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Misfit Flare Review Facts

Now that people can do basically anything on their smart devices, more and more companies have been coming up with ways for people to also be able to track their fitness and health. There are lots and lots of options available on the market, but one of the most affordable of these is the Misfit Flare.

It is a tracker for sleep and other activities, and it is mainly aimed towards those people who are not too well-versed in the world of trackers and want to simply get started with something. However, something that many people should consider is that they will get what they pay for; the Misfit Flare does not have all the features that other trackers might include, such as heart rate monitors and notifications. But some people like the fact that the Misfit Flare is a lot more simple, and it is great for those who do not know too much about how to use technology.

If you want something that will give you all the basic features regarding your fitness and health, then the Misfit Flare will be a great option for you.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • The Misfit Flare is extremely affordable for a tracker
  • It tracks your sleep and activity automatically for you, and it also is able to track many other activities that you might partake in
  • The tracker is waterproof, so you can use it in the water for up to 50 meters distance
  • Great for those who want something simple, cheap, and very basic
  • The Misfit Flare does not have a lot of the advanced features that people would like in a tracker, such as a heart rate monitor, notifications, or clock
  • The tracker is not too durable, and some have complained that their Flare wore down too quickly


The activities that you can do are very similar to what you can do with other more basic trackers. For example, you can see what the quality of your sleep is like, the number of calories you have burned with exercise, the number of steps you have taken, and the distance you travel in a day. It is a basic tracker and was made with people who have sought after something much more basic and easy to use. It does not matter what kind of aerobic activities you participate in; the tracker will work in any instance. One of the things that this tracker does not do, however, monitors your heart rate, so if that is something you were looking for in a tracker, this one would not be ideal for you.

Basic Features

Since this tracker is much more basic, its features are also, well, basic. You can expect that you will see the number of steps you have taken, the distance you have traveled, the number of calories you have burned, how long you sleep, and the quality of your sleep. If you participate in different exercises, such as soccer, running, walking, yoga, or swimming, you will also be able to track your activity in those. But you will need to go into the Misfit app and manually select what type of activity you will be participating in, as it will not immediately be able to determine what you are doing if it is not just simply walking.

Another great feature of the Misfit Flare is that it is waterproof for up to 50 meters. If swimming laps is part of your routine, you can use the Flare to track the laps you do, but the app that you will need for this costs ten dollars. But, people who swim and who have used this app before said that they were pleased with it, which might make it worth spending the extra money.

Advanced Features

Since the fitness tracker is a lot more basic, it does not provide a lot of advanced features. With that being said, you can connect the watch to the Misfit Link app, which will let you do several things with your smart devices, including taking pictures, control music, and more, which is very pleasing according to people who have purchased the product.

Something else is that the Misfit Flare does not have a watch face, which means that you will not be able to tell the time. But it will keep you aware of how close you are to reaching your goal of how many steps to take for the day. For example, it will have unique flashing lights when you are 25 percent there, 50 percent, and so on. So, you will always be able to be aware of your daily fitness activities and their efficiency.


People who have either Androids or iOS devices will be able to use the Misfit Flare. The tracker can be accessed via Bluetooth or through the Misfit Track app, which, once again, is available for both Androids and Apple devices. One of the things that people were pleased about when it came to the product’s connectivity was that it is easy to connect the device to the phone and have it remain connected.


The main app that the Misfit Flare utilizes is the Misfit Track app, which can be found in both the Google Play Store and the App Store. This means that you will likely be using this app if you are to purchase the Misfit Flare in order to be able to track your activities and see how you have progressed throughout the day. But the tracker does have the ability for you to use other apps, such as MapMyFitness and Polar Beat. One thing that people would have liked to see in a more improved model of the Flare is the ability to have some social apps on the device.


The tracker is relatively small and people have said that it is comfortable to wear all day. It is lightweight and it fits the wrist nicely. People have even said that they were able to sleep wearing the Misfit Flare, and it did not cause them any discomfort. This is also good, especially when taking into consideration the fact that you will be exercising the most when you wear your Misfit Flare, and since it is comfortable, you will have an easier time completing your daily routine.


