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Moov Now Review Facts

We are on track when it comes to fitness gear, and one of the biggest items these days are fitness trackers/watches. That being said, we have covered a lot of them in the last few months and wanted to bring you another for consideration. This ones original release had a lot of skeptics and many decided to go with other trackers for their workouts, however, the version we have today has garnered many positive reactions from those same people. What has changed? Why is this new version so much better than the old one? Well, we decided to go and have a look at what it is that has everyone buzzing about the improved Moov Now and bring you the news. If you have been following the reviews and commentaries about this particular brand of equipment you might already know some of this information, but we wanted to gather it all and tell you what we think about it as well. We think it was definitely worth the time to go look and find out what is a good product for our readers to consider, this is important to us. So, we stick to facts and even if something is super exciting to some, if there is a downside, we want you to know that as well. Gear Hunt is here to make sure that nothing is left unturned. Without further ado, let us bring you the qualities as they stand for the Moov Now, so you can decide if it is all it is hyped out to be and if it is a match for you.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Real-Time audio coaching
  • Swim tracker
  • Tracks active and sleep minutes
  • Color options
  • Heart rate monitor support
  • Works with a phone app and has video support
  • No subscription or monthly fee after purchase
  • Evolving app
  • Heart rate monitor doesn’t work with boxing routine
  • Requires your phone to be with you
  • Only has a smartphone app
  • Boxing requires purchase of two move bands


With the Moov Now new app it is set up for many different activities. Between its original app and the fact, it can sync with a google exercise app, it has grown in its ability to help the user stay on track. It does have some limitation as it doesn’t count your steps, but it does have built-in workouts and keeps track of your active time as well as your downtime. It can read calories burned, cardio rate, distance traveled and weight tracking. Depending on the activity you choose is how much it can really work for you. With both walking and cycling, you can keep your phone on you and that is how it tracks distance and route, however, if your swimming, it has a different approach. You have a ‘sync later’ option which allows it to keep track of your laps, 4 stroke counts, the rate of your strokes, distance per stroke, and more. When your done swimming you can sync it back up with your phone app and get all the details. Unfortunately, with boxing, you will need two bands to start with and it can’t keep track of your heart rate. This is kind of anticipated given the amount of jarring it will take when on your wrists during such an exercise, but it does keep count of other things. For all of the activities, however, it does have actual workout routine setups. With all but swimming you have audio support, and with both cycling as well as tracking bodyweight, there are video’s as well. Overall the tracker has improved in doing its job according to those who have tried it, though a few still feel it falls short by not keeping an exact count of your steps. If knowing minute details, such as step count, is important to you, then you may want to look at some of the other trackers out there. For those of us who are more interested in results and having that support to work with us but not run us over with the little things, this is the perfect way to go about it.

Basic Features

The basic features of this device, in our opinion, are what exactly makes the shell and outer properties rather than what it can do in this case. This is a tracker that is built only for doing its job, so it isn’t overtly fancy looking, but it does have some aesthetics on its side. Unlike fancier watch or digital bands, we have covered, the Moov Now does have a few color options, most are just a color change to the tracker itself that sits in a black rubber band. The fact that it is lightweight to the point of not even really being noticeable when you are wearing it can be a plus as well.
Of course, where we couldn’t help but get interested in this was the battery life. When most digital things will let you down, this tracker will make you sit back and wonder why you didn’t go with this, to begin with. While it does require a smartphone of some type to use it, the app and its use are free with the purchase of the band, making it an interesting set up. All things considered, the fact that it can gather what it does and provide audio and visual support for most workouts through your phone makes this a really neat fitness tracker. The use of Syncing instead of having it right in plain sight as a digital reader is what makes this band outlast the competition. Maybe there really is something to be said for not over digitizing every item we use when we could simply have things work together.

Advanced Features

The advanced features come into play with what this thing can do both on its own and through its app. The band itself syncs with your phone to relay audio support during your workouts and keeps track of several things. Most activities have the heart rate monitor active, giving you a real-time accuracy of how your heart is doing and what you need to do to stay fit and not over-strain from the start. With the app, it gives you detailed reports to tell you how to improve your movements and posture to progress and do more for yourself with the routine you are using. It counts calories based on your activities and the length you spend doing them, so you can know what you have burned off and how much more you need to do to burn off any extra you may have taken on throughout your day. It also provides activity tracking, so you can see comparatively when you were most active and getting the most out of your exercise routine. The Moov Now also has maps and training workouts that it can give you to add to your routine, not to mention that it can give you an actual leveling system to up your game if you want. With the training videos combined to your usual workouts, you can also learn how to add new things and improve those workouts you are already doing daily.
The app itself is also an evolving one, so as you are working through it you will likely be gaining new videos as well as watching your tracker take on new data tasks to help you. As with most things, we find that any device that can evolve to do more after purchase, it is definitely worth checking out, after all that mean less need to constantly upgrade or buy the new versions if yours is growing with the industry already.


