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Osprey Tempest 40 Review Facts

By now, you know we like Osprey, and if you’ve been keeping up with our articles, you know why. This company gives only the best of options for backpackers, hikers and campers alike. If you want a reliable and easy to use a backpack, you aren’t likely to find many that truly compete, and those that do are found here as well.

So, what brings us to the Tempest 40? Well, it seems they have brought yet another great line off packs into the light for us to enjoy. The number for these packs isn’t actually about upgrading, but rather how big the pack is, and in this case, it’s a lightweight 40-liter pack that is easy on the hikers back to carry.

This particular model has some similarities to Osprey’s other models but has a few of its own perks that are worth looking into. Those who have bought and used it have deemed it to be among, if not as, their favorites among their purchased gear. So, what makes this one stand out so readily? Let’s find out for ourselves!

Editor's Pros & Cons



Highly adjustable


External sleeve for hydration packs

Good for all backpack needs

Back ventilation


Rain cover sold separately


This pack has many features from top to bottom, and while you can find similar on most of Osprey’s packs, this one does have a few to change it up as well. The most notable of the now commonly appearing features on the lightweight packs are the floating and detachable lid. This lid can be used for extra small storage or can be removed to take a small amount of excess weight off. The other common feature is the trekking stick stow-and-go compartment. This handy compartment will allow you to quickly put away your trekking pole if needed, or just as quickly retrieve it.

Not found on every pack, however, is the external storage for your water bladder. According to those who have used this, it has led to a surprisingly more comfortable feel. The other added feature is the loose mesh instead of the usual stiffer style that these bags often use. Again, people have found that it adds more comfort than expected. There is also a sleeping bag compartment on the bottom which is good for the longer hauls where you are going to need the extra roll to lay on in order to be comfortable.

The best feature of this particular version of the Tempest is that it's extremely versatile. It can be used for both shorter and longer trips easily without compromising your comfort or its design. About the only feature, it seems to lack that a few people feel is necessary is a built-in rain cover, or at least to come with one. While the bag isn’t completely lacking in water resistance, it isn’t water-proof. If you get caught in the rain or your pack somehow ends up in a puddle, you may end up with it soaking through, and no one likes finding their supplies wet and or damaged.


All of the outer cloth material is made of nylon. But there are two types being applied here, and knowing what those are is often more beneficial than most realize. Nylon itself is a very durable and reliable material when it comes to backpacks that are held to the quality level that Osprey applies to all of their products. But not all nylon materials are the same. So, what two types of nylon are being used, and where?

Well, the main pack is made of 70D by 100D nylon mini shadow brick, and that’s where most of our attention is likely to be as it is where most of its work is. What is this material exactly? The only explanation we could find was straight out of Osprey’s site itself: it’s a lightweight rip-stop material they use for some of the lighter packs. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a lot more on exactly how this differs from your usual high-density nylon except that it is lighter.

The trim as well as the bottom of the pack is made of 420HD nylon packcloth and is what many of the backpacks have that give it the extra bit of durability one needs. Packcloth is semi-water resistant and highly durable as well as flexible. This allows for the bag to easily hold the intended load amounts without having to worry about quick wear and tear by doing so. Of course, this isn’t all that you need to know for materials.

This backpack also has an aluminum frame used to shift the weight to the hip belt. It also has an action frame sheet to help spread it back out across the entire back panel so that it feels like you are carrying next to nothing. So, what is Atilon exactly? It is a lightweight foam which in this case doubles to protect your back and allow for ventilation from top to bottom.

Finally, you have the biostretch harness and hip belt which use mesh-covered, die-cut slotted foam as their main sets of materials. They are both very flexible, durable and allow you to set your belts to exactly what you need for the best and most comfortable trip.


If you are seeking comfort as your primary target quality for your lightweight pack with everything else a secondary, this one has you perfectly covered! Everyone who has decided on the Osprey Tempest 40 has found that it is one of, if not the, most comfortable bag they have ever owned. There is even an app you can download to take a picture of yourself so that when you order, it sizes your purchase to be tailored perfectly without having to take any measurements at all.

While such a thing may sound impossible, those who have used it have found that it got their sizing and shape down to a T. They didn’t even have to do much adjusting to their straps at all to have the most perfect outing with their pack.

