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Coleman Roadtrip lxx Review Facts

When you think of grilling, most of us are picturing a large grill either at home or a park provided a stationary grill. Most of us don’t think of true portability when we are looking to cook, after all, when camping we expect to have campfires or take along things that require little to no cooking if it’s a larger group. Most campsites even have main area’s where you can find these stationary grills or even grab a bite to eat from a vending machine.

Those of us who are more experienced, however, and want to maintain a low-grade camp with tents and no vehicular drawn campers in the middle of ‘nowhere’ with our family may decide to take along a grill if we think we can easily transport it from our car to the site. That is what was intended, along with tailgate parties, when Coleman designed the Roadtrip series of grills. The one we are checking out today is the Coleman Roadtrip LXX

Editor's Pros & Cons

Comes mostly preassembled

Tools provided to any extra assembly

Front safety lock to grill

Easy compact for travel/storing

Full surface parts (grill, griddle, stove plate)


Handle/leg has no protective coating

Gas flow seems to have issues


The overall design is actually perfect for its intended purpose as a road trip, camping, or tailgate grill. It is compact and lightweight, but still has enough cooking and serving spots to provide for a decently sized group of friends or family to be served at an acceptable speed. It only takes a few seconds to set up, and if you get the grill case accessory for traveling, it takes very little time to pack back up without worry for if your grill will make a mess of your vehicle.

The only flaw is that the same part used as the pull handle is also the stationary leg, which means your contaminating your hand right before cooking. This isn’t really a major flaw, but there are a few out there who felt it a necessary complaint to put forward. A little antibacterial hand sanitizer and some water and you shouldn’t have any real issues though.

Another flaw seems to be the connection of the tank to the grill itself, but we’ll go further into that with the performance section since there are a lot of other really good design aspects to cover here.

Another nifty part of this design is the interchangeable tops to the grill. Instead of just your stereotypical grating for your grill, this one offers the ability to use two different style grill tops at once and adds in the griddle top and stove plate tops for making other great foods to go with your meal. So, now you can not only deliver the main course of meat but vegetables and grilled sandwiches that you may not be able to make without purchasing extras for your grill.


This grill seems to have an 80/20 factor on how well it performs. Most people seem to get a perfectly running grill with their first purchase, where it cooks well and evenly right out of the box. There are enough complaints, however, to take note that with other buyers that it seems to undercook on one or both sides or has a terrible time lighting altogether.

There is the option of replacing a part that will cost you about $25, or the alternative is to exchange it for a replacement and hope the new one works as it should. There are others who work on such devices who claim it’s a matter of properly setting up the tank and that it isn’t a quick and easy set up as you were hoping it would be. It is manageable if you have the patience for simply dealing with the different fixes or low heat.

If you are one of the majority, however, who don’t have the issue of a bad feed between tank and ignition, this grill performs great for decent crowds. Of course, it isn’t built to be used as your normal daily use home grills- so if that is what you are looking for then this is going to disappoint. Like any device, overuse can end up causing problems with performance and make it harder to maintain than if you use it as intended.

There is also the need to keep the grill clean if you want it at its best every time, and that can be difficult when you are out camping. This should be maintained for use and prep set up for cleaning on-site for campers after every use. After all, expecting an unclean grill to continue performing at its peak is not logical, and could easily void its warranty as it would not be a manufacturer fault for it to break.


When discussing the flexibility of a grill you want to consider every meaning it could take and see what exactly you can expect. While this grill is not intended to be used for large house parties, it can be used for a smaller family cookout, or simply whenever you feel like having some true grilled foods for dinner. Since it can be easily stored and pulled back out, it is definitely more versatile than your larger grills.

Not only is it flexible for when you can use it, but were as well. It is a perfect size and easily transportable for using at campsites or taking along for a tailgate party for your favorite team. It is exceptionally mobile, and with purchase of a few accessories, such as the grill cover, you can even postpone worry of clean-up till you get home without getting your vehicle dirty.

There is also versatility in how it cooks as well, which is a great thing to have when you are out camping or simply want to be able to enjoy more than the main course. It offers a variety of accessories which allows you to switch from one cooking task to another without having to switch the main tool you are using. This we will cover in greater detail with the cooking area part of our review.


