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Sol Republic Shadow Review Facts

With all the audio equipment on the market, how does a consumer know which to choose? What works for one person may not work for another. This is why reading reviews have become a crucial part of the online and in-person buying process. It allows the buyer to know what the flaws that, of course, are not advertised on the product, are and whether or not this effects us. For example, if buying a pair of winter boots in a climate that rarely drops below -10, a buyer seess a negative review and star rating because the boots didn't keep a buyer's feet warm in -25-degree weather, this may not sway the potential buyer's decisions because the weather never drops below -10 where they live. Whereas, if a potential buyer reads a review that says that the boots are not at all waterproof despite their claim to be so and they live in a particularly wet climate, this may be a deterant and another product may be considered as a result. By reading reviews offered by consumers, we eliminate an unsatisfactory buying process and a potential buyer becomes a consumer and a satisfied product owner.

Our website specializes in weeding through the negative and positive reviews in order to get an unbiased opinion on a product, effectively eliminating the need to weed through them yourself. We compiled the top pros and cons of a product in order to determine if it's worth buying while also highlighting its strengths and weaknesses to help you determine if they are right for you and your situation. This review is a single product review on the Sol Republic Shadow earphone. We looked at the quality of this product, it's price and it's durability in order to form an accurate description of the nitty-gritty of this product. This is our comprehensive review of the Sol Republic Shadow. We hope this article saves you time in your next earphone buying experience.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight design 
  • Quite attractive in appearance 
  • Regularly reviewed as being quite comfortable 
  • Water resistance is quite handy
  • Some functionality concerns with the left earbud 
  • Sound quality isn't great 


Like other wireless earphones, this type is great for those on the go or active individuals because they offer the ability to listen to music or audio without having to be restrained or constrained by a cord. This is great for those watching workout videos and listening to them without bothering others at the gym. Or for those who travel often and need something to muffle out the outside worth whether it be on the bus, a plane or just out walking around.

They are semi-corded in that the two earbuds connect to each other via a cord that wraps around the back of the neck. They are convenient like a wireless variety in that the cord does completely stay out of the way of the arms and torso when moving around. They also offer water and sweat resistance in order to keep these earphones protected when building up a sweat or getting caught in a rainstorm. The music doesn't have the end just because of a little bit of water which reviewers found quite handy.


These offer wireless listening in order to free up the hands and avoid unnecessary cords when in motion. According to the manufacturer's website, these earphones offer deep bass, clear vocals and extended high frequencies to help with subtle details in music and audio. This helps enhance the sound quality of anything being listened to and helps the wearer appreciate the tracks playing via their device.

They are also ultra lightweight and sleek in design for all-day wear from the walk to work to the gym, they allow the wearer to keep listening uninterrupted. As with many wireless products, this product offers buttons via its cord in order to avoid having to pull devices out of pockets when busy doing other things. It stays connected via Bluetooth technology and can also are foldable in order to easily fit in a pocket.


These earphones also have some advanced features including two areas where controls can be found, both on the cord as well as on the earbud themselves to offer even more accessibility and ease of use when on the go. They also offer a multi-device connectivity which allows the user to connect to more than one device at a time. Though this is listed as a function, some reviewers disputed this claim. This is discussed a little more below. They also offer sweat and rain resistance, as mentioned earlier, which allows for the earphones to stay functioning and durable when building up a sweat or when caught outside in the rain.

They offer an 8-hour battery life which is pretty long when considering comparable products on the market. They offer 30 feet of wireless range and a one year warranty to cover any issues incurred when owning these earphones. This gives the consumer some peace of mind when buying these earphones.


The manufacturer's website states that these earphones offer a deep bass, clear vocals and extended high frequencies which help really develop a rounder and clearer sound when listening to music. This is debated among reviewers. Reviewers seem to be split 50/50 about the sound quality of these earphones. After filtering through the majority of comments it seems that when comparing these to other earphones within this price range it seems to be fairly on point.

Though the sound quality isn't quite Bose quality, the quality is clear and clean and not muffled or drowned out. Though this is the case, the bass of these earphones isn't amazing. If looking for a set of earphones that are more bass focused others should be considered. That said, for the price point the sound quality of these earphones really aren't bad and for the most part reviewers were satisfied with it which is positive.


These connect to devices with Bluetooth technology as do most wireless earphones. When reviewing the manufacturer's website, it's not entirely clear the version of Bluetooth used by these.

