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New Balance 608v4 Review Facts

A proper running shoe is important when participating in any activity that causes jarring on the knee and ankle. This is because a proper running shoe helps support the foot, as well as, protects from impact. Stepping down at faster speeds causes higher levels of impact on the knee and the ankle which means that proper cushioning is required to help reduce the impact running up the leg. Running shoes typically offer some sort of cushion throughout their insole/midsole area. The cushioning ranges depending on the shoe. This can be anything from foam, rubber or even air in some cases. Support around the foot also helps the wearer in that it both helps improve performance as well as protects the body from potential injury. Support through the upper helps keep the shoe closer to the top of the foot. The upper usually consists of some sort of stretchable fabric like leather that can withstand movement (tying and untying the shoe). It also usually consists of some sort of breathable material in order to promote breathability, like mesh. Another area that provides support in the midsole of the shoe. The midsole is usually made with some sort of lightweight rubber material that is curved and therefore contours to the bottom of the foot. This offers support throughout the heel, arch, and ball of the foot while also providing a better fit to the runner in general. Overall, a good running shoe can do wonders when in motion and should always be considered before performing any jarring physical activity.

This article is a product review of the New Balance 608v4. New Balance is a popular company that is very well known for their athletic apparel. They are known for providing high-quality products to athletes and the general public. We looked at consumer reviews in order to build a better picture of what kind of running shoe this is as well as how reliable it is. We also looked at the materials used and it's general construction in order to determine different aspects of the shoe including breathability, durability, and support. This is our comprehensive review of the New Balance 608v4. We hope that this article helps you with your next running shoe purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • This product is regularly reviewed as being quite comfortable
  • Others found that this shoe is very supportive in the important areas
  • They also found that it helps with various existing foot problems¬†
  • The majority of reviwers found that this shoe is quite lightweight in comparision to others on the market
  • This product seems to lack some cushioning when compared to others on the market
  • Some found that this shoe isn't as attractive as others available
  • There seems to be some issues with the durability of this shoe


The outsole of the New Balance 608v4 offers a non-marking rubber that will not scuff on the surfaces being talked or trained on which is good. One issue that some found with the outsole of this shoe is that the tracks are a little wide which means that rocks and dirt accumulate in the tracks when used outdoors. This becomes a problem when running as this can cause some slippage when going from outdoors to indoors. It also kind of makes them a pain to clean. Though the outsole does provide a decent grip, the grip becomes pointless when filled with dirt and debris. This should be considered before buying this shoe if it is being used to train outdoors. This will definitely affect the runner's performance as traction is key when the shoes are being used competitively.


The midsole of the New Balance 608v4 is offered in an EVA injected rubber material. This curves better to the foot in order to provide superior support and stability throughout the foot. Many found that this shoe is quite supportive throughout the bottom of the foot. This shoe is ideal for training as a result. Though this is the case, many reviewers did find that this shoe doesn't quite live up to their expectations in regards to cushioning throughout the midsole. The cushioning also seems to break down fairly easily as well which rendered the shoes useless shortly after buying which is an issue. Overall, this shoe is supportive and stable as a result of the midsole, but lacked cushioning which is an issue for most.


Many reviewers found that this shoe lacked breathability which left their feet hot when in use. The upper of this shoe is made of a leather material. Leather is naturally stretchy which means that it hugs better to the top of the foot. It is also a highly durable material which means the uppers won't break down as quickly. The issue with the upper is that it doesn't promote breathability. This is uncommon in running shoes and can cause issues with moisture buildup within the shoe. It also makes the shoes hard to wear quickly into the workout.


Many reviewers praised the lightweight nature of these runners. A runner needs to be lightweight in order to offer less resistance to the foot. Heavier shoes will weigh down the foot and cause fatigue faster. This would affect the runner's overall performance and is, in general, quite annoying. Luckily this runner weighs about 14 ounces which reviewers were pleased with. Overall, having a lighter running shoe is important because it decreases leg and foot fatigue, helps the runners performance and is more comfortable to the runner. This running shoe is regularly reviewed as lightweight which is positive.


