Best Electronic Game Calls Reviewed and Tested

best hunting game callsAs a hunter, you’ve got a lot of different gear and tools to take with you whenever you set off for yet another adventure. The amount of gear required for a successful hunting trip can sometimes be a bit stressful and a lot to keep in mind, but as a seasoned and experience man or woman in this field, you know just how important ePress button for generatevery little bit of gear truly is.

Among all of the tools and gizmos that you bring with you though before you go out hunting, one of the most important ones to bring along with you is your hunting game call. A hunting game call allows you to attract the type of animal that you’re going after, and although some people out there don’t see these to be all that necessary, they can sometimes mean the difference between you coming home empty-handed or with a nice juicy animal to feed your family with.

However, with so many different hunting game calls out there, finding one that’s just the best electronic game call for you can sometimes prove to be a bit of a pain point. And while the purchase of an electronic game call might seem like a simple venture on the surface, the reality of the matte is anything but. There’s an entire host of different factors and bits of info to take into consideration to help you make the most informed purchase possible, and that’s what we’re here to accomplish today.

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We're always keeping our eye out for new things here and so we've seen the slow incorporation of big tech into the hunting game (for better or for worse). So what we're seeing is the rise of some apps that you can put on your phone and give you as many and as varied a selection of game calls as you can imagine. So we've updated our FAQ to give a hunter who might be interested in trying one of these out, a few things to think about.

Featured Recommendations

ICOtec GC300
  • ICOtec GC300
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 12 pre-installed sounds
  • Price: See Here
Primos Alpha Dogg Predator Call
  • Primos Alpha Dogg Predator Call
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Comes with speakers
  • Price: See Here
Western Rivers Mantis 75R
  • Western Rivers Mantis 75R
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 4-way keypad
  • Price: See Here

We’ve constructed one of the most intensive and detailed guides on game calls that you’re going to find online, and while you might think this extensive amount of information is overkill, getting the best option after knowing everything to look for can prove to be one of the most important items in your arsenal of hunting equipment.

So, without any further ado, let’s get things started.

Best Brands


Primos is a company that truly does specialize in the art of creating quality hunting calls, and if you’ve been a hunter for any amount of time, you’ve more than likely run across the Primos brand once or twice before. We featured a couple of the company’s products in our list of the top 10 hunting calls out there, as the company is incredibly well-known for creating some of the most effective and durable calls on the market. Although the certainly aren’t the only brand out there, they’re definitely one of the most important ones to keep an eye out for. They do tend to air a bit on the pricey side, but that’s because all of their products are created with a tremendous amount of attention and care.


ICOtec may not be as heavily known as Primos, but they’ve certainly proven themselves over the past few years with their high-end calls. The calls that ICOtec has created are some of the best and most feature-rich electronic ones that you’ll find, so if that’s the type of hunting call that you’re on the hunt for, this is definitely a brand you’ll want to keep your sights on.

Factors to ConsiderBefore Making a Purchase

Electronic versus Traditional

best game calls

When shopping for a game call, one of the biggest factors to take into consideration is the type of call you buy. Traditional calls are the oldest method out there, and they’re great for delivering solid audio quality and accurate calls at a relatively affordable price.

Electronic calls tend to air on the expensive side when compared to traditional options, and although needing to make sure they’ve got proper power with the batteries that are required to use them can be a bit of an annoyance, the vast array of different calls they’re capable of really does make up for this.


best game calls

Additionally, when hunting for a new animal call, you’ll also want to ensure that the call you’re buying is suitable for the type of animal that you plant on hunting. If you’re reading to go hunt some elk, a call that is made for doves won’t do you any good at all.

This might seem like common sense, but people often buy the wrong types of calls much more frequently than you may expect. It’s an incredibly easy issue to avoid if you simply take the time to look at the call that you’re buying, but we still thought it was worth bringing up.

