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Sony WH-CH700N Review Facts

We are currently in the technology revolution. This revolution started in 1975 (in the 19th century) after the scientific-technical revolution of the mid-'90s. The technological revolution was initially led in nanotechnologies and alternative fuels which followed by biotechnologies and genetic engineering. Analysts between 2015-2017 put a lot of weight into the growth of technology sectors thanks to companies such as Apple and Microsoft. Thanks to the advancement of technology and the subsequent cash flow of the industry, there has been a lot of research going into technologies. Though the focus has shifted slightly to medical technologies, there is still a lot of focus currently on the advancement of natural function. This is an innovation that essentially allows the technology to function with the natural motions of the body and the schedule of the user. For instance, there are some headphones that will turn off when removed from the head. There are also functions such as auto-dimmers on smartphones when the room is dark or when it gets later in order to offer eye relief. These types of advancements are meant to offer ease of use and to allow the user to maximize the use of the product they are using. Now, though these advancements are handy, they are not necessarily friendly to the bank account or budget. Often the advancement of these technologies means a heavier price tag. There are numerous companies offering knock-off versions at a much lower price but are obviously not the same quality. It's important to consider both the budget and the quality that you are looking for before buying these types of technologies (both the actual line and the know-offs).

This article is a review of the Sony WH-CH700N. This product is a wireless headphone intended for free movement without the restraints of a cable. Wireless headphones are the way of the future, as such is the concept of wireless technology. We reviewed what consumers liked and disliked about this specific product. We also discussed at the technology use as well as its features to discuss if it is a quality product and whether the price tag is worth the cost. This is our comprehensive review of the Sony WH-CH700N. Enjoy.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • The noise cancellation of these headphones is decent
  • These headphones are also considerably lighter than alternatives on the market
  • The listed battery length is accurate (which means it does offer a fairly long battery life) 
  • The connectivity of these headphones is great 
  • The earcups of these headphones get a little warm when in use
  • Additionally, the earcups are not meant for larger ears 
  • The mic used for the hands-free calling works well but doesn't block out background noise well 


These are meant for traveling due to their wireless capabilities. Because the Bluetooth can go up to 10 meters (without obstacles) it is great for those who want to leave their device in one place without losing the sound or ability to answer calls.


They offer wireless functionality, a rechargeable battery and decent sound quality.


They also offer quick charge functionality, long battery life and buttons on the device itself for ease of use. In addition to this they offer noise cancellation at the touch of a button and NFC connectivity for ease of use.


These headphones offer noise cancellation technology in order to offer the best sound available without distractions associated with outside noises. The driver unit of these headphones are 40-mm and include DSEE sound enhancement. This means high-frequency elements that are meant to add detail and richness to the audio being listened to. The driver unit is also supposed to offer a deeper base and wider frequency range. The actuality is that these headphones offer an 'okay' sound. The sound quality is actually quite balanced which is positive but those who wore these headphones only felt that they truly got the best sound from these headphones when they are plugged in. This, of course, is an issue for those looking for a completely wireless experience. One note that reviewers said is that they do felt like they paid the right price for the quality of the sound. It would be hard to compare these headphones to that of Boise which does cost quite a bit more but also offers better sound quality. The sound quality of these headphones, as mentioned, is balanced but by no means dynamic (which the website does state they are).


The connective technology used for this device is Bluetooth which is usually what is used to connect this type of technology. The Bluetooth version is 4.1. 4.1 is an upgrade from the 4, this upgrade includes coexistence upgrades, smart connectivity, and improved data transfer. The range offered with 4.1 is about 30 feet (10 meters) and based on consumer reviews this does seem accurate. This product does also offer NFC pairing which is smart technology that offers easier setup and better pairing capabilities. This means that it should offer a more seamless connection and continuous connection for the user. Those who used these headphones were appreciative of the advancement in technology offered by these headphones, noting that the NFC (near field communication) is extremely handy and helps with constant connectivity offered by these headphones. Overall, the headphones do offer the right range, though the sound is a little better when wired in. This is discussed in more detail below.


These headphones offer faux leather earcups and an adjustable band. This is for the noise cancellation technology as well as for a more comfortable fit. Those who wore these headphones liked the noise cancellation to an extent but did note that these headphones would not be great for those with bigger ears as the earcups of these headphones are a bit small. They are also a little hot. The device gets a little warm and because the earcups are so tight to the head (for the noise cancellation benefits) they seem to hold in quite a bit of heat. This is particularly uncomfortable when doing physical activity. The band adjusts well which is positive.