The Moov Now is a wireless device, but it doesn’t connect the way other devices in its genre do. Instead of supplying everything digitally through the watch, it stores certain information and then syncs with your phone through the app so you can find out what you want or need to know. This means it can keep track of everything while not taxing your battery, and thus also track as much information as you want through the app. The connectivity is limited though, and you do still need to be in the range of your phone to sync up and get what you are after. This is another thing that some users see as a downside. If you don’t have your phone on you when running, jogging or cycling, it won’t have the map information or exact mileage you may want to know about. Instead, when you get back you have to manually put in your route so that it can calculate all the health information along with your distance traveled to give you more information. While this can be off-putting for some, an easier answer is simply to bring your phone with you. A good point for this is that most of us take our phone anyway, and if you get into an emergency, it may be something you wish you had brought to begin with. That being said, if you are of the preference to not have your phone on you, this may not be your best option, but it doesn’t entirely kick it out since you can sync it back up and manually enter the unknown information in afterward.


This device seems to work well with the originally designed app as well as a google exercise app. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find anywhere that stated which google app that was being mentioned, but with the original one evolving to include more data, we don’t see much reason to consult several different ones that will all likely provide the same information. Instead of having a thousand different apps to ruffle through, the Moov Now just has one with everything in an easy to find location. That means when you go to check on what you have accomplished you won’t have to constantly be flipping through menus on a tiny digital face, you can just open the app and tap on which stat you want to check on. With everything charted and right there for you, it is really easy to keep up on your routine and change it however you see fit.


Most of the devices you can get to keep track of your daily health routines can be bulky or heavy due to everything they are set up to do, and when they aren’t they don’t tend to go longer between needing to be charged. The Moov Tracker is so lightweight and has such a thin and flexible strap that most of those who have tried it out say they have forgotten that they even have it on. When taking this into consideration we can’t say that there is a much higher comfort rating than ‘forget it is there’ level of comfort. After all, if you can have it on and not know it, that means it isn’t causing any sort of discomfort that would draw your attention to it, right?


While not overtly stylish, the Moov Now bands are able to be worn on your ankle or your wrist and added to that, they don’t draw attention to their presence. The appearance isn’t too bad on the eyes either, and they do have a few colors to choose from that makes it so you can choose what you like best. The idea of the band is to keep track of fitness, so the design is meant more to make sure it does its job everywhere that it is supposed to. If its job was to bring flair, this might be a big downside, but it isn’t ugly or repulsive, so it doesn’t call to the ‘only if I have to’ area either. If what you are wanting is an affordable and easy way to keep track of your health routines, this is still a great deal and it basically looks like another neat accessory without being extreme.


The design of the band and of the actual disc that takes in all the information is great for every activity that it is designed for. The whole thing is so thin and light that you would have to truly be trying to break it in order for it to break. That being said, as with any device, you should take care of it properly to avoid causing any issues. Since it is small the chances of it being broken while being worn are slim, and the fact it weighs next to nothing and is surrounded by leather means it isn’t likely to break if dropped either. In the end, we would have to call this one of the most durable of the fitness trackers we have looked at.


This is one of the odd qualities of this particular band because it isn’t digital. What could be considered it’s ‘face’ is nothing more than the plastic disc that sits inside the rubber material band so that it has the layout of being a digital watch but isn’t one. there is no real ‘face’ to this device. Everything you need for looking at the information is on your phone, so by technicality, its face depends on what smartphone you are carrying.


The band is where you get your color variety. The band choices are red, black or orange rubber with the device itself being red, aqua, white or black. The band itself is a simple lightweight flexible rubber material.

This one doesn’t come with accessories, and really it doesn’t need them. You have everything it offers through its app from the stats you want to the coaching and support. This a simple and efficient tracker and is designed to work with just a smartphone in conjunction with it.

Ease of Use

Using this particular fitness tracker is actually very easy. You put it on and a press to the top allows it to sync with the downloadable app on your phone. Once you have it set up, it keeps track of the data and sends it to the app when it is in range. The app is extremely organized, and you have everything at your fingertips through your smartphone. It isn’t very technical, and everyone agrees that finding the information it gives on the app is just as easy.


This is what most buyers agree is one of the shining features of this particular band. Due to it not having to run everything directly through a digital face, its battery life is much better than most trackers, going months even between needing a new battery. The only downfall is that they aren’t replaceable. Fortunately, it comes with one already inside the package and since it only needs to be replaced once every six months, it really isn’t too bad of a deal considering.


Most fitness trackers at least run triple digits, however, this one only runs around $60, so when you are looking to get a band and you don’t want to spend a lot to do it, this is the one likely to catch your eyes first. Many people tried it out just because of the low cost and found that in the end, they preferred the simplicity of this band enough that they simply stuck with it. Quality comes with this price as well making it worth every penny, and with the app evolving to include other features you pay once but get even more with just one purchase.

Key Features

-Syncs to smartphones
-Heart rate monitor
-Coaching features
-One easy to use app

Bottom Line

If you want efficiency, durability, quality and a price tag that fits most any budget, this is the best option out there. This fitness tracker is one of the best models you can get at such a great price and it has everything you need to be included in its app. This easy to use band is worth a look for those less inclined to want something overly detailed or finicky which most digital trackers can be. This is perfect for anyone looking to stay fit but not to go overboard by counting each and every literal step they take.