Once again, since the tracker is fairly basic, the design of it is also basic and it does not come in many colors. While people said that they would have liked to see more options for colors, the black and rose gold colors for the tracker seemed to suit them well. The tracker also has a sleek yet simple design, featuring a round face and black band. The face of the watch has a white LED light on it.


With all of this being said, one of the things that people complained about the most when it came to the Misfit Flare was the fact that it isn’t durable at all. When it comes to purchasing a fitness tracker, people are keen to purchase something that will not cause problems for their activities, and that will be able to withstand them exercising for long periods of time. However, many people said that the Misfit Flare tended to wear down easily and quickly. And, people who used the Misfit Flare while they were swimming said that the tracker started to have problems with its ability to function after they went swimming with it on, even though the tracker is marketed as being waterproof.


While the tracker does not have a watch face, the face of this tracker is very similar to the other ones that Misfit produces. There is an LED light on the face, which is the button you use to control your phone and other smart devices. If you are close to reaching your goals for the day, the LED light will flash a certain number of times to let you know how close you are.


The band of the Misfit Flare is made out of a material called TPU plastic, and the band, as well as the tracker, is waterproof, so it can be subjected to water for a relatively short period of time and will be able to withstand it. You can also replace the band if you need to do so, and you can purchase this replacement band through many different sellers.

Ease of Use

Since the Misfit Flare was marketed towards those who need something a lot more basic, and who are more so on the entry-level when it comes to fitness tracking, the Misfit Flare is extremely easy for anyone to use. All that you need to do is connect your tracker to your smartphone using a Bluetooth connection via the Misfit Link app. Then, everything you will do with the tracker will be done through the app, which is easy to use in and of itself. You should have zero problems figuring out how to use the tracker at all.


An interesting feature of the Misfit Flare tracker is that you will not need to recharge it. It cannot be recharged. Instead, you will need to replace the battery of the tracker, which is a CR1632 coin. People said that the battery lasts for approximately four months before it needs to be replaced. This could be a major convenience for many people who do not want their device to lose charge while they are in the middle of exercising.


When it comes to smartwatches and fitness trackers, most people can expect to be making some sort of investment. It should be expected that they will have to pay money, and with the pretty price tag, they will get a device that comes with many unique features and that is high quality. However, since the Misfit Flare was not intended to be something that has too many features, is very basic, and does not have the most durable of materials, this is all reflected in the price tag. And people have said that they have needed to replace theirs due to the fact that it fell apart after some time, so it should come to no surprise that the tracker needed to be a lot less expensive than other ones of its type. The Misfit Flare is suggested to be around $60, but many sites, including Amazon, sell it for a lot cheaper. At the moment, the Misfit Flare is available on Amazon for just over $25.


There are not many accessories that you need for the Misfit Flare, other than the bands and the battery. When you purchase the Flare, you will receive the band and tracker, as well as the battery that you need to use in order for it to work. If you need a replacement band or battery, these are easily available on the Misfit site.

Key Features

-The Misfit Flare will immediately track your sleep, both light and restful.
-It tracks the steps you have taken throughout the day and will let you know how close you are to reaching your goal through flashing the LED light on the face.
-It also will immediately count how many calories you have burned throughout the day, as well as how far you have traveled (the distance).
-The fitness tracker is not something that needs to be charged. Instead, it is battery-operated, and this battery lasts for approximately four months.
-The tracker is waterproof.
-The smart button on the tracker allows you to have control over your smart devices.
-The band on the tracker is replaceable, so if it wears down, you can easily replace it.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a fitness tracker that is very basic and perfect for beginners, then the Misfit Flare is a great option for you. The affordable price of the Flare in comparison with other fitness trackers is also particularly attractive for many customers. You should take into consideration, however, the fact that, along with the cheap price, the tracker does not have all the features that another fitness tracker might, and it also tends to wear down quite easily. However, you will not need to worry about charging the tracker every day or so, as it has a battery that is replaceable after several months. If you are just looking for something simple that will allow you to track your activities, then the Misfit Flare is perfect for you.