Best Osprey Backpacks Reviewed & Rated for Quality

Looking for the right backpack for you? This list is compiled with everyone in mind, from the mountain climber to the student looking for a long lasting product for their school supplies, all the way to the new mom just wanting somewhere to fit all that she needs, this list provides the top ten backpacks for a variety of uses.

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By Ricardo Wisniewski:

When it comes to traveling and hiking, Osprey is one of the go-to brands in the world. In this recent update, readers will get a "behind-the-scenes" peak of how we were able to select each product for your consideration. We also shared a few tips and tricks along the way with some answers to commonly asked questions.

Featured Recommendations

  • Farpoint
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Compression straps
  • Price: See Here
  • Daylite
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Mesh-Back Panel
  • Price: See Here
Pixel Daypack
  • Pixel Daypack
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Zippered Expansion
  • Price: See Here

Osprey offers several lines, and all of them have a specific design for use, but backpacks can be utilized for everyone. Quality, room, and necessity are always the first things anyone looks for, that said, here are the featured recommendations!


10 Best Osprey Backpacks


1. Farpoint

1. Farpoint
The Farpoint has received widely good reviews and is deserving of its place as number one on this list. It offers room, comfort and a well-thought-out harness to aid its user in an easy transport system. When designing this particular line Osprey was considering their customers and how to best serve them in every way possible. While the pack may have been created for the long trek hiker, mountain climber and camper in mind, it is deserving of attention from anyone looking for that all around perfect backpack. Offering varying sizes to meet the needs, it is a great idea for the shopper to consider what it is they want or plan to carry when deciding on which Farpoint backpack they require.
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Panel access and locking mechanism

Out of all its features, the panel access to the main compartments and its locking sliders are truthfully the most valuable. With such a design it allows the owner to easily access everything in the main compartments but prevents anyone else from being able to easily get to those same items. For those looking to have both safety and ease of access when out traveling, or on a simple trip to the park, this is a definite perk to want at your disposal.

Compression straps

Most backpacks assume the ‘one size fits all’ when considering both the size of the interior and the way it fits the user. Not the Osprey Farpoint. You can get this designed gender specific, and the compression straps allow even further accommodation to make room for everything, or resize it for smaller carrying capacity.

Cost and Value

While some bulk at the higher price, they give up the value of the pack when walking away from this one. Unlike other backpacks, through the material, compatibility to use, safety and overall comfort, the Osprey Farpoint is truly worth more than the price tag it carries.
  • Lockable sliders
  • Large main panel access
  • Light material means it doesn’t add to the load as much as other backpacks
  • Compartments can be resized
  • Straps can be put away for travel compartments (bus, train, air)
  • Compatible daypacks attachments
  • Padded handles and breathable mesh for the back
  • Organized storage compartments for locating smaller items
  • Water resistant, not waterproof (light rain, but not heavy storms)
  • The water bottle placements become difficult to use if overfilled

2. Daylite

2.  Daylite
The Daylite is perfect for shorter journeys with less needed to travel. This is a perfect purchase when traveling from a hotel to a market, or just out for a day at the park. With room for smaller items such as tablets, an extra outfit, or a water bladder, and smaller compartments for items such as keys or tools, this backpack is great for the busy mom who needs less bulk or the climber who doesn’t need all of their camping gear for that final stretch.
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Mesh back panel

When making a final push for the top, or just wanting to take the kids out to the park, one thing both have in common is a necessity for comfort when carrying the needed items. With the breathable foam mesh back panel, it’s one less worry about overheating or being rubbed raw by the usually heavier materials of other brands.

Internal laptop/tablet compartment

Whether you need to have that GPS, simply have your laptop to take notes for college in the peace and quiet of nature, or looking to carry your grocery list notebook, this compartment can become invaluable. With this sectioned off compartment, you have the piece of mind knowing you can quickly locate the needed device (or notebook) without having to search through the rest of the backpack.

