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Sog Ninja Daypack Review Facts

When it comes to travel what is the best luggage for the job? When it comes to traveling to nicer countries the rolling type is convenient to make your way quickly through airports (especially when dashing between flights). When traveling on rougher terrain, though, a supportive backpack may be your best best. Why is this though? There are special backpacks meant for hiking and traveling on foot. These backpacks have special features that may not be found in more conventional luggage. This includes the obvious which is straps. When traveling on rougher terrain wheels may breakdown and start to lack functionality. The dragging of the bag as well may cause some breakdown of the materials used to construct the bag and may also break down its structural integrity. The straps of the bag help lift the bag off the ground and keep the bag protected. Straps do create the issue of additional weight to the traveler themselves though. How can this be fixed? Well, traveling backpacks (quality ones anyway) offer features that help with weight distribution. This essentially takes all the pressure off of one part of the body and starts to distribute it a little more evenly throughout the body in order to avoid injury or soreness over time. Other features sometimes also include additional straps and pouches intended for special items like sports equipment (in order to avoid the equipment taking too much room in the bag or not fitting in the bag at all) and hydrating packs in order to free up the traveler's hands when making their way on their adventure.

Our website is a website intended to help buyers choose the best products for their needs. Some of our articles focus on the top 10 lists of products to help narrow down the search while others focus on one product in particular in order to really break down the product in more detail. This article is a single product review on the Sog Ninja Daypack. We looked at consumer reviews in order to determine what consumers liked and disliked about it. We also looked at how it was constructed to determine its quality. This is our review of the Sog Ninja Daypack. We hope this article helps you with your next backpack purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Reviewers appreciated the overall quality of the construction of this bag
  • They also liked its ease-of-use, noting its easy to use even when on 
  • They appreciated the easy slide of the zippers and their quality 
  • They also liked the structural integrity of this bag both from a strength perspective and an aesthetic one 
  • Some reviewers would have preferred an external water bottle holder feature
  • Some reviewers also took issue with the lack of ventilation offered by this bag
  • There were also some concerns about the lack of load lifter straps as well


This day backpack offers padded shoulders in order to offer some comfort to the wearer throughout the shoulder area. It also offers rigid suspension in order to help with weight distribution. It has a sternum strap as well to help with support. The sternum strap also offers a whistle in order to offer some safety in emergency situations. It has a pass-through on the side access in order to safely carry a laptop. The pass-through side access panel also doubles as additional capacity for a hydration pack. The bag offers an impact-resistant top panel in order to protect valuables like phones, glasses or cameras. The top panel also offers some organizational properties to the bag, being able to separate valuables or breakables from the rest of the pack. This product also offers additional organizational pockets throughout the body and external of the bag. It has a key ring clip inside the main compartment of the bag. The 2 MM PE sheet suspension is this backpacks weight distribution, primary helper. It stops the weight from resting on one area of the body but rather throughout in order to offer some back protection. It also offers laser-cut Hypalon MOLLE panels, something specific to SOG. This feature allows the option of attaching extra storage to the bag as well as offers quick access to items without adding too much extra "bulk" aesthetically. It allows the bag to carry extra without losing its sleek appearance which is positive.


This product, like many other adventure style backpacks, is made of a 500-Denier Nylon-Polyester hybrid. This material is a hybrid heathered fabric. This is supposed to add some strength without looking too bulky. Reviewers liked the look of this bag as the material does look like it is quality. That said, there were some durability concerns associated with this bag in that after short periods of time they did find some small holes throughout the material. Though this is the case very few actually found that it impacted only the aesthetic of the bag and not the actual functionality of the bag which is really positive. The zippers of this bag seemed to be the real star in that they look quality, they are hidden from view and the slide really nicely. Overall, not the most durable bag on the market but still a high-quality bag with some high-quality features which reviewers liked, and so did we.


The Sog Ninja Daypack had padded shoulder straps in order to both protect the shoulders from strain but also adds some comfort to this bag. The sides of the bag offer compression straps in order to keep the load secure as well as to offer some weight distribution making this bag more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. It offers bottom lashing straps as well for added comfort. The back of this bag offers padded mesh padding which offers comfort and support to the back of the wearer. One note that reviewers did mention about this bag is that even though the bag does have mesh throughout the back of it this doesn't help ventilate the back very well. They found that when in motion and when building up a sweat that their back did feel a little overheated which caused some discomfort. That said, reviewers also really appreciated the padding throughout the shoulders and the back of this bag which is positive. They also liked the weight distribution add-on to help assist with heavier loads and multi-day trips even though this backpack is more targeted as a day-use backpack and less so as a multi-day trip backpack which is great.


