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Fitbit Charge 3 Review Facts

There are several benefits to tracking your heart rate when working out. The primary benefit is a more accurate representation of how many calories were burned during it. This allows those tracking the calories to know whether they should eat more or less depending on their goal. It can also quickly assist those tracking in understanding why they feel more lethargic or tired after their workouts. It also helps the participant know how are they are working out. Many athlete's will look at their max heart rate in order to see how hard they worked, how fit they are and if they hit their targets. This assists the athlete and even the participant know if they should be going harder or slowing down in order to achieve their goals. Tracking heart rate goes beyond tracking for fitness purposes as well, some fitness tracking companies are actually working with the Heart Association in developing trackers that track so specifically that it can help with detecting early onset of a heart attack or potential heart problems. This is an entirely new advancement of technology that allows all age ranges and concerns to be able to monitor their heart and heart rate with a single technological accessory.

This article focuses specifically on the Fitbit Charge 3. Fitbit is arguably one of the largest names in heart rate and fitness monitoring. Starting out originally as a steps tracker, the Fitbit has evolved into a far more intuitive and advanced piece of technology. The community alone is large enough that within cities there are large groups of people able to compete with each other in order to encourage a positive and healthy lifestyle. This is a huge draw to Fitbit alone and is the reason why they are still rapidly growing as a company and as a community. We did some research on the Charge 3 due to its popularity. We looked at what consumers thought of the product through reviews. We also looked at both the basic and advanced features to see how well it compares and competes with the market. Finally, we look at the construction of the tracker in order to determine its longevity, durability and overall quality. This is our comprehensive review of the Fitbit Charge 3. We hope that this review helps you with your next tracking device.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Most reviewers were impressed by the advancements of the 3 to the 2¬†
  • Many reviewers found that the adjustable bands were comfortable and easily interchangable¬†
  • Several reviewers found that the battery life of the 3 is really good¬†
  • Most found that the waterproofing abilities to be good and handy
  • Some had issues with the face display change (not a traditional time display)
  • Some had issues with the lack of customization available for the face display
  • Some also had issues with the fact that even at the lowest light, the dim light is still far to bright


The Fitbit Charge 3 allows the participant to monitor their heart rate both when doing passive activities like sitting down and just walking around the house, as well as when in more aggressive ones like when working out or competing. It also offers 15 goal-based exercise modes in order to track fitness activities more specifically like yoga, swimming, and biking. It also offers sleep tracking and stages in order to help monitor the wearer's sleep. This helps those wearing the watch better understand why they may be feeling a certain way throughout the day or potentially help problem solve why they may or may not be getting enough sleep. It offers guided breathing sessions as well in order to assist those wearing the watch relax and participate in mindfulness. This helps with everyday stress, as well as offers practice. It also offers female health tracking in order for women to better understand their bodies and help in daily needs. Overall, this product offers a wide range of activities that are helpful in both their fitness goal needs as well as their personal, daily needs. Reviewers found this to be one of the most appealing aspects of the Fitbit Charge 3.


The basic features of trackers are those features that are the bare minimum. This area essentially creates the grouping when categorizing the quality level of a particular group of products. The Fitbit Charge 3 offers call day calorie burn in order to a more accurate determination of dietary needs based on the goal type (gain/loss/maintain). It also offers 2 adjustable bands (one smaller and one larger band) in order to fit different wrist sizes. The Fitbit Charge 3 offers cardio fitness levels in order to help those using the product to see their progress over the long term. Like most trackers, the Fitbit Charge 3 also offers an app which connects to the watch/tracker to offer more and historical information via a larger screen. The face of the Charge 3 is also a touchscreen in order help navigate easier through the interface. The Charge 3 also offers real-time pace and distance as well in order to show the user how far they went, how fast they were going and their daily steps. Overall, the Fitbit Charge 3 offers all the basic features required in order to provide basic information to the user which is positive.


The advanced features of this type of product are typically those features that go above and beyond what is expected of it. These are usually features that add a whole new level of convenience and tracking to the participant. It also usually sets the product apart from other, competitive products on the market. The Fitbit Charge 3 is completely waterproof which now allows those using this product the ability to track swimming which is something newer to this type of product line. The 2 was only splash proof, while this one is now waterproof. Those who used this product were very pleased with this addition to the 3. This one also includes a heart rate monitor allows for more accurate and specific information in regards to calorie burn, target heart rate goals, sleep activity and daily activities. The Fitbit Charge 3 also offers reminders to move which assists those who are stationary throughout the day. It reminds the user to stand and move around to help with daily body and eye health. The Fitbit Charge 3 also has customizable clock faces according to their website, this is disputed a bit by reviewers but we'll discuss this more below.


