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Keen Presidio Review Facts

The Keen Presidio is a reasonably priced shoe form the trusted Keen footwear brand. It offers all-day comfort from the first time you put them on. It has a roomy toe box and the proper amount of arch support. A thick toe bumper is responsible for Keen coming into the mainstream attention. The Keen Presidio features many of the brand’s principles that include versatile flair, instant comfort, and a classic sense of style. The shoe is a hiking-inspired silhouette that fits in different casual settings. Outdoor and sailing communities loved the shoes and paved the way for the success and reputation of Keen shoes. Many of the shoes are everyday must-haves that caused the company to grow exponentially. The Presidio is another Keen classic that is appropriate for both active and laidback endeavors. The shoes have a subtle elegance that doesn’t sacrifice comfort. The sneaker is ideal for those looking for shoes to take them places.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Affordable
  • Arch support
  • Comfortable
  • Many color options
  • Removable insole
  • Roomy toe box
  • Stylish
  • Stiff upper may cause blisters
  • Less quality than other Keen shoes

Sole Composition

The apparent purpose of the sole of a shoe is protection for the bottoms of feet. Different materials serve different purposes. Natural rubber is now being supplemented with various rubber compounds. The outsole of the Keen Presidio is carbon rubber. It is a non-marking rubber. The front of the soles is stiffer than running shoes to permit the toes to roll instead of ben as the wearer moves.

Common characteristics of the sole material are: easy to fit, elastic, impact-resistant, pressure-resistant, heat-resistant, oil-resistant, water resistant and wear resistant. The materials should not deform easily after shaping. There should be features that prevent slipping and make stopping easy. The carbon rubber soles of the Keen Presidio has the necessary characteristics.

Terrain & Traction

A high traction leather sole offers great tread on varied terrains so you can stay on your feet. When outsoles contact the ground, the tread and grooves help maintain traction. Whether enjoying outdoor adventures, hitting the shops, or navigating city streets, wearers appreciate the non-marking rubber outsole of the Presidio.

It delivers steady foot assuredness on various terrains and doesn’t leave black marks on the floor. Water resistant construction and Cleansport NXT odor control make the shoes suitable for multiple terrains.

With Keen Presidio shoes, long urban treks are turned into enjoyable romps through town. You can carry on after accidentally stepping into a puddle or strolling through a rainy street due to the water-resistant leather uppers. Moisture-wicking synthetic linings and odor controlling leather keep the feet from being offensive and dry.

Upper Build

The upper holds the shoe to the foot. The Keen Presidio has a super soft upper. There is a removable insole that accommodates orthotics for added comfort. The upper is made of leather and Nubuck which offer dependable fit. Metatomical EVA footbeds cushion and support every step.

Another great product we reviewed is the KEEN Anchorage 3 Waterproof Boot, so make sure to check it out as well.

Those who wear Keen Presidio on a daily basis should know they are not always dirt and scuff free. It is recommended to use leather cleaner and conditioner on the shoes. Use a mixture of a little vinegar, water, and a damp cloth to treat tough stains. The insole supports and cushions the arch and the foot. A removable insole like that of the Presidio can be taken out to dry to insert orthotics.

The EVA midsole is a foam that cushions and reduces impact when the foot strikes the ground. EVA is the most common midsole material used in modern sports shoes. It is easily formed, available in nearly any color, resists compression set, and is lightweight.

The toe box is the entire area surrounding the toes. It should provide adequate room for free movement of the toes. Bending and wiggling at the knuckles should not be restricted. Too much space can cause discomfort and shifting. As a rule of ‘thumb,’ the distance between the end of the toe box to the end of the longest toe should be about one half to all the thumbs width.

Size & Weight

The Keen Presidio comes in medium width in sizes five to 12 for women. They fit true to size. Sixty-eight percent of consumers providing reviews said the shoes felt to true size. Eighty percent felt the width was true. Walking shoes should be supportive, lightweight shoes with extra cushioning.on the sole to support the heel and ball of the foot.