Maintenance / Usage Tips

Don’t abuse the ruggedness

Although many hunting calls are rated to be durable and rugged to some extent, it’s wise to not test just how rugged. While we’re all tempted to push them to their limits, don’t be that person. Having a rugged and durable call certainly is something nice to have, but you don’t want to let your call be susceptible to any unnecessary damage or harm that they don’t need to be up against.

10 Best Electronic Game Calls 


1. ICOtec GC300

1. ICOtec GC300
Number one on our list of electronic game calls is the ICOtex GC300. The GC300 is a more affordable version of the GC350 that we will look at later on in the list. However, even though it is cheaper, it still has a lot of the same features included. For starters, the GC300 comes equipped with 12 pre-installed sounds out of the box, a 300-yard range for controlling the call even when it isn’t within your line of sight, and an extremely easy to use interface that should be easy to understand for just about anybody out there.
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Many animal calls in one device

This electronic game call features the following pre-installed 12 calls: Cottontail Distress, Jack Rabbit Distress, Coyote Pup Distress, Fawn Distress, Woodpecker Distress, Crow Distress, Raccoon Pup Distress, Gray Fox Distress, Coyote Female, Coyote Male, Coyote Yip/Howl, and Bobcat Adult.


This electronic call is powered by 4 AA batteries and comes with a 1-year factory warranty. This makes it perfect for on-the-go, because you don’t have to worry about charging it with an electrical outlet and cord.

Cost and Value

If you’re on the hunt for an extremely durable electric call that won’t put you over your budget, ICOtec has created a real winner with the GC300.

Great value

Ease of use

300 yard remote control


Calls sound a bit electronic at higher volumes

2. Primos Alpha Dogg

2. Primos Alpha Dogg
This is yet another great electronic game call option. This Alpha Dogg electronic game call is made by Primos. Later on in our list we will cover another one from Primos. This is a company that knows how to make a hunting call that is truly high-end and durable. The materials used to create the Alpha Dogg are some of the best around, and as a result feature durability you’re that is almost unmatched.
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Pre-installed calls

There are 64 calls that come pre-installed on the Alpha Dogg out of the box. It also features included that deliver a crisp and true-to-life sound.

Long-range sound

The speakers are able to deliver sound up to 180-degrees. This allows for some of the most crisp and realistic sound that you will find in an included pair of speakers for a hunting call.

Cost and Value

The initial price certainly is a bit on the higher end of things, but when you consider all of the features that this thing comes with, you’re actually getting a pretty incredible value for everything that’s included with the Primos Alpha Dogg.

Sixty-four authentic calls

Two speakers included 

Remote control included 



3. Western Rivers 75R

3. Western Rivers 75R
The Western Rivers 75R electronic game caller has 75 pre-loaded calls, which is a crazy impressive number considering that some of the other electronic calls on here featured less calls for more money. The pivoting legs that are included allow you to lock the call into position once you’ve found the perfect spot for it. The 4-way keypad allows you to easily select the call and volume that you desire at the time.
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Easy to operate

Numerous reviews have praised this for being one of the easiest calls to operate, so if that’s something of importance to you, you’ll definitely want to take some serious consideration into picking this one up.

Compact design

For the features that this electronic game call does have, it is all in a fairly compact design that is easy to pack up and take along with you.

Cost and Value

While this Western Rivers 75R electronic game caller may not be as feature-packed as some of the other options on this list, it’s still quite impressive for the price that you pay. The dollar amount is higher than what you’d get with a traditional call, but when you consider the fact that there’s a whopping 75 included calls on this little guy, it becomes hard to think of a reason as to why you wouldn’t purchase this thing

Astounding seventy-five different calls

Easy to use



The price is on the high side

4. Primos Turbo Dogg

4. Primos Turbo Dogg
If you are looking for a high-end option, this Primos Turbo Dogg is a great option. It offers up high-end, expensive calls that you can rely on. Primos is one of the most recognizable brands in this field, so you can rest easy knowing that this product comes from a company with years upon years of experience with this line of work and craftsmanship. This game call produces long-reaching sound. It’s long-range remote is easy to use, too.
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Durable design

All of the materials used to create the Primos Turbo are made up out of some of the best materials you’ll find, meaning that it should prove to be one of the most rugged and durable hunting calls that money can buy. No need to worry about this one getting knocked around a bit.

