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Eno Doublenest Hammock Review Facts

Whether you are preparing to go camping outdoors, or you just something to relax in on your porch, a hammock will quickly seem the best option for getting a good rest if you intend to stay off the often cold and uneven ground. In the spirit of the encroaching seasons and just all-around rest and rejuvenation, we decided to go over this particular brand’s Doublenest variety which is meant as a place for two to rest together comfortable. When we think of a swinging hammock most of us envision a net, and even if we are picturing the newer cloth variety, we are not considering something built for two.

A hammock is more often used to escape everything, and everyone, else. So, what is it like, and can you really be comfortable with two people in the same swinging ‘fortress of solitude’? Let us look at the specs and find out what those who own it have to say about whether it actually gives what it promises and is worth the purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight
  • 2-year-warranty
  • Handcrafted
  • Easy set-up
  • Durable
  • Holds up to 400lbs
  • Breathable materials
  • Comes with carrying sack
  • Affordable
  • Lacks mounting gear & straps
  • Expensive comparatively


This particular model comes with only the main piece, so when you are talking about your accessories that are available, it starts with the straps to actually set it up. You get the main hammock which is the area you sleep in, and the inner workings to the handles that you connect the straps onto in order to hang it. The carrying case is also part of this main piece, so at least that doesn’t need to be purchased.

Once you get the straps to hang it with, there are some extra things as well that most consider as ways to ‘upgrade’ this design, so it can handle more than just mild weather and protect you even more if you choose to go camping with it. Between bug netting and extra fabric to attach to your ‘nest’, Eno makes it easy to take your base product and ass anything you need to take it up a notch.


This hammock is made out of a parachute style nylon that is breathable and quick drying. Parachute style means that it is strong and can carry a load of four hundred pounds. This is good, seeing as most straps are also made to handle that kind of weight as well. The cords that the straps (sold separately) are connected to are marine grade, which means that they are strong and can help carry the weight. So, ultimately, the materials of this hammock are good and dependable, as long as you pay attention to the limits.

To be a little more precise on exactly what the nylon taffeta fabric is, and why it makes this particular product a good one to buy, you have to understand the components. Taffeta is a thicker material that is used for many things on its own. It is good at keeping in warmth as well as being resistant to most damage. However, on its own, it is not very good with water.

Nylon, on the other hand, is much more resistant to the elements and, though not as thick and resistant on its own to tears as Taffeta, when combined they create an extremely resistant fabric. It’s perfect for outdoor gear, especially tents and this particular style of outdoor swing. Even most coats use this material when being designed to withstand harsher weather.


As was mentioned earlier, this hammock can carry four hundred pounds worth of weight on it. On top of that, as long as combined, you and another can easily fit within the hammock together and not cause strain on any of the materials. The only downside is that, like other hammocks, it does tend to curl around the occupants, so you might want to be close to whoever you are sharing the space with.

You also are not going to find someone too tall to enjoy this hammock with very easily either!

Measuring a full nine feet in length, this particular swinging nest is likely to fit everyone you know on it, at least lengthwise. This is an awesome feat since many similar products can be a little too small for the taller people out there.

That being said, other double sized products in the same category are offered at a longer length, so we wanted to point something that may actually be a key point. Other hammocks that are larger also may not compress down to the same size when packing up, and this one actually comes attached to its case so it is nigh impossible to lose. That makes this more compatible for those seeking to hike as much as camp who want to easily have a place to rest on hand.


Easily touted by those who own it as one of the most comfortable of its kind, the material is amazingly breathable even on your back o whatever you might lay on. You won’t find yourself sweating while using this particular model, though there are a few who warn against using it on a colder night. The same thing that allows the material to breathe, also means cooler air will end up making you shiver.

Though it is built for two, and most find it comfortable, if you don’t like being rolled close together, it would be a good idea to only sleep one in it at a time. This is because with the way hammocks are designed, bodies will end up rolled to the center and encompassed, so you are likely to end up pressed quite close together. It is best to plan ahead.

One thing we would like to point out is for those with children or who are adults who need sensory aid to help stay calm throughout the day. Sensory swings are likely to be apter in some way to cover your needs, but they are a lot like a hammock in design. So, if you are wanting something to give you comfort and be camping style materials, this may be a really good item. Or if you are looking for something to use outdoors in general in nicer weather, this product could be a great purchase.