This little grill, it isn’t as large or cumbersome as an outside house grill, is actually fairly durable if you take care of it properly. The effort comes from cleaning, storage and prepping before and after use. A lot of the extra care comes from being willing to buy the accessories that make it easier to keep it safe an clean. Using the proper items to maintain your grill will extend its life span by a great deal.

The fact is that this grill is easy to maintain even without the extra’s and it is not likely to fall apart on you easily either. Simply keeping it clean and storing it in a safe and dry area will help to make your grill long-lasting and working at its best. The only parts that seem to need to be worked with are the connection areas between grill and canister.

Most have found they don’t have the issue mentioned, and if you don’t have it to start with, you aren’t likely to end up with it either. Those who have gotten this grill also have commented that if they clean it up soon after use, they have no issue maintaining it and it continues to work like a charm. We didn’t find anyone who had the grill and maintained it properly, who have seen anything go wrong, even years after purchase.

Ease of Use

There isn’t much hard about using this particular grill if you get one that lacks the connection issue. Even if you do get one, chances are it is easily resolved through replacing the parts or replacing the grill. With the warranty intact, this traveling cooking companion is likely to become a favorite just because of how easy it is to set up and use.

It comes nearly completely assembled, and what little you do have to put together comes with the tools to do so. The only real assembly is in attaching the wheels and wheel covers and adding the tank. Since this model utilizes a 1pd tank, it is easy to find and easy to get so you can start grilling quickly.

Just a flick of the knob on whichever side you plan to cook on and you’re ready to go. The heat is evenly dispersed and provides the perfect cooking area every time. Packing up is as easy as removing the cookware, and pulling the handle end back up, letting it slide down to its compact state, and having the available cover to slide over it to keep your vehicle and travel gear clean till you can clean the grill properly.


The already compact design lets you easily take this grill anywhere and quickly set up. The grill doesn’t weigh much and folds down to nearly the size of your average folding chair with only a slightly thicker circumference. It has an easy push-pull handle which doubles as the secondary stationary leg and clicks into place with retractable side plates to set food and dishes on while you work.

While most might wonder how the cover for this would allow for it to remain as portable as your wheeled suitcases, the truth is, it allows the wheels to stick through and continue to easily be wheeled around. All of those we researched with the grill, to see their experiences with it, found that they had no trouble getting around even with the case and had nearly nothing beyond praise for this grill. Its small size when folded up is perfect for moving, carrying and storing even if you have a limited amount of space.

All-in-all this wonderful portable grill has gained the attention of all sorts of consumers for various uses and all of them have enjoyed being able to rely on their own grill instead of one shared by the public park-goers. Coleman continued to sustain their valued reputation by creating a grill that packs up as easily as it unfolds to give lighter weight and mobile answer to your grilling needs.

Cooking Area

This is an area we were genuinely surprised and intrigued by. Many cooking tolls, including grills, have the ability to change up what type of food you can make on or in it, but usually costs an arm and a leg on extra accessories as well as having to scour for which ones work with your model. This grill offers swappable plates for a full-length griddle and stovetop style cooking spaces, or half-size so you can cook two things at once to cut down on having to make each part of your meal separately.

We feel that having the ability to swap between and even to cook in two different ways on the same surface is not only awesome but makes this a product worth purchasing. The actual space you have to cook in is also great, a full 285 square inches to work with, enough room for you to grill hamburgers or hotdogs and still have a pot going on the stove plate with veggies or even chili!

Key Features

- Great cooking space
- Versatility in cooking areas
- Portability
- Easy to use
- Reputable company
- Durability

Bottom Line

If you are looking for the perfect grill to be able to use anywhere you need it to go, this is definitely one you will want to consider. This is easy to pack, store, and use no matter whether you are planning to grill just for yourself in a small area, go out to a park, take it camping or head out to your favorite teams’ big game. It's easy to take care of and you can cook anything you need to all on the same grill with just a few extras.

It only has one fallback. Since it is a manufacturing error you can get it fixed or replaced quickly and easily with your warranty. Most likely you will not run into the issue, and so this grill continues to be one of the best portable units on the market.