Tommy Bahama Backpack Beach Chair

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Tommy Bahama Backpack Beach Chair Review Facts

We can’t speak for everyone, and we know there are a few out there who would not agree, but those looking at this chair likely do! When either going to the beach (ack! Sand is hot!) or going camping (hard on the spine) most of us don’t want to sit directly on the ground. We would prefer to have a chair that is easily portable and allows us to keep things close enough not to tip ourselves when reaching. This chair is high enough up to not feel like you will sink into the ground, but low enough to relax and interact with your current surroundings.

With pouches for your goodies on the arms, you won’t have to tip over and meet the ground face first for your drinks or other items either. You can relax in the sun to the breeze from the ocean or enjoy the campfire and be comfortable at the same time, but is it worth the money to buy it? Let’s find out together!

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Great color selection
  • Sturdy frame design
  • Lightweight
  • Easy carry design
  • Flexible positioning
  • Pouches for items on arms
  • Price
  • Material issues


If your tired of having to buy extras that you feel should simply come with your chairs, then you have to check this chair out. Why? Because this comes with accessories that simply make life easier when you are using it and is an accessory that has an interesting design for on the go. If you are tired of the awkward carrying design of other chairs, this one actually folds up and into a backpack complete with straps. No more juggling to carry it all out to the beach or onto the campsite!

What are the extras? How about the pouches for your drinks, sunscreen, your phone, and even your towel? That’s right, this chair actually offers a spot for all those things you would need for a beach so that you don’t even have to carry those extras elsewhere! You can pack them up and only need hands for an umbrella (if you use one) and your cooler. If you’re a parent, this also means you can have a free hand for your kiddo which is a blessing for any who have gone out on such a venture.


This is the biggest area of contention outside of price. While the frame itself is both sturdy and durable, holding up under consistent use, the actual cloth material seems to wear out after about a season or two, if not sooner. Granted, the kind of use for this chair puts it into elements that can wear it out a lot faster than other folding chairs used for less active activities.

It has a polyester fiber that makes up the fabric end, and while it can be used in water, doing so repeatedly with this kind of material will weaken it. Between that, the sand and weight (just falling into the chair or having kids who roughly make use of it) the polyester will begin to break down. The fact that this is a beach chair does make the wear of this kind of material an odd choice.

Still, with the rest of the frame holding up so nicely, it can prove to be a durable enough it was worth it for camping. Not to mention the extra features boost its value immensely.


Despite what we mentioned in materials, we do take note as well to just how much this chair can actually handle when cared for properly to prevent cracking and tearing. Surprisingly strong, this lounger is great for a variety of activities and can support up to 300 pounds of weight on it, which means it’s good for most who enjoy the activities it is built for. This is a great plus for it. Most chairs made with similar designs and materials for cheaper would bend or crack after only a few uses (if it even manages to make it through the first one) with very little pressure or weight.

Typically, aluminum frames designed for cheap beach and camp chairs just do not have the tenacity to hold up. So, if you are wanting to assure you have a chair that can hold up, you will have to put that extra dollar in regardless. With this model, you will get extra features that simply make it even more worth it.


The aluminum frame is waterproof on its own, able to handle the water quite easily without problems. The sturdy framework allows for this chair to be set directly in the water and enjoy the spray or even just keeping one’s legs wet. This can be a nice plus at the beach, or even on a deck for a pool. The fact that you can stay cool and enjoy lounging (though this isn’t a floating chair) at the same time can be a tempting quality for anything you bring with you to the beach.

The downside is that the material used is resistant to a point, but polyester is not entirely waterproof. It does take wear from being consistently drenched and will weaken. Combined with threading for most of these chairs, you can end up causing unnecessary breakdown over time by constantly placing yourself and the seat into the water. This is most likely where the rips and durability issues will come from- alongside the natural erosive qualities sand has on any material.


There is the expected comfort from any beach or camping chair, and this one provides it easily. It’s flexibility means you can sit in it like you would with any sort of lounging chair, setting the angle to support you as you sit back and relax, or, if you prefer to just bask and lay in the sun (or maybe fall asleep near the fire under the stars) you can press it back onto its third leg to easily do so. This product gives you everything you’d expect and on a frame that supports it.

The added level comes into play when you realize that comfort can go beyond just a simple place to sit or lay down. In truth, much of the strain from these types of chairs come from carrying them back and forth to the desired destination or from needing to reach things. This one makes sure the comfort doesn’t start and end at the destination. Easily folded up and used as a small backpack, this chair doesn’t give you the awkward juggling as most would.

