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AKG N700NC Review Facts

Two years ago, Samsung became the parent company of AKG. AKG is one of the most capable companies to enter the wireless, noise-canceling headphone world. The audio brand has a reputation for making audio products that are the best in the world. The AKG N700NC is not a Samsung headphone. Instead, it is the company’s entry into a highly competitive arena of premium, noise-canceling headphones. The N700NC stands with the best products on the market. It is a worthy contender. Testers report the headphones to have a punchy sound, comfortable ear pads, and great looks. The headphones can go head to head with Bose and Sony products. They have a few quirks that prevented testers from naming them at the top of their list.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Beautiful design
  • Excellent noise-canceling
  • Good detail and weight
  • Great audio reproduction
  • Great obstructed wireless range
  • Rich, controlled sound
  • Solid battery life
  • No AptX, AptX HD
  • Price
  • Slightly bulky design
  • Sound lacks subtlety


The intended purpose of the headphones is use during travel. They have features that provide comfort for long periods. The user can listen to favorite music whether meandering around town or in a commuter train packed with people.

They are not the most portal due to the bulkiness over the ears. They can be worn around the neck when not in use. The cups swivel to lay flat. The control system is decent but not the best sports option because of the over-ear design.

The headphones are stable enough to use on light runs but are not ideal for intense sports or workouts due to the bulk design. The headphones are passively usable with the ⅛-inch TRRS audio cable that is included.

Ambient Aware allows the user to talk to someone when wearing the headphones. There have been no reports of difficulty pairing and repairing with Samsung Galaxy S9 or iPhone X. Minimal glitches were reported with Bluetooth.

Basic Features

Appearance is among the best features of the N700NC. The AKG designers outdid themselves in making one of the beautiful products that have gained a favorable reputation. Accessories include charging cable, flight adapter, one-button remote detachable cable, and a sleek carrying case.

The accessories feel high-end and are made from premium materials. The fabric-covered case was a positive aspect for many testers. A silver-and-black chassis in a sleek shape is among the most attractive wireless headphones.

There is a pocket inside the case for the instruction booklet, 3.5mm audio cable, and micro-USB charging cable that comes with the headphones. It is deep enough to be a lunchbox. The molded ear cup sections are a feature the testers liked.

Advanced Features

Noise reduction technology by AKG is some of the best available. It plays a close second to the near-alien silence that Bose and Sony offer. The noise reduction is more than adequate for all but the loudest situations.

People needing more silence than these headphones provide likely need to be fitted for custom in-ear headphones. The accompanying app gives extra functionality and provides updates from over the air firmware to the headphones.

Sound Quality

The AKG N700NC is a closed-back, over-ear headphone with good sound. The sound quality is equal to that of Sony products. The bass is consistent, punchy, deep, and excellent. Mid-range is flat and even, and the treble range is excellent. The treble range sound is a bit bright on an already bright track.

The sound is piped in while the user listens when ‘Ambient Aware’ is chosen. ‘Talk Thru’ permits pressing a button to temporarily mute what is being heard and pipe in sound from the outside. This feature is ideal for quick conversations without having to remove the headphones.

Closed-back headphones do not have a speaker-like soundstage. The headphones create a soundstage that is whisper quiet. A beautiful soundstage is the coalescence of dynamic mids, crystal clear highs, and authoritative bass that performs consistently across various re-seats and heads.

Few wireless headphones sound as good as the N700NC, including those with great noise-canceling The N700NC brings lively energy to the users favorite pop or hip-hop records or a variety of genres from vocal-centric to heavy bass. The music sounds dynamic and crisp.

Some headphones have a slight edge when it comes to clarity and processing, but AKG N700NC has a down low that is a bit more lively. Sound signature is a personal preference. The choice between clean and flat or slightly sculpted might is more personal than what some might expect, mainly because the AKG N700NC lacks both the superior aptX and aptX HD Bluetooth codecs Sony offers.

The sound quality of the Sony and the N700Nc are equally good, but different. The N700NC is better when listening to records with high-energy. Classical, jazz, or folk music sounds better on headphones with aptX.

Top headphones have very low distortion. There should be little noise from the electronics and drivers. They also have a feature known as Trunote Auto Calibration. By pressing and holding the Smart Button, the headphones perform an acoustic scan of the ears and adjust the headphone EQ to compensate for unpleasant tonal variations created by the body shape of the user.

The sound is clean and dynamic. Call quality is excellent. Users can hear callers well, and callers have no trouble understanding the user. The microphone cancels echo and noise for sound quality on the other end of a call. The headphones have high latency that is not ideal for video watching.


The headphones charge via Micro-USB cable. The AKG N700NC uses Bluetooth 4.2. Testers find it strange that no aptX compatibility allows users to enjoy higher quality audio.

A pair of wireless headphones does not have the wire that gets stuck on something and pulls the headphone off the head. The ⅛-inch TRRS audio cable permits the headphones to be used pass


Any headphones meant for long trips should be comfortable. The N700NC fits the bill. The headphones have a sturdy build. They are comfortable to wear. Memory foam earpads used in the N700NC are narrower than used by Sony and Bose.

The memory foam ear cups make it comfortable. They fit over the ears and are roomy. No squashed ear syndrome occurs. The headphone is shaped and padded in a manner that does not apply pressure to the head. The padded headband and cups feel comfortable.

