BSA Sweet .17

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BSA Sweet .17 Review Facts

This scope has multiple options when you go looking for it, no matter what site you are trying to go to in order to learn about or purchase it. Of course, that’s why we are here, to try and help you find out what the deal is, and what you can expect to get for your money. Most scopes are upgradable, and many are changed by the company when things are found that cause an issue with their consumers which cause the searching dilemma.

We recommend looking at the company page of the one who made it so you can be sure that what you are looking at is both the real deal and so you don’t get a knock off brand when you purchase it. The Gear Hunt is here to make sure that you know your scope and are equipped with all the necessary information. Check out what we found and see if this is the scope that has you covered.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Variety in magnification

Brighter images

Lifetime warranty

Great water, fog, and shock proofing

Comes with the mounting tool


Very specific view area


Special mounting tools

Basic Features

At its most basic, this scope comes with what you need to mount it to your gun and be ready to use. While it has more advanced versions and has extra’s you can get added to it, the 3-12x40 is the original scope and is a mid to long-range use scope. You can get closer, but many of those who have used it have found a loss in clarity at certain ranges.

This has several magnification settings, but, again, some have found that there are downsides to certain uses, such as the back sight, which reflects what is behind them a little too much and can make what you are seeing through the scope become difficult to really make out.

Overall at its base, this is a good scope for the price, it only has a few minor issues that users have stated do not truly leave a mark on the reputation of the company.

Advanced Features

This is a line of scopes in the end, with variants that change how it works as well as extra’s which can enhance the base version of the scope. The Sweet .17 line original, however, is the 3-12x40 which is meant for a certain range and has a few things that got tweaked in order to make newer and more advanced versions. This is everything from the scope range to its clarity and extra’s that add to its performance.

Another popular version is the 6-12x40 which seems to eliminate some of the issues with reflection from the backsight and gives it more than a small area where you can clearly see where your aiming. It also adds farther ranges to your repertoire so you can adjust your shot easier. Some suggest you use the x12 magnification to get the best clarity and viewing range out of your scope.

If your wanting rings for your scope, unfortunately, you will have to purchase those separately in most cases. The base versions don’t actually come with them already placed. Finding them isn’t difficult though, and according to many, it can be worth the little extra to get them. These will help to keep your scope from resting directly on the barrel which many find to be unappealing.

This scope even has parallax adjustments even at its base version, which is extremely important if you are looking to keep your target dead on with your aim. Any movement can cause that parallax to change where it is located, and so being able to adjust it is necessary for keeping good aim.


This is where many of the complaints come from when it comes to the original 3-12X40. The actual visual field where you can see your target clearly is very small, especially on the lowest settings. It isn’t until you hit 12 that the range seems to become much clearer and it is easy to spot your target. This is not due to outside influences, but rather that the vision area itself is very narrow, and when you use the back sight it can actually end up reflecting inside that narrow range.

The parts this scope does actually provide aid to keeping your vision clear are necessary and are not always good, nor always offered with every scope. This is especially true for the price range in which this particular base model lays. It is proofed against water, fog and the shock, which can cause issues with how well you can see through the scope no matter what setting it is on.

With water and fog, you can end up having your vision blurred out which happens with many of the less expensive scopes. So, given that this one does hold up on the essentials of what it offers means its actually not so much the scope that is lacking as in simply getting used to and training yourself to be able to use its area without having to think about it.

If you can find and hold that ‘sweet spot’ when working with it, you are likely to find, as many have, that this does have great clarity where others may not hold a candle to it.

Primary Use

This is intended to be used as a varmint scope, so it is intended for smaller creatures and being able to get a great shot in where eye-balling it may not be possible. For this purpose, we found that most who purchased the scope were highly satisfied once they understood where the visuals were best on their scope. There was a lot of praise given for the accuracy as well due to the adjustability as well as the options for magnification.

This particular model actually allowed for four different magnification settings from 3 to 12 times, and its parallax goes from 10 to infinity. Having this range of ability with your scope means you are less likely to miss your target, and it can easily be used for practice shooting as well. In fact, to get used to any scope, it is a great idea to head out into the range and find your model’s sweet spot.