These headphones are quite attractive in design, luckily. They are certainly headphones meaning they aren't as discrete and earphones, that said, they are still a little tighter to the head than comparable products on the market. On top of that, they are lightweight and look lightweight without looking too cheap. They are a little more narrow to the head, which some found made them feel almost a little too snug but luckily they do have an adjustable headband in order to loosen them a little bit. They are offered in a couple different shades but nothing too bright or flashy which some may consider boring but will also satisfy most people. They have faux leather earcups which some weren't too crazy about but without touching them, they do look like real leather. They also offer user-friendly buttons on the underside of one of the earcups and they are discrete and small enough to not make the earcups look too busy.


These headphones are able to adjust to the point that they can lay flat on a surface. This is supposed to make them easier to travel with. They are also quite lightweight which is handy for wearing and avoiding unnecessary fatigue but is it great in regards to its durability? Not really. Though there weren't many that had issues with the durability of these headphones, the body is mostly made of plastic. The earcups are also made of faux leather which is not as strong as real leather. Though this may be more appealing to those who want to keep it environmentally friendly. These headphones also did not come with a carrying case which some found annoying as they were not able to protect the headphones when traveling with them.


As mentioned earlier, these headphones offer NFC technology which means that they are easily pairable to any smart device. This function also enables devices to connect to these headphones with just the touch of a button. At the base of one of the earcups, there are also user-friendly controls in order to easily change volume, song and to answer calls. They also offer a mic so that the user can answer a call without the requirement of their phone. This makes doing tasks easier. The device also offers one-touch noise cancellation directly on the headphones themselves. This enables the user to activate this function when desired rather than having it on constantly. In addition to all of this, these headphones are wireless so the user can walk away from their device when listening to music or when on a call without having to deal with a pesky cord. They also come with their own cord in case the battery dies. This cord can also utilize the noise cancellation features of this phone for over a day even when the battery is dead. Finally, these headphones offer a quick charge which is insanely convenient for those on the go. There doesn't seem to be too many functionality issues with these headphones and those who used them found them very easy and convenient to use.


These headphones offer a 35-hour battery and the battery is also rechargeable via a USB cord. There is also a quick charge function that allows the user to listen for an additional 60 minutes with only a 10-minute charge. This is ideal for those on the go that forget to charge their headphones or simply don't have time to charge them. The device can also be listened to when the battery is dead with a wired option. Though the noise cancellation is an actual function that requires battery life, it still works for up to 50 hours when the headphones are dead but being used via the corded system. Those that used these headphones did find that the battery was true to the websites quoting. They noted that it takes about 7 hours to actually fully recharge these headphones which does seem like a lot, however, the battery does last for a good 35 hours which is pretty impressive when compared to other products. They also liked the quick charge function of these headphones, noting that it did provide at least another hour after only 10 minutes of charging. Another nice feature to these headphones is that the charging device is a micro-USB cable which is a common cable. Many companies require you to use their proprietary cable which is frustrating especially when cables breakdown. With these headphones, finding a cheaper alternative cable is easy.


These headphones are quite reasonably priced. Considering their functionality, they do seem to be on point with the quoted price. This was a common comment left by reviewers which was that they seem to be price right on the nose. There are alternative products on the market that are, in fact, better quality, but much higher in price. Technology truly follows the standard of quality costs more. These headphones definitely fall in line with that. Though Sony is a fairly big name, it does seem that they know how to price their products. These headphones are not made of premium material, they are a little lightweight, they don't come with a protective case and they do offer average sound. They seem to be quite reliable, though, and they follow through with their quoted capabilities which is positive. On top of all this, they are quite popular with reviewers and offer a decent customer service team to refer back to if there are any issues with these headphones. On top of this, the extra cord provided for additional listening when the battery is dead is a nice touch that not many products on the market offer. Overall, the cost value is in line which is super positive.


-Wireless listening
-10-meter range
-Adjustable headband for a better fit
-Functional buttons directly on the headphones for ease of use
-Long battery life
-Additional cord for listening even when battery is dead
-Noise cancellation features with the touch of a button
-Attractive design with other shade options


Overall this is a pretty decent product. Our first positive note about these headphones is that they are reliable. Sure, they don't offer Bose-like sound quality, but they do offer a warm and balanced sound. They also offer noise cancellation via the touch of a button, but again, it's not the best available. The ear cups seem to help with the noise cancellation and sound quality of these headphones, however, it does appear that the device gets warm which in turn makes the ears a little warm when in use. This would be an issue for those doing more vigorous activity in these headphones but may be appealing to those walking around in colder climates. They are priced well, they are attractive in design and they do offer a really good battery with quick charge functions. In addition to these qualities, they also offer the ability to continue listening even when the battery is dead which just adds more wear to these headphones. These headphones are great for those who are on a budget and are okay with settling for average sound and average noise cancellation. Overall, a decent find.