Nikon Aculon A211

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Nikon Aculon A211 Review Facts

Binoculars are commonly associated with bird watching. This is because binoculars allow an object (birds) that are easily spooked and therefore require a safe distance in order to be observed and admired. The benefit of using binoculars, as well, is that typically quality binoculars offer a brighter and more vibrant image than even our own eyes offer. It adds a level of wonder and magic to the experience that cannot be captured by the human eye. But what other, less common uses, can binoculars be used for? There are some fun uses for binoculars like starting fires. Yes, if in a sticky situation (like an unexpected overnight in the woods) binoculars can be used as a fire starter. Though this should not be done for a non-emergency situation, the binoculars can actually be dismantled and the lenses can be used as a magnifying glass. As long as there is a natural light source (the sun) to magnify the light on kindling, a pair of binoculars can be used to start a fire. Another usage for binoculars is that they can be used as a signal mirror. Once again, this should only be utilized when in an emergency situation (as once again they need to be dismantled which would ruin the binoculars for future use and more than likely void the warranty on them). When dismantled there are mirrors within the binoculars that can be used to reflect light and potentially get the attention of a passing plane. The lenses can also act as a reflective surface in a darker material is used behind the lens as well.

This article is a single product review that focuses on the Nikon Aculon A211. Nikon is a popular brand in sightseeing and photography technology. We are taking a look at the popular line of Nikon binoculars. We looked the features offered by the Aculon, as well as the materials used to make the product and its construction to get a better idea of its quality and reliability. Finally, we looked at consumer reviews to find out what a wide range of consumers thought about it, from amateurs to professionals. This is our comprehensive review of the Aculon A211. We hope that this article helps you with your next binocular purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • The image offered by these binoculars is very clear
  • The zoom feature of this product is easy to adjust
  • The reputation of the company of these binculars is very good 
  • The zoom features of this product is also very good
  • They are not waterproof which can cause some concern for some consumers 
  • Some found that there was some minor color fringing


This product offers 10 X magnification and even at that magnification, according to reviewers, still offers a very clear image. They also offer lead and arsenic glass lenses which protect the environment and the user. They offer multi-coated lenses which are common with Nikon products. This offers a clearer and brighter image. The body is protected by a rubber armor which means that they are protected from drops externally and impact reduction inside. They also offer turn-and slide eyecups which takes the pressure of the binocular body and the bridge of the nose/eye sockets of the user.


This product is made with BaK4 Porro prisms. This is a very high-quality prism system that is highly regarded by professionals. This system allows those using them to see brighter, clearer images even in darker environments which is positive. They also offer aspherical eye pieces which eliminates image distortion. This can further be eliminated by the use of a tripod- which does not come with the product but it does have a mounting option which is positive. They also come with a four-piece accessory kit included which offers two sets of lens covers, a carrying case and a carrying strap which is beneficial.


This product offers versatile functionality and high-quality optic performance according to the manufacturer's website. The lenses of this product are made of Eco-glass which is better on the environment and for the consumer using them. They also offer multi-layer lens coating in order to offer clearer and brighter images. The prisms within the binoculars are made of a BaK4 Porro system which is commonly known as one of the best systems currently offered for binoculars and telescopes. The Porro system offers brighter images even in darker environments which allows those using the product to use it longer in the day. The aspherical eye-pieces also eliminated image distortion which is positive as well. Those who have used this product found that the magnification of this product is really good (allowing the consumer to magnify up to 10 times) and that the images are crystal clear no matter what the viewing distance is. This is obviously very important with binoculars. Overall, this product (despite its fairly low price tag, discussed in more detail below) offers a very clear and bright image at all magnification levels which is great and assisted with our positive rating of this product.


The primary use of this product is to offer a closer view of objects in the distance. In nature, there are two issues when observing- one is that the object being looked at might be easily scared and the other is that they may be dangerous. There are horror stories of individuals who decided to get too close to a bear or a moose and losing their life as a result. Using binoculars allow those who are looking to view something majestic in nature without scaring it off and without putting themselves in danger. Another usage for this type of product is hunting. This allows those who are hunting to view the animal without spooking it. There are restrictions to what can be hunted at specific times which means that if an animal is shot and killed before they are allowed to be then the hunter gets fined. This is why knowing what you are about to shoot is important. It allows the hunter to view the animal in order to make sure that the animal can be shot and that it's on the land they are allowed to shoot on. This product seems to offer a great product based on the price and can view objects as small as kernels of corn from very far distances which is great.