Reviewers did note that the connectivity isn't terrible with these earphones, though the claim that it can connect seamlessly to more than one device seems to be false. Many reviewers disputed this fact noting that it does not connect to more than one device at a time and, in fact, they struggled to transfer the connection between more than one device.


These claim to also offer superior, all-day comfort in addition to a lightweight design. Luckily, this time the website got it right, many reviewers (even the reviewers who left only 1 star due to other issues mentioned in this article) noted that these earphones are quite lightweight in design and they're very easy to wear all day.

The earbuds connect to a cord which is covered by a neck-shaped device that goes behind the neck. The neck piece doesn't seem to rub the neck or cause any additional neck stress when moving around either which is positive. The band and the neck piece are also quite flexible and smooth to the touch making these quite easy to wear and giving them the feel of something made of quality materials.


These earphones are regularly reviewed as being quite stylish in design. They are marketed as a style-piece and we would agree. Even though they are a little more equipment when considering alternatives on the market like the Apple Earpods, these earphones are still quite sleek and could easily be worn without looking bulky or ugly.

The neck piece is shaped to wrap around the neck sleekly and without looking too odd or obvious. The earbuds fit flush with the ears as well to avoid anything sticking out awkwardly. They are also offered in numerous color options as well for those looking for something that will suit their individual style. In addition to the color options, some of the color options offer bronze and rose gold as finishing touches making these earphones look more expensive than they actually are. Overall, they are stylish and modern which reviewers are really impressed with.


Another issue listed quite commonly with reviewers is the durability. Reviewers noted that right out of the box a lot of the time there were issues. One reviewer opened his box to find the foam ear insert to be completely detached from the device. They had to pop it back in with some force which then started a countless number of repeated issues with his earphones.

There were also numerous reviewers that noted that the left side of these earphones seemed to stop working overtime. Though not entirely dead, the left side started to lose significant volume over the months that they were owned which was frustrating and disorienting to consumers. These earphones do have one saving grace which is that they offer a 1-year warranty which helped those reviewers replace these earphones without stress which is positive.


The ease of use is hard to gauge. On one side, they easily connect via their Bluetooth connection a device. They do, however, get a little difficult to manage when attempting to transfer them from one device to another. They are quite comfortable to wear and reviewers did note that they can be worn for an extended period of time. That said, they seem to have some durability issues in the earbud region which reviewers found the earpiece physically falling out of the device right from the get-go. The one positive is the battery life of these earphones which is 8 hours of use. This held true to form with these earphones and they got a lot of positive reviews online for it. This means less charging time and less frustrating dead batteries when busy doing other things. Overall, mildly easy to use but probably not the easiest by any means.


These are wireless which means they run off a battery. The battery offered by these earphones will work for 8 hours of continuous play which is impressive when considering the price of these earphones. They recharge easily via a plugin and recharge in a little over an hour. Consumers who bought this product noted that the battery lasts as long as the website states, sometimes longer even, which is really positive.


The Sol Republic Shadow are mid-range in price. Though this is the case considering the negative reviews it is kind of hard to justify the price. In addition to this, the durability just isn't there so buying new earphones again may be a lot sooner than later making the price hard to stomach a little. The durability issues aside, the sound quality and the battery life is in line with the market price of these earphones. Reviewers often complained that this price they should be better quality and we are inclined to agree.

Though they look and feel like they are made of quality materials there seem to be quite a few negative reviews of the longevity of these earphones and this should be considered before spending money on them.


- Sleek design with numerous color options to suit individual styles
- Extra long 8-hour battery life with quick charge features
- Bluetooth connectivity for reliability
- Lightweight design to avoid neck fatigue and all-day wear
- 1-year warranty for peace of mind
- Mic and music controls directly on the device in two areas
- Wireless range of up to 30-feet
- Sweat and rain resistant


The Sol Republic Shadow is a little hard to sell. Yes, it offers a long battery life and is attractive in design but it is regularly rated quite low by reviewers. There are quite a few issues with durability and overall reliability. In addition to this, these are also a little high in price when considering when they need to be replaced.

The sound quality isn't terrible, though and those who bought these found that even in noisy areas the sound stayed clear and full. Overall, they are probably a bit of a risky buy but if considering them still at least there is the 1-year warranty to fall back on if they stop working which is positive.