Salewa Wildfire GTX

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Salewa Wildfire GTX Review Facts

Are you looking for the ideal boots for the man who likes to go backpacking, hiking, or outdoor activities? Then the Salewa Wildfire GTX is what you have been looking for.

The upper is made from GORE-TEX which wraps the foot in a breathable and waterproof shell. This shell guards the feet from any injury and moisture to feet. The EXA-SHELL material acts as a defense to your feet against all the elements. The weather, trail, and whatever else you may come in contact with does not stand a chance with these boots on.

These promise to give the necessary support for those far and wide hikes. The OrthoLite footbed offers comfort to your feet for miles and miles of walking. You will love the stellar grip these allow you when hiking upwards or downwards. All this is with recognition to the EXA SHELL outsole.

The following review is going to prove to you how valuable they will be. The Salewa Wildfire GTX provides you with all the safety, flexibility, and security needed. These will keep your footing stable while on your climbing mission. If you have a steep climbing mission in your near future, then these are the ideal companion.

Below is a review of the pros, cons, and special features of the Salewa Wildfire GTX. This review can serve as a complete guide about this brand of boot and if it is right for you.

The following review is going to prove to you just how valuable they will be. They provide you all the safety, flexibility, and security you need to keep your footing stable while on your climbing mission. Let's get into it.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Multi-functional, comfortable fit for all walking

Can be worn in a variety of conditions


PU technology for steady fit/comfort.

EVA OrthoLite for sure-foot traction

Full-length stabilizer.

Boots are waterproof as well as breathable.


Shoes were not sized right

Similar to walking barefoot on plywood

Customer service not what it should be.

Sole Composition

The Wildfire GTX has an EVA Ortholite footbed sole composition. What this means is the soles meet the highest quality and technology of rubber and gets a “gold standard” in the outdoor shoe industry for reliability. They have superior quality for traction as well as grip presentation.

Salewa makes this style of boots with responsiveness which is not parallel to their other products. Additionally, this support feature has been created to add enjoyment to all your outdoor adventures.


These bad boys are made for use for different types of terrain - specifically trails and roads. Whether you are hiking in the woods or trekking along the city streets, your feet will be in ultimate comfort no matter what.

Also, these are made with GORE-TEX waterproof membrane wraps, which ensures that they will not be damaged if you wear them in the rain or snow.


Traction is very important when choosing a boot to wear for hiking or other outdoor activities. The Wildfire GTX will provide you just the right amount of traction to make your activities more enjoyable. The Pomoca outsole holds the highest standard for reliability, traction, and performance.

It does not matter where you plan on wearing these, as the traction they provide you with will ensure the right amount of precision and stability required for all outdoor activities. The responsiveness proves they were constructed just for you and your walking or hiking needs. It does not matter if the surface is rocky, wet, or dry, you will always have adequate support and traction.

Upper Build

The uppers are made from a breathable mesh material. There is also an EXA SHELL microfiber material injection in the 3D cage. This EXA SHELL blankets the foot for an exact fit. Aiding in providing for an overall and complete balanced fit for the entire foot.

This EXA SHELL aids in providing an overall and completely balanced fit for the entire foot. This EXA SHELL microfiber material that the upper is made of also affords the wearer with complete abrasion resistance. No longer will you experience the blistering on your feet caused by constant friction. The friction that is caused by shoes that do not fit snug and start rubbing and irritating the same area can be extremely painful if you're not careful to avoid it.

Size & Weight

The Salewa Wildfire GTX boots are made to be lightweight—only weighing in at a little less than three pounds. This is incredibly light for a man’s boot. It is recommended to order the same size as your regular shoe size is. It is guaranteed to be true to size when you order them. No need to buy a size larger to fit the thick hiking socks you plan to wear with them.

Airflow & Waterproofing

As the name implies, the Salewa Wildfire GTX is made from GORE-TEX material. They are built to be durable as well as windproof and waterproof. Additionally, they are breathable and allow for steadfast weather defense. As well as the utmost in comfort during a huge variety of outdoor events.

Clothing or GORE-TEX boots permit the elimination of body perspiration. This results in the feet remaining cooler and more rapid cooling down period following any strenuous activities. When the feet are cool you will notice the rest of your body can also remain cool as well.

Comfort & Cushioning

It is imperative that the boots you purchase for work or play to be comfortable and provide lots of cushioning. This cushioning should allow for a superior amount of weight-bearing ability. As well, it should provide the wearer with relief from any discomfort. The unique Salewa 3F system connects the heel and sole to the instep area providing ample flexibility and support.

The Salewa Wildfire GTX boots come with the GORE-TEX promise for extended comfort in the lining. Additionally, the footbed is made of a washable OrthoLite material. This material provides cushioning for long-term breathability as well as moisture management.

Another great Salewa product we reviewed is the Salewa Mountain Trainer 2 GTX, so make sure to check it out as well.