Shoes that are either too wide or narrow lead to painful calluses and blisters. A roomy toe box prevents calluses. A toe box that doesn’t provide room for the toes aggravate foot disorders such as hammertoes and bunions.

Airflow & Waterproofing

The Keen Presidio is nicely lined on the inside with a removable contoured cushion footbed that is perforated for added breathability and comfort. The breathable leather is used in the lining.

The water-resistant structure of the shoes keeps feet dry. Moisture-wicking fabric on the inside of the shoe provides all-day dryness which translates to comfort and less odor. You can rest assured you are not stinking up the house when you finally take them off.

The Cleansport NXT system offers odor control. Cleansport NXT is a chemical-free enzyme system that control odor on linings and insoles. A probiotic technology is used. Beneficial microbes are all around us. They occur naturally.

The technology selects the microbes and bonds them to the fabric surface. This innovative process applies live microorganisms to the fibers that result in a non-toxic, natural benefit to the environment and the consumers. Keen is a very eco-conscious manufacturer.

The shoe also has breathable linings and patented toe protection. The leather in the Keen Presidio is heavier than mesh used in some walking shoes. Mesh uppers allow better ventilation than leather. The water resistance of the Presidio decreases breathability and drying time.

Comfort & Cushioning

The Keen Presidio shoe offers refined casual comfort with a rugged professional style. Thanks to the metatomical footbed which conforms to your foot, you will be able to focus on what you are doing and not how uncomfortable your feet are. Shoes should conform to the foot’s shape. Feet should not be forced to contour to the shoe’s shape.

A low-top collar is unrestrictive at the ankle. The supportive midsole and cushioned footbed combine for the heel to toe comfort. The upper helps keep feet comfortable and dry as the wearer moves through the day.

The metatomical last shape provides an immediate broken-in feel. The comfort it gives is nonstop. Its durable leather exterior and moisture-wicking textile lining keep the feet dry. The padded collar of the Presidio ensures proper fit and cushions the ankle.

Cushioning for walking shoes is not required in the heel as much as a running shoe. The walking shoe focus should be on the cushion under the balls of the feet. The fit of a shoe trumps any other consideration.

Those considerations include recommendations, fashion, reviews, and technology. A proper fit prevents heel blisters and bruised toenails. A good fit is snug everywhere, but not tight in any region.

A shoe that is too stiff fights with the foot with each step. Some people complain about the Presidio being too stiff. Stiff shoes can cause shin splints, numb toes, and other problems. There should be ample room to wiggle toes.

The toe box of the Presidio provides sufficient room. There are incline and downhill tests to use to evaluate how well shoes fit. If the heel lifts more than an eighth inch when climbing stairs, heel blisters are possible.

As an incline is descended, shoes that are snugly laced should not allow the foot to touch the front of the shoes. Shoes are an essential item of walking gear. You want the pair that is best for performance and health. The best shoe is the one that gives proper cushioning, flexibility, and support. It should compensate for stride problems such as overpronation. Every person’s foot is different.


Contrast stitching throughout the shoes gives the Keen Presidio added style. The shoe adds sporty style to the life of the wearer. A classic Oxford lace upper, metal eyelets, and wide laces exude an easy-going style that is subtle but not too out of place in the work environment.

The shoe is a great casual shoe for times around the house and those easy-going brainstorming sessions at work. The Presidio is so stylish users have purchased several pairs. Many color options are available to suit personal styles.

Keen Presidio is a low-top shoe that offers the color options that include Brindle/Desert Sun, Blueberry, Flint Stone/Steel Gray, Black/Magnet, Cascade/Shitake, and Tandon Spice. Keen’s passion for the outdoors inspires the colors. The featured earth tones mix well with various clothes.

With the highly-inspired style, it is suitable to wear with athleisure wear and sporty attire. The colorways are low-profile and subtle enough to pair with shorts or jeans and a t-shirt. They can be worn with a skirt or dress for a dressed up look. Keen Presidios add casual, sporty style to any ensemble. The nature-inspired color scheme makes the shoes excellent for fall footwear, but they also have an all-season appeal.

