5 Crucial Duck Hunting Gear Tips

5 Crucial Duck Hunting Gear Tips 5 Crucial Duck Hunting Gear Tips thegearhunt.com

There are days when ducks are falling from the sky and all you must do is make the right shot, without the effort of finding them first. Unfortunately, there are very few days like this, and regularly, every duck hunter must share and learn some tips and tricks in order to understand this sport better and be up to date with the latest behavioral researches duck hunters have shared with us. In this spirit, we are going to share with our duck hunters 5 crucial duck hunting gear tips, in order for them to have a great season and close it with success.

Here are few tips which might come up crucial in the coming duck season. The first thing you need to know is that the duck’s defense mechanism is their unpredictability. It means that your shotgun must be on close to you and you must keep your eyes open all the time. As you already know if you are a professional hunter, ducks come low on your radar, without any announcement and they escape your sight in a blink. Furthermore, ducks are immune to the laws of the aerodynamic, so their flight is unpredictable and dynamic. One day they fly with the wind, other days against the wind. Some kinds of ducks are very slow flyers, so if you see them coming they are not a hard target. Their random flying is what makes them seem fast.

Guns and ammunition


If you are a professional duck hunter you are probably geared up with the most advanced pieces of technology and your shotgun is ready to go. However, if you need a little push and inspiration regarding your duck hunting gear, we are here to advise you and reveal some tips for making you a victorious duck hunter. Regarding guns and ammo, we can all agree that a shotgun is the most suitable method of pursuit. Some hunters use rifles, bit since a rifle can make only one single bullet fired from it, the chances of hitting the target is decreasing. If you are in, just for the fun, and maybe want to improve your straight shooting, this might be the right choice for you. Nevertheless, for the rest of the duck hunting community, a shotgun is recommended since it is able to spread its ammunition across a wider range, thus significantly improving the chances of a successful hit.

Duck season clothes


Going after a waterfowl includes a lot of humidity, cold weather conditions, and rainy weather conditions. For this reason, having the right clothes is crucial for your health and achievement. You are going to need water resistant clothes which will keep you warm enough so that you don’t freeze, and provide you insulation so you don’t stay sweaty all day. Other than that, if you make a small research about ducks, you will notice them being creatures with excellent vision, so I would recommend the vest, pants and all of your gear to be camouflaged. If you have already decided the hunting area, you should match the surroundings with your clothes camo pattern. This way, you have a greater possibility to stay undetected on the duck’s radar and make a triumphant shot.

Duck hunting blinds


Layout blinds are basically pads which keep you warm and comfortable while you are lying on the ground waiting for a nice target to come up. They are also known by the name coffin blinds. Even though the name itself is a bit rough, the idea behind it is to describe the activity the hunter performs in them. He must lie in the blind, which is perfectly camouflaged with the surroundings, silently with eyes on the sky and quickly prepare himself when an opportunity arises. The most important thing about the blinds is to choose them matching to the surroundings in the hunting area, otherwise don’t even bother with it.

Duck calls


Even though many professional duck hunters consider this part of the gear cheating, it is perfectly nice for most hunters. This piece of gear is especially useful during duck migration. Ducks are not trainable species, which means that you can’t expect them to come if you use a duck call. The only way for this to happen is if the duck is looking for a place to rest while migrating to some other area. Duck calls are specific for different species of ducks. They are able to perfectly mimic the sound a duck makes, and they are small enough to fit in your pocket. However, it is impressive that some hunters, who have been in the business for years, have thought themselves making the exact sound using their hands and mouth only. For the rest of us, who have yet to master this skill, pick the suitable duck call and seat back waiting for the target. Now the only thing left to do is to master the skill of using this piece of gear; it is not as easy as it sounds.

Duck decoys


Duck decoys are very effective if you know how to use them, but they are just as expensive. If you are planning on getting one for yourself, make sure you make peace with this fact. Some cheaper models could be found on the market, but they wouldn’t be able to perform properly. A decoy should be able to act as other live ducks. This means it should be able to imitate its movements because it is the only way the duck will get convinced. There are also DIY decoys, but in order to get this right, you are going to have to have some extra technical knowledge.

All in all, there are tips and tricks to learn in order to be a professional hunter. All this could be learned and mastered in the years to come and staying active hunter during seasons is a great way to do it. It is possible to have a bad season sometimes, but don’t despair everything is in the small things. Keep visiting our site and you will build up with tips which would mean a great deal on the terrain.

You are welcome to expand our knowledge by sharing some of your practical tips and tricks learned on the field. Let us know your views in the comment section bellow.