Cost and Value

Truly a bang for your buck, this small yet efficient backpack is as easy on the wallet as it is on your back. Osprey offers the Daylite and the Daylite Plus at rates that are affordable without taking a cut to the value of your comfort and needs. This backpack is both durable and well worth the money spent.
  • Made of a durable rip resistant nylon
  • Smaller bag for shorter trips
  • Breathable back panel
  • Machine washable
  • Removable hip straps
  • Can be attached to the Farpoint for extra storage
  • Easy access panel
  • Designed for every day usage
  • Front pouch use can make it top heavy
  • Loose water bottle compartments

3. Raptor

3.  Raptor
Designed with the cyclist in mind, the Raptor is both lightweight and offers perks for both the long haul trail and the short trip to the local shops. Lighter than the Farpoint, but with nearly as much room, this backpack can ease the feeling of bulkiness while adding new features that are comparatively as good for travel and ease of access.
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Integrated tool pouch

This feature is great for the cyclist, allowing for a decent repair kit for those unforeseen moments on the trail, offering protection against being stranded. This feature is also wonderful for other purposes such as art supplies or a good way to carry tools needed to repair clothing or snacks for hungry children. Offering ease of mind through the organization of otherwise hard to locate items.

Lid lock feature for helmets

This feature is innovative and great for those choosing to aide the environment or get exercise when traveling around the town or city. With this you can keep your helmet on you without having to carry it or find somewhere to set it down- it locks directly to the backpack.

Cost and Value

For its cost, this pack is wonderful for the avid rider or anyone wanting to have their space just a little more organized. The backpack, like all others in the Osprey lines, is built to last and offer ease of access and compartmental ability to the buyer.
  • Great organization set up
  • Shadow check allows rider/walker to be seen in the dark
  • Strap compression to stabilize load
  • Roll out tool pouch
  • Lidlock for helmet
  • Hydration reservoir included
  • Front stash compartment that safely holds glasses
  • Works with multiple brands of water bladders
  • The bladder is harder to clean
  • Nowhere to store the extra strap length when cinched

4. Atmos AG

4. Atmos AG
This particular line was made for the best backpacking/cross country hiking experience in mind. While bulky for some, it gives added space and has an ‘anti-gravity’ styled feature to help with carrying extra weight and items. This backpack offers comfort both to those on the trail and for those who carry a lot of supplies, like artists and photographers, who simply need the extra space and durability, but want the support to keep from feeling all the extra weight.
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Anti-gravity suspension

This is undoubtedly one of the most important features of this backpack. The larger size and weight might send many looking for something else, but those who want the value of capacity over appearance will be grateful for the continuous back panel mesh that adds to the support of the weight. This feature was designed with physical comfort in mind as well, so it forms fits, and as a mesh allows breathability to the wearer.

Additional pockets for organization

The interior of this backpack has 5 pockets in total, allowing for organization needs between different objects as well as a stretchable mesh pocket in the front for things that need to be quickly and easily accessed while on the move. This is ideal for keeping everything where it needs, and away from other items that may not be related to what the wearer is looking for.

Cost and Value

Although leaning into the expensive side of things, the Atmos AG certainly makes up for it with the value of a long-lasting and ultimately durable materials and storage space. While other backpacks may cost less, the comfort and versatility is a bonus with its features. Combined with the fact that it has an adjustable strap that allows it to more comfortably sit on any size torso if looking for value for your dollar, this is definitely a must when considering a long cross-country trek, or a day of work for the artist.
  • Adjusts to the wearers torso
  • More organization to the inside compartments
  • Breathable mesh that also adds to supporting the weight comfortably
  • Removable floating lid top
  • Stabilizing compression straps
  • Might irritate sensitive skin with the hip mesh
  • May not accommodate bulkier bed rolls

5. Aura AG

5. Aura AG
This particular line was designed with the female form in mind. Its features are nearly identical to the Atmos, but its straps are rebuilt to more easily accommodate a female and have an added compartment for a walking pole.
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Redesigned to fit

The Aura took all that was right about the Unisex Atmos AG and reformed them to better suit a woman backpacker. With an adjustable hip strap to fit comfortably for over 15 different settings, this added thought process to accommodate the body is a wonderful addition.

On the fly hip belt

Allows for the wearer to have the extra comfort of a trekking pole without having to discard it, and/or look for some other way to set it aside when not in use. Instead of having to remove the backpack to slide the pole inside, or have a friend attempt to do so without removing the pack, there is an easy side strap on the hip that can hold your pole simply by sliding it in place.

