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Nike Air Max Sequent Review Facts

Running is an affordable form of cardio that can help you stay lean and healthy. On top of being inexpensive, running is also a superior form of cardiovascular activity due to its ability to keep the heart rate up to high-intensity rates. It also offers a full body workout despite the runner primarily using their legs to run. Running is also great for improving balance and accuracy of movement which is beneficial for those with poor coordination. Overall, running is a great activity to get someone in shape and keep them there without having to sign up for a membership or invest in expensive equipment. The disadvantage to running is the wear and tear on the joints, bones and sometimes muscles of the human body. Stepping down at a faster and harder rate than usual will cause more impact on the joints of the body. This can be slightly resolved with some supplements but supplements only go so far. This is especially true in runners later in life that don't have as lubricated of joints. The best way to avoid having to go in for big surgeries on those areas that are affected the most (usually knees and hips) is investing in a  good quality pair of running shoes.

This article focusses specifically on a pair of shoes created by the very popular brand Nike. Nike has been around for over 50 years, starting their entire line in sportswear and accessories. Since then they have become a household name with over 74 K employees all over the world. Nike is extremely popular not only in athletic wear but also in fashion. Nike has become a fashion accessory sported by everyone from the office types to models. They have dominated the market, becoming arguably the largest brand on the market today, offering a sleeker, more stylish alternative to athletic wear. This article specifically looks at the Air Max Sequent. Nike developed their Air collection in the early 90's, developing their ultra-popular and unique open heeled air bubble design. This line of shoes were all the rage back in the 90's and everyone from kids to athletes were buying these shoes. However today there is some question about whether the air actually helps enhance athletic ability or if it's just a gimmick. In this article, we look at reviews from consumers who purchased this shoe to see what they have to say about this runner and the 'air' technology. We also looked at the shoes durability, quality, and design. Let's get into it. This is our comprehensive review of the Nike Air Max Sequent running shoe. We hope this helps in your next running shoe purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight 
  • Good impact reduction
  • Attractive design
  • Air bubble issues
  • Arch support issues 
  • Very narrow 
  • Small toe bumper


These runners have uppers that are mostly mesh. The mesh surrounds the entire foot including the heel. It has proper ventilation to keep feet cool and dry throughout their run. Mesh is important in running shoes because though typically weaker from a structural integrity point, it also allows air in and out of the shoe easier. Each step encourages a new wave of air inside the shoe while simultaneously letting out the existing, heated air, outside of the shoe. This particular product has more mesh than the competitors in its category. Those who wore this shoe confirmed that their feet stayed cool and dry during their runs. The other disadvantage to mesh, especially at this level of mesh, is that it may not maintain the heat within the shoe when needed. Therefore this shoe may not be ideal for those who run in colder climates. Otherwise, these shoes are entirely breathable, with the proper ventilation system and feet will not overheat even with extended runs or marathon. This is a major plus.


This product has a u-shaped Max Air heel which offers better support and protection of the heel (protection from impact). It also offers a stretch knit which would surround the foot better and offer a tighter fit. Unfortunately, this fit may be a little too tight. According to reviewers, this shoe fits very narrow and requires at least sizing up. Some found the shoe, no matter the size change to not fit correctly due to how narrow they are (sizing up caused the shoe to be too long). This would be a big issue for those with wider set feet. The synthetic overlays assist in stabilizing the foot which adds precision to each step and gives the shoe a more natural feel. The grooves in the footbed let the runners feet flex naturally. Those who wore this shoe and did not have wide feet did say that this shoe is quite comfortable. Though, some did say that the cushion is almost too soft for running and labeled them more of a walk-around shoe than a running shoe. There were also some arch issues. There were several complaints that the arch in the shoe is a little high causing some individuals with medium to low arches foot pain.


This shoe is not waterproof. It is meant for city street and roads, not hiking or trails. The shoe does have mesh all over the upper and heel of the shoe, however, this would make it even less waterproof. The advantage of it, though, is that it would dry the feet easier due to better ventilation. Proper airflow would allow air to enter and exit better and thereby offer faster drying times. Otherwise, though, the shoe has no waterproofing added on at all and should be kept on city streets and not used in areas of higher moisture or humidity.


The biggest complaint about this shoe and, in fact, the entire line is the poor durability of the Air feature. Though the Air feature is supposed to add to an athletes game or performance this seems to be some debate. Throughout our research on the Air brand the most common complaint about the Air feature is that it goes flat very quickly (as in, within a month). And unfortunately, because this brand of runners is so popular, the price tag is a little higher for this product line. There were numerous complaints about the air pocket in the heel deflating or popping which would make the shoes almost unusable (especially if only one deflates, this would cause some major hip issues down the road if still put to use despite the damage). This does seem to be the only durability concern for this product though. This is the primary issue with this running shoe and did affect our overall rating of the shoe.


The upper on this product is completely covered in stretch knit fabric which not only offers better ventilation but also fits tighter to the foot for easier, more precise and natural movements. The stretch knit is also quite attractive in appearance, offering a sleeker, tight to the foot appearance. This is discussed in more detail below. The shoe also has synthetic overlays to provide better support and adds structure to help hold the foot. The toe bumper on this shoe is present but quite small and low to the toe. This may be an issue if the foot is at an angle when hitting something and could harm the foot more than if it had a full toe bumper. The uppers are constructed well and there weren't many complaints about the connection between the upper and the outsole which is positive. The only real issue is that the shoes are quite narrow and the fly knit does not offer much relief from the tightness of the shoe.