This product offers a rubber armor around its exterior. This is beneficial in numerous ways. For one, this protects the body of the product from harm when bumped around. Another reason it is beneficial is that is offers more impact reduction so that the insides of it are protected as well and don't shift. Shifting will competently mess up the image and make the binoculars unusable. This is why impact reduction is really important. Finally, the rubber body offers better grip to the consumer. This means fewer slips and drops when in use. It also makes them more comfortable to use. This product also offers items to help protect the binocular, like lens covers which means that the lenses won't get scratched when not in use- another situation that might cause the product to become unusable. This also extends the life of the binoculars. It also comes with a strap for around the neck, another protective feature that also adds a level of convenience. Finally, it comes with a full protective case which also protects them when not in use. The eyepieces of this product offer cushioning as well which protects the binoculars, as well as the user, from potential damage and pressure when dialing in. Those who used this product found that the product is extremely durable and long lasting which is ideal especially for this type of product which has a higher likelihood of damage due to the environment they are being used in.


This product does not come with a tripod or mounting device, however, it is offered by Nikon and can be used on other companies tripods as well. The base of this product does offer a mounting socket in order to easily mount this product. The benefit of mounting binoculars is that if they are being used for extended periods of time the hands do tend to start shaking. And with this type of magnification, the user may find that the smallest shake or tremor will distort the image of the object. By mounting the binoculars on a stand, the user can view the object they are looking at clearly, without shaking and with ease. This product does offer the ability to do this which is positive and will take a little less pressure off the arms to remain steady.


This product comes in different sizes which changes the weight of the product (due to more or fewer materials used to create the zoom feature). There are two different models and the higher zoom is slightly heavier than the lower zoom. Those who used this product fit any size hand, from small to large. And that the zoom was easily accessible no matter what size of hand was using the binocular. They also found that this product is light enough to travel with on foot and causes no neck strain. Overall, these binoculars are ideal for all day trips due to the fact that they are lightweight and durable which is positive.


This product is quite inexpensive in price which is positive. They are made of quality materials which means that not only are they functionally better but also are quite durable. They offer a strong body with a protective rubber coating in order to protect them from any damage that may be caused by use. The rubber material is also not only comfortable to hold onto but also offer impact reduction which protects the inside of the binoculars. They also offer a really clear and bright image even in darker environments which makes them more versatile. They also come with four additional accessories in order to protect them when being carried or when not in use which helps extend the longevity of the product even further. Those who used this product had nothing but positive things to say about them including being impressed with the very low price tag. Overall, it seems that this product is worth the cost associated with them.


High-quality optic performance
Both lead and arsenic free Eco-glass (better on the environment and the person using them)
Coated lenses which means a clearer and brighter image
BaK4 Porro prisms for brighter images even in darker environments
Aspherical eye-pieces which means protection on the product, as well as the individual using them
Rubber exterior for protection, comfort and impact reduction
Fingertip zoom control that is easy to use for all hand sizes
Turn-and-slide eyecups
Four additional protective accessories included to extend the longevity of the binoculars


The bottom line is that this product is a good one. Those who used it were appreciative of how clear and bright the image is with them. They are not self-stabilizing which means that for longer periods a tripod may be required and they are also not waterproof which means that they may require additional protection when out in the rain but outside of these minor issues, there are nothing but positive reviews about this product. They are lightweight which means that they can be used longer than heavier alternatives. They also offer a mounting option which allows for even longer view times without interruption. They also offer high-quality prisms which allow those using them to use them in darker environments as well which is especially handy when hunting. They are made of quality materials which means that the image will be clearer and brighter, but also means that they will last longer. They come with complimentary additional accessories that will protect them when they are not in use or being carried around which also extends their longevity. Overall, this product is very good especially considering their price tag and definitely worth consideration.