Cost and Value

Although pricier than the Atmos, this backpack clearly takes consideration to the female backpackers. Comfort and easy storage were exactly what was in mind when this bag was created. So if you don’t mind a few extra dollars you can get all the benefits of an Atmos with the comfort designed more for you.
  • More adjustability to the hip straps
  • Anti-gravity mesh design
  • A quick place for your trekking pole
  • Many available compartments
  • Easily adjustable while not slowing down
  • No where to stow the straps when traveling
  • Waist belt is sometimes ‘stiff’

6. Exos

6. Exos
For those who enjoy lightweight backpacking, or simply prefer to have a smaller bag, the Exos was designed with you in mind. The Exos offers enough space to fill any backpackers needs without becoming overbearing. With Ospreys enjoyable airspeed mesh and strap design, it easily slips into one of their top ten best for its purpose.
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Lightweight removable straps and lid

Offering what others may not, the Exos has several straps, as well as it’s fling lid, that is easily removable to make it even lighter to carry than it already is. The Exos is not only designed to offer the greatest support to ease the weight of its contents but also allows the user to remove any straps they find unnecessary as well.

Airspeed design

With the Exos a new design in both the straps and the tensioned mesh allows for the weight in the backpack to be taken off your back, giving you the extra comfort needed for those long trips. The mesh design also allows for air to flow more easily so that you don’t overheat while carrying the backpack over longer or hotter areas.

Cost and Value

Comfort and ease over cost with this backpack. Despite its hefty tag, this backpacks design and capabilities, as well as the company’s track record of being durable makes this a great find. This particular line also offers torso specific sizing which is a large benefit to any who have trouble finding the right backpack for their needs that fits. Taking the personal fit and comfort into consideration the price actually is more than acceptable in any backpackers mind.
  • Easy strap removal
  • Adjusted sizes for perfect fit
  • Weight support off the back
  • Removable floating top pocket- extra storage
  • Internal lightweight form for better weight support
  • Fewer pocket place organization area's
  • A broken bladder can soak all the contents

7. Kestrel

7. Kestrel
The Kestrel is built for a great backpacking experience. Offering smaller sizes as well as larger, this bag has been given the option at its larger sizes, above 28, for additional harnesses to allow for an even better experience.
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External reservoir

This feature allows for easier loading and unloading of hydration packs. This makes life easier when you need a quick refill while on the go. This is extremely important to any backpacker intending a long hike on a hot day, or through a dry area.

Integrated rain cover

Worried about taking that trek because it might rain? The Kestrel offers a built-in rain cover to help keep your backpack and the things inside safe and dry. Once the rain clears, the storage on the bottom of your pack allows for the cover to be kept away from your things and not drip down onto them after use.

Cost and Value

If you need to keep your costs low, the smaller packs are quite a bargain, though they don’t come with the added harnesses of the larger packs. Overall though, even the larger sizes are well worth the dollar for the protection of your gear and easy access areas the back offers.
  • Ospreys added suspension for weight via the mesh
  • External reservoir for hydration packs
  • A place for your Trekking pole to be stored
  • Seperate sleeping back compartment on the bottom of the pack
  • Tool attachment bunjees
  • Extra hip belt pouches
  • Compression straps to tighten down the packs contents against sliding
  • Not as stylish
  • Not as light as the Exos

8. Pixel Daypack

8. Pixel Daypack
Osprey comes to the great force it has in all of its backpacks again with the Pixel Daypacks. Great for shorter treks, and ideal for those who want more space than a normal purse or computer bag can offer. Pixel is the perfect blend of a backpack and the personal care needs to carry wherever you need to go with whatever you might need to bring with you!
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Zippered expansion

Offering plenty of space, the Pixel even has a zippered expansion panel which allows the pack to carry four more liters of space if needed without sacrificing support. If the extra space isn’t needed, all you have to do is keep the panel zippered to keep the contents from sliding!

Dual water bottle pockets

Whether you want the extra space for a hike, or need to have enough hydration for two for a walk around the block, the dual water bottle pockets make it easier to bring more water with you when out. This is perfect for the hiker and the college campus student who wants to have it ready between classes without needing to stop for more.

