Salomon X Ultra Mid GTX

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Are you looking for the ultimate shoe in which you can go hiking? You may want to consider whether the Salomon X Ultra Mid GTX is that shoe for you. It doesn't matter whether you are hiking in moderate or extreme landscapes, this is the boot you've been searching for.

These hiking boots offer not only a stable grip but also a design that is sleek, supportive, and athletic. These have an upper that is water-resistant as well as synthetic. These boots have the performance of GORE-TEX textile lining. This lining within the booties encases the foot completely.

Additionally, this is a shoe that is breathable, waterproof, and 100% comfortable. The EVA-midsoles have form-fitting shanks. As well, there is steady support provided to the wearer by the Advanced Chassis system - exactly what you need for hiking in the most difficult of terrains.

These offer not only a stable grip but also a design that is sleek, supportive, and athletic. The upper is not only water-resistant, but synthetic as well.

This review is meant to be an informative guide to the Salomon X Ultra Mid GTX. It will provide you with all the information you need to make the right purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons


Excellent traction and breathability

Lightweight and waterproof

Keeps feet cool on hot days

Great to use for hiking and hunting

Boots require no “breaking in” period


Tight and stiff fitting

Narrow fit/does not fit a 12W foot

Sole Composition

The soles on the Salomon X Ultra Mid GTX boots are made of durable rubber. They have an EVA midsole that affords a high quality of pillowed support. As well, the soles are made from Contagrip to give them superior gripping capability even in the most extreme terrain.

Additionally, they have a built-in toe cap. This toe cap is meant to withstand rocks, roots and other objects on the trail.


When putting these Salomon boots to the test, they performed excellently on even the steepest of terrain. They managed to remain extremely stable, light, and comfortable even when wearing a heavy and cumbersome backpack. You will not recognize any amount of sacrifice in the support these shoes provide. Whether or not the person is wearing a backpack on any pitch of terrain.

These will provide adequate support to your ankles to keep them from rolling or to lose footing. The Salomon X Ultra Mid GTX has proven to be just as stable as any lightweight hiking boot on the market.


You will enjoy the stability of these hiking boots because the bottom unit is so steady. However, it is still supple with the Advanced Chassis and firm grip of Contagrip traction. There is a heel pad in these boots that is molded to fit and provides the protection a snowshoe does. Additionally, there is a gaiter hook for added convenience during heavier snow expeditions.

The security and suppleness of the Advanced Chassis and Contagrip will ensure a lot of fun next time you go hiking. You will literally be climbing new heights with these boots on.

Upper Build

The upper is made from full-grain leather material. This helps eliminate the elements of harsh weather conditions as well as giving the wearer an excellent fit and comfort. The Thinsulate insulation allows enough insulation for even the coldest, wettest and snowiest circumstances.

The security of Sensifit supports the foot from the midsole area through to the laces. Sensifit provides a snug and secure fit that feels like it has virtually been customized for your foot.

Size and Weight

The Salomon X Ultra Mid GTX is so lightweight; a pair only weighs one pound/eleven ounces. A real trail runner is not as heavy; however, technology will adjust the weight of hiking boots. For example, waterproof versions of hiking boots tend to weigh more than that of the non-waterproof versions.

Some wearers have complained that they tend to fit somewhat small; however, most found that they are true to size. If ordering boots online, it is advisable to order the next size up to be sure they fit.

The OrthoLite liner makes these boots lightweight. The mid-high ankle support makes these the ideal equipment for backpacking or hiking.

Airflow and Waterproofing

These have a Thinsulate insulation system. This system protects the foot from snow and other cold or wet conditions of the weather. They shoes also have GORE-TEX waterproofing which ensures your feet stay dry and; even in extreme weather conditions.

Comfort and Cushioning

In discussing the comfort and cushioning of the Salomon X Ultra GTX, this is a guarantee to the consumer. These do not require any break-in period, and you will not suffer from blisters on your feet. Additionally, you will notice a medium amount of cushioning underfoot so that you shouldn't expect to feel the rocks on the ground. You will also recognize the instant you try them on that these are not as stiff as some boots are.

The upper is made of full-grain leather providing extra comfort and assistance in the elimination of the elements. There is also a heel pad formed perfectly to provide additional protection similar to that of a snowshoe.

For deep snow undertakings, there is also a convenient gaiter hook available. The upper is connected with gusseted tongues. Each one created a way of ridding the snow, providing a smooth transition that is comfortable all day long.


These are as attractive to look at as much as they are comfortable to wear. The full-grain leather upper, as well as the innovative design, create the aesthetically pleasing image the manufacturer is searching for.

However, even though these are beautiful to look at, you are going to love their extreme performance. This brings us to the next topic-- “longevity and overall quality”, features that the Salomon name does not scrimp on.

