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Keen Arroyo II Review Facts

There are several hiking footwear options on the market and when considering purchasing one of them it is important to consider what you are looking for. The most popular option is the hiking shoe which differs from a hiking boot, typically, by the height of the heel/collar. With hiking shoes, the collar and heel of the shoe are much lower- usually resting below the ankle of the foot. Typically with hiking boots, the collar and heel of the shoe are much higher and rest above the ankle of the foot. The higher the collar and heel of the shoe the more support offered to the ankle. This can be more appealing to those who have existing ankle issues (like previously rolled ankles) or for those potentially partaking in more vigorous hikes on more difficult terrains. There is a third type of hiking shoe offered as well which is the hiking sandal. Though considered a sandal, these are far more intricate and detailed than your classic flip-flop. They tend to offer straps, heel and arch support, higher quality and more durable material, and 'stickier' traction.

This article is a product analysis of the Keen Arroyo II hiking shoe/sandal. Keen is a popular company in outdoor and hiking wear. We looked through endless customer reviews on this sandal in order to determine if it offers the same supportive and stabilizing features of a hiking shoe but also if it offers the comfort and breathability of your everyday sandal. This is our review of this product, we hope that this article helps you with your next hiking sandal purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Reviewers appreciate the reflective stripe up the top and around the back of this shoe
  • They also found the outsoles to offer surprisingly aggressive traction considering it is a sandal 
  • They also found the outsole of these shoes to be quite flexible which offers more responsiveness 
  • They are easy to get on and move around in- ideal for camping and lounging 
  • The Keen Arroyo II is noted as being a little narrow before they are broken in 
  • Some reviewers took issue with the fact that the upper isn't entirely leather but part leather and part synthetic 


The sole of the Keen Arroyo II is made of a non-marking rubber outsole. This means that not only are the outsoles durable but they won't mark up your floors if walking around inside. They also offer fairly impressive traction according to reviewers who noted that these shoes offer "aggressive traction" making them ideal for camping and hikes.


These shoes are meant for more rugged environments including camping and trails. They offer a durable enough design to handle more aggressive terrains and also have waterproof features for areas that get a little wet. Because of their highly ventilated design, they also dry faster making them ideal for a substitute for a water shoe. It should be noted, though, that these shoes do not offer the right amount of support for the ankle to protect it from more aggressive terrains. Without proper support, the chance of rolling the ankle is much higher. These shoes are great for light trails and camping, probably not the best for more advanced trails though.


The upper build of these shoes is made of a combination of leather and synthetic. This is ideal for those looking for a durable and yet quick-drying shoe for their outdoor adventures. That said, there were some reviewers that were a little disappointed that these shoes are not entirely leather throughout their upper. They felt that this was a bit of a design flaw and decreased the durability of these shoes. Though this was noted, there weren't a lot of issues with the durability of these shoes as discussed in more detail below.


As mentioned in the con's area of this article, those who bought these sandals did feel that they were initially a little narrow in width across the foot. This was resolved, however, after the shoe was broken in which is positive. This may not be ideal for those who have quite wide feet and it is advised that these sandals be tried on before purchasing if wide feet are an issue. They weight 13.7 oz / 388.4 g making them quite lightweight. This is ideal as they are typically worn on hiking trips and camping so they need to weigh less to not weigh down the pack.


The point and highlight of these shoes is their superior ventilation. They offer fairly large gaps on the sides and top of these hiking sandals in order to offer higher levels of breathability and quicker drying times. These shoes are 100% waterproof allowing them to also sub in for water shoes. Those who bought these shoes bought them as something to wear at night after long hikes when needed for washing up in a lake or a creek. They offer quick-dry capabilities in order to ensure that they are comfortable but also to keep the shoes from breaking down due to using when wet. Overall, highly breathable and highly waterproof which is positive.


These shoes are regularly reviewed as being quite comfortable and cushioned. One issue that reviewers noted is that due to the open sides there are is some debris that gets in the shoe making the shoe a little uncomfortable for trails with lots of debris kicking up. Though this is to be expected with this type of shoe, those who suspected that this might happen were happy that it wasn't as bad as they had thought. These shoes also don't offer any ankle support and this should be noted especially if considering these shoes for longer hikes. This may cause discomfort over time. Outside of these minor issues, those who bought these sandals were extremely happy with these shoes and noted that they could be worn for days on end without issues.