The boots you buy should deter fatigue in the feet and legs by providing the finest cushioning support available. The right cushioning offers defense to feet, ankles, knees, and back against harsh forces created when walking on rugged terrain.

The Salewa Wildfire GTX promises to afford the consumer this type of comfort and cushioning.


Aesthetics as a general rule are what make a product have beauty and taste. When we speak about the aesthetics of footwear, we are concerned with how they fit and appear to the consumer. You'll be more apt to invest in a pair of hiking boots or shoes that are both attractive to look at and efficient at their job.

The aesthetics of the Wildfire GTX meet all these necessary requirements. They are beautiful in appearance because they are made of fine suede material, which is both visually appealing and comfortable. But, as you've read, they're also efficient at providing enough support and stability for those outdoor adventures.

Longevity & Overall Quality

Salewa makes these boots to have outstanding longevity. Throughout the years they have proven to be durable and long-lasting. With the technology of Vibram compounds, they set the gold standard for all outdoor footwear.

They provide superior performance abilities as well as reliability for excellent grip and traction. The Salewa Wildfire GTX offers the consumer an incomparable and accurate amount of responsiveness as well as all the necessary reinforcements needed for all your outdoor activities.

Safety Features

There are many safety features that come with the purchase of the Salewa Wildfire GTX. These features include a tremendous amount of grip and the traction that the POMOCA outsole promises to offer. This excellent traction and grip to protect the wearer from any unfortunate falls or mishaps because they will always be on a sure footing.

In addition, the GORE-TEX material these are constructed of make them waterproof, breathable, and wind-proof. These have an excellent defense against the many different weather conditions you might come across.


The Salewa Wildfire GTX is surprisingly lightweight and flexible at a little under three pounds. You are going to love how the full-length shank affords you the support you require when you go out hiking or trekking. These also have a footbed made from OrthoLite. This footbed will provide the right amount of flexibility and support as well as moisture protection and long-lasting comfort.

You will be impressed by the astral control you have when hiking up or downhill. This control is due to the EXA SHELL outsole that your new boots are equipped with. It provides you with the precise, exact fit they require for an ideal balance and protection from any form of abrasion from the upper material.

Support & Balance

Another excellent feature of the Salewa Wildfire GTX is the EXA SHELL sole. The sole allows for the most secure traction and stabilization available. You will find that the instant you put these on you feel the difference. These are far from your ordinary pair of hiking boots.

You will have an incredible balance resulting from the 3F System that connects the sole and heel to the instep area. This gives the wearer the exact fit that is needed, as well as all the support and flexibility of a good pair of hiking boots.

Lacing System

The lacing system of the Salewa Wildfire GTX Mid-boot provides a lightweight steadiness. There are seven eyelets to the system. This lacing system provides the wearer with a cozy feeling of ankle reinforcement. If you are planning on going on a hiking trip that will involve lots of walking over uneven terrain, these boots will make the trip much more enjoyable.

These are outfitted with a climbing lacing system. This means it provides precision adjustment in the toe section, allowing for the right amount of performance and support required for all tactical climbing in even the most difficult terrain.

Cost & Value

These are two features that even though they are presented together there is much difference in them. We judge a product by what it ultimately costs because we do not want it to affect our wallet too much. However, when shopping for something as important as a pair of hiking boots, you want to ensure they are not only comfortable but also made to last.

The Salewa Wildfire GTX are definitely made to last. They constructed from a beautiful suede leather material that has the GORE-TEX membrane, making them waterproof as well as breathable. The uppers are going to wrap your foot in complete comfort and security. You'll also love their ability to provide excellent stability as well as flexibility when hiking any terrain.

Even though at first glance, the price seems a bit on the pricey side, you will soon discover just how invaluable these boots will be on your next outing. You will be able to hike for miles without any pain or discomfort the cheaper brands of boots might cause.

Even though these are made so expertly and you probably will not need it, the Salewa Wildfire GTX comes with a full two-year warranty.

Key Features

Made for use when hiking, trekking, or even casual walking.
Have a GORE-TEX waterproofing.
Made for mid-size footwear height.
Uppers made from durable suede material.
POMOCA outsole provides excellent traction.
OrthoLite footbed is washable; long-time cushioning, water/moisture-proof.
Designed for use on the open trail or road.
Excellent responsiveness, support, flexibility, and stabilizing the ability.

Bottom Line

In wrapping up this review of the Salewa Wildfire GTX, it has been determined that this middle weighing boot works very efficiently. It weighs in at a little under three pounds and has a high collar, which delivers the wearer extreme comfort and steadiness.

It is also a big bonus that these are weather, wind, and water-resistant and that it comes in narrow sizes. The EVA and OrthoLite footbed midsole offer an extended-wear comfort. Overall, this boot will deliver everything you are expecting from a hiking boot and are built to last many hiking trips.