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Nike Lebron Soldier 10 Review Facts

Whether you are looking for a good new running shoe, or your out to up your anty with a brand of sports shoe you can trust, the Nike Lebron Soldier 10 is not about to disappoint. Everyone knows that Nike is a brand you can trust to bring you the best in shoe products, so it comes as no surprise that they have once again got you covered in everything you need for a shoe that gives you comfort and support in its performance. Another great trait of the company is that it lasts and surpasses its competition with flying colors. You want something that won’t leave you aching and looking for another show to replace it with within a week or two, and this will definitely have you covered there. We did our research and the results match the brands reputation for outstanding performance and quality. You won’t be disappointed, and you will definitely feel it is money well spent and not wasted. Here we will list all of the traits that make the Lebron Soldier 10 the best in its class. We hope you enjoy the read and find the information more than a little useful when you go to decide on this shoe as your final purchase. Between its stylish appearance and its great functionality, we have found it meets every requirement to be rated and brought to the attention of our readers.

Of course, we never want to leave you with a pure sales pitch, we want you to know we truly took our time on this product as we have with all the other gear we have brought to you. That said, we have our usual list of quick pros and cons to help you decide if you want to know more, or if you see that it doesn’t quite meet with exactly what you are looking for. So without further delay let us look at where this Nike shoe lines up.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Air sole support
  • Easy strap on with adjustable straps
  • Supports high arch feet
  • Non-slip design for traction and durability
  • Compression bootie for long-term comfort
  • Ankle support
  • Multiple colors and styles
  • Hard to clean
  • Not easy to break in
  • Hard to get on
  • Better for narrow feet
  • Best for indoor running and surfaces


We all know that when going over a shoe and it’s outsole, the quality of what it is made of is important to the rest of its design. This particular Nike brand shoe has a gel outsole which likely adds to both the supporting comfort as well as it’s traction. Unfortunately, for those of us who understand the substance, it brings up a rather good question- how durable is the gel sole rally, and how easy can it truly be to clean? While the durability has been said to be surprisingly high, the problem is that with a gel bottom, you can’t exactly throw it in the washer and dryer to get clean- too much heat, Gel isn’t the best substance when going out on hot surfaces wither. While using them to run track on dirt paths and some types of harder rocky surfaces, there is no guarantee that hot cement or roadways wouldn’t cause an issue. Though these are meant for indoor basketball courts and can be used for running, a great bit of advice would be to test a surface before taking these otherwise durable and high-quality shoes out onto it. The good news about a gel sole though is that its traction and durability on the right surfaces can be unparalleled, and not to mention it has a much higher comfort level as they are more flexible than hard soled shoes. We would honestly give this an 8 out of ten for design on this area.


This midsole design is unique with the way it was put together. This is great news for heavier guys but can spell a bit of trouble if you are lighter on your feet. The cushioning support is meant to aid in power plays, a lot of force is actually necessary to cause the cushioned support to actually work as it was intended. This means lighter weight runners and players may feel the shoe is unsupportive when using them. This can lead to the belief that there is no real support from the inner bootie, or midsole, in comparison to other shoes. With those who push hard on their feet or simply weigh more, though, this aextra cushioning and air support will feel magnificent.
Because of the fact these shoes are so narrow and hard to get on for wider feet, and the support seems to be aimed at those who would have wider or larger feet to begin with, this made us have to really think about what we would truly rate this at. It was a great idea but given all the information we’d have to give this a seven out of ten for forethought on just who would be able to get in the shoe before designing what type of support it would actually give.


If you are looking for flexibility and breathability in your shoe, this is definitely where you would find it. This shoe was made of breathable mesh and held to your foot by straps. Since its release, Nike has apparently given further thought to no lacing at all, though and does offer a version with elastic bungee style lacing over the mid-section. The reason for its lack of laces originally, though, was something of a genius thought process. It allowed the opening above the tongue of the shoe to be more flexible, and therefore more breathable during long-term use. The materials themselves are comfortable and allow the foot to fit snugly without restricting movement, which is a plus in our book. For this design, we give it a high nine out of ten for its ingenuity. If you are looking for a shoe that lets you move and doesn’t make you feel like you have run through a dozen puddles when you take it off, this is one you really want to consider. We do have to point out though, that the version that lacks laces has been said to have issues with putting more wear on the straps, so you may want to decide which is better for your foot before purchasing.