Pre-installed calls

There are 36 total sounds that come out of the box, and there are even 4 preprogrammed Expert Hunts on the Turbo Dogg as well.

Cost and Value

This Primos Turbo Dogg is durable and reliable. It comes very reputable and is one of the most reliable electronic calls out there. It is easy to use and high-quality for the price.

Thirty-six  calls

USB port for downloading additional sounds

Great sound quality



5. ICOtec GC350

5. ICOtec GC350
The ICOtec GC350 electronic game call is the biggest and most expensive option on our list. It is the more enhanced version of the ICOtec GC300 that we talked about earlier in the list. When compared to previous options on this list, the 24 calls that the ICOtec GC350 comes with really does blow those ones out of the water in regards to its feature set. It is incredible durable and offers a larger build than others. The ICOtec GC350 is also surprisingly easy to use and offers one of the loudest calls that you’re going to find on the market.
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Long range remote

The 300-yard remote allows you to control the call even when it is out of sight, and thanks to the included aux port, you’re even able to attach your own pair of speakers to increase the overall volume of the calls that the GC350 is capable of.

Other notable features

If you add the long range and easy-to-use design to the other notable features of this call, like its backlit screen, control buttons, and a host of different audio files that are supported, then you are looking at one of the best calls that money can buy.

Cost and Value

The ICOtec GC350 electronic game call is definitely on the higher end of things in regards to price. Some people may not be so keen on shelling out this much money for a hunting call, but if you’re looking to get the best of the best, the GC350 is well worth your hard-earned money.


Twenty-four realistic calls

300 yard remote control included

Audio jack for additional speakers



6. Cass Creek Ergo

6. Cass Creek Ergo
The Cass Creek electronic game call is capable of producing the calls of many different types of animals. The design featured here is a bit more compact than the Wildgame Innovations option we will show you, and the included belt clip is a nice addition for keeping the call close with you at all times.
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Handheld easy-to-use design

Featured on this handheld electronic game call is a very convenient on and off button with a thumb dial. Although the 5 included calls are certainly a less impressive than the numerous found on the previous calls, this is to be expected consider the lower price of the Cass Creekcall.

Battery-powered device

This electronic game call runs on three AAA batteries, making it easy to take along with you without cords. This call will keep powered the whole time you need it.

Cost and Value

The majority of the reviews for this call are overwhelmingly positive. You can certainly get something a bit higher-end if you’re willing to hand over a few extra dollars, but if you’re trying to keep things as affordable as possible, this is an excellent way to go.

Five different calls

Compact design



The calls are not very realistic

7. Wildgame Innovations Torch

7. Wildgame Innovations Torch
If you are the type of hunter that sets your eyes on one prey one day and wants to switch it up the next, now you can. With the Wildgame Innovations Torch Handheld electronic game call, you can have all of your calls in one device. Traditionally, hunters have had to make sure that they’ve got one specific call for every kind of animal out there. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with this, it can prove to be a bit of a pain to ensure that you keep tabs of where all of your different calls are located. The innovative design of this call is quite impressive and keeps everything in one spot.
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Easy to hang onto

This electronic game call features an ergonomic grip to make it as comfortable as possible to hold in your hand. Thanks to the rubber-coated lanyard, you can ensure that you’ve always got a solid hold on it no matter where you are.

Various calls

While those features on their own are impressive in their own right, perhaps the most notable aspect about this call is the fact that it is actually able to reproduce 12 different types of calls. The speaker found on the call is considerably loud and very high quality, and is actually quite a bit louder than you may expect.