Cost and Value

Between its ability to expand for extra storage, its easily carried size and the extra pockets for needed hydration this backpack makes life easier on its own. With Ospreys proven durability, this pack is definitely going to give its owner worthwhile value for its price range.
  • Extra water bottle storage
  • Expandable size
  • Scratch fee pocket for glasses/sunglasses
  • Easy access to the main compartment
  • Several pockets for easy organization
  • Padded laptop compartment
  • Blinker attachment area
  • Safety whistle
  • Cable compartment not built for quick access
  • Taper design takes getting used to

9. Questa Daypack

9. Questa Daypack
As important as their reputation with hiking and trekking packs, Osprey continues to impress! The Questa daypack may not be as cheap as your average backpack, but it is close- and it offers more! With their devotion to keeping your daily life organized and your pack useful, the Questa does not let you down!
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Laptop/tablet storage

As with other daypacks, the Questa offers a protective place to put your laptop and Tablet separate from your other needed items. The zippered pouch keeps your electronics safe from scratching an keeps them padded for your ease of mind.

Internal organizational front pocket

This bags front pocket has pockets! To help you keep your pens, pencils, and other small items separated and easily located, the Questa’s front pouch has organizational sleeves for these small everyday items

Cost and Value

Comparable to your stereotypical backpacks, the Questa is only slightly higher in price. With all of this backpacks added organization and extra durable materials, the small price jump is definitely worth it, especially for young kids and teens who may need the extra help keeping track of what is in their pack.
  • Separate pockets or pouches for most everything
  • Zippered protected areas for laptops and tablets
  • Durable material outlasts most other packs
  • Stabilizing hip belt
  • Great for smaller torso’s
  • Adjustable chest strap location
  • Not water resistant nor waterproof
  • Doesn’t fit all 17 inch laptops

10. Stratos

10. Stratos
Offering Osprey’s support system and quality material, the Stratos holds to the legacy of great backpacking experiences. Designed with additional features some of their other packs don’t offer, this is still a great pack to look into especially for those treks longer than a day, but not requiring a long stay.
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Integrated rain cover

Reaching for that perfect cover of hikers wanting to protect their gear, the Stratos offers an integrated rain cover to help when nature strikes without warning. Osprey seeks to help make sure you don’t get caught off guard.

Seamless hip support

Raising the bar on comfort, Osprey moved to remove the seams on the hip belt and make it more comfortable to carry your needed items. Enjoy the comfort of weight support, and leave the feeling of seams digging into your hips behind you with this wonderfully integrated feature.

Cost and Value

As with all of their packs, Osprey seeks to make every dollar count. Giving you the best of comfort, support, and accessibility, the Stratos continues to give you what you need to feel that no price is too much for your peace of mind
  • Compression straps for support
  • Airspeed suspension to help with weight
  • Integrated raincover
  • Seamless hip straps
  • Hydration compatible
  • Back mesh allowing air ventilation
  • Colors aren’t as vibrant
  • Only holds one hydration bladder

Osprey offers great products for the cost. They are durable and offer weight support and size compatibility for most everyone. Although I only listed ten of their styles here, they have many more and continue to improve their products through customer review and suggestions. In conclusion, Osprey seems to be one of the best brands available for the money spent, and in the end, they offer something for everyone. With summer coming up, consider Osprey for all your needs in this area and you’ll have a hard time going wrong!

Criteria Used to Evaluate The Best Osprey Backpacks

Now that we have covered the top ten Osprey Backpacks, we are eager to share with our readers how we came up with the top ten in the first place. Osprey is known as a high-quality maker of travel gear and backpacks. Therefore, we were extremely eager to share this backpack for users that are fans of the Osprey brand. With that in mind, when we first started we first had to cover the criteria that would eventually become the guideline for which we evaluate and decide the best backpacks. The primary question we seek to answer is, ‘what do users want from a quality backpack?’ This is what we came up with!

The criteria below should be used a baseline for individuals that want to conduct their own research. It can be done for this particular brand of backpacks or any other backpacks that an individual is looking for. With that said, we are eager to introduce the different pillars that make up a quality backpack, so we can better share with our audience, our method of picking out or gear. However, the first primary question is, “is Osprey quality?” Let’s answer that question below!

