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Suunto Core Review Facts

People who enjoy all that the outdoors has to offer to know how hard it can be to find the gear that is specifically suited to their favorite activities. It can be difficult to get products that will last for as long as they need to and that will provide all the necessary features. This also goes for smartwatch fitness trackers. Many people who love activities outside feel that having a good fitness tracker is mandatory so that they can understand better what they are doing and how they can be more effective in their performance. There are so many smartwatches on the market nowadays, but perhaps not everyone offers all the features that people are looking for.

If you are someone who prefers to participate in more strenuous activities, then you probably have heard of the Suunto brand. It is widely known for all of the innovative products it has created for outdoor activities over the years. The Suunto Core watch is no exception. It is a watch that combines an altimeter with a barometer, as well as a compass, stopwatch, thermometer, and the ability to plan your days best through tracking the sunrise and sunset in many locations throughout the world. Besides that, you can use the watch for many different activities, including skiing, swimming, diving, and more. The watch is waterproof for up to 100 feet deep, so you will be able to do a multitude of activities in the water with it.

Overall, the Suunto Core watch is the perfect option for anyone who loves skiing, hiking, climbing, diving, swimming, and more. It comes with all the features you need to thoroughly track and examine your activities.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • The watch has a stylish design and is available in several different colors
  • The watch also has a barometer, which will help you to know what the trends in air pressure are
  • People said that the watch’s compass is accurate
  • You will also be able to track when the sun rises and sets as well as the weather with this watch
  • The altimeter in the watch will track your vertical movement
  • The watch is said to operate rather slowly once the battery life starts to decrease
  • Some people have said that the watch’s backlight does not work well in colder weather


If you are someone who adores any type of outdoor activity, then this watch is perfect for you. You will be able to track the weather for the day with the barometer, so you can know whether or not it is a good day for you to go out. The altimeter will also help you to determine the distance that you have either descended or ascended. The watch also has a thermometer, which means that you will be able to plan your activities for the day in a wide variety of temperatures. The watch is even good for skiers because you will be able to track how many laps you have skied.

Basic Features

This watch comes with features that many tracking devices don’t, including a stopwatch, graph, highly accurate compass, barometer, and most importantly, the altimeter. You will be able to track when the sun rises and sets for almost anywhere you are in the world. You can also track the altitude that you have traveled for seven days at a time, meaning that you will be able to see how far you have traveled overall for the week. Unlike many fitness trackers, this watch is great for skiers to track their laps as well because it is able to track altitude. And finally, a feature that pleased many people was the fact that the watch face was very easy to read and to use.

Advanced Features

The key features that this watch comes with are the barometer and the altimeter. Both of these features will work together to track many of the activities that you do. For example, you will be able to track your altitude, the air pressure, and the barometric pressure. The watch also is able to track the barometric pressure for a period of time so that way, you will be able to get more accurate results each time you use the watch. You will be able to track this data for seven days at a time.

Another interesting feature that this watch comes with is a thermometer which has the ability to read a wide variety of temperatures ranging from -5 Fahrenheit to 140F. However, people have said that, in order to get the most accurate measurement of temperature, you have to take the watch off because the natural temperature of your body could affect the reading.

This watch also has the ability to track when the sun will rise and set in over 400 different locations, allowing you to even further plan out your day and when you plan to carry out your activities.


Unlike many fitness trackers, this watch does not need to be connected to any Bluetooth or WiFi connections in order to operate. It works with a battery that already comes with the watch, and all the activities that you perform using it will be done through the watch itself.


While the watch is standalone, there is a featured Movescount app that works with many of the other devices made by the Suunto brand. However, you will be able to use all of the features that the watch offers on their own, including the temperature, stopwatch, sunrise and sunset trackers, alarms, and more. There is not really much of a need for you to use any other apps with this watch.


Since the watch is meant to be used in many different conditions, it should be expected that the watch will have maximum comfort so that you won’t feel uncomfortable or like you need to take it off. The watch has a wristband that isn’t too heavy, so you will be able to wear it for as long as possible without feeling the need to take it off. Also, the wristband has 13 holes in it, so you will be able to adjust the band as needed to fit your wrist.