These shoes offer a fairly attractive design when considering comparable products on the market. They are made of quality materials and also seem to offer a fairly durable design as well. This helps protect the aesthetic of the shoe for longer and extends the life of the shoe as well. They are made of mostly leather and rubber but do offer some synthetic material across the upper (which as noted earlier, some reviewers weren't completely happy with). They also offer a more narrow design allowing the shoe to fit more closely to the foot and also offers a sleeker look.


These shoes offer a dual density compression molded EVA midsole which is a highly durable material that is typically used in hiking shoes and even running shoes. The outsole of these shoes is also non-marking rubber outsole which not only is a highly durable protective material but also stops the floors from getting marked up when wearing them inside. The uppers of these shoes are made of a waterproof leather upper material. Leather is naturally a very durable material and they've further improved leathers durability but offering waterproofing to it. They are also washable which is helpful. Those who wore these shoes were very happy with their durability and praised that they have owned these shoes for several years with no issues. One major issue that reviewer found is that as with many of the other products offered by Keen, specifically their boots, these shoes have the "Keen stink". Because these shoes are waterproof they should be able to withstand water including mold and mildew. These insoles do start to smell bad over time. The insoles are removable though which solves the issue but does cost more money. This should be considered before purchasing these shoes.


This shoe offers a could different safety features including a torsion stability ESS shank for better stability throughout the foot and with each step. They also offer a secure fit lace capture system which not only tightens to the foot easily but also offers a quicker application process over having to tie laces. Those who bought these shoes were happy with their safety features but did note that these are truly just sandals. Though they offer much higher safety features than classic flip-flops, they are not meant to completely replace hiking shoes and hiking boots. They are meant to be used as an in-between.


The outsoles of these sandals are made of a fairly flexible rubber material. Reviewers were happy with their level of flexibility and did note that as a result, they felt that the shoe offered higher than average responsiveness especially for sandals. They are even responsive and reliable when on wet rocks and trails, protecting the wearer from slips along wetter paths which is really positive.


This shoe offers a dual density EVA midsole that is compression molded, as well as a removable "metatomical" EVA footbed which is also dual density; both of which help provide support and stability throughout the bottom of the shoe. The EVA midsole is molded in order to contour the bottom of the foot, providing support to the foot and helping with impact reduction when on the trails. The footbed is also made of an EVA material which even further helps protect the foot and body from uneven terrains but also helps protect the shoe as well from sharp rocks that could potentially puncture the shoe. If that wasn't enough, they also give the option to remove the insole meaning that if special orthotics are required or if the insoles start to smell (a common issue with Keen footwear) then these shoes can adapt and accept different insole options which are positive.


The lacing system of these shoes is a secure fit lace capture system, though considering "lacing" they are actually an adjustable elastic lace which tightens via a clasp. This is handy especially when getting these shoes on and also getting these shoes off. The lacing system allows the wearers to tighten the shoes to the feet without having to unlace the shoe but rather, the elastic stretches out enough to slip the feet out of the shoe. This is especially handy when needing to take a quick bathroom break at night when camping. Easy on and easy off, reviewers were quite pleased with this addition to the shoe.


These sandals are on the more expensive side when considering that these are just sandals. They are more advanced than others on the market, for sure, but they aren't super versatile. They are definitely better suited for camping and easy jants. They are probably not great for full on hikes due to the lack of ankle support as well as their open sides.


- EVA compression molded midsole for a better, more contoured fit
- Waterproof body for use in even the most humid and high moisture environments
- Leather uppers for better durability and a nicer aesthetic
- Secure fit lace capture system for easy application and removal of the shoe
- Hydrophobic mesh lining for even more ventilation and breathability
- Lightweight design
- Removable insoles to accommodate for custom orthotics
- Attractive design


The Keen Arroyo II is a hybrid hiking shoe and sandal. It has a hydrophobic mesh lining and waterproof leather upper in order to offer quick-dry capabilities and better ventilation. They are lightweight and durable. Their outsole seems to be quite sticky which is ideal when walking on wet rocks and trails. They seem to be quite reliable and comfortable according to reviewers. Reviewers also appreciated their flexible outsoles and their supportive midsole. The insoles are removable which is positive, however, they seem to stink over time which is common with Keen footwear. They also do offer a partially synthetic which some reviewers were disappointed with. They also lack support around the ankle making them not ideal for long or aggressive terrains. Overall, a good product made by a reputable company and definitely worth consideration.