Because it is slightly heavier than Bose and Sony models, it may not be quite as comfortable as they are. The N700NC weighs 9.2 ounces. They feel heavier than similar headphones. While the headphones are heavier than the average headphones, they are relatively flexible.

They have a deeper overall feel that provides a fluffy barrier between the outside world and the ears. The headband is wonderfully padded. There is no problem wearing them for an entire workday.

They can be worn over a variety of winter hats and baseball caps during a commute. The headphones fit snugly but do not place too much pressure on the wearer’s head. The ears are comfortably enveloped in leather memory pad cushions.

The swivel of the ear cups allows them to be angled for the best fit. Additional under the headband will enable them to nestle on the head without digging into the surface. Similar to other over-ear headphones, the AKG N700NC traps some heat under the ear caps and gets warmer that special in-ear headphones. They create a seal around the ears. There is little airflow. The user may sweat more if used for sports. It is not a problem when listening casually, especially when occasional breaks are taken.


The refined look of the headphones is created by the use of subdued but durable materials. A classy AKG logo accents the large leather-lined earcups. The beautiful peanut-shaped line of the headband tapers away from the ears.

There is a soft headband over it. The way the headband hinges curve away makes the headphones a bit wide and bulky. Silver and chrome around the ear cup edges and buttons give a visual lift to the earphones.

Several testers mentioned the lone silver color as a negative. One felt black would be a classy option. Another said offering a color variety allows potential customers to choose something that suits their preferred style. The sliders are not plastic. They are metal with aluminum accents. Leather and memory foam are used to make the ear cups.


The headphones come in a high-quality case, coated with durable gray fabric. Over time, the leather fabric may wear. The molded ear cup sections allow the headphones to fold down to ensure they do not bounce around unnecessarily in a carry-on or backpack. Travelers welcome the extras.

In spite of being mostly plastic, the build quality of the headphones is excellent. Most surfaces are smooth plastic. Metal hinges and the headphones fold up flat. The hinged design makes the headphones portable.

A thin metal plate reinforces the headband. The headband has adequate padding at the top. There is a strip of Ultrasuede leather similar to that of the Bose headband. The circular covers have a contrasting rubberized finish that bears the AKG logo.

The controls are strong due to being made from and encased in aluminum. AKG offers a one-year warranty from the date of purchase against defects in workmanship, manufacturing, and materials. The hard case protects the headphones against impact, water exposure, and scratches. It is solid but adds bulk when storing. There is a plastic divider molded into the interior of the case.

Ease of Use

Controls provide the common functionalities the power/pairing slider, talk-through modes, volume buttons, and play/call management. Also, the controls provide the maximum and minimum volume and track skipping and audio feedback for play and pause.

On the left earpiece, there are three buttons to control volume, playing, and pausing music. There are two buttons on the right. One controls Smart Ambient technology to mix sounds from the world outside.

The other is a button for power and pairing. The Smart Ambient button can be assigned inside the AKG app for iOS and Android. It provides a choice between ‘Ambient Aware’ and ‘Talk Thru’ modes.

Pressing down and holding the ‘volume up’ button advances a track forward. Pressing and holding the ‘volume down’ button returns to a track. The pause and play button, located between the volume buttons, doubles as an answer or end call button and enables voice assistants such as Google Assistant or Siri.

The buttons are a bit small. Users sometimes have to run their fingers over the buttons a few times to ensure they are pressing the right button. Testers felt the controls were small and located in an awkward position. Most headphones have buttons that are conveniently located.

User custom EQ settings can be created. The default sound is well-balanced, but the user can tweak the mids, treble, and bass to personal preference. The intuitive controls are easy to figure out without reading the instruction manual. The user can control the on and off feature, enable and customize the settings and the equalizer, and decide the desired ambient aware level.

Power Source

The battery life is impressive. The built-in battery provides 23 hours of wireless use and 36 hours used in wired mode. Some headphones offer 30 hours of playback, but the N700NC remains impressive for a set of wireless headphones.

It is easy to find a backup cable if the original is misplaced. There is no particular noise-canceling setting, but the user can set the headphones to automatically turn off after ten minutes if no one is listening to anything. The feature helps preserve the battery life.


The $349.99 is a lot to pay for headphones. It is the going price for premium materials and incredible noise-canceling. Bose and Sony each have models that sell for the same price. The N700NC is in line with its competition.

Key Features

* AKG N700NC headphones* ⅛-inch TRRS audio cable
* Carrying case
* Flight adapter
* Manuals
* USB charging cable

Bottom Line

The excellent sound and stylish looks place the AKG N700NC on the list of wireless, noise-canceling headphones worth considering. Testers recommend the AKG N700NC over Bose’s QC 35 II because of its sleek design and a sound signature that is less bass-heavy.

The N700NC is made from high-quality material. AKG has a reputation to uphold. The user can expect the headphones to last for years with steady use. If someone wants a stylish, wireless, noise-canceling headphones that have great sound, the N700NC is an option.

When an engineer for AKG products was asked what were the company’s best sounding headphones, without hesitation, he named the AKG N700NC. The engineering team uses a sound quality curve from worst to best.

Each product is positioned along the curve. AKG N700NC ranked highest out of all consumer headphones the company makes. There are better sounding headphones that keep the N700NC from the top position on the curve. Those are mainly professional products. The N700NC is near the top. The curve measures the reproduction faithfulness of the original record.