Salewa Mountain Trainer 2 GTX

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Editor’s Conclusion
The Salewa Mountain Trainer 2 GORE-TEX Walking Shoe has had structural and cosmetic updates. This is a good approach shoe for Alpine environments where large rocks and gnarly tree roots are a constant challenge.

With Gore-Tex wet weather protection and supportive enough to give stability while hauling a moderate load. Below the ankle hiking shoe, this is available in two color options, and the FIT is true to size. This shoe is suitable for climbing small rock faces and gives a supportive edge grip for leverage.
Editor's Pros & Cons

Support & stability

Good in snow






Key Features


The design purpose is for getting into mountain areas, moving around in those areas, and later, making your way out. This shoe gives a comfortable grip and support for trekking over areas complete with various rocks and short climbs over larger rock obstacles.

A thick laced secure lace-up system comprising six eyelets ensures you can adjust and secure the shoe for a good FIT. They feature a two-part design in the insole for low and high-volume feet to aid comfortable support. You do get the level of comfort expected from a below the ankle cut.


A very supportive, stiff approach shoe. Designed to give rigid support for those hauling a moderate to heavy pack weight and an edge grip that gives needed grip on rock edges. The extra stiffness for this shoe works for providing support when it is most needed. You won't get the ankle support that a mid-height shoe/boot will give; however, the lace-up system does ensure structural support for the feet.


The shoe offers excellent protection while dealing with rough and often sharp scree. This protection is due to the solid heavy-duty rubber rand, which envelops the lower shoe and protects the uppers. The laces are thick heavy-duty laces designed to soak up wear and tear. The outsole is made with heavy-duty rubber, and the uppers are synthetic hard-wearing material combined with Gore-Tex water protection.

The uppers are suede leather which does give a good deal of durability in challenging terrain.


The shoe size will not allow the shoe to get a grip on tiny crevasses on a rock face. Any surface cracks the size of a cupped hand or larger, and this shoe can be used to get a safe foot-grip.

For climbing using protruding edges from rocks, if you can fit the edge of the shoe, you will get the needed support and edge-grip to climb up.


This model features Gore-Tex, which means a high level of water protection with a degree of breathability.


The design in Multi-Fit Footbed Plus allows you to customize FIT effectively. The SALEWA 3F System connects the instep area of the shoe with the heel and sole to enhance a comfortable, supportive FIT.


For traction, the sure-grip Vibram sole does give tried, trusted traction.

The design purpose for traction is for use on loose, firm dirt surfaces, snow, and scree. The shoe platform is stiff and enables secure edging traction while climbing up or over moderately sized rock obstacles.


The shoes will allow some airflow via the Gore-Tex and synthetic material tongue. The design's purpose is for use in incredible mountains, including snow. Therefore breathability has not been flagged up as an issue by users.


Two pounds and nine ounces, depending on shoe size as an average weight per pair. The heavyweight is due to heavy, robust materials, which give the shoe its supportive stiffness and a durability level that works in mountain environments.


When footwear has a specific design purpose, any comparison needs to include the exact purpose of design.

The nearest appropriate comparative option is the Salewa Men's Mountain Trainer Mid GTX Hiking Boot. You will get all the performance and support features designed into the Trainer 2 GTX Walking Shoe and more extra.

This comparative option comes with a higher price tag, reflecting that you get more in materials, support, and performance.


The Salewa Mountain Trainer 2 GTX is ideal for those who go into Alpine/Mountain terrains but do not need the extra's designed into a mid-height or full-on mountain boot.

This shoe is suitable for snow, firm and loose surfaces, and climbing moderate rock obstacles. The level of protection is good due to a solid heavy-duty protective rubber rand around the shoe.

The Gore-Tex works excellent in wet mountain environments; this shoe can deal with rain and snow. With a design purpose that has factored in a good performance, comfort, support, protection, and traction.

The price tag reflects quality, durability, and focused design. A good investment.