Quality of The Brand

Osprey, although not as popular as mainstream backpack manufacturers offer some of the best high-quality active gear products and backpack in the industry today. Why are they not as famous? Well, Osprey is particularly dedicated towards the outdoor enthusiasts and they are known more for designing and producing high-quality premiere backpacks with multi-functional design and long-lasting durability. So, are they quality? Osprey backpacks are designed from some of the most innovative materials in the industry, highly tested for all-terrain weather environments, and manufactured and design for everyday use. With that said, Osprey has been in the business for more than forty years and users can expect that their backpacks will be able to withstand the test of time easily.

Now, to determine quality we had to come up with individual sets of pillars that would be able to tell us if the quality was being held properly. These sets include everything from the material of the backpack to the exterior and interior design. Quality when it comes to Osprey backpacks does not come in the form of mainstream fashion design, it is more about long lasting durability and comfortable practicality with high-quality materials. With that said, let’s talk about the materials, shall we?


All of the Osprey backpacks are designed with masterful materials in mind. In fact, all of the Osprey backpacks are primarily tested for quality and practicality. As the ideal outdoor backpack for individuals that want long lasting quality, the Osprey materials are a special blend of endurance and quality. With that in mind, we knew that we had to take this into consideration to ensure that individuals were getting the best quality backpacks. As far as materials, we knew that Osprey was a quality brand using the best materials. However, it is the use of the materials that we took into consideration.

For example, the brand uses practical and endurance textured exterior materials to ensure that the outside is moisture resistant and also extremely durable. Whether it is the mesh lining, the outside pockets, the straps, or the interior padding, Osprey is a perfect balance of material quality alongside functionality. Now, what materials in specific should we be aware of that this brand uses? Well, to the surprise of many individuals, Osprey uses the highest grade tactical material in some of their backpacks. For example, they use durable and powerful Nylon material to ensure the safety and durability of the backpack. With that in mind, let’s hover over to the exterior design of the backpack and why this was another vital criteria to include when picking out the best quality backpacks.

Backpack Exterior Design

When it comes to the exterior design of a properly built backpack, what do users want? When it comes to the sportswear industry, users are looking for practicality alongside comfortable design elements. With that said, when an individual observes an Osprey backpack closely, they can see that there is a balance between style, comfort, and design. Other than that, the design is also shaped in a way that allows for maximum comfort as an individual wears the backpack thanks to an arch-like shape that removes the discomfort of square-shaped backpacked and soft padding backstraps.

What are the details of exterior design? Well, depending on the style of the backpack users can expect added outside pockets for easy access to small items. Users can also expect mesh backing materials for lightweight breathability alongside more comfort. Other standard features of many of the Osprey backpacks includes quality padding, better strap support, high caliber endurance zippers, extra pockets, and even compression straps to ensure all items stay in place. So, with a high-quality exterior, how does the interior hold up?

Backpack Interior Design

If we included the backpack exterior, we knew we also had to include the design of the interior as one of the criteria to look out for. Since Osprey is primarily dedicated to offering some of the best outdoor backpacks, we wanted to ensure that the interior design matched the exterior quality. With that in mind, the backpack interior is phenomenally suited for all outdoor adventures and individuals that want masterful quality craftsmanship. Much of the interior designs include everything from mesh linings to padding, to indoor zippers, and masterfully placed pockets for comfort.

What can users expect is unique about the interior design? The interior design is always designed with a primary pocket which can be used, depending on the size, for a laptop or tablet. Other than that, the interior pockets offer a multi-use design for comfort and quality alongside easy access to important items. Some backpacks have a removable tool-pouch that individuals can use to store extremely important items. With many cool interior features that offer protection and safety, users will be very pleased with the quality of Ospreys backpacks.

Backpack Color Choices

As the next criteria on this list, color choices were very important. Color choices are how an individual can express themselves fully and having a slew of choices is nice especially if you plan on gifting a backpack or buying multiple colors. With that said, depending on the Osprey backpack, an individual will encounter at least more than one choice. Whether it is the Osprey Raptor black, red, or blue design or the Daylite orange and blue backpack, users have a wide selection of backpacks to choose from. With that in mind, they are all designed with non-fading materials and colors so individuals can rest assured that their color will stay true for years to come.

