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Under Armour HOVR Phantom Review Facts

Running shoes are one of those trends that never go out of style. Though fashion is cyclical, runners are one of those areas that only even evolve within itself rather than entirely losing their appeal. There are numerous names in fashionable runners including Nike and Adidas. Another brand is Under Armour. Under Armour has been around for 23 years. They started their company in Washington, DC. They specialized, at the time, in sports apparel. Starting out in a grandmother's basement, Under Armour has become a multi-billion dollar company. They are arguably one of the largest sporting apparel companies on the market today. They are well-known for manufacturing reliable, durable and fashionable products. Runners are used for anything from walking around into playing sports in, to running in. They can offer different levels of support, flexibility, and functionality. When considering new runners it is important to know what exactly you are looking for. This can be anything from additional arch support to higher levels of cushioning. A lot of the time it also helps to consider what they are being used for. Activities with higher impact involved (like running) may require additional cushioning for impact reduction purposes, while using runners for basketball purposes may require some reinforcement on the sides and perhaps more support around the sides as well for better lateral movement.

This article focuses specifically on the Under Armour HOVR Phantom. These runners are interesting in that they are almost entirely knit. The collar, specifically, offers an elastic knit opening that hugs tightly to the ankle in order to hopefully provide more of a snug, natural fit to the ankle. We looked at consumer reviews in order to determine what those who bought this shoe thought of it. We wanted to know the good and the bad. We also looked at the shoe's construction in order to determine if it is worth the cost associated with it. This is our comprehensive review of the Under Armour HOVR Phantom running shoe. We hope that this article helps with your next shoe purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • High levels of cushioning providing optimal comfort 
  • Knit fabric offers more flexibility and wiggle room within the shoe 
  • Knit collar gives the shoe a much more natural feel 
  • Attractive design
  • Not true to size (seem to run half a size small) 
  • Lack of pull tab on the back of the shoe makes them a little difficult to get on 


The outsole of these shoes is fully made of rubber making them quite durable and helps offer a higher level of traction when running. Those who wore these shoes were impressed with how well they stuck to the ground while also offering a high level of flexibility throughout the outsole.


The midsole of these shoes offers a 3D molded midfoot panel which is designed with laser perforations for better breathability especially when in motion. The midsole also offers UA HOVR technology which is supposed to reduce the impact when in motion. It does this with what they refer to as a zero gravity feel which means lightweight and impact reducing. Those who wore these runners were happy with the level of cushioning throughout the bottom of the shoe saying that this is one of the best cushioning systems on the market today. Those who specifically needed cushioning throughout the bottom of the shoe were extremely happy with this runners ability to keep their feet comfortable for long distances and times, as well as protect their joints from the impact of running.


The upper of this shoe is made of an ultra-lightweight knit material. This means that the shoe fits quite snug to the foot while offering really great flexibility. The knit material also allows for better breathability. Those who wore this shoe praised the upper of the shoe, saying that the upper fits snug, offers a high level of flexibility but also allows for good amount of wiggle room.


These shoes are also crazy lightweight. The weigh in at about 8 ounces which is quite light when looking at comparable products on the market. This is most likely due to the knit body and 3D molded midsole plan which is made of extremely lightweight materials. The outsole, as well, is made of a lightweight rubber material which is not only light but also quite durable which is impressive as these two features rarely go hand-in-hand.


These runners offer a couple different breathability features including a breathable, SpeedForm 2.0 sockliner which is supposed to offer extra protection and breathability throughout the body of the shoe. The upper also offers a knit design which allows air to enter the shoe and hot air to exit with more ease. Those who bought this shoe were very impressed with how breathable they are. Those who bought this shoe said that they could wear them for extended periods of time without their feet overheating which is really positive.


This runner offers a decent level, if not an advanced level, of cushioning along the bottom of the shoe. Those who bought these shoes were very happy with the amount of cushioning these shoes provided. That said, there were some that really liked the knit collar of the shoe but there were some that found it a little irritating. Those who liked it said that they felt that it added a more natural feel to the shoe, stating it made their feet feel 'at one' with the shoe. While others had issues with the collar saying it rubs, causing blisters. For those who had the blistering issue, wearing higher collared socks helped with this issue.


These shoes are quite attractive in design. The new modern style is the knit upper and collar. These shoes hug quite tight to the foot which means less bulkiness. They are also narrow making them look very sleek. The collar of these runners are also knit which eliminates the clunky tongue that alternative runners on the market offer. They are also offered in numerous colors and shades to suit individual styles. One issue that some reviewers had is that the men's line actually offers more colors than men's do and most of the women's are quite light in color. The light color's get dirtier quicker and therefore look worn faster as well.