For the style of shoe that the Lebron Soldier 10 is built after, its weight is surprisingly less than the average. The overall design makes you think it might weigh more because of everything it entails for support and durability, but it actually weighs nearly an ounce less than the average basketball shoe. When running or playing a sport, shoe weight can absolutely make a difference in just how good a shoe is, after all, the heavier the shoe, the harder it is to make quick changes in your stride or foot placement, and a heavy shoe can throw you off balance completely. That being said this particular product took it to mind that most of its wearers would need quick response without being dragged along for a ride simply by swinging their foot in a different direction than originally set for. So if maneuverability is one of your top priorities, whether to get around another player or to round those sharp curves, the Lebron will certainly meet your expectations. Again, we have to give another trait a nine out of ten, but what do you really expect, we are talking about one of the world top brands of shoe.


This, of course, could be said to be highly reliant on the material of the shoe and a bit redundant to talk of on its own. While we do agree that the material plays a great part of this, it also comes from the design as well in this products case. Not only is the material breathable, but the design allows greater airflow as well. The older version of this shoe is trademarked to not have any laces at all, so the tongue is held against the foot only by the tightening straps. This means that when you bend your foot while running, walking, jogging or jumping, the shoe is going to let more air in where the top part of the shoe flexes. With the more traditional version, this will happen less because the lacing prevents the material form separating out when it is flexed. The idea is a good one when looking for excellent breathability, however, it proved to be a problem with the durability when it came to some of their customers. Because the shoe itself still has high breathability, and they offer it with both designs, we feel this particular trait still deserves an 8 out of ten for its creative approach. After all, not everyone found the problem in the long run, so maybe the issue fell to how much use and how it was being used rather than the design itself?


There are many opinions out there when it comes to just how comfortable this shoe really is. While some sing its praises, others find it to be one of the least supportive shoes they have purchased. A breakdown comes in the design of the shoe and who benefits best from it. The shoe is difficult to put on and break in for those who have wider or bigger feet. This can cause issues in the short run of things since all shoes require a break-in period, however, it is agreed by the majority that this shoe actually takes longer than most to do so. Once it is broken in you start to learn about the secondary issues. The support is meant for forceful use or heavier weight. These do not have to go hand in hand, but often times they do. The air support system seems to be triggered by the amount of pressure being placed on the inside of the shoe by the wearer, so the more pressure or force placed, the more support it gives. This is great for runners, joggers and some sports players, it’s even good news for those who lift weights while on their feet or who work on hard floors and are always on the go lifting heavy objects. For those who are lighter and apply as little force as possible to their feet when exercising though, this has ended up being a bad design. With little to no pressure being applied, the shoe can often times feel stiffer and less supportive. When deciding on this particular product, take into consideration what you need or want it for. If you don’t believe you’ll be using it in a manner that applies a lot of pressure, you may want to look elsewhere. Because of this, we feel this trait is a great idea, but a 7.5 out of ten when played out.


What is a Nike brand shoe without style? We all know this was the brands beginning focus, a shoe that looked good and functioned even better. This particular line is no exception to that rule. This line comes in several colors and styles to fit every wearer needs, both in appearance and shoe functionality. There is a wide selection of the Lebron Soldier 10 so if you do not like the way the first pair you see looks, keep going! Although designed as a basketball shoe, and it does look the part, it is also great for running and jogging as well. The supportive straps and breathability mean that you can go the extra mile and not lose the support and still feel comfortable coming back. It’s really good for the power runner given the design to its support system. And if you hate the idea of a shoe’s sole not blending well with its material, then you won’t have any worries here. For both its unique design and its many color options we feel this one deserves a 9.5 out of ten, keeping up with the Nike brand in full.


