, and their longevity. This is our in-depth review of the Vortex Diamondback 8 X 42. We hope that this review helps you out with your next binocular purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • The Diamondback 8X42 offers crisp and clean images
  • They are quite sturdy in build
  • They are also quite easy to use 
  • They are easy to hold as well with the rubber coating
  • The eyecups of the Diamondback 8X42 require quite a bit of readjusting to focus


The basic features of binoculars are the features that all binoculars should have. With the Diamondback 8X42, the basic features included are multi-coated lenses in order to offer anti-reflective properties to the lenses. This is required in order to avoid any reflection due to light transmission through the lenses. This also helps with a clear image when looking through the binoculars at a particular object. Reviewers regularly commented that the image quality in these binoculars, in both high light and low light, are clear and bright which is positive. This product also offers argon gas in order to prevent fogging internally. This also helps keep the image being looked at clear and crisp. There is also a rubber armor around the outside body of this product. This helps in three ways: it protects the body from any wear and tear associated with hitting them against things accidentally, it offers impact reduction to the binoculars, again, when hit against objects accidentally, and it offers a better grip to them in order to hold onto them easier without slipping.


Advanced features are features that might be less common or not available at all in other binoculars on the market. These are features that aren't necessary in order to use the binoculars, however, do make them more convenient to use. The eyecups of this particular model are adjustable which makes it a little more comfortable to use. Adjustable eyecups allow the wearer to use this product with or without eyeglasses. They also offer a center focused wheel which means that the barrels can be adjusted at the same time. The diopter is also adjustable which helps adjust to different individuals eyes. Finally, this product also can connect to a tripod or a car mount. The benefit of doing this is that this allows the individual using them to go hands-free with the whole setup. This allows for longer viewing time as well as a clearer image due to tired or shaky hands. This is particularly helpful for those aging. Overall, this product is a little more customization than comparable products on the market. Some reviewers did find that focusing with this product wasn't terribly easy and that they had to adjust the eyecups several times throughout their hike in order to stop the double vision sometimes associated with binoculars.


This product uses two methods to provide its clarity. One is the waterproof o-ring which is sealed in order to prevent moisture from getting inside the binocular tubes. This also helps prevent dust and debris from entering into the tubes. Any of these situations will affect the image quality of the binocular. This also allows the consumer to take the binoculars out on trails and mountains without fear that they will get damaged. The lenses are also coated in order to help protect the image quality of the binocular. The second method to help provide clarity is the fogproofing measures that Vortex has taken by putting Argon gas into the tubes to help prevent internal fogging over a wider range of temperatures. This, again, allows the consumer to use the binocular in a wider range of environments including the desert. This product also comes with a range of accessories that help keep the lenses clear of damage and scratches. Those who used this product liked the products clarity and brightness. They found that looking through these binoculars were enjoyable and easy which is positive.


The primary use of binoculars is to look at something further away closer. The point is typically associated with animals whereby the user of the binocular does not want to interrupt animals as this could either scare the animals off, not allowing the user to observe them, or provoke them, where the animal may get defensive and attack the individual. Some use this product in order to observe other people like during investigations, however, these, in particular, are created by a brand whose primary focus is hunting and nature. The website also notes that this particular set was inspired by a rattlesnake in that it has the ability to see clearly even in darker temperatures. The primary focus, overall, is observing something closer without disturbing it and from the sounds of the reviews, this product does the job well.


This product offers a hard exoskeleton that is also coated in a rubber coating in order to protect it from bumps along the way. The rubber coating offers better handling of the binoculars so that they aren't dropped as easily, it also offers impact reduction which means if they are dropped, the rubber then helps stop the impact from impacting the inside of the binoculars. It also acts as a protective coating for external body damage. The binoculars also come with protective accessories as well including three sets of eyecup protectors, a carrying case and a lanyard that keeps the binoculars around the user's neck while in motion. Those who bought this product confirmed that it is made of quality materials as well as constructed really well. Several reviewers mentioned taking these binoculars out in more aggressive climates (like Africa and Tanzania) and said that despite being put through rainstorms, dust storms, high temperatures and low light conditions they still performed well and did not break down. Overall, it seems that these are durable and constructed well which is really positive.


This product does have mounting capabilities. It has a washer on the underside which can screw into a tripod. This allows the user to use the product for longer periods without having to take a break. As mentioned earlier, it also helps for those with shakier hands. This keeps the image clean, clear and stable so that the consumer can observe easily. There is a tripod available on their website which is reasonably priced. This set of binoculars does have a tripod mounting option and there is a tripod made specifically for it but just at an extra cost.


The body, as mentioned earlier in this article, offers a hard exoskeleton and is covered by rubber in order to help protect it from impact, wear and tear, and drops. This set can zoom into 8 X and has an objective lens diameter of 42 mm. In addition to the objective lens diameter, it also offers an 18 mm eye relief and a 5.3 exit pupil. The eyecups are also adjustable in order to offer better customization to those using it. One reviewer did note that these were almost entirely unusable as a result of them having a narrower set eye and therefore they had to give the binoculars away. This may need to be considered if the considering these. There was another reviewer that also said that they needed to adjust and readjust several times during their trip which is also a bit of an issue. The angular view field of these is 8 degrees and the close focus is 4.5 feet. The body diameters are 5.9 inches in height, 5.6 inches in width and 25.2 ounces in weight. They also have a hook where the user can attach a neck lanyard to it in order to carry these safely around their neck which is positive.


This product weighs about 25.2 ounces in weight which is fairly light when looking around at comparable products. They can attach to a lanyard and hang around a hiker's or hunters neck which is nice. They also don't weigh the hiker down by too much. Those who wore this product did not find that their neck hurt after extended wear which is positive. Overall, they are relatively lightweight and easy to carry around which is great.


This product is a little on the higher side. This is more than likely because they are quality binoculars. It seems that there are endless reviews about how great they are. They stand up despite all sorts of weather conditions and also don't fog up no matter the humidity or the heat. It comes with numerous accessories that help protect the device and also help the user carry it. They are also regularly reviewed as being incredibly clear and crisp which is its primary purpose. Overall, there is very little wrong with these binoculars outside of some eyecup issues that some reviewers had with them as well as the lack of adaptive abilities for narrower set eyes. That all being said they are made of quality materials and seem to last most consumers a very long time which definitely helps justify the price.


Multi-coated lenses- which helps with light transmission with anti-reflective coatings
Phase Correction- which helps with enhancing resolution and contrast
Greater durability and smaller size due to being made with a roof prism
Waterproofing- sealed O-rings for the purpose of keeping moisture out as well as dust and debris
Argon gas- which also helps keep moisture (and fog) down and keeps the image clearer
Armor- the body is covered in a rubber coating that helps protect it from drops, impact and offers better grip
Adjustable Eyecups- which helps anyone who wants to use them adjust them to the perfect setting for better comfort


Overall, this product is fairly well reviewed. All those who wore these confirmed that it offered an uninterrupted, clear and crisp view no matter the condition they were used in. It also sounds like they have a long shelf life in that they are quite durable and despite more aggressive situations like rain/dust storms they held up and were both usable in the moment as well as after (no scratches on the lenses as a result). They also come with various accessories that either protect them or make them easier to transport around which adds to the products overall value. The biggest issue with these binoculars is that they are not meant for those with really narrow set eyes, the eyecups may need to be adjusted numerous times during the course of a trip and they are a little higher in price. The company offers a good customer service team according to reviewers though and the warranty on them is also quite good. Overall, this is a quality product and should definitely be considered when looking for your next binocular purchase.