Cost and Value

Among the other calls on this list, this one from Wildgame Innovations is moderately priced, won’t take your budget and still offers features to enjoy and be proud of. It offers comfort and variety in calls, all making it a bang for the buck.

Twelve different calls for every hunting situation

Ergonomic grip

No slip rubber coating


Calls sound just a little bit mechanical

8. Extreme Dimension Wildlife Calls

8. Extreme Dimension Wildlife Calls
The Extreme Dimension Wildlife Calls are a great means of mimicking predators. The Extreme Dimension comes with a Bluetooth speaker named XSB Moose Bluetooth speaker made by iHunt. The lone speaker enhanced to work together with the Moose Game Call application from iHunt, is the iHunt XSB Bluetooth loud speaker, which you can get by not paying a dime with the speaker. The Extreme Dimension Wildlife boast over 50 great Moose calls that is sure to bring in those bulls close.
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Loud speaker

The speaker is really loud, with a sound of up to 100dB. The iHunt Moose application will be given to you after you purchase Extreme Dimension Wildlife. You can turn your Smartphone or iPhone into the vital electronic moose call, which makes it absolutely easy to take with you anytime and anywhere.

Protective rubber strip

It comes with a shock resistant rubber strip. These rubber strips protect your device against drops or any other form of danger.

Cost and Value

This call connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone through the iHunt Moose app, making it valuable and a little less costly than others on the list because all you have to do is purchase the call and an app and you’re good to go.


The Bluetooth connectivity automatically changes your smartphone or iPhone into your electronic moose call

The speaker which comes with Bluetooth can pair with free iHunt Moose application up to 40 yards away

It possesses over 50 trophy winning calls


Does not come with batteries which means you have to purchase them separately

9. FOXPRO Inferno

9. FOXPRO Inferno
The FOXPRO Inferno electronic game call comes with attached high-quality sounds of up to 75 together with an advanced remote control that offers a unique FoxBang technology. It also weighs in a mere 1.5 lbs. which is lightweight enough to carry easily to do the task you desire: hunting without unnecessary weight and distractions. The Inferno also comes with batteries. Which is different than a few others on this list.
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Additional speaker jack

The FOXPRO Inferno electronic game call features a speaker jack that allows you to attach an additional peripheral speaker to it. This gives you more volume if necessary.

Easy-to-use remote control

The remote control is not complex to use while you steer through sound types. The FOXPRO Inferno remote has two fixed buttons, volume up and volume down, a mute button and offers much more.

Cost and Value

The FOXPRO Inferno electronic gaming call comes with a compact design which gives you good value for your money. This item is a real bargain at its price and it offers maximum convenience with great sound and volume attributes.

The Inferno can store up to 200 sounds in total

The remote control of the Inferno is easy to use and navigate

It comes with a combined USB port which allows you to link your caller to your PC if you want to reprogram it

The Inferno possesses an auxiliary jack which can be used to link up with a FOXPRO mimic



The Inferno does not come with a cable to download new calls

10. Predator Attractor 4

10. Predator Attractor 4
Last, but not least on our list, is the Predator Attractor 4 electronic game call. It is produced by Hunters Specialties and also comes with a remote. The Attractor 4 comes with five 16-bit sounds with an 180 pivoting speaker which have been pre-programmed. It is very easy to carry as it is lightweight at just 13.6 ounces, which is a great weight for a predator call.
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Mimics predator calls

These predator calls are designed to impersonate prey anguish calls and coyote languages. The Predator Attractor 4, barks, howls and realistic-sounding yips are definitely going to help you lure the animals.

Easy to hold or hang

The Attractor 4 includes a belt clip, remote holster, and molded loop which can be used for hanging the device from your person or up in trees.

Cost and Value

Compared to the rest of the electronic game calls on this list, this is hands down the most inexpensive one. It is so affordable, that if you are in a quick need of a predator call to lure out your prey, this is one that you should pick up.