Lightweight and Durable

Now that we have covered materials, design, and color choices, let’s talk about what makes the Osprey backpack truly one of the best brands for outdoor backpacks of today, lightweight and durable. The Osprey backpacks are designed to be some of the most lightweight and durable backpacks in the industry today thanks to over forty years of masterful craftsmanship and quality design. With that in mind, what makes them so lightweight is the mesh materials or the high-quality nylon materials. Since the backpacks are used to carry many items, users can expect that the brand focuses on lightweight durability and practicality above anything else.

So, how durable are they? Well, the Osprey brand primarily focuses on outdoor gear and many of their products are designed with durability in mind to be able to withstand the test of time and the different elements of nature. Therefore, users can expect that the backpack will be able to withstand hunting, hiking, road trips and much more. With this level of quality, what can a user expect to pay for such a high-quality backpack?

Cost And Value

Now, before we talk about the cost it is important to mention the unprecedented value of the Osprey backpacks. They are one of the few backpack manufacturers that truly take their time with the design and aesthetics of the backpack. Therefore, users should expect that the quality of the backpack will match the value and what a user expects to pay for the backpack. With that said, users may be somewhat surprised at the price tag of the Osprey backpacks because it is considered a bit higher than most regular backpack manufacturers or other outdoor backpack manufactures.

However, this should not detour any individual. This should only be a reflection of the value and quality of the backpacks, a criterion we include in many of our articles so readers can notice our dedication to sharing the best quality backpacks. Now, it is important to say that some backpacks are not as pricey. However, the common saying is that the more costly it is, the better the item is true when it comes to this brand.

Other Design Elements

Another important criteria we took into consideration was other design elements. What makes the Osprey brand different than everyone else? Since many brands are being touted as being the best in the active gear industry, why is Osprey the one to go to for everyday activewear backpacks? In truth, it all depends on what an individual is looking for. However, if an individual is looking for masterful craftsmanship alongside practicality, the Osprey backpacks are it. So, certain design elements that make the backpacks standout where that some included a hydration pocket, a blinker light attachment, and a tool pouch feature. These design elements were not only for style or for a unique appeal, they are designed for the safety of the individual.

Now that we have covered the top ten best criteria that an individual should keep in mind when it comes to the Osprey brand and what to look out for. It is time to answer the questions that people are most interested in, here are the Frequently Asked Questions about the Osprey backpacks.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the backpack weatherproof?

A: As one of the most frequently asked questions, as an outdoor brand manufacturing quality backpacks, individuals wanted to know if the backpack was in fact weatherproof. With that in mind, some backpacks are weather-resistant due to a special water-resistant coating or the material of the backpack such as the Nylon design. However, individuals have mentioned that heavy rain to the backpack can damage the backpack and cause it to feel really heavy over time.

Q: Does the backpack have a mesh back?

A: We can clearly understand why this would be one of the most frequently asked questions. Here is a scenario: imagine trekking all day through the hot humid mountains and your backpack has no mesh design on the back, what happens? Well, an individual ends up getting a sweaty back which can lead to extreme discomfort when out and about. With that in mind, some of the backpacks do have a mesh design but it all depends on the style of the brand. It is best to read the product description for more information if an individual is interested in a mesh back.

Q: Is the backpack machine washable?

A: This happens to be one of the most frequently asked questions and we can see why. When out and about trekking the Sahara or climbing the Rocky’s an individuals backpack can get really dirty quickly. Therefore, individuals want to know if they can easily wash the backpack. Some users have mentioned that the backpack is easily washable but it all depends on the material and quality of the backpack. It is best to read the cleaning instructions and if an individual does wash the backpack, wash it on the cold cycle.

Q: Is the waist strap removable?

A: As the next main frequently asked question, some users ask if the waist strap of the backpack is removable. Many of the Osprey backpacks come with a waist strap that is designed for better safety and comfort. Depending on the backpack, the waist strap is removable. However, it is recommended to ask the manufacturer about a backpack before purchasing it. Now, the waist strap is designed for safety while hiking so the backpack does not come off easily and with that, we can say we highly recommend keeping it on.

Q: Are the tools included with the tool pouch?

A: This is another question that users take into consideration before purchasing a backpack. The reason is that the tool pouch shows tools in the photo, but it should only be used as an example. In fact, the tools do not come with the pouch.


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