Most varmint hunters state that once they were used to this particular model, they found it to be the best one offered in its price range. Of course, this was no surprise to them, the brand is well known for it’s affordable yet top-line performance.


This particular model offers great durability according to our research. Those who have been able to use it find that the resistance area’s it was given has made it able to last longer without losing its clarity and have a dead-on shot. The easy adjustability with this piece means you don’t need to force it when you are looking for what you need to in order to make your perfect shot.

The ease of movement with the knob and the fact that you can adjust it with only minimal effort for quick accuracy lowers the frustration that can lead to a broken scope. While this may not seem like this is durability related, it adds to the longevity of any device. The better it responds; the less frustration tends to mount and cause the user to want to force the device.

The proofing prevents water or moisture of any kind from causing blurred vision from inside and gives you a longer-lasting and cleaner scope. Along with the lifetime warranty, you can bet this will be with you for as long as you choose to use it.


Mounting for this piece requires a special style of Allan wrench that is only available through the company that produces it. The good news is that it comes with the scope and likely can be easily replaced through the company’s warranty. This may seem like a detriment, but in the end, it has proven to be easy to use by everyone who has purchased the scope and is not a drawback at all.

This scope is also built for specific styles of weapons, and as such the mount is only built to be applied to those weapons. These are .17HMR (the main intention for use), .22LR, .223, .243, .270 and the .36-06. If your particular style of gun is outside of these calibers, this scope isn’t likely to mount properly, and a different scope may be better equipped to give you the same quality.

This design also offers a turret system which can be calibrated for any of the calibers mentioned for the intended use of this product.


The body of this scope is actually an interesting dig when you go looking. You can find exact measurements on the BSA webpage to give you a hard look at how it will sit on your gun and this will give you a basic guided look to follow if it is what you need. Though the picture the company used to represent the scope is not a direct drawing, but rather a generic image, it still lets you see each part and what length it is.

The measurement of the first third of the device, for instance, is a full 3.08 inches, but it does give you a minor breakdown to 1.7 of those inches are dedicated to just the front panel of the eyepiece. The center third, where most of the actual fine-tuning take place and is where the main mount area for the body is, measures in at 5.5 inches, this two is broken down, but into thirds rather than two parts. Finally, the last third is broken down to 4 inches and it is where the main magnification lens is located.

Altogether the scope measures at a full 13.5 inches and if you want deeper specifications for any working part, they even have those listed beneath the image. They include exact magnification, lens diameter, exit pupil range, optimum relief, parallax settings, click adjustment, adjustment range transmission percent for daylight, and the weight. Like many of the less expensive scopes, the main material used is plastic, which is part of what we will cover in the next section-weight.


Of course, a big area for these scopes is in knowing that by using them you aren’t going to cover yourself with unneeded an unwanted weight which can easily affect your shots. This is one of the unfortunate side effects of this particular model’s choice in its main materials while still maintaining durability.

Weighing in at about one pound, this scope can and will affect our shot if you choose not to practice and get used to the extra weight. In order to be as durable as some of the sturdier lightweight metal competition out there, it had to sacrifice in toughening up and thickening the plastic that most of its build is made of.

Was it worth it? Well following what we all know about water, metal, and plastic, and combining that to the fact that its users cheer its proofing, we can assume that this choice has had at least a good deal of impact on its waterproofing and fog proofing. This piece seems to hold up its bargain thanks to a few main choices- so maybe it is well worth it to have the extra weight to gain better visual clarity.


This particular model comes in a variety of forms and colors, depending upon what you are after, you may end up paying more. However, the black matte finish with the base build is sitting at around $90 on Amazon. We have seen others, and many of them offer stronger magnification among other extra’s. Everything is designed off of the base, however, and so if you have limited funds and want a scope worthy of your dime, this is it.

It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty. This means you can get the item repaired, replaced or refunded as long as whatever caused the issue was manufacturers default and wasn’t caused by misuse.

Key Features

- 1/4 magnification increments
- Easily mounted
- Water/fog/shock proofing
- Limited lifetime warranty

Bottom Line

If you want a decently priced and yet working gun scope, the BSA Sweet .17 may be the perfect answer. It has been noted as having a great reputation base and not failing its reputation. With a little practice and use, this scope proves to be a valuable asset to those who have put it to the test.