This shoe seems to lack some breathability. As mentioned earlier in this article, many found that this shoe did not breath properly meaning that their feet would get hot when used for high impact activities. This can be a bit of an issue and can cause both discomfort or possible injury down the road. Usually running shoe's offer mesh in order to promote breathability and ventilation throughout the shoe. The upper of this shoe seems to be made almost primarily of leather. Though leather dries well and is durable (can withstand the elements) it is not a breathable material. This shoe is regularly reviewed as lacking breathability which is an issue. Moisture buildup will be the result of a hot foot and can cause some sliding as a result. This can lead to injury including blisters and spranged ankles. This should be considered before buying this shoe as well because this will also cause some odor buildup which can be an issue for those with existing foot odor issues.


Many reviewers found this shoe to be very comfortable, however, they did find that it lacked cushioning when compared to other competitive running shoes on the market. This causes some issues throughout the heel of the foot as well as impacts the impact reduction of the shoe. Without proper impact reduction the knees and ankles will start to hurt over time. It also would cause some discomfort when being used for longer runs, especially for marathons or marathon training. Another issue that some reviewers found is that the heel also seems to kind of dig into the Achilles which caused some heel pain. This is especially hard on those with existing Achilles heel issues. The midsole of this shoe seems to contour well to the bottom of the foot which offers a level of comfort that is favorable to many reviewers. The shoe also lacks breathability which means that feet tend to get hotter mid-workout which is a problem to many wearers.


This runner isn't exactly the most stylish running shoe. Many reviewers found that the N on the side to be a little big and gawdy. The shoe itself is also a little bulky despite its lightweight feel. Though there were a fair few that didn't find the shoe to be particularly attractive, there are still a fair few that thought this product was quite attractive in design. Though it's not an evening shoe as it is quite sporty, it's not terribly designed. We agree that the N on the side might be a little big but otherwise, it's easier on the eyes shoe. It's minimal in appearance and comes in a fair bit of color choices. One thing to note is that the cracks attract dirt and they can be hard to clean. In addition to this, the shoe seems to break down fairly easily so even if they are attractive to the buyer they may not stay nice looking long. This should be considered before buying this product.


This shoe also has some durability concerns. The most common complaint seemed to be the easy breakdown of the connection between the top and outsole of the shoe. There were also regular issues with the stitching breaking down fairly easily as well as the insole/outsole wearing down fairly easily. This seems to be accurate considering that other complaints were about the lack of cushioning throughout the midsole of this shoe. The lack of durability affects the cost/value of the shoe. Without proper durability, the shoe will break down sooner and will require replacement sooner. Unfortunately, this shoe is mid-range in price which doesn't make sense when looking at the shoe's durability. Overall, not a particularly durable shoe, the aesthetic will be affected quickly and the price might not make sense as a result. This should also be considered before buying especially for those on a budget.


This shoe offers proper stability and support. It also contours well to the bottom of the foot. Though the midsole lacks proper cushioning, it does offer proper support. It is also lightweight. Those who wore this product praised its responsiveness as a result of its weight, stability, and support through its midsole which is positive. This helps with the runner's performance and overall satisfaction with the shoe. This is positive.


Many reviewers found that this shoe is quite supportive which is positive. There were many reviewers that had existing foot issues that were surprised by the amount of support throughout the upper and midsole, and also found that their foot pains disappeared with these runners which is positive.


This product is definitely meant for city streets. Some reviewers found that the grooves of the outsole (tread) are a little wide and collect dirt and rocks. This not only affects the performance of the runner but also can cause slips and injuries as a result.


Those who purchased this product found this shoe to be quite supportive and stable. As mentioned earlier, they found that even with existing foot issues, that this product was quite stable which is positive.


The drop of this running shoe is a 10 mm drop. This varies with this shoe because there are constant developments and new manufacturing processes so according to the website, this isn't a set number.


Leather upper for closer and stronger fit
Dual-density collar for better cushioning around the ankle
EVA molded midsole for better support and stability throughout the underside of the foot
Non-marking outsole to protect floors
10 mm drop
Injection-molded foam for flexible cushioning
Lightweight design
Designed to be a training shoe


The bottom line is that this is a hard product to sell. While there were many positive reviews, there were quite a few complaints about this product. This product isn't terribly priced but it is a little high in price considering it lacks durability. Though the shoe is also attractive to some, others had issues with its design. It also would not stay aesthetically appealing due to how quickly it breaks down. The shoe is quite supportive and stable but lacks cushioning. And what little cushioning it has does seem to break down relatively easily anyway. Though New Balance has put out some great trainers, this one seems to fall short. In addition to these issues, the heel of this shoe digs into some ankles which can cause some discomfort. All these issues should be considered before buying this product.