Kingston Hyperx Cloud 2

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Kingston Hyperx Cloud 2 Review Facts

Gaming headsets, something any video gamer could use, without a doubt. But there is a large number to pick from. How can a person even begin to pick one from the masses like the one that you could really use? This makes things rather difficult, of course. So, here we are, talking about the Kingston HyperX Cloud II. Does this headset really stand out as the best there is? They may just be among the top headsets on the market.

This is definitely something that isn’t easy to get as a recognized description. You have to hold both qualities in sound as well as quality in comfort. So, how do they hold up to their own title? Let us start with the pro’s and cons to find out.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Aluminum frame
  • Extra ear pads
  • Modular build
  • 53mm audio drivers
  • Multiple controls on dongle
  • Detachable microphone
  • Ear pads hard to change

Activities for Use

This headset can be used in multiple ways, thanks to its modular design. While this headset is not a wireless headset, and thus the cable cannot be removed, the cable can be removed from the dongle to be used for other things than a gaming headset. This feature gives it a sort of versatility that begins to make it recognizable as one of the better sets to consider purchasing.

The detachable microphone is also for this same idea. Attach it to a phone or iPod and you have a great media headset. Going for a long flight and don’t want to use the airline’s headset? That’s fine, they have an attachment that will allow you to jack-in and listen to the in-flight movie while still using your own headset. So, basically, this product can be used for almost anything you could possibly need a headset for. This makes it begin to rank right among the few others which have versatility, and perhaps even a little more so.

Basic Features

The basics for this headset is easily understood, once the cable is hooked to the dongle, insert the USB (found at the other end of a cable that is attached to the dongle) into your computer and you are set to go. It’s that simple. No special programs to download, no waiting to install anything, nor even any special equipment needed. Full plug and play with this headset, nothing extra needed other than a USB port on your computer.

The fact it has so many options for use such as sports, audio, or gaming make it something you have to consider (when you travel, especially). If you need it for gaming at other peoples houses, traveling and use with your phone, or as mentioned on planes and even buses now. This sets basic features almost seem like advanced features than what they truly are.

Advanced Features

The more advanced features of this headset come via the dongle itself. Need your in-game volume to be turned up? There are buttons to control that. Oh, your microphone is too loud for other players in your game? There is also a control for that located next to the sound volume on your dongle. Want to go to 7.1 surround sound? No problem, as there is a button to turn that on and off also located on the dongle, right in the center of the other two volume controls.

Want your microphone turned off? There is a button on the side of the dongle that allows you to control that as well. Need a normal headset? Unplug the headset from the dongle and the cable ends in a standard headset jack. While these are what we consider to be advanced features of the headset, they are actually quite simple as well.

Sound Quality

The stereo sound is quite good, working exactly as needed. Whether you are playing a game or listening to music, the stereo setting works perfectly fine, especially considering the 53mm audio drivers located in the ears of the headset. 53mm audio drivers, what’s the big deal, right? Well, these are the largest audio drivers in any of the HyperX headsets. Now that is pretty cool to consumers, right?

But that is not all, 53mm audio drivers are larger than most other gaming headsets on the market. This means you have much louder sound and even clearer sound than other headsets.

As for the 7.1 surround sound, that is great for most first-person shooter games out there, the sound is pretty good and can help immerse you even more fully into the game that you are playing. Unfortunately, if there are too many sound-causing things going on around you, it can be a little overwhelming and annoying to try to discern what is what. Also, we recommend that you do not use the 7.1 surround sound for basic music purposes, as it seems to mangle the music and make it difficult to enjoy the music you are playing.


Everything is focused on quickly connecting and using this headset. Whether using as a normal headset or a gaming headset, it is quick and easy to connect and use. Everything is plug and play. Jack-in and go, that is the credo of this marvelous piece of work. Slip it into your USB port and boom, you are ready to play while using your brand-new headset. Plug in the stereo headset jack into your device and bang, you are off and running.

We can’t say anything bad about that sort of consideration on the part of the designers and creators of this headset. While some might think the fact that it is wired a point where connectivity is a given, it really isn’t true. A lot of gaming sets are restricted in what they can connect to. The more platforms available, honestly, the more connectivity this will have credit for since some wireless sets don’t even have this kind of versatility.