Lending a timeless touch, the low-top Presidio has a sleek upper made of Nubuck and full-grain leather. The classic Oxford lace-up design elevates sophistication. Contrasting stitching of the upper adds details. There is a two-toned midsole. The rounded toe gives the shoe a smooth look. Placing the Keen logo on the midsole provides the shoe with a low-profile appeal.

Longevity & Overall Quality

The Keen name is synonymous with innovation, outdoor fun, and travel. The company is on a mission to create original, versatile products that inspire outside adventure and improve lives. Shoes that look good after 300 or 400 miles have lost their impact protection. The most significant complaint about is the stiffness of the shoe’s upper. Past Keen customers seem to feel the shoe lacks some of the quality of other models.

Safety Features

The midsole wraps around the toe for added protection. The midsole design is lightweight and will help absorb shock. The shoe gives the wearer a break from heels. Keen.Protect is patented toe protection wrapping the outsole for thorough toe bed coverage that is included in the shoes.


There is an intricate alignment of tendons, ligaments, muscles, and bones in the feet that form lengthwise and side-to-side arches. The flexible, springy arches distribute body weight across the feet as a person walks. Arches have an essential role in adapting to various surfaces.

Carbon rubber is durable and flexible. A measure of flexibility is being able to twist and bend the shoes. The foot should flex as the wearer rolls through steps from heel to toe. To gauge how appropriate a shoe is for walking the shoe should be under the foot at the ball when holding a shoe by the toe and heel and bending the toe upward.

You will find the Keen Presidio bends in such a fashion. A test for support is conducted by twisting the sole of the shoe from the toe to the heel. A light to moderate resistance should be felt. The Presidio passes this test also.

Support & Balance

If you are on you spend a lot of time on your feet, the Keen Presidios will become your new best friend. Arch support is provided by the internal support mechanism that was engineered to mold to the natural contour of the feet.

For support and comfort, the Presidio features a dual-density footbed that provides arch support as it hugs the natural contour of the foot. It is made of dual-density Keen Metatomical EVA and is removable.

For more responsiveness and durability there is the compression molded EVA midsole. Keen Presidios are comfortable to wear and durable thanks to the Nubuck leather upper that is water resistant. Moderate arch support was reported by 53 percent of the people providing reviews.

Lacing System

There is an excellent lace-up design that provides a perfect fit. A lace-up front having metal eyelets provides a custom fit. The flat lace-up closure aids in keeping the fit loose or snug depending on the wearer’s preference.

Value & Cost

Value is measured in the amount of stability, flexibility, and comfort on receives for the price paid for a pair of shoes. The MSRP of the Keen Presidio is $110. They are available from Amazon for prices ranging from $40 to $150. The shoes do provide stability and flexibility. Comfort is the only area that raises some concern because of the reports of a stiff upper.

Key Features

100 percent full-grain and Nubuck leather
Cleansport NXT for odor control
Cushioned collar and footbed
EVA midsole
Lace-up front
Metatomical footbed made of dual density EVA for arch support
Non-marking carbon rubber sole
Sporty Oxford style
Water resistant

Final Thoughts

The Keen Presidio is a contemporary update of the Oxford. It provides a sporty look with lace-up support and comfort feet appreciate. Perfect for enjoying weekend adventures and running errands, the Presidio features a water-resistant and durable Nubuck leather upper available in various tones to complement casual wardrobes.

The sporty Presidio has a 'borrowed from the boys' design with a low-profile silhouette and tonal stitching accents for feminine touches. The shoes complement khakis, yoga pants, and jeans. The shoe was inspired by a sandal design that combined toe protection and comfort.

It is a radical departure from sandals. Keen has an overriding philosophy toward hybrid innovation. It strives to find and implement original ideas and create new possibilities. The joy of play is emphasized in Keen products. The Presidio shoe fuses stylish good looks with casual appear.