Connectivity is important with this type of product because not only will this assist with its accuracy but will also help with tracking and satisfaction of the consumer. When technology doesn't stay connected or refuses to sync, this becomes the biggest point of contention for many consumers. The point of technology is to make life easier so when it makes life harder, this sort of makes us question why we are using the product in the first place. The Fitbit Charge 3 offers syncing to 200 plus devices including Apple, Android and Windows devices. It relies on Bluetooth in order to connect to all devices. Bluetooth is a leader in connectivity in today's market. Almost all smart devices use Bluetooth now in order to offer connectivity services. The Fitbit Charge 3 can also connect up to 6 meters away from the device that the user is using to monitor with. Those who bought this product, for the most part, did not have issues with the connectivity of this product. There were some that had some syncing issues in the beginning but once the phone got use to the device connectivity was better. Some also found that restarting the phone helped.


The apps associated with the Fitbit Charge 3 are everything from fitness based ones like tracking and activities to basic ones like weather and calendars. It allows those using the product to not only track their fitness but also their daily activities. It also allows those using the product to set goals, track progress and get a better general overview of their health. It offers notifications to move and meditate in order to add awareness to those who work hard and tend to forget about themselves. These goals offer the user the ability to stop what they are doing, move around or calm their brain so that they can be more effective in their work and daily tasks. It also offers encouragement to those looking for more focus and lower stress levels. The Fitbit Charge 3 also offers Fitbit Pay which connects to personal debit and credit cards and allows those using the device to pay through their watch. This is a fairly new service offered by smartwatches and adds, yet again, another whole new level of convenience to daily life.


The Fitbit Charge 3 comes with two different bands in order to suit smaller and larger wrists. The bands are also adjustable as well in order to offer an even closer fit. The bands are woven in order to offer a little bit of stretch, as well as to offer comfort. The bands are also lightweight in nature so that those wearing the watch doesn't feel weighed down or uncomfortable especially when using this product to sleep. The device itself doesn't overheat and the entire apparatus is breathable enough not to cause discomfort even when sweaty. This device is completely waterproof as well and offers a long battery life (7 days) so the device does not need to be taken off all week and can be used to accurately monitor daily activities including sleep. Overall, this is a comfortable device with easy to wear bands which is positive.


The Fitbit Charge 3 offers a sleeker and lightweight design. The face and the band are the same widths which give the product a very modern and minimalist look. It is also offered in different colors including graphite and rose gold. The bands are interchangeable as well and are sold on the Fitbit website in order to offer more of a customizable design. Overall, this product is attractive in design though potentially a little more sporty as opposed to dressed up like the Bellabea Leaf.


This product does appear to be quite durable especially with the newly added waterproof abilities of it. The face should probably be covered with a protective covered (offered by Fitbit) to protect it from small scratches which could potentially decrease the sensitivity of the screen but other than that this product does seem to be made by superior materials and offers a fairly long shelf-life which is positive.


The face of this product is larger than the previous model and most models on the market today. Measuring in at 39.83 MM in diameter and 34.5 MM in height, it is large enough for even slightly larger fingers to work with. Those who used this product appreciated the size of the screen but did have some issues with the customizable face plates which are mentioned on the Fitbit website. Though they are customizable, they aren't enough for some reviewers. Some wanted a more simple face with just a clock which is not available. Others had issue with the dimming features of this product, saying that though you can dim the light it still is not enough in low light. One reviewer commented that the light was so bright that it would wake them in the night which is an issue especially for light sleepers. Though these issues exist, the face of the Fitbit Charge 3 is large and durable which is positive.


This product is customizable via the app in order to allow those using the Fitbit Charge 3 to make the interface as complex or minimal as they require. Those who bought this product found that the instructions are straightforward and easy to use. The watch itself, once synced, is also easy to use. It also offers different reminders and features in order to make the wearer's life easier as well like calendar notifications and constant heart rate monitoring which is positive.


The battery of this product lasts up to 7 days which isn't as long as some on the market, however, is long considering the functionality of this product. With all its monitoring features and abilities, 7 days is really impressive. Those that bought this product were very impressed by its battery length which is also positive.


This product is a little on the higher side, however, this sort of makes sense. This product offers most of the features that really high end smart watches offer without the extreme price tag. In addition to that, this product offers an extra long battery, advanced features like Fitbit pay and waterproofing. And based on all the positive customer reviews, this product seems to be worth the cost associated with it.


This watch comes with the device itself, two different sized bands and a charging cable. It also comes in a 'special edition' option which is a little more expensive but offers the device, 2 woven or sport bands, 2 classic wristbands, a charging cable and NFC chip for Fitbit pay.


Smart touchscreen
All day heart rate monitoring
Step tracking
All-day calorie burn monitoring
15 goal-based exercise modes
Sleep tracking
Female health tracking
7-day battery life


Overall, this product is pretty impressive. It offers all the convenience-adding features that much more expensive products on the market offer. It is attractive in design, albeit still a little sporty if worn to more fashionable events. It is pretty decently priced and offers tracking on all aspects of the wearer's life. It is also waterproof and can be worn for 7 days without having to recharge. Overall, this product is a good one and we highly recommend giving it a try!