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New Balance Iconic 574 Review Facts

Running is considered the most accessible sport. This is because not only can nearly anyone do it in almost any landscape but also because it requires very little equipment. Running offers a means of maintaining or losing weight, increasing heart rate and therefore decreasing blood pressure, as well as offering a means of preventative measures against all sorts of diseases and cancers. Running is an activity that works all areas of the body simultaneously but running can also cause some wear and tear on the body that can end with extreme measures to fix. The biggest issues runners face in regards to wear and tear is some breakdown on their knees and hips. This is because these areas are the areas that absorb most of the impact when running. Running creates harder impacts on the body as the foot is stepping down hard, faster and with more speed. This causes a major impact on the knees and joints of the body.  As a result, this can cause some breakdown of those areas which can lead to major surgeries. This can be delayed, however, with a proper pair of running shoes. A proper pair of running shoes will offer cushioning in its insole, midsole, and outsole in order to absorb some of the shock that running causes thereby protecting those areas better and potentially warding off unnecessary and invasive surgeries.

We have written a series of reviews on different types of running shoes in order to determine what on the market is good today and what requires improvement. This article is on the New Balance Iconic 574. New Balance is a reputable company that offers a wide range of sports equipment. We looked at consumer reviews to find out what runner's thought of this product including what they liked and what they disliked. We also looked at the materials used to make the product as well as the products construction in order to determine its durability, breathability, and support. This is our comprehensive review of the New Balance 574. We hope that his review assists you in your next running shoe purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Attractive design 
  • Strong midsole 
  • Good arch support
  • Lacks proper cushioning 
  • Structural problems 
  • Heel issues 
  • Runs very narrow


The New Balance Iconic 574 offers an attractive leather suede upper. Suede is not only considered weather resistant but is also quick-drying, which is helpful in keeping it dry and also keeping it light. It also offers a synthetic upper which is in a more retro style (ironically currently in fashion). The entire toe area of this product offers mesh material which would help keep the shoe properly ventilated. Mesh offers small holes throughout its material which isn't ideal for durability or waterproofing, however, it does allow higher levels of airflow throughout the shoe. Proper ventilation is important because this pushes hot air out of the shoe as it allows cool air into the shoe. This helps keep feet cool and dry during activity. This is also important because it helps keep sweat at lower levels which will help decrease the chances of the foot slipping within the shoe. Those who wore these shoes found that their feet stayed cool throughout their day and that they didn't feel uncomfortable in regards to heat buildup within the shoe which is positive.


The New Balance Iconic 574, as mentioned above, has a suede and synthetic upper which not only gives the shoe a more retro style but also would allow the upper to fit closer to the foot as leather tends to be a little more flexible. Unfortunately, with these runners, runner's found that the leather is stiffer than expected and didn't stretch in order to wrap around the foot as easily which is unfortunate. This usually helps with stability and support to the top and sides of the foot. The insole offers injection molded foam and a cushioned heel, according to their website, but there were numerous reviewers that didn't find the heel or the ball of the foot to be all that cushioned. This would both impact the comfort of the shoe but also the heel and ball support and the impact reduction of the shoe. Those who wore this shoe found that the shoe itself is more of an everyday shoe than a running shoe. There was also some issues with the heel system of this shoe, many saying that it is poorly made, rolling into itself very early in the life of this product. Those who wore the Iconic 574 found that the heel on either one or both shoes dug into their heels which is a big issue for those with regular feet let alone those with existing heel issues. Finally, these shoes fit quite narrow and as a result, those that sized up found that the arch support was off as a result of it. This could cause issues later down the road which is a major issue. Overall, these shoes lacked in comfort which is a big feature to fail on with runners and impacted our rating.


