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Nikon ProStaff 7S Review Facts

Binoculars have come quite far in regards to advancement. Bird and nature watching is still very much a popular activity due to the relaxation and brain advancement associated with it. Participating in this type of activity helps with both stress relief as well as enhanced cognitive function which assists with general everyday tasks. Decreased stress levels also help the brain run more effectively and has also proven to extend a person's overall lifespan which is also positive. Binoculars offer the user a closer examination of the object they are looking at. The benefit of this is that they can observe nature without disturbing it. This also means longer viewing times with means that those watching the object can watch with more intensity and with more accuracy to learn more about the subject they are looking at. Binoculars are also beneficial in that they are able to enhance colors and clarity of the object being observed with the use of the prisms within the device. This adds a bit of wonder and beauty to those objects, again offering excitement and decreased stress levels. Sightseeing and bird watching offers a little bit of meditation to ones day and can be used in substitution of activities like reflection and yoga. This type of activity usually also requires a little bit of movement through nature which in itself is quite relaxing. Overall, sightseeing and nature observation is a means of relaxation, fun, and wonder, all of which, all of us can use a little bit more of in our day to day lives.

This article focuses specifically on the Nikon ProStaff 7S. Nikon is an extremely popular company which offers numerous type of point and shoot objects, most commonly known for their cameras. We looked at different aspects of the ProStaff specifically including durability, reliability and overall quality. We looked at the features offered by the company both advanced and basic in order to determine the cost value of this product. We also looked at the materials used and the construction of it in order to determine the quality of the product. We looked at consumer reviews as well in order to determine what a wider range of consumers thought of this product ranging from professionals to amateurs. This is our comprehensive review of the Nikon ProStaff 7S. We hope that this article serves you in your next binocular purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • The eye cups of this product are comfortable on the face
  • The clarity of this product is highly rated¬†
  • The color offered by the prisms of this product really enhances the experience¬†
  • The quality of this product is surprising considering its low price tag
  • The protective covers for this product fall off relatively easily
  • This product is a little heavy and may require use of a stand for extended use


This product offers numerous interesting and helpful features in order to offer a superior viewing experience. This product offers high-quality optical which enhances the subject being observed without losing the images clarity or color. Those who used this product were most impressed by how clear the image looks and how bright the color of it is through the lenses. This product has multi-layer coatings in order to provide brighter and clearer images for the consumer. This is an upgrade from their previous models. Those who used this product found that the images were also very colorful and kept their interest in the piece of nature being observed longer. The eyecups of this product are also turn-and-slide rubber which means that those using this product will be able to look through the product longer and more comfortably which prolongs the viewing experience. The entire product is covered with a protective rubber, as well, which protects them if they are dropped or rubbed against an abrasive surface.


Advanced features are those that go beyond the basic features of a product. This product offers a more advanced redesign to their previous model. The line itself has been redesigned throughout the years due to the popularity of the line. This version (version 7) offers top of the line optics in order to offers better and superior visual performance. It also advanced the user-friendly design in order to make the product a little easier to use so that those who buy it can focus more on observation over shotty construction alternatives and the struggles associated with them. This product also offers a lead and arsenic free Eco-glass in order to keep both the individual using the product as well as the environment that it is being built in safe and preserved. This product also offers a unique nitrogen filled and sealed body in order to add a level of waterproofing and fog-proofing to the product. The additional rubber coating is also used as a shock resistant add-on, as well as allows for a more comfortable and secure grip.


Clarity is an important feature when considering binoculars specifically, as this will indicate whether or not the product is going to do its job effectively. The benefit of clarity is that those who are looking through the product will be able to see the object they are looking at more clearly at a closer view rather than having to approach the subject, potentially scaring it away or putting the observer in danger (in cases where the object being looked at is dangerous like a bear or moose). This product offers multi-layer coated lenses for a better light transmission through the unit, and also allows for better clarity. Those who used this product praised its clarity as mentioned earlier in this article. The high-quality prisms also add a level of clarity by offering multi-layer coatings for brighter and clearer images. The prisms also offer phase-correction which offers a higher resolution and high-reflection. This aids with the brightness of the image being seen. Overall, those who used this product praised its clarity and resolution which is positive as this is the primary feature of this type of product and should be the best and most trusted feature of it.


