Saucony Kinvara 9

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Saucony Kinvara 9 Review Facts

Out for a jog and you realize that your shoes have seen better days. You need a new pair, but where to look? Some sports shoes work well, but you want something designed for running, after all, you aren’t planning to stop off for a game of basketball. You needn’t look too terribly far to find actual running shoes, but which brand? What style? You want to know that your shoes will work for you and that you aren’t just throwing your money at a pair that has not enough support or falls apart after only a few runs. Well, we bring you brands that are made to last to look at, and from there we provide just the right amount of information so that you can decide if they are a fit. This particular shoe, the Saucony Kinvara 9 may be exactly what you need! Take a look over the details and decide for yourself if this is your next purchase, or if you need to push on to check some of the other possibilities on Gear Hunt.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Color choices

Great heel support

Seamless feel

Arch support

Shock absorption

Very light weight

Smaller drop


Narrow fit

Insole may be too soft for some


This outsole is designed for better grip and evenly distributes the impact of each step, allowing you to make your morning run without jarring your legs or losing comfort over time which some shoes can end up doing. The rubber is flexible but durable, so your movements won’t feel stiff and each step can be taken in an assurance that you won’t lose balance or fall. You’ll easily be able to take off and make your run times faster and more efficient with these. The pattern applied is specific to where the foot is more likely to take impact connection on the shoe, allowing for its much lighter weight.


Made of specialized foam, the midsole provides comfort and cushion to allow your feet to remain supported and leave you feeling like you are all but running on clouds. Unlike some shoes, this padding doesn’t take a lot of power for it to give you that comforting bounce to your step and is designed so that your first step all the way to your last has the same soft feel. No more sore feet, no matter how long or short your run/jog is.


As with previous versions of their running shoes, the Kinvara 9 has the same flex film support, however, they didn’t add quite as much to this particular version. Instead of placing it everywhere on the upper, it is mainly used in the lace, but the foam padding makes up for it and the shoe still fits firmly but comfortably around the heel. The pro-lock system also aids in providing the lost snug feeling from the flex film and still gives that hugging feeling that provides the wearer with that much-needed support.


One of the greatest qualities this shoe has is that it definitely cuts out all the middle ground so that you have a lighter feeling in your step. Most running shoes weigh around 11.4 oz, this one only weighs at 7.6 oz so nearly half the weight is removed from your foot, putting less stress on your joints when running or jogging. You can take longer routes without feeling the added burn in your ankle for having done so. Most of the weight in a running shoe is in the bottom rubber soles, but as mentioned earlier, their model cuts out the unneeded material, so you don’t have to carry unnecessary materials.


While this shoe provides a breathable upper mesh cover, it isn’t one of its stronger points. Out of the many compliments this shoe has received, the one negative seems to come from the mesh itself. While breathable, there is an added pressure point on the middle top because of the mesh which can cause discomfort for some runners. Not everyone felt the same, but it may be something to keep in mind when deciding on what item you want to purchase. It does allow for better breathability, but if you have a higher arch, this may be a skipping point.


Everyone seems to agree on this for the most part. If you have a low or no arch or wider foot, these shoes are not your best option, but they aren’t the worst either. For those with a mid-level or higher arch, and or smaller feet these are perfect. With all of the added padding to make sure your foot doesn’t slip or slide around your shoe, it gives you the extra support and comfort most products lack. For those of us who have a hard time finding a shoe that both fits and ‘hugs’ our foot to prevent a long run from causing blisters, this product is a natural choice. It will keep you going without having to slow down or take a day off because of painful pressure.


There are a lot of colors and styles to choose from for this brand. You can easily find what you need to fit your everyday routine, though some have said that the men’s version doesn’t have quite as many as the women’s. If you aren’t into black or white running shoe colors, you might still find a pair that works for you. Of course, a good idea, as always, is to look over your options before deciding. Your main colors are grey, black, blue and orange, so something is bound to be eye-catching!


Saucony has earned a reputation as being great with their insoles as well as the material they use on the cloth, however, if you like to run nearly non-stop, or prefer hard terrain, it is suggested that they may not last when it comes to the outer soles as long as some others might. They are extremely durable for the short burst runners and mid-level joggers. They especially last for those who prefer indoor running on treadmills. That being said, outdoor terrain is rough on most brands of shoes, so maybe it’s just something to be expected. Regardless, the fact that they remain comfortable to the very end sure says something good about the quality- and if it takes one hundred miles to see a wear down, I’d say they are plenty durable in my book.