Comes with five 16-bit sounds with an 180 pivoting speaker which have been pre-programmed

Includes despairing cries of Coyote Pup, Fawn Bleating, and Cottontail among others


Limited lifetime warranty


Does not work for all predator cries



Criteria For Evaluation

electronic game call

Our rankings follow a fairly strict format, with some wiggle room where pricing is concerned. Top products on the list were Western Rivers mantis 75R, ICOrec GC300 and Primos Alpha Dogg Predator Call. Primos is the most recognizable name on that list, and has long been known for their contributions to the hunting community. They have released cameras and other popular hunting accessories, with each going on to be customer favorites.


Price is the first thing we looked at, which is a great way to determine value when comparing products with similar features. When looking at the top five products, you’ll notice that they all have a killer feature that separates them from the rest of the pack. We used pricing to remove any duplicate products on the list that didn’t offer anything special but had a higher price. The results were good, and helped us find early standouts while organizing the top ten.

Ease of Use

using an electronic game call

The next thing that caught our eye was ease of use. This was split into two sections, with the first being out of the box use. Products were graded on how well they instructed the consumer to use their features. Ideally, a good product would have you up and running in a matter of minutes with its core features. The second part of ease of use had to do with advanced users. Were the advanced features worth it for buyers that took the time to learn? With time, we felt that all users should be able to fully make use of the advanced features. This is where some products dropped, as their advanced features proved too difficult and were not worth the extra effort.


Durability was the next criteria, and covered the main unit and any associated remote controls. There were no surprises here, as all of the products proved they were made for the hazards of the outdoors. There wasn’t a lot of movement when looking at this criteria, even when measuring the toughness of the remote controls. We saw some changes when we added ‘longevity’ as a key criteria to match up with durability. A lot of products on the list were rated higher for years of use, which is important when you consider the electrical components.


Brands is something we looked at, this time with a focus on customer service. This criteria ties in with ease of use, and shows a company’s willingness to help customers when they were stuck with a feature. Not all customers call in for help, so to keep things balanced we also rated how easy the company made self-help guides available online. Primos was a big standout in this category by offering both old and new product information when needed. And if necessary, they had the best customer support of any product on the list.

Blending in with the Background

camo electronic game call

Styling was a criteria that we solely based on camo, so any of the products that were not in this category simply didn’t get points. For purposes of blending in, a quality camo casing is required. Some products did this better than others, and really looked like a part of the environment they were placed in. Styling doesn’t get as much recognition as it deserves for electronic game callers. When the main unit has to be placed in a remote location, blending in with the background can change how the game reacts when approaching it. And if you’ve equipped it with a compatible decoy, then you’ve instantly gained an extra few seconds.


And speaking of accessories, we ranked the products on their list of branded accessories-not generic. So universal products didn’t help out any of the callers on the list. While some of the accessories listed for callers was an exhaustive list, others had barely any at all. The effectiveness of accessories makes them indispensable partners to electronic game callers. Heavy favoritism went towards products that recognized the power of accessories.


Generous warranties on electronic products are always a good thing. We considered this a vital criteria, even with the high durability rating. Using electronic components outside comes with its own set of dangers. Anything can happen, even something as unlikely as your prey running off with the caller in their mouth. Restrictive warranties kept some products off of the list, and consumer friendly warranties were rewarded. We looked for length more than anything, and at least a year was required to even make the top ten. Extra points were given to callers that covered the remote with a similar warranty. When a company has a flagship model and continues to release updated revisions, these are the callers that are the most complete. Our top ten consists of some updated models, and we compared the old versions to the updated ones. If there was significant improvement, we then compared it to a similar model that was on its first run. Using this method allowed us to put more established flagship models where they belonged. There were always less bugs with these game callers, and much more support offered due to their previous following. In the rare case that a first run model outperformed an established one, we made the necessary changes on the list.

Quality of the Audio

The last criteria we looked at was the most important, and had to do with the quality of the audio. Authenticity was important, and a good portion of the electronic callers on the list nailed it perfectly. Any caller with below average audio quality (or reach) we considered to be below par for what is expected while hunting. At the very least, we made sure to keep our list tight by only submitting products with midrange and higher audio quality.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are all Hunting Calls Able to Make Multiple Sounds?

