Keen Jasper II

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Editor’s Conclusion
One thing that never seems to change about Keen is how comfortable their boots, walking shoes, sneakers, and sandals turn out to be. Man, do they know how to do comfort.

And the Jasper casual trainers are no different. But, as the name might suggest, to get the best out of this lightweight and comfortable walking shoe, keep the use to urban and light trail environments.

Right out of the box, with extreme comfort, you can wear these walking shoes for hours and full days without experiencing dreaded foot fatigue. Coming in a men and women’s version, too, everyone will be able to find a comfortable walking shoe this year. Carry on reading to check out what else this Keen style can do.
Keen Jasper II Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Fits well

Looks great


Super comfy

Great for all-day wear


Arch support could be better

Not sturdy enough for technical hikes

Key Features

Ease of Use

You won't have any issues with this Keen shoe if you listen to Keen and keep these trainers' used to what it does well. Due to the soft, non-marking rubber outsole and responsive feel of the sole, these trainers are best suited to casual walking. However, commuting, light trails and light rock climbing see the Jasper perform at its best.

The unique non-marking rubber soles are plenty efficient for general walking, running, light climbing and light trails. I was also pleasantly surprised to see how supportive the Jasper is on wet and icy surfaces. Unfortunately, this soft sole means rocks and stones tend to make their way through to your feet. So, if you're planning hikes through gorges or over technical, rugged terrains, you may want to consider a traditional hiking shoe.

Getting a snug and secure fit is easy with the climbing style fit and lacing of the Keen Jasper, meaning you will probably need to size up at least half a size if you want a fit slightly on the looser side. But then, some reviewers find the fit spot on, even with wide feet, but I suppose it depends on how snug you want the fit. Just make sure to wear them indoors before deciding.


As I said, Keen knows how to do comfort, even in their most casual of shoes. I challenge you to tell me they are not the most comfortable shoes you've ever worn if you try them yourself. The Jasper Casual suits wide feet and specifically wide heels well. However, they are slightly flat with only moderate arch support. If you like the comfort of this shoe but need a more supportive insole due to arch problems, you can buy a more supportive insole.

As I mentioned before, this is some discrepancy with sizing, with some stating this casual trainer is on the small side. But then others say the Jasper fits perfectly. Go figure. You'll need to get the right size for extra comfort, so make sure to try out sizes before committing to buy.

The soft, non-marking sole and comfortable fit make wearing the Jasper all day long a breeze, whether that's for work, sightseeing, or just light walking. However, Jasper's soft sole doesn't protect against debris, rocks, and stones, so bear this in mind if you're planning on any technical hikes.


Light materials make for a lightweight shoe. The durable suede leather upper looks nice and feels nice but doesn't add too much weight. Adding a non-marking rubber outsole creates a better chance of a smooth ride and maximum friction, meaning fewer slips on wet surfaces or damaging wooden or tiled floors. The moisture-wicking lining also makes more breathable comfort, and the recycled PU and cork insoles provide more comfort and responsiveness on the trail.


Keeping the Jasper Casual trainer for its best use with casual walks and light climbs, the Jasper Casual is likely to hold its own. Although a light shoe, some of the materials used are hardy and durable. A non-marking rubber outsole and PU insoles are sturdy materials that are likely to stand the test of time. However, the Jasper lacks deep lugs, and how long these last before being worn away is yet to be seen.

However, if you have any issues, you can rest assured that Jasper provides a one-year warranty to cover any defects.


There's no doubt that this Keen range doesn't have the capabilities of a hardcore hiking shoe. That's fine if you're after a more casual shoe better suited to light travel and light walks. But if you need something better suited to tackling technical trail walks, then the Keen Presidio offers a fantastic mix of hiking based performance, durability, and style. This Keen range, in contrast to the Jasper, also is waterproof. If your primary concern is comfort and cushioning, and you're not too fussed about what's trendy, then the Keen Arroyo II is another brilliant option.

On the other hand, you may find yourself in need of a rugged and highly waterproof hiking shoe and not be willing to compromise on style. Well, who says we can't have it all? If that's the case, New Balance provides a range of comfortable, hardy, and waterproof hiking shoes that are probably the most stylish on the market. For example, the 910v3 Gore-Tex delivers comfort and style as a waterproof athletic trail running and walking shoe. Although the Fresh Foam Gobi V2 – Protect Pack is only water-resistant (handling rainy days impeccably), it provides many of the great features of the 910v3.


So, there you have it; I think this Keen range pretty much speaks for itself. Lightweight, comfortable, and stylish, this walking shoe is a top option for those wanting to look good and feel good. Looking and feeling good never felt easier as you take these casual trainers commuting, exploring, or hitting light trails. Of course, if you try to use this shoe for more technical, all-day hikes, you're probably going to be disappointed. But there's no doubt that for those wanting comfort and style for light use, the Jasper Casual shoe is