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Best Cheap Paddle Boards ReviewedBuying Guide
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Best Cheap Paddle Boards Reviewed
Stand-up paddleboarding (also referred to as SUP) is one of the fastest-growing outdoor activities. Thanks to the introduction of inflatable paddleboards (aka iSUP) a few years ago, stand-up paddleboarding is now accessible to just about anyone on any budget. With the sport's ever-growing populari...
Our review of the best inflatable paddle board pumpBuying Guide
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Best Electric SUP Pump for 2024
Manual iSUP pumps are a workout in and of themselves. Save your time and energy for paddling on the water, not pumping up your inflatable SUP! These 5 SUP pumps will give you everything you need to get you out on the water faster and with fresher arms. Read on!
Best Paddle Board PaddlesBuying Guide
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Best Paddle Board Paddles
With all the buzz nowadays surrounding stand up paddle boards, all of the focus tends to revolve around the boards themselves. Naturally - an investment of $300 -$1200 requires some time and consideration. Regardless, even if you buy the absolute best SUP or iSUP on the market, the quality of your pa...
Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle BoardsBuying Guide
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Best Inflatable Paddle Boards (iSUP)
2021 is here and it'll be summer before we know it. Last summer saw an incredible boom in the paddle board industry (and every outdoor product industry!) which has resulted in a lot of new, excellent players in the inflatable stand up paddleboard (aka "inflatable SUP" or "iSUP") market for us to revi...
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The Gear Hunt's full review of the ROC Inflatable SUP
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ROC Inflatable SUP Review
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