The insole of this product is designed to hug the foot more naturally. The shoes also have a U-shaped Max Air heel which is supposed to hug the heel better while offering a better impact reduction. The air pocket has proved to be poorly made and easy to pop. The other issue with the insole and footbed is that the shoes are so narrow, more narrow than comparably narrow shoes, and really hurt consumers feet. The grooves along the forefoot are supposed to offer a more natural feel, however, this benefit is lost somewhat in the width of the shoe. Also, as mentioned above, the arch of this shoe is quite high and made them nearly unwearable for those with low to average arches. The cushioning of the runner is quite comfortable but ended up almost being too springy for some. Overall, if not warn with wide feet and low arches these runners may work however the overall conscious of these shoes is that they were painful to wear for extended periods of time, unfortunately.


The midsole of these shoes offers flywire integrates which is supposed to offer lightweight support. This is a product specifically developed by Nike. It is supposed to minimize weight while simultaneously offering maximum support. This is done by placing threads strategically through key parts of the shoe which is supposed to stop slipping. It is considered a minimalist idea that allows maximum energy to be moved between each side of the shoe. Those who were able to wear the shoe comfortably did find that the shoe offered proper support and that they are quite lightweight. The biggest issue is the cushioning seems to offer too much bounce and the air pocket tends to 'squish' so much that heavier set reviewers said that they could feel the floor beneath them which threw off their balance. This is discussed more below. Finally, the issue with the arch support as listed throughout the article seems to be a bit of an issue. Overall, it seems that the midsole is only great for a finite number of people who wore the shoe. It really depended on the size of the foot as well as the weight of the person wearing the shoe.


The outsole of this shoe is made of a 'durable' rubber. There doesn't seem to be too many complaints about the durability of the actual rubber of the shoe. What seems to be the issue is the Air Max bubble within the shoe. The bubble, like with pretty much all Air products, seem to pop relatively easily. This seems to be an ongoing issue and throughout the years it doesn't seem that it has been fixed. This is the most common complaint on this shoe, that either the bubble popped or that heavier set people were crushing the bubble to such an extent that they felt what was below the bubble when walking, throwing off their balance. The bottom of the shoe is also quite narrow and though the tread is decent the thinner outsole is a point of concern for many consumers. The narrowness made the shoes harder to walk in and balance as a result, unfortunately. The biggest issue with this shoe is their outsole and this, of course, affected our overall rating of the product.


The traction of this shoe is also made of rubber. The website doesn't discuss the tread specifically, however, those who wore the shoe said that the material used for the tread is a good material. They found that their push off was good and the tread is 'sticky' which is positive. The issue, as mentioned above, though, is that the outsole of the shoe is so narrow the surface area just isn't available for proper use of the tread. This may not prove to be an issue with more narrow feet however for those with wider feet this may be a cause of concern. This not only affected the tread of the shoe but the balance and stability offered. Those who wore this shoe said that they were scared they may roll an ankle as a result of it. This isn't great. Overall, the tread is reliable but the width of the shoe, unfortunately, takes away from this quality. This should especially be considered when running on trails.


This biggest advantage of this shoe is its style. The overall design of this shoe is quite attractive. It is very narrow in design so looks quite thin and sleek. The upper of the shoe is covered in fly knit which not only hugs the shoe closer to the foot but also gives the shoe a nice design. The shoe comes in numerous trendy, more monochrome colors and has very sporty and supportive looking overlays. The shoes look like they are made of quality materials. The Air Max rubber at the heel is thicker and slowly thins out to the toe of the shoe. These shoes would work well on a run as well as walking around the city. They offer a very stylish design with a tighter fitting lacing system. Overall, this is a very stylish looking shoe and because it can be worn both as a sports shoe as well as a fashion accessory, this shoe is quite versatile which helps justify the price.


This runner isn't too pricey in comparison to other Air products as well as competing shoes on the market. The issue with the shoe is that is has a very specific fit. Those who had arches that fit the arch support in the shoe and could handle the narrowness of the shoe found that the shoe fit really well. The impact reduction seems to be only available for those lighter in weight as well. The durability is there except for the bubble which seems to be a constant annoyance to consumers as the bubbles seem to pop very easily. For these reasons, it is hard to say if the price is right. For those who fit into these shoes well the price is excellent as long as the bubbles stay intact. For those who can't handle the arch support, of course, this price is not worth the pain of walking in this shoe. We will stay that they are quite inexpensive compared to the current market which is a plus.


The bottom line is that these shoes were hard to rate. Those who liked the shoes had nothing but positive things to say about them. The bubble popping cannot be controlled, even with proper care. Those who did return this product did say that the customer service team was very helpful at Nike which should add some ease of mind. The shoes are quite narrow, more narrow than narrow shoes on the market and did cause some arch issues in some people. Outside of these issues, the shoes are durable and supportive. They offer good impact reduction under a certain weight range and the shoes are quite attractive in design. At the end of the day, the shoe may not be the greatest for physical activity and may be better reserved for walking and wearing as a fashion accessory.