A: No, not every call that you find will be able to make a host of various sounds for numerous animals. If you’re shopping for a traditional hunting call, you’re more than likely going to be met with something that can only create the sound of one single animal. However, if you opt for something that’s electronic, that’s when you’re going to be able to get a hunting call that’s capable of creating the sounds and calls of numerous animals.

Q: Are There Universal Game Callers?

A: Digital technology has made this possible, with many products containing more than one type of call for you to use. Since these are all digital recordings, no quality is lost when getting a product that can handle multiple callings. The delivery will be the same for just about all products, with minor variations and tweaks where necessary. Universal game callers are a better value since they keep you from purchasing other callers. This enhances portability, leaving you with only one main caller to bring along on all trips. And on the rare chance you need a sound different than the game you’re hunting, a digital game caller becomes even more valuable, and at a cheaper cost.

Q: What Are The Benefits Of Having A Remote Caller?

A: A remote caller lets you get into a better firing position. Without a remote caller, your prey will come to your current position. There might not be enough time to get into position after making the call, so for some hunters that will cost them a shot. With a remote caller, a hunter can scout out an open area and place the receiver in the desired spot. As long as they are within range of the receiver, it can be triggered to lure game into a trap. Hunters will have a much better chance of getting off a clean shot if they don’t have to scramble into shooting position.

Q: Are Digital Callers Better Than Traditional?

hunting game calls

A: Yes, and the pros don’t stop at sound quality. Digital callers can be activated from a distance, letting hunters stay in cover. It is the best way to scout an area without moving. This is an important feature for hunters that use tree stands. Digital callers also benefit from having multiple sounds within one product. The days of carrying around multiple traditional callers is long gone, and they’ve been replaced by a single small digital unit. With the right setup, the callers reach further distances, enhancing your chance to gather animals in one spot.

Q: How Difficult Are They To Use?

A: For the average user, digital callers are not considered hard to use. For non-technical individuals, there will be a slight learning curve. The same applies to the average user that wants to use some of the limited advanced features. On a product by product basis, digital callers will have varying degrees of difficulty. To their credit, most products do a fine job of introducing buyers to the basics. They even provide tips on placement, something that can make or break the effectiveness of the product. Difficulty spikes in use is always going to be based on the individual that purchases the equipment. With a proper manual (and good customer support) there should be little problems with getting the equipment working.

Q: What Extra Materials Do You Need To Get Started?

A: Everything you need is ready to go out of the box, but there are some accessories that can make the entire experience better. An extra battery pack with a charger can be a life saver when you forget to charge the main battery. It’s also useful for times where you will be out for multiple days, and away from an outlet. Decoys are available for certain digital callers, which serve as a way to enhance the experience with the sounds. Game may get distracted by it long enough to give you an extra few seconds to line up a shot. External speakers can extend your range of sound, letting you move further away from the target if it is in a populated area. And of course a carrying bag is always useful if you plan on adding any of these accessories to your main product. Always make sure that your electronic game caller supports the accessories you want to use.

Q: Can The Loudness Levels Be Changed?

A: Yes, but you’ll get better control over the volume if you invest in an external speaker. Savvy users have found a way to use their own personal external speakers, but it is recommended to use a brand specific product. This ensures maximum compatibility, and gives you full control over the audio that comes from the device. The last thing you want to deal with is a speaker mod malfunctioning in the middle of a call. Official external features don’t have this problem, and if there are any setup issues you can always call the company for help.

Q: Does The Product Come With Presets?

A: You won’t have to do a lot of configuring out of the box. The setup process is painless, and users won’t have to worry about doing complicated things like using an equalizer to get the sound right. The basics of an electronic game caller is the sounds are prerecorded, so there is only one button you have to worry about pressing. Anything that needs to be configured with the sound falls into advanced configurations, which is in no way required to use the product. It just leaves the door open for advanced users to tweak the current presets to their liking. This is done in an intelligent way by not forcing beginners to use complex settings.