Longevity and Overall Quality

The Salomon name has been around for many years. This manufacturer of sporting equipment has been producing only the finest outdoor activity equipment for several decades. Just the name Salomon guarantees superior quality. This strong reputation created over the years for designing and manufacturing fine footwear lines is what the company is all about.

The GORE-TEX waterproofing that these are made with ensures their longevity. This is because they will not be destroyed should they come in contact with water or snow. Additionally, they are made of 100% textile leather for even more exceptional durability.

So go ahead and trample through the creek that is in your path. Your Salomon boots are made to last any abuse that they may be presented with. Rain, snow, or sleet, it does not matter. When you have the Salomon name on your side, all the fun and excitement of the open trail is in your destiny.

Safety Features

One of the safety features is the Advanced Chassis. This feature is what completely envelopes the foam that cushions and connects to the sole of this shoe. It does so in a manner that provides a stabilizing effect for heels.

Another feature is the Sensifit that secures the foot in a supportive manner. This is done in a manner to create a snug fit from the midsole to the lacing system. Your feet will think these were custom made the way fit. This feature will ensure to keep your boots fitting securely on your feet. This allows for no extra roominess to create blisters from excessive rubbing while walking.

These also have a rubber sole that keeps you from slipping and falling. The Advanced Chassis feature also allows you with the utmost control and protection for your feet. The EVA midsole also gives a comfortable feeling resulting in less tiresome feet.

You are going to love the way your feet feel after hiking all day wearing these boots. You will not even realize how long you have been out adventuring. The high top ankle support also ensures your ankles are secure from rolling when hiking steep terrain.


Winter ContaGrip rubber outsoles are non-marking to provide extra traction. There are nine spikes with carbide tips. These spikes have been placed within the lugs of the soles, to give an assertive hold even when on ice. You will soon discover with this extra feature, there are no former problems of hiking steep terrain.

The rubber-toe caps are integrated to work with the mudguards. These mudguards supply a strong defense against the winter cold and rugged terrain conditions. No more cold toes while hiking in the snow; also, you will not experience any more stubbed toes.

The Sensifit feature for support gives these extreme walkability and flexibility. This feature allows you to walk for hours at a time without any discomfort.

The GORE-TEX engineered weather protection provides you with a boot that has waterproof protection. As well, it has greater flexibility and cushioning with less weight. These features also ensure that your next camping or hiking trip does not end because of unexpected rain or snow.

Support and Balance

The Salomon Advanced Chassis allows for a supreme motion and stability underfoot. This Advanced Chassis provides excellent control of motion. This is for a proficient, responsive walk without the burden of excessively weighty boots.

The midsoles are EVA-injected to provide a cushioning underfoot. Sockliners made from OptiLite allow for a complete day of wear that is comfortable.

Lacing System

The lacing system of Salomon boots is different from other shoes or boots. Instead of standard laces, they use a “quick lace” procedure. This quick lace process involves tightening the laces with a single pull tab. Once lacing the boots is complete, insert it in place in the pouch on the tongue.

Formerly, this lacing or closure system did not remain tight and secure as desired; the laces would loosen inappropriately. However, after several rounds of tests, the Quicklace closure system appears to be totally perfected and working well. The laces now completely restrain the boot over the entire foot, never coming loose even during the most strenuous activities.

The Quicklace process ensures a closure system that is just as comfortable as standard shoelaces.

Cost and Value

The Salomon X Ultra Mid GTX will prove their value goes much farther than the cost of them. Even though the price is high, the durability is what makes the value exquisite, making them worth every penny you spend.

Salomon also has a two-year limited warranty on these boots if you prefer a little piece of mind. However, it is unlikely you will need to use it.

Key Features

Made from a synthetic material
7” shaft measured at the arch
Stability of Advanced Chassis in the bottom unit
Contagrip traction
Thinsulate insulation
2-year limited warranty
GORE-TEX booties provide waterproof protection
EVA injected midsoles
OrthoLite sock liners
Gusseted tongues on the uppers
Mudguards with integrated rubber toe caps for added protection

Bottom Line

In wrapping up this review of the Salomon X Ultra Mid GTX, there is not much more to say. The most crucial point is that this is a high-quality hiking boot. The key features mentioned in the last section all come together, making a very impressive piece of outdoor sporting equipment.

These are made from a synthetic material that is strong and durable. The Advanced Chassis in the bottom unit provides an extreme amount of motion control and stability. Additionally, this boot has a quick lace system for lacing these boots quickly and easily.

The Contagrip traction provides excellent traction in any weather. As well as the Thinsulate insulation system will provide a superior insulation system. This system for insulation allows these boots to provide the best defense possible when hiking any climate or terrain.

You are going to love the advanced durability you get with these rugged boots made by Salomon. You get the reliable traction from non-marking Winter Contagrip rubber outsoles. As well, you have the warmth of GORE-TEX booties. These boots are the ultimate in warmth, comfort, and durability that your money can buy.

The purchase of these Salomon boots is going to prove why the name Salomon has such a good reputation.