The New Balance Iconic 574 offers suede and synthetic uppers. Suede is an extremely durable material that not only is weather resistant but also has a level of flexibility that allows it to stretch over time. This is beneficial as rather than fraying or snapping, stretching adds higher levels of hold and therefore durability. Though reviewers did find that the leather wasn't as stretchy or weak as they thought it would be, there weren't complaints about its durability. Those who wore these shoes did find that even the mesh was quite durable. There were some issues with the outsoles of this product, though. The website says that the outsoles are durable and offers a good traction. However, those who wore these found that the outsole wore down quite quickly, faster than any other shoe they've purchased for themselves. It seems that by the reviews, this product is more of a fashionable one than a running shoe. There were some issues with the structure of the heel, in that it collapsed relatively early which ended up hurting their heels and ankles. Though the connection and construction of the shoes upper and outsole had very little complaints and because the leather does hold up well long-term, there were several complaints about the construction of the rest of the shoe (stitching issues) as well as the delicacy of the outsole which is a issue especially for those wanting to use these for more rigorous activities.


This product was designed to offer a retro look which has been a popular choice outside of what it did to the fit of the shoe. Those who wore the New Balance Iconic 574 found that they fit extremely narrow which in turn changed the feel of the support of the shoe. If sizing up it seems that the arch and heel support changed but gave the runner more room in the toe box of the shoe. The heel also seems to have some structural integrity problems, in that it seems to break down quite early in the life of it. Those who wore these found that the heel collapsed relatively easily and therefore caused some pressure on the back of their heels. There also seems to be some cushioning issues within the heel. Those who wore the Iconic 574 found that the cushioning was extremely lacking. This would not only affect the comfort level, but also the impact reduction. Runners rely quite heavily on the heel of running shoes to absorb a good deal of the impact that running causes. Without this impact reduction, those wearing the shoe will find the wear and tear on their bones and joints increase which can end in quite invasive and extreme surgeries later on down the road. Overall, the Iconic 574's lack in both support, structural integrity and cushioning in the heel which is an issue.


The midsole is made of a molded foam which surrounds the foot in order to give the shoe a more natural feel when stepping down. There are quite a few issues with this shoe, however, the support around the midsole doesn't seem to be one of them. The midsole is made of a very durable material which both supports the foot as well as adds stability. The issue is that because sizing up didn't seem to work well with those who required it as the arch support ends up being out of place as a result. These shoes seem to be made more for those with smaller and narrow feet. Anyone with feet normal or wider seemed to have a major issue with the sizing issue of these shoes. Even though this line does offer wider sizing, there still seems to be an issue with the placement of the support systems within the shoe. So, though the midsole sole seems to be well made and offer a decent level of support, because of the sizing issues the benefit is kind of lost a result.


The outsole is discussed earlier on in this article, but according to the company website, the outsole is supposed to be made of a durable material. Those who wore the Iconic 574 did not agree, saying that the outsole wore down quite quickly and that the durability just isn't there for these runners. There doesn't seem to be much mentioned about the traction of this shoe. A common note is that these might be better used as an everyday shoe or a fashion accessory than a running shoe. It doesn't seem to have the durability or support that is required for running.


This product is mid-range in price. Though because it doesn't seem to be very durable or a very good running shoe it might be worth considering the price. This runner would work well as a gym buddy and an everyday shoe. The fact that it can be used for both does sort of justify the price of the shoe. And the fact that the shoe is attractive in appearance also helps justify the price, however, due to the comfort, durability and structural integrity concerns, this does make us question the price. Overall, the New Balance Iconic 574 would be ideal as an everyday shoe for those with narrower feet which is a fairly specific requirement and therefore may not make the shoe worth the cost associated with it.


The style of the New Balance Iconic 574 is probably its most recognized feature. It offers a very retro look. It is very specific in design, giving the wearer a 'throw-back' look. It is on the fashionable side but is very specific in design. They are offered in numerous colors which is great for personalization. They seem to wear down quickly which would stop the shoe looking new as long and there seemed to be some stitching concerns (stitching seemed to be missing on some models). This is definitely more of a fashionable shoe than an actual piece of sports equipment.


The bottom line is there are some major concerns about the New Balance Iconic 574. Though it is fashionable in design and mid-range in price, there seem to be a fair bit of complaints about the level of support it provides and its durability. There also doesn't seem to be much in regards to cushioning and impact reduction. Those who wore these shoes found that they fit extremely narrow and when sizing up the alignment of the support systems seem to be off. This product seems to fit narrow feet a bit better than average and wide feet, even in the wider models. Overall, the Iconic 574 is a little questionable and may be better for those looking for an everyday shoe. It may be wise to go to the New Balance website and viewing their sizing chart before buying this product online.