The headband of this headset is lined with soft padding covered with just as soft leather, which is beautifully stitched. The ear pads that come stock are also covered in the same padding and leather, great for canceling sound and still quite comfortable to wear. The extra ear pads, if you hate the feeling of leather, are covered in a velour cloth.

While not easy to switch the ear pads, HyperX and Kingston have, at least, thought of the consumer in providing these extra ear pads with different materials. This means if you like one material over the other, you can switch the pads and use the ones most suited for you. Not a bad deal, honestly, one that is worth the time and money spent on this headset.


The design of this headset is beautiful. It looks as good as can be. With stitching in all the right places, and having the standard headset shape, this headset looks great. The detachable microphone also allows a person to make the headset look more like a standard music headset. Of course, there is also the choice of the ‘standard’ colors of red and black or you could order them in grey and black, mattering on which combination you find to be more appealing. Both look good, mind you, and the choice is ultimately yours. Other than that, all other features come no matter what and there are no other options to change or choose from when you order it.


This headset is made of billet aluminum, making them quite durable in comparison from the cheaper headsets that are out on the market. Add that into the fact that the stitching is strong, and made to last, and you have a great headset. Of course, even the cable that runs from the headset to the dongle (or device you are using it with) has some strength to it and isn’t likely to run into issues unless tugged too tightly.

There is some mobility in the cable that will make you believe that there is a lack of consideration to the durability, but unless you are really putting some strength into pulling the cord from the headset, it should be fine. This is something most people will have problems with when using almost any wired headset. Damaging wires is what will drive most people into liking the idea of using wireless products, and really is a point of concern if you plan to be packing these up tightly a lot of the time rather than leaving them out.

Ease of Use

There is hardly anything to say about the ease that this product offers. Literally, plug it in, put it on, and you are ready to go. Plug and play make this headset stand out. No waiting for it to be connected, like when one uses a wireless headset. No waiting for special programs or other such things to download and install. Just plug it in and it is ready to be used.

As for the microphone, it is just like the headset itself. Plug it into the headset and it is ready to use with the set on any platform. This is nothing to shake a stick at sideways since it isn’t often you can find this sort of easy versatility in a gaming set. You want something that is not going to slow you down, no matter what you are using this headset for. Such things can be more annoying than anyone is willing to admit and can make a person look past a product for something much faster and easy to connect and use.

Power Source

This headset has no power source, as it is not wireless. Whatever you are using it with is its power source, be it a PC, a cell phone, or some other audio device. As long as that device has power, so does this headset. This is one of the blessings of wired products and makes them always be worth as much, if not more, than their wireless counterparts.

Sure, wireless technology is more expensive to produce, but they have a limited amount of time you can use them before you have to plug them in to charge. No such problems with wired headsets. When you want to keep your game going without fail, wired sets are most often the way to go.


At the time this article was written, the Kingston HyperX Cloud II headset is running for $88.80 on, which we find to be worth what you are getting when you buy this headset. Not bad when one considers the fact that this headset is also a multiplatform product. This means that you can use this on your PC, your console, your cell phone, iPod, or other devices with a headset jack built into it.

Considering a lot of sets with matching quality can run for over a hundred dollars, whether wired or not. When price and quality, as well as versatility, are offered hand in hand, you should take it.

Key Features

-Versatile gaming headset
-7.1 Surround sound capable
-Comes with protective carrying bag
-Comfortable design
-Stitched leather

Bottom Line

In conclusion to this, here we are to point out what makes this headset stand out enough to draw it to your attention. With a modular build, multiple different uses, surround sound, controllable volume for the sound and the microphone, the Kingston HyperX Cloud II is definitely a great buy if that was all that was offered for the $88.90 that offers it for (Again, at the time this article was written). But you also get a great carrying bag that is protective and the frame is made of billet aluminum.

That is not to mention that you get an extra set of ear pads and that it looks great whether you get it in the traditional black and red colors or with the black and grey. The padding, no matter which ear pads you use, is comfortable. And do not underestimate the fact that this headset is durable, though we would like to point out that tempting fate and putting your headset through a seriously damaging test can and probably will harm the effectiveness of the headset. But, that is how things are with almost any headset. If you buy it, enjoy the experience and we hope you love this headset as much as we do.