Add onto the ease of carrying the chair itself, that it has pockets and places for all of those beach necessities to make it even more comfortable for you while you set up for your day on the beach, or your night of camping. This chair takes the word ‘comfort’ and tries to redefine what it means to have such in a portable seat.


Style comes into play with the products type, design and appearance. This comes together in such a grand array with this particular item, since every aspect of it makes this chair stylish. Some beach chairs only cover one or two aspects of style, either looking great and being supportive, but lacking in added design qualities, or having great concepts in design and appearance, but falling apart when it comes to being effective in its use.

We have covered in other places just how awesome this chair is in the fact it is a backpack, has places for your things and can support several different preferences in use. It also has a durable framework, and if cared for properly, has decent materials for the fabric endurance with its use. However, it also comes with such a wide array in color and patterns, that you are also likely to find one to fit your aesthetic tastes as well. It is an extremely rounded product in every way- especially style.


The aluminum framework is sturdy and holds easily up to weight capacity. It also doesn’t have the weakness other chairs of similar make do, with the metal flexing or straining at the joints which can cause a chair like this to collapse. It even holds up when it comes to water or cooler nights, which can cause some strain on other similar products.

If not consistently put to the water, the fabric too is resistant to water and will last for quite some time. There are some warnings of stress on the materials, however, causing them to rip and tear. This can seem to be from normal use, but when considering beach elements, even the hardiest materials can be worn down by sand and water over time.

That isn’t to say that with proper after beach care that this chair won’t last quite a deal longer than their cheaper counterparts- only to assure that you decide what you want from it- and if this is what you desire from it.

If all you use it for is beach time sunbathing and occasional campfires/bonfires, chances are you won’t see the same wear and tear as those who overstress the chair or place it in water continuously.


While this chair can be used for other purposes, such as camping, it is intended for use on a beach. This decidedly marks it as an outdoor chair. That means it is built to hold up under multiple types of weather and conditions, however, there is a consistent even with outdoor furniture. Unless you have an enclosed (or at least some sort of roof) porch area, the product should be stored inside. Whether you choose to keep it in a shed, garage, or closet, it is better to keep it inside when not in use because this chair is meant for summer or warmer weather.

Cold weather, and especially snow or ice, can actually cause wear and tear on aluminum and polyester materials. Changes in temp cause materials to expand and contract, especially metals like aluminum. With polyester cold can make the material brittle and prone to cracking and tears. With this in mind, make sure you take care of your chair properly both on the beach and off.

Weather resistance

Although use covers this aspect to some degree, the truth is, any product intended for specific location use will have a weakness to being outside it’s intended season. With beach chairs as well as other outdoor furniture, you run a great risk of causing unintentional wear by leaving it in the cold, and even more so if you leave it out where it can be touched by snow and ice.

While a water-resistant piece of furniture can seem like it should hold up to snow or ice, the cold can actually cause the materials to become weak and brittle. Snow and ice can also build up to either weigh more than expected or simply having the weight density pressure to snap the objects it is on. In other words, think of how much your arm actually weighs, and how much weight pressure you can make on an object. This is the same with snow and ice as it condenses.

This is why when you are thinking about how resistant your awesome beach chair is, you should not let it fool you into thinking you can just leave it outside in all seasons. It’s water-resistant, not weatherproof. Not to mention, many a great chair has been lost to heavy winded rain storms- especially if they are lightweight enough to not be a bother to carry like this one is!


This is the big question with every review we bring to you. No matter what product we present, it comes down to ‘is it worth the dollar asked’? This one is going for about $55 USD on average, which can seem pricey at first for a beach chair. What you get isn’t just a chair, however, but rather an all-in-one beach set up. Easy to carry, and it holds everything you need for the user to make a day at the beach as relaxing as possible. Quality in this chair definitely matches the level of price and then some.

Key Features

-Turns into backpack
-Easy use
-Quality construction
-Different colors/patterns
-A place for necessities
-Versatile use

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a great, compact, all you can ask for in a beach chair, this is it. Everything from the perfect position of relaxation to a place for your phone, drink, towel, sunscreen and anything else you might want well within reach. This is a definite go-to chair for any beachgoer, and may even make a nice camping chair for those who don’t want to sit or lay on the ground out in the wild- even in a tent.