The primary use of this product is for sightseeing and bird watching. This product is ideal for those who are looking for something a little sturdier that can be taken out on the trails to look at the more beautiful aspects of nature in much more detail. A benefit of this product is that it offers those who want to be part of nature the ability without putting them in harms way or without disrupting nature. This product allows those using them to see up close, in really clear detail as if they were standing next to the object. One issue that those using this product might have is the products weight if used for extended periods of time. This is discussed in more detail below.


This product has some durability add-on's, including some accessories, that help keep the product in better shape. This is especially important because this product requires clear lenses (clear of scratches and nicks) in order to keep the images clear and detailed. This product is also usually used in rougher environments like on trails and hikes which means a higher likelihood of being banged up and potentially damaged. This product is nitrogen filled which means that it is both waterproof and fog-proof. This not only protects the product but also keeps the image it is looking at clear. It also offers rubber Armour throughout the outside of the product which makes them easier to grip (which means fewer drops) and also protects the body from any potential abrasion along the trails. The rubber amour also assists with the products waterproof abilities. The rubber, as well, assists with any shock impact that might happen along the trails. This will help with prolonging internal damage over longer periods of time. The product also comes with lens covers in order to protect the lenses of this product, however, the lens covers are regularly reviewed as falling off fairly easily which is an issue. This should be considered before buying this product.


This product does have mounting capabilities. The tripod is sold separately but the binoculars themselves offer a 1/4 inch ISSO 1222 socket at the base of the body. This allows those looking to watch subjects longer the ability to do so without getting tired arms. One issue that some reviewers found is that they are a little heavy which can cause some discomfort over a longer period of time. If this is meant for extended use, a tripod might be a wise investment. Tripods are three-legged objects that can easily fold up in order to carry. They are a supportive stand that can be used in order to hold and support objects like cameras and binoculars if required for an extended period of time. It also helps steady the view so that the image being looked at or the picture being taken is clear and stable. Tripods are beneficial accessories specifically for this type of use.


The body of this product, as mentioned earlier, offers a rubber coating which protects the product. It also allows for better grip and shock absorption. The body is also a more user-friendly shape making the product easier to hold onto especially for a longer period of time. The body is also sealed in order to keep water and moisture build up out of them so that the view is always crisp and clear.


This product comes in different sizes depending on the required magnification. They range in weight from 14.8 ounces to 23.5 ounces. Those who used this product did find that they are a little on the heavier side. They are not unusable, however, they did find that after extended use their arms got a little tired. This, as mentioned above, can be fixed with the tripod add-on. Overall, though, this product is sturdy and easy enough to carry with any climber or hiker on their day trips which is positive.


This product is quite inexpensive in price. Those who bought this product were surprised but the products quality considering their price which is positive. The body of this product is protective and offers proper sealing in order to keep the product working well longer. It also offers protective accessories that keep the product in better shape, though the lens covers don't stay on very well they do protect the lenses when kept stationary which is positive. The product is easy to use, built well and are made of quality materials. On top of all this, they offer a crisp, clear and color-enhanced view which definitely helps justify the already low price tag.


Lead and arsenic free to promote a healthier environment
Nitrogen sealed to keep moisture and water out of the body
Comes with protective accessories to promote longevity of the product
Offers high levels of refection through the mirror-coated prisms
Eyecups are rubber which offer turn-and-slide technology and a more comfortable viewing experience
Rubber coated body in order to protect the product, offer better grip and impact reduction


The bottom line is this product is a good one. It is made of quality materials which help the product maintain a crisp and clear image, it also helps protect the product, and offer better gripping to the body. The design of the body, as well, offers a better and easier grip of the body. The prisms and lenses are layered and coated in order to offer a better and clearer image. The body is built well but is quite heavy which can impact those using the product for extended periods of time. This can be helped, as mentioned above, with use of an additional purchase of a tripod. The accessories included with this product help protect the product, however, the eye covers don't stay on very well. This may be an issue and may require a purchase of better quality covers. They aren't very expensive though so this is positive. Those who bought this product were very impressed by the products clarity and reliability which is ideal. Overall, especially considering the low price tag, this product is worth a try!