These runners offer UA HOVR technology which allows them to be both lightweight and resistant to impact. They also offer an all rubber outsole in order to keep the shoes in better form, longer. Those who wore these shoes were initially concerned that the lightweight design and the knit upper would breakdown relatively easily but this does not seem to be the case. Even the lacing system, according to reviewers, seems to withstand time which is positive. They are reasonably priced as well so the durability definitely matches the price tag.


These shoes are quite soft throughout the upper which decreases the amount of protection they offer throughout the top of the shoe, however, they do have all rubber outsoles which help protect the feet from rocks when running outsole. The shoe also has a toe bumper at the front which helps protect the toes from bumps along the way. The outside heel area of these shoes also has an external heel counter which helps support the heel but also helps protect it from anything banging them from behind. Overall, they offer decent protection throughout the heel, toe, and base., just not throughout its upper sadly. The sockliner of this shoe also offers a layer of protection to the bottom of the foot, this and support.


These shoes are insanely flexible and therefore quite responsive. They offer a SpeedForm sockliner which is built to not only contour to the foot but also helps support the underfoot. It also offers an all knit body which also helps the foot move more naturally and therefore respond much easier.


This shoe seems to be quite supportive despite its cloth upper. The upper is allowed to hug closer to the foot due to being made of cloth, however, this does not necessarily mean that there is more stability available. Unlike runners on the market with overlays, these shoes are entirely cloth throughout the upper. The sockliner, though, is contoured to the foot which helps provide adequate support throughout the bottom of the shoe. One reviewer did note that the arch support is just ok, stating that those with arch issues may have an issue with these runners. They are neutral and therefore probably better for average arches rather than high or low ones.


These shoes can be worn either inside or outside due to their decent levels of traction. They work well on both wet and dry surfaces without issues of slips.


The price point of these runners is actually kind of impressive. They are quite reasonably priced considering their quality. Two points sort of make up price value adjustment. These points are versatility and longevity. These runners are attractive in design and therefore can be worn as a fashion accessory as well as sporting equipment. They are also made of quality materials and the durability does seem to be there. This is positive and means that the cost really is worth it with these runners.


These runners fit a little small according to most reviewers. It was advised that the consumer size up by half a size. This may be good enough for some runners, however, if the runner has feel that swell a bit when working out or going for runs, it's actually recommended that they go a full size bigger. Once fitted correctly it sounds like this shoe fits quite well. There also seems to be a decent level of wiggle room according to reviewers. They felt that their feet easily moved around within the shoe without being too loose and they also noted that their toes didn't feel cramped which is positive. The knit body of the shoe also helps the runner's feet with movement as the body is quite flexible.


As mentioned above, the body of these runners is impressive as the knit allows the foot to feel a little more natural within the shoe. The body is quite flexible which allows for better movement, responsiveness as well as stability when in forward, backward and lateral motion. The outsole of these runners is also regularly reviewed as being quite flexible as well which also helps with a more natural and controlled step.


The stability is mostly featured throughout its sockliner and heel counter. The upper of this product, as mentioned earlier, does contour to the foot but doesn't necessarily provide the same level of stability that a runner with overlays would. The sockliner is supportive and stabilizing. The heel counter is the true star of these runners, offering superior stability to the heel for great stable support and better responsiveness.


-Some models offer UA Record Sensor to connect with your phone for tracking purposes
-UA Hovr for energy return and a more lightweight feel
-Compression mesh throughout the shoe to also offer energy return
-Soft knit upper for easier drying and better breathability
-3D Molded midfoot for a more contoured and controlled step
-Knit ankle for a snug, stylish fit
-Heel counter for more stable support
-Rubber outsole for better breathability as well as durability


These runners are quite impressive. They don't have many complaints and most of the reviews are over 4 stars (on a 5-star rating system). Those who had some issues with the runners in the collar which bothered some but not others. This was amended by wearing higher socks. The cushioning system is highly rated in these runners, in that it is quite thick and impressive. The knit material offered throughout both the collar and the upper is praised by most runners, noting that this gives the fit a much more natural feel. They are also generally lightweight which means less foot and leg fatigue. The heel counter is amazing for stability and control when running. The UA HOVR technology also offers better energy return, offering what the website states as a 'zero gravity feel'. They are also quite attractive in design while also being quite impressively priced. Finally (but not least), these runners are quite durable and therefore offer a decent shelf life. Overall, these runners seem to be a pretty good buy.