This is an area of contention when it comes to this particular shoe. Because of its design, some have found that it wears out easily through their usage, while others have found the exact opposite. Of course, as with all products, you have to also take proper care of the shoe and pay attention to what it is mainly built for. Since this is an item mainly intended for indoor basketball use, its use outside may cause some need to pay attention to what kind of surfaces you are intending to wear them on. Gel soles are great for traction, but on a surface that gets excessively hot, it may cause the gel to wear down and break apart easier. Its laceless design can also add to the issue of durability if you have a larger foot- so it may be a good idea to seek the ones out that have the bungie support as well. Also, how you clean them can come into play because of the design as well. If all things are considered and you take care of the shoes properly they will last longer than others of similar make. Overall, we give this a seven out of ten.


These shoes provide the kind of protection required during heavy play, but the breathable design means they likely aren’t great for any sort of use during poor weather. Due to the gel sole, it is likely able to provide protection against sharper surfaces, forming around instead of letting it push through. In the end, this shoe does as it was designed and protects mainly from foot pain associated with heavy footfalls and heavier weight. It supports the arch and ankle against impact style injuries and keeps your balance just right. The awesome traction of this shoe will also help in preventing slips and falls as well. For its design and intended purpose, we give this shoe an 8.7 out of ten.


The design, as mentioned above, is intended for indoor basketball players, however, it can be used for other purposes. Due to its intended use, it will, however, degrade much more easily when used outdoors, especially on rougher surfaces such a blacktop, Smoother surfaces won’t degrade it quite as quickly, but keep in mind that this product uses a gel in its outer sole for traction support. So, if your running indoors, or worn-down dirt trails you might be fine, just don’t expect them to last quite as long. We give this trait a 6.9 out of ten.


These shoes are on the high range of price scale no matter how you look at them. If you need a basketball or workout shoe, though, they might be worth it. If you need an outdoor shoe for harder surfaces like blacktop though, we suggest a look into some of the other Nike brand shoes. These are great for indoor running, or softer, smoother, terrain, but they just don’t pick up slack on the surfaces that are more abrasive or can get really hot. Due to its lack of range of uses in the overall scheme of things, we rate this a seven out of ten for its price.


This shoe offers great traction- if you are on the right type of terrain for their make. Unfortunately, that same traction build doesn’t last long when you step off of the indoor surfaces for the rougher terrain. They might still be great, however as a heavy work shoe for support if you’re in retail or other heavy lifting jobs. Their traction on hard smooth surfaces, as well as the support under greater weights, will aid in preventing foot and ankle wear or injury. An 8 out of ten for its intended use.


We’ve mentioned several times already just how amazingly flexible this shoe is, but then again, you need that on an indoor basketball court. With its unusual design, this shoe allows for quick and easy movements while still supporting its wearer's joints and muscles. Quite deserving of a 9.8 out of ten.


Stability comes hand in hand with a lot of the above-mentioned traits, and if used and cared for appropriately these shoes offer quite a bit of that. Through its strap support, breathability, flexibility, and traction, this shoe will undoubtedly give you the stability all Nike shoes brag about. We give this an 8.3 out of 10.

Key Features

Gel traction support
High top ankle support
High-pressure support
Design for quick movement/speed
Flexibility for the foot and ankle

Bottom Line

These shoes are best for indoor sports and workouts, but they definitely have perks outside of exercise. If you need a good indoor shoe for your work and don’t need steel toes, these may be the answer for all your heavy lifting. If you prefer running on treadmills and lifting weights, these are absolutely worth the look for you as well. While outdoor runners may find better luck for durability elsewhere, these have been said to do extremely well while they last on the surfaces they aren’t intended for, but only if you don’t mind the high price it will run to keep replacing them. Overall, we give this shoe an 8.5 based on its intended use, and how it stands up under pressure.