If you do end up letting someone borrow it though, never fear, the adjustability of the straps makes it easily fit anyone from adult to a child with just a little work. The pack is flexible to the extremes, and well with every cent asked for it in comfort alone.


This pack is designed to be both comfortable and lightweight, which makes it quickly draw attention from those looking for a pack that can do what they want when they want. However, is it durable, or does this bag falter the moment it is put to a rigorous test? Not at all. At least according to those who have chosen it to be their go-to pack for everything from an overnight to a four-day hike.

The only thing the Osprey Tempest 40 does seem to have against it is that it isn’t waterproof, and the rain cover has to be purchased separately. Of course, most people tend to have to buy some extra or another to go with their gear and so having to go a little extra to get a rain cover is no big deal.

If it is rain and water that concerns you, however, and you don’t want to have to get something to cover your pack, this may not be the perfect pack- even if it does have you covered in every other fashion.


The name of the bag actually gives you exactly what it can carry, at least in liters. It holds up to 40 liters, which makes it the biggest in this series of lightweight travel packs, but what is it is weight limits? Well, according to its specifications, the minimum weight to assure you get the perfect balance support is about 25 pounds. The maximum weight it is meant to carry is 40 pounds.

Like all packs, you can carry less, and likely a little more, but there were a few who tried this as a way of testing the bag itself. They found that if you go too far under you may have a little issue with getting the weight to even out, and the pack may end up feeling off-balance. It’s not always the best idea to go with a bigger pack if your intentions aren’t to carry so much.

On the flip side, as one might expect, your likely to wear your bag out faster and end up with an unbalanced pack as well if you go over the specified carry weight.


The brilliance of the Osprey Tempest 40 is its great versatility, both in being able to be adapted to your perfect fit and in how it can be used. The straps make it feasible for a child all the way through to an adult using it easily and still getting the same comfort and support to do so easily. The bag can also be used for just about everything you might need to have such a bag for.

It works well for overnight camping and a weekend hike, and it works for longer hikes and trips as well without causing any issue. The amount of space is perfect for up to four- or five days’ worth of supplies comfortably while not losing any of its perks as a lightweight bag.

Of course, its main purpose was to help fast movers and those seeking to perform high endurance sporting activities that need a bag that can move as easily as they can through the terrain.


This pack was designed for quick and easy travel. Despite its seeming bulkiness, the style of its design, with the outer bladder pack and loose but supportive mesh, it does its job well. If it’s a variety of color and appearance, though, that you are after you may be a little disappointed by the selection. Even on the official site, this particular size only appears to come in purple or black, and the logo, as well as the way the straps are set, remain exactly the same.

Of course, functionality is the top priority with most Osprey products. Physical look comes at a distant second to everything else on their list, which still makes the Tempest 40 a better buy than some of the fancier looking products on the market who sacrifice use for visuals.


The support comes from many of its key design features, and all of them work together to give you the level of comfort that you receive as well. First and foremost are the straps, which can be adjusted easily for a perfect fit. Each strap also has mesh and foam lining to allow decent airflow, and your pack can be easily set up for you before it is even sent by using an exclusive app available from Osprey.

The back has both mesh and an aluminum frame. These components work together to disperse the weight evenly and comfortably across your straps and back so you aren’t being overtaxed. The mesh also allows for greater airflow, so your back is left no hotter and sweatier than the rest of your body. But does it work as it claims to? All those who talked about it say it does.


This bag has a lot of organization qualities. The placement of its pockets is set so they're quick and easy to reach even while on the go. The pockets are everywhere and set up for specific users to make it easy to find: a stow and go for your trekking pole, belts and loops for picks and climbing gear, detachable straps for bedroll, a bottom pocket for your sleeping bag, a front mesh pocket for added gear, an external water bladder sleeve, side pockets for smaller gear and water bottles, a strap compartment for snacks, phone or GPS, the main compartment and a lid with additional space inside of it.

Key Features

- Tons of organization options
- Lightweight
- Durable construction
- Breathable for additional comfort
- External water bladder sleeve
- Balanced support

Bottom Line

If what you need is a well-rounded backpack for any type of backpacking, hiking, or camping needs, the Osprey Tempest 40 is likely one of the best you will find. The only thing you’ll need is to purchase the rain cover and you’re ready to go on one of the easiest trips you’ve likely done as far as this product goes.