These are great shoes for protecting your feet and ankles from impact issues, not to mention the support given to the muscles. They also offer protection against your foot sliding around in your shoes, preventing raw skin and blisters while you run or jog. Their soles are designed so that you don’t have to worry about how your feet hit the ground either and have a great amount of traction, so falls are less likely as well. The only thing they don’t seem to offer is staying dry during wet weather. All in all, these running shoes are made to protect your feet exactly as a running shoe should.


This line of the Kinvara shoe is very responsive to those with a higher arch. The way the padding and design of the product fits, it holds better and bends easier for the movements of the foot. The inside conforms enough, while in movement, to provide a continuous grip even when the foot isn’t on the ground, allowing for less slip and even more traction both inside and out.


As stated earlier, the support is based on a cushion system that runs through the entire line, giving a snug and easy fit for the wearer. Unfortunately, the way the outsole was designed for this particular number in the line, it does take some support away from those with low or no arch and/or wider feet. So, keep it in mind when deciding which shoe to go with. If you have a higher arch, however, these shoes are perfectly designed to always support you from touch down to lift off, so they are a great buy if you need that extra support at a higher arch line.


This product was designed to go best with paved or smooth-running areas such as sidewalks, paved running trails or indoor running. They hold up best and work the most when you take this into consideration. If you prefer the less traveled spaces, they will still work well, but may not last as long. They still won’t fail in their primary duties, but as with anything taken out of the space it was designed for, you do get downsides. Fortunately, though, this one holds out longer than most cheaper brands and will still keep you going even off the beaten trail for much longer than you might expect.


The price for these shoes vary, when selecting both size and color. The range going from the low end to over one hundred dollars. If you are really picky about how you look you may find yourself adding in extra pennies to get that style you like, but if color doesn’t matter more than the comfort and support this shoe gives you, then you won’t have to pinch your wallet too hard. As with most brands of shoes, you can expect appearance to be the most costly feature, but you don’t have to sacrifice the whole bundle to get your hands on a pair.


This is one of the things that has us staring at these shoes. The traction is usually placed completely on the bottom rubber sole in most brands, but traction has to come from both in and out- and that is something Saucony has taken to heart. After all, if your foot is sliding around on the inside, it can cause a fall when the outside sticks just as easily as if the outside slipped. With a foot sliding on the inside though, you could end up with a twisted ankle before you even realize you’re going down. Thankfully these shoes have traction on both ends. By fitting and holding snuggly inside and having a great design for preventing lost grip on the outside, your chances of falling are cut down even further, and that is a great quality for a shoe to offer.


The Kinvara offers a great flexibility in its line, to begin with, and this one only seems to do more, at least for the most part. The rubber sole itself has much more give, mainly due to the fact it has less rubber that has to move and bend, however, the grip design on the top from the flex Pro-Lock system does cause a little bit of an issue. The problem comes from the mid-point on top being a little too tight on some feet, causing the shoe to not bend as easily without digging in. The Upside is that the same grip prevents the tongue from sliding around on top of your foot while you move. As with any improvements in a product line, there will always be a give and take. It doesn’t prevent the flexibility, only adds an extra pressure point that may take some getting used to.


If you want stability, this shoe has proven to be adept at such. The unique design actually allows for traction even on steep or smoother inclines. Since your foot won’t slide either inside the shoe or on the ground, you can bet you will have stable footing even on the terrains you usually have a harder time getting through. No more worries about if you can keep good enough grip to get up the side of that hill you always wanted to work your way through (and trust me, we’ve seen how steep some walkways, paved or not, can get! Whew!).


Many running shoes have picked up on the fact that a smaller drop makes for a better running shoe, and there are no worries here on that part! With only a 4mm drop you can be sure that the impact on your foot and the roll with your step will be less harsh and allow for a much easier runtime. Why does this lower drop matter? Well, some find that it adds to the comfort of a shoe. In this case, a lower drop means there is less pressure placed on certain muscles when you run. If you have a drop that is more comfortable for you, this can be very important when deciding on what to purchase. Of course, unless you have suffered an injury, the size of the drop doesn’t matter quite as much, it’s all a thing of comfort!

Key Features

-Eva cushion support insole
-Pro-Lock for holding the shoe tongue in place
-Flex grip to help prevent the foot from sliding inside the shoe
-Great traction

Bottom Line

While every shoe, including this one, has its drawbacks, they all have their upside as well. Overall, we feel this products pros far outweigh its cons and is well worth looking into. If you need that extra support and firm traction in a lightweight package the Saucony Kinvara is the right shoe for you. If it is style you are looking for though, you might want to keep going. We feel this shoe does have some great options, but not everyone agrees.