This bag is marketed as a heavy-duty backpack often times marketing to military and police. SOG was named to honor US Special Ops that fought in Vietnam. Their products were built in order to be used in rougher conditions and were "built tough", as they say. As mentioned earlier, this bag is made of a 500-Denier Nylon-Polyester hybrid which is supposed to offer durability and protection to the contents of the bag. Those who bought this bag had some minor durability concerns as there were rips relatively early in the usage of this bag, however, this did not impact the actual structural integrity of the bag and it also didn't harm any of the items within the bag. The bag isn't listed as being water-resistant per se, however, it does offer drainage holes along the bottom of the bag in order to avoid any of the compartments of the bag from accumulating water and wrecking items within the bag. One reviewer noted that they accidentally left this bag in the snow, the snow subsequently melted the next day and only small drops of water actually got into the bag which is positive. Overall, a fairly durable bag with some minor material issues which is positive.


The actual physical capacity of this bag is 1,475 CU IN/24.2 Litres. It offers numerous components for additional storage including on large main compartment that is top loading. It offers a soft lined valuables component intended to protect more fragile items like sunglasses and cell phones. It has a small accessory pocket for flat item storage like a laptop that also doubles as a hydration pack holder. It also has a zippered front organizational pocket for quick access to items that are required more frequently. The hydration compatible pocket offers hose ports in order to easily access the hose of a hydration pack for easier use. Those who bought this backpack found the capacity of this product to be quite impressive and convenient. One note that a reviewer made is that even though this product does offer easy access and storage of a hydration pack it doesn't have an external water bottle holder which they thought would have been a nice additional feature. Outside of this one comment, the rest of the reviews were pretty positive about the capacity of this product which is positive.


This bag is intended for more aggressive and vigorous use. It is considered to be modeled after military gear which means it should be able to withstand wear and tear in the hardest environments. The ventilation holes help out with keeping the backpack dry even in wetter areas. It also offers weight distribution features in order to allow for heavier loads. It seems to offer enough durability to protect valuables and is comfortable enough to wear all day. This backpack is great for day trips as well as daily use like when running errands.


This backpack is a little sportier in design. It is quite sleek and is offered in single-color options allowing it to still look a little more minimalist. Even the additional compartments that can be added on can clip on tightly in order to keep the bag looking sleek and avoid looking too bulky. Overall, a sporty but stylish bag for daily use.


This product offers a couple of different straps both on the sides of the bag as well as one that crosses the chest. This bag doesn't quite have the same support as more intensive options on the market, however, the sternum strap helps with some weight distribution as well as comfort to the wearer which is positive. There were also some concerns about the lack of load lifter straps on this bag. They found that load lifter straps would have been the one thing that really set this bag apart. They did say, however, that they were still happy with the amount of support this bag provided otherwise which is also positive.


This backpack offers numerous different pockets intended for different purposes. The main compartment opens at the top easily and can pack the most of all the pockets. There is a laptop pocket as well intended for easy slide in and slide out. It has a protective pocket at the top that is lined to keep valuables protected from scratches. It has backside pockets that can also hold a hydration pack. These pockets have hose ports in order to keep the pocket closed and secure but still allow a hydration pack hose out to keep the traveler hydrated. The only complaint that reviewers had about the organizational pockets, as mentioned previously, is the lack of a water bottle holder which is a pretty minor issue due to the hydration pack pocket feature.


- Tons of internal and external storage capacity
- Easy slide-in laptop sleeve for protection and peace of mind
- Additional lined pocket for more valuables like sunglasses and phones
- Left and right side hose port for hydration pack option
- Dual bottom grommeted drain holes for water protection
- Easy slide zipper for easy access to items
- Padded mesh back and shoulders for comfort
- Adjustable sternum slider and side compression straps for easier carrying


Overall this is a good and reliable backpack. Some concerns include the lack of ventilation through the back. There were also some minor durability concerns due to the material used for this backpack. None of the concerns were major though. There are tons of positive reviews about this backpack. Its construction seems to be sound and the price is quite low considering. This seems to be a great backpack for a traveler or just a daily commuter.