While the fabric itself is somewhat waterproof, it isn’t meant for use in actual rainy weather. Instead, the fabric is just intended to be able to survive water for easy cleaning and not get ruined by it. There is a way to be protected in this one, but it means paying a little extra for the tarp accessory ‘upgrade’. Many of the buyers feel it is worth doing because it means you and uses the hammock in a bit harsher of weather. In the end, it is up to you whether you want to pay the extra to take it from water resistant to actual waterproof. Most users say it is entirely worth it to go the extra mile- because along with a sleeping bag, this hammock is a great way to spend the night outdoors when hiking if you don’t like the thought of packing and unpacking a tent.


If you like to stand out, or there are just some colors you can’t stand, the style becomes a bigger part of whether you will buy a piece of gear or not. Thankfully you aren’t stuck with a single-color scheme if you do choose this nest as your go-to for enjoying the outdoors restfully. The company seems to have taken to the spirit of individuality and the fact that, honestly, some colors just aren’t as soothing to everyone as they are to others.

Your choices don’t just vary with colors, either. Not all of the hammocks are a solid color, or even just trim and solid. They also offer a variety in pattern as well. So, if black with red trim is you, its there, but if you prefer to be wrapped up in stars while under them, or hidden in the trees with camo, those are also there for you to enjoy. They really did their best to make sure we all have something that we’d like!


This outdoor gear is set to endure. The three stitch build seems to make it able to not just stand up to the packing, unpacking and set up, but really adds that extra strength so it can easily hold the weight capacity that it claims to. The military grade loops mean that this is not going to snap from a little rocking- even with a person inside and won’t fray after only a few uses either. It’s just weatherproofed enough that the only thing you may not want to lave it to endure is snow and ice. Otherwise, a light amount of soap and water will clean it right up.

The weather is not likely to push this hammock to its limits, and unless you are continuously going past its 400-pound limit, you aren’t going to see a lot of wear. Since its pack is actually part of its main body, you also can take care of it with little effort and pull it back down when it isn’t in use. You would truly have to be trying to push this lovely creation durability to where it won’t last you for years.


This is not built to be an all-weather hammock, but you can add certain elements to make it usable no matter what you are facing outside of winter conditions. To be honest, it probably is not a great idea to use any hammock, given the nature of their design, during winter. This one has plenty of accessories to purchase however to take it from being fair weather to warm weather hammock into being able to stand some rain and cooler air. The best suggestions we have seen are the bug nets and tarp available to make this wonderful piece of gear withstand rain better and offer to vent without bugs.

On its own, however, this hammock will cocoon a single user, and still, offer near full cocooning for two smaller occupants. Since it can hold up to 400 pounds and has a six-foot width with nine-foot length, it can give a nice nesting space to cuddle the night away under the stars. It won’t give much in the way of warmth, but with a sleeping bag, in warm weather, it will give you a nice set up for an under the star’s bedtime.

Weather resistance

We discussed the water/rain resistance on this hammock, and how it really can’t hold up without the tarp protection. We also pointed out that winter weather is not entirely suggested due to snow and ice causing damage and/or strain on the hammock both when in use and not. We lightly touched on temperature, but where is the line with this?

Well, a few have tested this hammock to see just how good this particular product is with colder nights and the consensus was rather regular. The limit seems to be at about 30 degrees in being able to comfortably hole up in this one, and you should have a good heavy sleeping bag, pillow, and a blanket to throw over the bag. If you follow this setup, you will find that you still sleep well and wake up refreshed and warm. On its own, however, this is meant to be a warm-weather product, so you won’t find the same weather resistance.


Eno has a great reputation for being with the asking price, and this model does not leave the users feeling let down. Sitting at $70 USD for plain dual color and $80 for the printed color variants, the doublenest does everything it should with style and at the quality, you’d expect. The only real complaint is that the straps that wrap around the tree or any other anchor are sold separately which will cost you a little extra. Depending on which straps you purchase, it will cost you another $30-$40 USD. In the end when you buy all the basics you will be looking between $90 and $110 to purchase this gear.

Key Features

Quality material
Pattern/color choice
Decent price

Bottom Line

If you trust Eno for your hammocks, they won’t let you down with the Doublenest in providing top of the line materials and comfort. However, if you are looking for an all-in-one package you are not going to get it without finding some sort of bundle deal. It’s a great hammock, however, and with the separate cost of the straps being the only real complaint from those who have used it, you are likely to be satisfied with this purchase and have a quality product to enjoy for years to come.