While the face of this watch is rather large, that does not detract from the watch’s overall attractive design. People were pleased with the fact that the watch offered many options to suit their personal style. There are several different color watch bands that you can choose from, and the display of the watch itself is available in different colors too. And, the watch gives you the ability to change these bands so you don’t have to limit yourself to just one choice.


A watch that comes with all the features that the Suunto Core watch does needs to be as durable as possible. This watch is waterproof up to 100 feet deep, and it also is able to measure temperatures between -5 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that you can use the watch in essentially any type of weather you’d like. The rubber band on the watch is firm enough to last as long as possible but soft enough to not cause you any discomfort. Since the watch operates using an internal battery, you won’t have to worry about using a charger or having the watch die on you as you are out and about. Overall, people were pleased with how durable and strong this watch was, and how long it was built to last.


As well as having different colors for the band, the writing on the watch face can come in either white or red, depending on the color the band you chose is. Many people were pleased with the watch face, saying that it is easy to use and has a clear display. You will be able to navigate the watch easily thanks to the size of its face. You can have three things on the screen at once.


The watch only comes in one size, but there are many different bands for you to choose from if you wish to get a few at once. The band has just the right feel to it where you are not uncomfortable from it being too rigid or firm, but it also isn’t soft to the point where you think that it will become damaged easily after a few uses. The watch band has 13 different holes in it for you to adjust the size of it as it suits you. The watch band is available in brushed steel, white, black, lime, gray, and more.

Ease of Use

Since the watch does not come with any extra accessories, and since you are able to use the watch from the minute you receive it since it does not need to be used with any sort of wireless connection, the watch is extremely easy to use. Besides that, the face of the watch is huge and you will be able to easily read everything that is on the screen. The menus are labeled clearly and you will be able to navigate the different features the watch offers with ease. You won’t have to worry about doing anything incorrectly because of how clearly labeled and easy everything is.


One thing that many people were pleased with when it came to the way this watch operates is the fact that it has a very long battery life. It is important to note that the watch cannot be charged, and you will have to purchase the battery kit separately for when the battery dies. The battery life of the watch is said to last approximately a year, but you may notice the watch slowing down in its activities as the time approaches for you to change the battery.


You might assume that you would need to pay a lot of money for a watch that comes with as many features as the Suunto Core, but in reality, it is priced fairly well when compared to other similar watches available on the market. The price of this watch varies based on the website you choose to purchase it from. For example, on Amazon, you may be able to find this watch for as low as $130. It definitely is not one of the cheapest fitness trackers, but considering all that the watch is able to do, the price tag is definitely a shocker.


When you go to purchase the watch, it will not come with any extra accessories other than the watch itself since the watch does not operate using a charger or any other possible accessories. However, there are some accessories that are compatible with the Core watch, including watch bands in several different colors and a kit for changing the battery when the battery life starts to run low. You can easily purchase these accessories on the official website or wherever else you chose to purchase the watch from.

Key Features

-The watch comes with many different interesting features, including a compass, timer, and stopwatch
-The watch is able to track the times for sunset and sunrise in over 400 different locations across the world
-The watch is said to be waterproof up to 100 feet
-The battery life is one year
-The face of the watch is easy to read and to use
-The altimeter and barometer that the watch features help you to measure the air pressure for possible storms and give you the most accurate measurements of your altitude

Bottom Line

The Suunto Core watch is one of the best watches on the market that offers many outdoor activities, which comes to no surprise since the Suunto brand makes some of the best outdoor gear out there. The watch comes with a compass, a built-in altimeter and barometer, sunset and sunrise trackers, waterproof abilities, and more. You will be able to track your altitude and the air pressure for possible storms coming your way. If you’re someone who loves water sports, this watch will indulge you because it is waterproof up to 100 feet. There is a lot that you can do with the Suunto Core watch, and a great bonus is that it is relatively inexpensive compared to lots of smartwatches out there.