Q: Is There A Way To Preview The Sounds Before Buying?

A: There are many reasons why a buyer would want a preview of the sounds before purchasing the product website. On the off chance they don’t have videos or audio files up of the product, the next best thing is any known. Whatever their personal reasons, the most reliable way to preview sounds is through the company community steaming website that has uploaded the caller in action. Using this secondary method won’t provide as crisp an experience as the one on the manufacturer’s website, but it does offer an option when needed. Listening to these sounds in real time can narrow down your purchase if authenticity of the calls is a main concern.

Q: How Difficult Is It To Replace Batteries?

batteries for hunting call

A: Changing out the batteries in an electronic game caller is not difficult. If you’ve changed batteries on a remote control, then the process isn’t much different. Every now and then you’ll run into a company that requires the use of a small Philips to get the cover off. But beyond that, it’s simple and involves nothing more than taking the cover off and inserting the new batteries.

Q: Should I wear the call or set it up somewhere else?

A: The short answer is set it up, don’t wear it/hold it. That doesn’t mean that you need to be far away from your game call. But overall, your game call setup can be critical to your success. Your best setup begins with the first moment you arrive to wear you intend to hunt. Most likely, your prey are observant creatures, so the second you arrive you should be as silent as you possibly can be. When it comes to setting up you game call device, it is advised that you check your surroundings and identify the conditions of everything. You are going to want to set up the call in the best place to attract your prey. Consider the wind. And then, consider where you are located so that you are out of sight to shoot your prey.

Q: Are all game calls legal?

A: You might think that your game call is a harmless tool to enhance your hunting success, but the truth is that not all game calls are legal. Your call may or may not be legal depending on which state you are hunting in. You should always check before using a game call. Here’s a great resource to check out to find out if yours is legal or not: State Hunting Regulations Guide.

Q: Does it make sense anymore to buy a call with pre-loaded sounds or just get one with Bluetooth capability so I can download whatever I want?

A:This is a personal and pricing choice. If your device comes with a Bluetooth capability well then that means you can load up your phone with whatever calls you may need then happily head out into the field. Being able to download the calls makes sure you’ll be able to make it work even in places where there’s no cell service. But, and this is a big but… what if your phone dies? Well then that’s a problem because your gear, no matter how awesome ain’t no good if it don’t work. You’re going to run into that problem with any battery operated devices that’s why we suggest it’s best to have the old trusty voice callers handy in case things go South. The other thing to think about is that most of the services that offer apps and bluetooth connectivity are going to ask you to pony up some dough before you can get access to the best content. Keep that in mind as well, do you want to make a large up front purchase or just pay a bit every month for the convenience of having all this tech at your fingertips. It’s a money issue, it’s a personal preference issue. We don’t judge here, we just lay out your options, you do you.

How to Make the Best Decision

So, at the end of the day, how do you make the best decision possible when it comes to picking up one of the best options available out there?

The main thing that you’re going to want to keep an eye on is the type of call you want to buy. Traditional calls usually offer a nicer design and are considerably more affordable, but they are also limited to creating the sound of just one animal.

Electronic calls don’t have the same rustic appearance that traditional ones provide, but the ability that they have to recreate the sounds of many different animals in one single device truly is something to behold.

And, finally, knowing your price range and budget limitations will be your best bet in regards to finding the call that you want. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on an effective call that will get you the results that you want, but opting for something that’s fancier and offers more features will certainly end up costing you a bit more in the long haul.

The majority of hunting calls out there are well-made and are able to deliver you with accurate and realistic sounds, as the main differences usually lie within what type of call it is, the animal it creates a sound for, and how many additional features it packs in.

Keep everything in mind that we talked about today when shopping for your next hunting call, and you’ll have an experience that’s both stress-free and fun.

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